Going Green Illiterately

October 22nd, 2014

In dis day and age, we all gotta do our part to help in watevah way we can, especially our environment. Most of us put a conscious effort into sorting out recyclable goods marked "1" or "2" from da rest (if you don't know wat I'm talking about, you ain't doing it), stacking up old newspaper and using those "blue bins" properly. Some even go as far as taking things they can't recycle at home to locations or stores with convenient centers to help dispose of batteries, plastic bags and even handheld electronics.

It's amazing even with simple straight forward directions - dat includes pictures - some just no care. Well, they actually do but just no care if it's right or wrong. Take a look at dis pic I took at Ward Starbucks a couple weeks ago:

Notice anything?

Besides "everything else" being empty, da "directions" are pretty clear no? Take a closer look....

So I'm just logically deducting dat those two containers in da recycle side are from people who sat down and either was on da free wi-fi or just enjoying someone's company - both of which most regulahs do right?

And you can also logically deduct dat they would know wat they doing as far throwing things away at da location too no? Again, just assumptions and deductions but how da heck can you miss da pictures of wat NOT to throw away? They even have three pictures of their own products there!

Wassup Wit Dat!

I for one am NOT a regulah although Da Wife is and everytime she asks me wat I like, I just say verbatim, "get a large of watevah you getting and I'll share with you" - most every time, same thing. Sometimes I'll say something with chocolate and cold should da mood strikes to get something on my own but considering wat they charge, I usually just share with Da Wife.

If you've evah been to Starbucks it's like da Soup Nazi and In-N-Out Secret Menu combined. There's a certain way to order and da language to do it is daunting... if you not one regulah but das for anoddah blog.

For all you Starbucks regulah, do you use their trash bins properly? No shame now even though get pictures. :razz: You one of those with da long kine order for one drink dat you could have just said "large coffee with non-fat milk?" :lol: Have you evah used - or seen - those cardboard boxes at Target, Wal-Mart and da like to recycle plastic bags, batteries etc? Have you used them? Have you seen anything else asking to be recyclable besides da "norm"? Wen dining out, do you make a conscious effort to separate recyclables at places dat offer separate bins for trash and recyclables?

Ultimately da best recyclable solution would have been to bring in a reusable Starbucks cup but I can at least say I threw away our drink properly.

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Who Cried Wolf?

October 20th, 2014

So we dodged anoddah one. Hurricane Ana came and spared us all from da damage and devastation of Mother Nature's fury and boy were we lucky. Who would have imagined a hurricane headed straight for us - at least run closely parallel - and then veer off westerly - it was only our hope dat it would and it did.

Wat I no understand is da countless numbah of people who kept saying, "not going hit us" or even those who decided it was "safe" to go out and about - especially surfing - in stormy conditions. Granted it wasn't nearly as windy as we thought it would be but das due to Ana tracking away from us. As a surfer of ovah 30 years, why would you go out and surf in those conditions? Da waves are mush, da size - if it's there - isn't even fun to ride being lumpy and bumpy and da biggest rush of shooting through a barrel is a far fetched dream if evah.

It's times like dat I wish it did hit us to shut those kines of people up but at da same time I'll take a million false cracks rather than having to go through a hurricane hitting us.

Da Wife and I was sitting at home doing our best to keep up to date while occupying Da Baby and Da Keiki and there was one update dat aired dat I was totally surprised to hear.

It was on Saturday I believe and of course there's the dog and pony show from the Mayor and a handful of other departments making their statement on air in the Civil Defense room but there was one person, Peter Hirai - Deputy Director of Emergency Management, dat made me double take.

He opened up, "For those whose weekend plans were spoiled or ruined, we have many people working hard..." and blah blah blah (I'm totally paraphrasing as I can't recall word for word what was said). Now it may be just me but his face and his tone was basically saying quit whining you frickin' complainers who don't have a weekend while I (we) have to work.

I couldn't believe his "message" was about his department working "hard" while people couldn't enjoy da weekend.

Wassup Wit Dat!

His ENTIRE message was about dat. Nothing about wat to do or take shelter or who to contact, it was about people's plans ruined and his department "hard at work". Ummm, Mr.Deputy Director of Emergency Management, have you looked at your title recently? Isn't dis an "emergency"? Isn't dis wat you and your department does in times of "emergency"??

And tink about it, if you're in an emergent position, isn't dis wat you are prepared and trained to do? It's like telling a firefighter no fight one fire or HPD not to respond to a threat or a lifeguard no jump into da watah to save da idiot trying to surf in a storm.

Last time I checked, it's their JOB to do it.

All those positions, I would like to think, is something they LOVE to do. Helping, saving, responding and just being of service as those jobs are things dat they especially enjoy doing. Have we forgotten about 9-11 and those responders who just did their job?

Oh wait, sorry, I read too fast. I only read Emergency..... I overlooked Management. :roll:

I certainly hope his attitude is not trickled down through his department but then again like I said, it might be just me but I for one if in dat position would not have started off by scolding or going off in a blaming innuendo.

But then again, I listen wen I hear wolf.

FYI - I tried looking for that particular update but couldn't locate it. If you find it, please let me know so dat I can look at it again. Maybe I was in a salty mood and I surah would like to know if it was noticed by oddahs or if its just my no nonsense nonsense. I believe it was Saturday afternoon and Mayor Caldwell was wearing a black and green aloha shirt and there four people speaking.

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It's Still Coming

October 18th, 2014

I'm proud of Sam's Club for putting up signs EVERYWEA in da bottled watah section limiting people to 3 cases per transaction. Surah, da people can go back multiple times but at least they took a stand to make surah everyone dat came in had a fair shot of picking up a needed essential.

It's still an unreal trip though dat even as Mother Nature has been EXTREMELY forgiving in crying wolf during hurricane season, how many people still "brag" about it not going to hit or not being as strong as originally forecasted blah blah blah.

Wassup Wit Dat!

To those "I told you so" naysayers, I just hope dat watevah you nevah tie down slams into your hale or vehicle. Call me mean or cynical, but did kine stuff dat you cannot predict or control, how can people even have da nerve to take it lightly?

The weather reports are fairly consistent and science is doing the best it can considering Nature is truly unpredictable nor controllable.

To all da WWD! Hui, stay safe dis weekend and hunker down. If - and when da electricity goes out - time to buss out some good ole fashioned board games huh?

Stay safe and dry and let's pray da damage is da least it can be. If you're in da picture taking mood, send a copy ovah to share with Da WWD! Hui as wat one experiences on one part of our islands probably different than wat one experiences just a few miles away.

God speed and take care of each oddah. See you on da flip side.

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October 16th, 2014

I get it. I totally get it. We - at least most of da WWD! Hui - live in Hawaii and we all know about da "price of paradise".

EVERYTHING hea costs more.

But can someone puh-leeeeeeease explain to me how da heck we're paying more than $4 per gallon of gas still???

I just heard on Perry & Price dis morning dat da barrel of oil is at $80 ($81.78 per da market) - $80!!!!

In case you don't keep track or haven't recognized da trend or already forgot about da summer wea it was creeping up to $5 per gallon, wen da barrel of oil hovers close or at $100 a barrel, gas prices are standard about $4 a gallon and even wen it was at mid to lower $90 a barrel, da regular gas was about $3.75 per gallon - so why da heck is at an UNFRICKINBELIEVABLE $81.78 a barrel and we're still just at or above $4 a gallon?!?

Wassup Wit Dat!

My math sucks but I would tink dat at $80 a barrel, we should be about 2010 prices which averaged at $3.50.

Da infamous argument from all da gas stations? "Oh, we have to get rid of da gas we have in our tanks before the savings can be passed onto the consumer" which I feel is crock of $h!t only because wen da barrel of gas was skyrocketing, so was their price... immediately.

Wat can a consumer which is so heavily dependent on oil/gas do? Surah as individuals we can boycott them but wat does dat do? Nada. Unless da whole island decides to boycott them for even just a day - a week would be sweet - maybe they might tink oddahwise considering they make money regardless. I mean really, making $5 million instead $8 million is really a deal breaker? Seriously?? It's still a frickin' PROFIT!

Sorry for da rant and it should be a Mumblin' Monday post but dis is just straight up pupule.

And sadly we gotta take it up da okole whether its $80 or $8000. :roll:

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Bottled Watah

October 14th, 2014

As I'm still recovering from one of da bestest weekends (started from Thursday) in choke long time, let's just say dat I'm still in need of my watah intake and it's not just body surfing. More on dat latah.

I'm gulping down watah, green tea, anything liquid to help detox my body which I'm pretty much back to normal in my makule age which made me tink about, watah.

At work we get da kine apparatus das tied into da watah line which then filters it cold or hot. Even our Keurig coffee machine is rigged into a filter which pumps out "clean" watah. At home, we get our watah through da fridge which has a hugemangeous filter for da cold watah and ice machine. We get bottled watah but only use dat wen we bring a cooler or picnic kine.

But I've ALWAYS thought Hawai'i has da bestest watah from da tap..... right?

So how come we all into da filtered stuff?

Wassup Wit Dat!

I mean c'mon, we all know in our hannah-battah days we ALL wen drink from da hose and we STILL remembah da specific taste of a hot garden hose as we let it run to try and get da cool part of da watah to come out. Or even da kine from da park watah fountain dat was literally just a copper pipe coming out from da ground.

None of those were/are filtered and yet we still hanging around - for now I guess.

Do you buy bottled watah to drink regularly or have a purifier or buy da 5 gallon kine? May I ask how come? Would you not drink from a park watah fountain? Wat about a store watah fountain? Is it too "gross" now?

Then if you do all of dat....... do you have one of those metal insulated or any insulated container dat everyone is into now? Da kine $40 Sahara or Sigg or Coleman or Thermos or da craze now, Hydro Flask? Even da kine "wide mouth" so you can now actually put regulah sized ice instead of melting it to fit.

Now let me ask you now, so wat do you fill dat up with? Tap or bottled?

Hmmmmm........ if you put tap watah inside, how come only drink filtered oddah times? Just wondering.

Now with all da filters, containers, accessories spent - how much money do you think you spent on something dat you actually fill it up with for "free"?

No tink dat much? Tink again. I just bought my fridge filters and those cost an arm, a leg and my left olo's not to mention all da uku-hundred containers of "double-insulated" containers dat I swore I'd use but now just takes up cupboard space cause maybe now da buggah wasn't BPA free or da opening wasn't wide mouth and probably da biggest reason why we no use those expensive containers aftah a few times..... da buggahs are just to damn hard to clean!

Geez, I could have bought my wish list GoPro Hero 4 Black by now. (hint hint) :wink: :wink:

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