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Band Geeks Are...Lucky

March 31st, 2008

For those who braved the youtube video I posted last week can obviously conclude that I was in band - several at that. Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, Symphony Orchestra, Marching Band and of course Jazz Band. Yup, a band geek and proud of it!

Back in da day, being labeled a "geek" of any sort was tough enough but I'll be the first to admit that being a band geek was well worth it. In high school, there are tons of groups besides the BG's just trying to fit in and "being cool": Orch Dorks, Jocks, Yearbook, Goth and the countless others but I don't think many people outside of band realize how much opportunities are presented to band members. If you were part of several groups even better but band was in a class of it's own.

Aside from learning how to play an instrument (I was fortunate to have learned several), not only does your range of music appreciation broaden, but the experiences you gain outweigh any ridicule you may/may not encounter. We met tons of people from different schools during festivals or competition, learn disclipline and duty, and just being a part of something that represented your school was honor enough. 

I won't lie, the best part of band was getting out of school early whether it be assemblies or travel. Ahhh, the travel. I've been to Kauai, Maui,  and the Big Island several times but it was "off da rock" trips that I'll never forget. California (Rose Bowl), Washington, Canada and best yet Japan. Oh yeah, then there's...Band Camp. Let's just say watching "American Pie" stirs up a lot of memories.

Band did help shape the way I've developed as a person and for that I'm forever grateful. Like most anyone, not only those in band, I'm sure if you had an opportunity to give back to something that had given you so much, you would do it in a heartbeat. After graduation, I spent a few years as a staff member with the marching band to "give back" to a program that instilled much of the values I have today. It must have been the countless hours of learning your craft from night and weekend practices that made you appreciate that the more you put in, the more you get out and that made it hard to let go once it was all said and done.

Was any hui you were in back in da day as lucky as I was?...especially coming from a public school?

SHOUTOUT: My alma mater, Moanalua High School, is seeking donations to purchase a much needed instrument - the Marimba. Everyone knows by now that the state lacks funds for school programs - Wassap Wit Dat? - so the only recourse is to ask for private donations. While I know many of you are not alumni - or have any connection with MoHS - any help is appreciated (gotta try ask yeah?). Donations are even accepted online - just click the link above and it's on the right hand side - how cool is dat?! And yes of course, my donation has been sent...via online.

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Say Aloha...If You Like

March 27th, 2008

Howzit! Welcome to the new site! Since this will be the inaugural post, I wanted to call out all the Kwonics/Lanceformers and play a little game. Ok, I like see how much people are out there reading (and enjoying, I hope) this blog.

So no be lazy and just post "Hi" - Das' all. No need reply one novel, no need talk story (unless you like). Let's try make a record of how much "Hi's" will be posted.

All it takes is seven seconds. Click in the "Post Comment" box, press the keys "H" den "I", den "Submit Comment". Pau.

So all lurkers Unite and let's shoot for at least 50 comments...if there are even that much people reading.

SHOUT OUT: By the time most people read this, Washington State will be well into their game. Let's all send our aloha and support for Hawaii's own Derrick Low as he leads Wazzu against top seeded North Carolina. GO COUGS!

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March 13th, 2008

Ah, I used to watch that show all the f----n time. Oh, we're past that swearing thing yeah? ha ha. Poncho and the haole guy (c'mon, you know we only know Poncho) and 'dem tight a$$ spandex uniforms. S---, keep forgetting we done with the swearing.

Everyday as I drive/ride into work I witness dozens of people with no regard for the rules of the road. And every time I see a lawbreaker I just can't help but wonder if we had "CHiPs", would our highways/freeways be just a bit safer and traffic just a little better, especially for carpoolers.

I not going lie, I use that lane all the time (just to clarify, not the zipper lane) but I follow the rules - "Two or more in one vehicle" and "motorcycles ok". Then I see the crackers driving single not even keeping up with traffic - and let me point out that if it wasn't the car pool lane that it's still the LEFT lane designated as a passing lane.

Just this morning there were four cars in front of me going slightly slower than the "flow", then all of a sudden they switch over. No, I wasn't calling 'em out. They switched because they know it's a police trap coming up (H1 by Radford) and they nevah like get caught.

Wassap Wit Dat?

It happens every morning going town then every pau hana going Ewa. I'm just thinking at how much clearer the car pool lane would be if there wasn't those who illegally drive in it. It would also motivate drivers to carpool knowing that they could get wherever they're going a little faster.

What trips me out is that because everyone who uses H1 knows exactly where HPD "camps" out, they adjust accordingly - meaning switching lanes then illegally switching back after passing "the trap". What if we had a CHiPs type program where they would constantly be on the road looking for "bad drivers"?

There's also the drivers who illegally change lanes when it's either a solid line or a dotted solid. As a motorcycle rider, whenever I come across a dotted solid I my fingers are ready to pull the brake lever because I know at least one person will change lanes against it because 1)they late, 2)they impatient or 3)they just no kea.

You tink CHiPs would help with the freeway racing? I think it would help with everything regarding the roads because there would be the "fear" that there's a cop roaming the roads looking for drivers who break the rules. You would start to think twice before driving like Speed Racer. You also wouldn't know where the "traps" were so you would be more vigilant about driving, according to the law.

Eh, I just salty had people in the car pool lane going slow this morning...but it would be funny to see those tight pants make a comeback.

Soap Please

March 12th, 2008

Monday was the first day of baseball practice and as I was sitting talking story with one of my veteran players, I couldn't help but notice all these kids doing nothing but hanging around and acting like typical kids - running around, teasing, playing, swearing.

Yup, swearing. The kids ranged from 9 - 12 and while everyone of them swore at one point or another, there was this one particular kid that used the F-word in just about every other word in a sentence. He used it just like how we use "da kine" for everything and no one was phased that all this profanity was coming out of this small pa-tut.

Wassap Wit Dat?

My player mentioned that "he does it all the time" and I was floored. Everytime he swore all I could think about was if he did this at home because for a kid his age to have any self control in different environments to manage his tongue just didn't seem possible. Where did he pick up such a nasty habit? The other kids around him swore also but nowhere near this profanity filled ten year old mouth. Wea da damn soap?

We sat around for about 15 minutes and in that time if I got paid $1 for everytime he said the F-word, I would be able to buy a Hawaii Kai! Now where the f--- did he get such a f----n dirty a-- mouth talking all that s--- so every f----n person can hear those nasty a-- words?

I have no f---n clue.

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Revenge - Part II

March 11th, 2008

Well not to drag this out any further but in trying to answer some Kwonics and Lanceformers asking my mana'o in the last post, "what I think the root problem is and what I think and would do" just wouldn't fit in the normal response box.

You wanna know what I tink? The root I truly believe is actually two-part. The first is punishment. It seems like punishment for any crime - no matter the severity - is a joke. Consequenses are not even a second, third or fourth thought on a "wrong-do'ers" mind and in my opinion the punishment rarely fits the crime.

Let's be real. Authority figures are no longer feared nor respected either and there are just too many "punks" that think they above the law...or at least think they can get away with it which puts people such as HPD officers in harms way at times.

Wassap Wit Dat?

I'll say this, besides the police, I fear only three other people in my life: my dad, my mom and my wife.

And therein lies the second part - people in your life. My parents were pretty strict and I was brought up to respect people, be humble, help others and work your okole off. I neva like get lickins so I neva press my luck...most of the time.

I've been blessed too by the fact that I've had teachers, coaches but most importantly friends that care about me as much as I care about them. The biggest bonus too was that no matter what, everyone's parents was our parents. We respected them as they were our own and they treated each of us as their own too.

My point is that the people around us help shape our lives so if you hang around punks, you're going to act like a punk and vice versa. You hear that you should "surround yourself with good people" and I believe that is so true.

I not perfect - nor do I claim to be - but I do try to live up to the code that my parents and all those that helped shape my life to be. For everyone that has chosen a different path I wonder if they may or may not of had influental people in their lives, no one to help guide them or push them to do the right thing. Maybe the only influence for misguided people were people that constantly made bad decisions.

So what solutions do I have? The biggest one I can think of just get involved. Volunteering is a big commitment but there are other things too that doesn't involve an entire community. What about being a role model for your son/daughter? Or being that "favorite" uncle/aunt that's always there? How's about just being the cousin, nephew, niece that you can hang out with?

No matter what, if the consequences of anything aren't enough to scare you, you'll have more and more people pushing the envelope and not caring what happens to themselves or others. If you don't have people helping you or just being there for you in your life, it'll be a hard road to travel when times get tough.

Laws can change with just a flick of a pen, people will change only when the pasture is green enough.

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