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June 19th, 2016

Happy Father's Day to all da Dad's out there! May your day be blessed with returnable clothing, usable gadgets/tools and most importantly non-whining kids..... young or old. lol

Have a great day!

Go Cav's!

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June 16th, 2016

Growing up without any full-time support or stability at home is a recipe for disaster. While you may have roof ovah your head, food on da table and clothes on your back, you still have to learn, grow and survive 'reality'. In da best situations, your parent(s) are there to instill core values that they believe in - and have been taught themselves - but wat happens wen they aren't around to supervise? With each passing generation, da situations are da same but how we cope with them is wat constantly evolves.

Wen I was growing up (specifically between 5-12 years old), we hardly evah spent any time indoors. We were always playing outside and most times it involved backyard sports back at da elementary school grounds or da district park: kickball, football, basketball, baseball, ping-pong - anything with a ball dat involved people. You learn 'rules' pretty quick and you most definitely learn how to 'survive' especially dealing with pick up games. No iPads, laptops or smartphones.

While I was a park rat, I still remembah something else dat helped 'mold' me wen I wasn't at da park: movies and da tv. While my parents were working 14+ hour days, da tv - at least back in da day - had much 'cleaner' content. Watching da shows and movies I'll openly admit dat I treated them as something to believe in, I related it to 'real' life.

Obviously da tv shows are like night and day comparing da 80's to now, even some of da "safe for kids" rating is pretty debatable. Movies on da oddah hand are always available no mattah how 'outdated' it may be. There are a few movies dat once they are of 'age', I'll force them to watch it with me cause no mattah how corny it may seem, it's still 'believable' if you believe in da message - or at least da message you interpret it to be.

My all time favorites and wat I got out of it during my hannah-battah dayz:

Stand By Me - friendship, loyalty, adventure, fun, trust
Goonies - same as above
Princess Bride - true love
Sorry wasn't a Stars Wars (sci-fi) fan
Poltergeist - will nevah watch static tv and constantly will question if anything was built ovah a graveyard
The Little Mermaid - it was like da 'first' animated movie and automatic date movie LOL
The Outsiders - toughness, survival, family, profiling, get chance
Top Gun - F14's, motorcycles, testosterone, need I say more? And da 'scene', it's why guys.... wanted to be a Naval Aviator. LOL
Karate Kid - 'Asian' values, humility, shut up and learn, there's a method to da madness

Even classic tv shows Family Ties, Who's The Boss, Silver Spoons, Different Strokes, 21 Jump Street, Family Matters, Growing Pains, Happy Days and of course MacGyver! If you don't know MacGyver,

Wassup Wit Dat!

I was nevah into da "fake" stuff and I intertwined da 'ideals' of these shows which paralleled my upbringing and vision from my parents..... but who listens to parents? lol Lo and behold, still till today, I still believe all those 'messages'. My dream is to one day share with my keikis' a bowl full of popcorn and kaki-mochi watching Stand By Me and hoping they are influenced da same as I have been..... in between checking their text messages and FB of course.

Have you had any movies, wen you was growing up, dat influenced you? Do you have one, two or more movies dat still will stir your emotions? Wat about any tv shows? Did you watch for 'entertainment' or did it feel 'real'? I can't believe I still use some of da tag lines today.....

Eh, no laugh, I bet you do too!

June 14th, 2016

As da years pass, we all bear witness - and are a part of - da evah evolving 'rules' of society. While most of us have da mindset dat good will ovahcome evil, there comes along something in da news or social media dat just breaks da (hopefully instilled) basic moral principle dat we've grown up with in Hawai'i.

Within da past month, in case you've had no social contact while hiding in Makua cave, a 76 year old woman was surprised attacked with a rear naked choke hold dat totally knocked her out while da frickin' punks robbed her store of a few bucks and soda - mind you dat was da THIRD time in a week she's been robbed. They had no reason to subdue her to dat extreme and definitely didn't need to just drop her like a brick wen they ran off.

And then there's da most recent attack - for apparently no good reason - of a guy who false cracked a 55 year old woman...... for nothing! And just as an aftah thought before leaving, went back to her as she lay on da ground and dragged her 10 feet just to take her phone!

Wassup Wit Dat!

I can say for certainty dat I would NEVAH EVAH in a gazillion years lay my hands to cause injury to a woman, especially an elderly woman! As a man, how could you evah do dat?

If to subdue because there's imminent harm coming to you then by all means but personally, even to dat extreme, I would have difficulty intentionally causing harm instead of doing enough to just disarm and control da scene but then again, in a life and death situation you ain't thinking about da attacker's well-being.

It's sickening dat in both cases there wasn't even a hesitation by both "men" to inflict harm on a woman. If it were against anoddah man, would it be ok? Heck no, maybe more tolerable to 'watch', but I don't understand why things like dis have escalated to such levels wea there are no 'rules', no code. I guess my mind (heart) still lives in a world dat chivalry should nevah die - or be forgotten. Fights are still fought one one on one (with fists only) and dat if da oddah person goes down, all pau - no need stomping on him when there's no fight left. And it's definitely mano a mano - not *insert your own adjective(s)*.

Da nail in da coffin for me is dis happened hea in Hawai'i, our state, our home town wea I still believe we have a higher 'standard' of Aloha. I'll admit dat I (naively) live undah da misconception dat our 'Live Aloha' lifestyle is inherently passed down generation to generation but hitting a woman is like asking for a lifetime of bachi... at least to those without a moral compass.

Maybe it's time to start handing out magnets and pins.... because there are some lost souls.

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June 9th, 2016

Just a curious question dat you probably have at least a dozen (personal) answers for and depending on da subject, your feelings, your current thoughts, da question I'm about to ask could have uku-million 'answers'. Two recent events have made me boiling furious and wondering Wassup Wit Dat! in our Hawai'i nei but........

Wat would you absolutely NOT do?

June 7th, 2016

Now I'm no fashionista but wen it comes to women's shoes (yes, I can type shoes but you can't iykwim) I just no get it.

Probably cause I'm a guy but all I care about are certain colors (usually gray or black, maybe blue in certain areas if it looks good), cushioning, weight and da tread pattern on da bottom. While I'm not at all concernced about 'fashion' - although da shoes has to 'look good' - da difference between men's and women's fashion is like Mars and Venus.

While returning some Memorial Day aftah thoughts at Waikele, I couldn't help but notice these:

I think these are work or hiking boots... but glitter - and sparkly glitter? Really? lol


Left ovah pom-pom material?

I no tink you going lose dis sandal..... or it also would be a 'weapon' to da you know wea. 😯

We are Sparta!

Ok, wen da "boot" is almost as tall as Da Keiki, c'mon, who's going to be wearing dis - Amazonian women? Maaaaybe WNBA players? Even Da Keiki agrees da boot is outrageous.... ok, maybe cause I kept making her stand next to it.

Wassup Wit (all) Dat!

Now you wahine out there, seriously, would you buy any of those? Are they 'pretty'? Or are they just for da youngin's? I cannot believe they mass produced some of them and da price dat they are commanding but then again, us guys will nevah get in between a wahine picking out shoes and "fashion".

Any Imelda's out there?

And yea guys, you too! 😯

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