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Say Aloha...If You Like

March 27th, 2008

Howzit! Welcome to the new site! Since this will be the inaugural post, I wanted to call out all the Kwonics/Lanceformers and play a little game. Ok, I like see how much people are out there reading (and enjoying, I hope) this blog.

So no be lazy and just post "Hi" - Das' all. No need reply one novel, no need talk story (unless you like). Let's try make a record of how much "Hi's" will be posted.

All it takes is seven seconds. Click in the "Post Comment" box, press the keys "H" den "I", den "Submit Comment". Pau.

So all lurkers Unite and let's shoot for at least 50 comments...if there are even that much people reading.

SHOUT OUT: By the time most people read this, Washington State will be well into their game. Let's all send our aloha and support for Hawaii's own Derrick Low as he leads Wazzu against top seeded North Carolina. GO COUGS!

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70 Responses to “Say Aloha...If You Like”

  1. Robin:

    Snow and all,

    Here is the link to Wanda Adams review of Kahai St.Kitchen. The article also has the link to their website.
    P.S. I know my posting the specials menu take up a lot of space and make some of you drool, so just a note that they update um every weekday on their website. Have a good weekend.


  2. Braddah Lance:

    Mr Lurker: See what happens when you guys come hiking out of the Koolau's? You right on! Wea's dat damn Scooby snack?! But I nevah notice cause usually I can count da numba of comments on my hands and toes. 😉

    ...At least you stay listed in the middle now next to that bolohead guy.

    I nevah noticed that...but he make me look good now yeah? Den' I get SOS'd into reality cause Cat is diagonally above me and "he" makes her look waaay mo' bettah than me...no can win.

  3. 808bk:

    ... but the link only stay on the main bloggers page of whoevahs blogging. Gef ‘em? So WWD ‘prior blogs’ link stay on the page with the past few days blogs (without comments dropdown) then when you click a specific blog - poof. No mo’.

    Pardon me, but HUH? Still no can find um but not important

    Congrats on the 50 (even if took 2 days)

  4. Braddah Lance:

    808bk: You know da link on the right hand side in da colored box....ah, nevahmind.

    Congrats on the 50 (even if took 2 days)

    Maaahalos! But no can take credit cause we nevah really hit 'em. Shmall kine no fair wen like 20 of the 54 posts came from me eh? 😉 Plus I kinda wanted to see 50 "Hi's" from 50 different Lanceformers. I know I was asking much but a fella gotta try right?

    I going count 'em at home ;p

  5. 808bk:

    Gef um. Only on the main page get da part that say
    Earlier blog entries and comments

  6. opso:

    They gotta put back da 3 or 4 previous topics and the dates under each blogger on the main page....like da old site.

    Tired you know.....gotta click hea, click dea just fo see if get new posts or juicy kine topics on all the blogs.
    No can just scan the main blog page one time like before. Ho da hard work.

  7. DaBomb:


    That was a weird Blog Topic....I thought it was some type of thing to say "FAREWELL" to ALOHA Airlines....like "ALOHA, Aloha"....but it turns out to be a totally different topic.



  8. MoOgooGuypAN:

    Kay everybody time for go home. Pau hana time. Beer and poke here I come. Damn my math skills are getting really good now.

  9. acuradriver02:

    Only my 2nd post here, but I like be ocunted.

    Kahai Street Cafe - tried their pot roast, taste just like mom used to make 'em. Whatever diet you're planning on starting, WAIT another day. This is worth it!

  10. TT:

    This new site sucks. I almost gave up finding the blog section. By the way, hi.

  11. yuenhernandez:

    Hi Lance! Your blog is the best!

  12. Dave:

    Hey Lance,

    Just wanted to say "Hi". I may not always post but I do enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work.


  13. dakinelidat:

    some good your blog. I used to read the cat, but no more. yours mo bedda, brah!

    Whooo... I bet you thought some moke writing to me! LOL! No moke, brah, just one transplanted Hawaiian in LA!
    Great blog, Lance... keep it up! Aloha!

  14. Kekoa:

    Hi....Lance, can borrow $20 for 1 plate lunch and couple Primo beers?!

    Mahalo Brah!

  15. cyjai:


  16. Braddah Lance:

    To the last few posters...Thanks eh! So kind your words...and Braddah Kekoa, sure you can bum twenty bucks off me - but I no tink most places take Monopoly money. 🙂

  17. EMM386:


  18. Robin:

    acuradriver02 Says:

    March 28th, 2008 at 8:00 pm
    Only my 2nd post here, but I like be ocunted.

    I think a lot of guys like the sound of being 'ocunted'. Heh heh.

  19. 9th Island Girl:

    You know I read, sometimes lurking sometimes posting.

  20. test:



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