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Band Geeks Are...Lucky

March 31st, 2008

For those who braved the youtube video I posted last week can obviously conclude that I was in band - several at that. Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, Symphony Orchestra, Marching Band and of course Jazz Band. Yup, a band geek and proud of it!

Back in da day, being labeled a "geek" of any sort was tough enough but I'll be the first to admit that being a band geek was well worth it. In high school, there are tons of groups besides the BG's just trying to fit in and "being cool": Orch Dorks, Jocks, Yearbook, Goth and the countless others but I don't think many people outside of band realize how much opportunities are presented to band members. If you were part of several groups even better but band was in a class of it's own.

Aside from learning how to play an instrument (I was fortunate to have learned several), not only does your range of music appreciation broaden, but the experiences you gain outweigh any ridicule you may/may not encounter. We met tons of people from different schools during festivals or competition, learn disclipline and duty, and just being a part of something that represented your school was honor enough. 

I won't lie, the best part of band was getting out of school early whether it be assemblies or travel. Ahhh, the travel. I've been to Kauai, Maui,  and the Big Island several times but it was "off da rock" trips that I'll never forget. California (Rose Bowl), Washington, Canada and best yet Japan. Oh yeah, then there's...Band Camp. Let's just say watching "American Pie" stirs up a lot of memories.

Band did help shape the way I've developed as a person and for that I'm forever grateful. Like most anyone, not only those in band, I'm sure if you had an opportunity to give back to something that had given you so much, you would do it in a heartbeat. After graduation, I spent a few years as a staff member with the marching band to "give back" to a program that instilled much of the values I have today. It must have been the countless hours of learning your craft from night and weekend practices that made you appreciate that the more you put in, the more you get out and that made it hard to let go once it was all said and done.

Was any hui you were in back in da day as lucky as I was?...especially coming from a public school?

SHOUTOUT: My alma mater, Moanalua High School, is seeking donations to purchase a much needed instrument - the Marimba. Everyone knows by now that the state lacks funds for school programs - Wassap Wit Dat? - so the only recourse is to ask for private donations. While I know many of you are not alumni - or have any connection with MoHS - any help is appreciated (gotta try ask yeah?). Donations are even accepted online - just click the link above and it's on the right hand side - how cool is dat?! And yes of course, my donation has been sent...via online.

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  1. Coconut Willy:

    Was in the band Intermediate till Sophomore year. Our band was not good so the opportunities were not there. It did broaden the level of music appreciation though.

  2. munch:

    ok Braddah BG....now i too was a proud BG but you.....well you are one of the elite uber BGs!! 😛

    nah i think that not enough kids get involved in and really appreciate the arts. most times the band kids are labeled as dorks or nerds and for the most part, at least from what i remember, it's true! haha i mean, most of us kids that joined band were in the same honors classes, had discipline and for the most part stayed out of trouble! i think that band really was the reason my parents never had to ground me or come bail me out of jail...it gave me something else to do rather than sit around and waste my time.

    oh and the travel! yes those were fun times!!! in fact the only time i got to leave "da rock" and go to the mainland was for our high school band trip 🙂 good times.

    oh and 1 more thing...while i agree that all the experiences i had in my band years were super memorable and fun...please DO NOT share any "american Pie" moments...hahaha

  3. Makiki:

    Hope my donation helps out. By my count if every one of your readers donates we should easily have that Marimba thingy by the end of the day!

  4. Braddah Lance:

    CW: Yeah, I know some programs are not as strong as others so the opportunities aren't as plentiful but at the least you've gained a bit more than the average student.

    munch: Uber BG? You funny. I guess it helped that I played sports and knew the "right" people to avoid the...compliments. The travel was THE best though cause you were able to bond with your friends and experience things together that you normally wouldn't...especially sharing the bathroom with three other roommates...
    And don't worry...the "A P" moments are in the VAULT... 😉

    Makiki: Wow! You know, once I read your comment I had chicken skin all ova! I can't believe it worked! I mean, times are hard for most and I am truly touched that you reached out and helped. If you have no connection with MoHS, I am even more floored! Mahalo nui loa!

  5. opso:

    One time.....at Band Camp..... 😉

    Man! I wished I was in the school band. But It conflicted too much with all the sports.
    I secretly envied the....ahem.....BG's when they performed during games and stuff.
    It coulda been me! I coulda been a contendah!

  6. Jason:

    So Lance, what year did you grad from MoHS? I'm C/O 2005. Go Nā Menehune! 🙂

    I'll be sure to send in a donation soon. I wasn't in band — my forte was (and still is) math — but I had a lot of friends in band and orchestra. Those kids put in a lot of work, and they deserve all the help they can get.

  7. MoOgooGuypAN:

    OK OK I'll admit it, I wasn't a band geek. Yah, I used to be one of those guys that would throw popcorn and stuff at them. I fully regret it now and wish I was a part of the band, especially after seeing American Pie. I do have a a whole bunch of friends that were in the band, most from Moanalua too, and they all seem to be smarter than me so I think it must have helped them. I guess you could catagorize me as one of those car sounds people.

  8. Braddah Lance:

    opso: You tellin' me! You know how much laps and bleachers I ran?!? If I missed band practice I ran. If I missed football practice I ran and ran. No can win.

    Jason: Ho' Braddah, you one youngin'! I no like say wen I graduated but let's just say if you take the year you (Jason) graduated, add 12, minus 25, multiply by 3 and subtract 3983...

    MoOgooGuypAN: So you was da guy throwing stuff eh! Sounds crew huh? That was something too seeing all the sup'd up cars pounding their systems seeing how much 12's would fit in a trunk and how to not make that dumb license plate rattle.

  9. JuSaMee:

    i never joined band cuz my parents never signed me up for any kind of music lessons earlier in life...maybe i was one of those that teased my BG and OrcDork friends, but did envy all the trips they got to go on!! at my school we had band and orchestra and of course they got teased, yet we had Concert Glee, but that was like prestigious...everyone wanted to be in glee and they traveled alot too...a bit of a double standard?? so when did you grad sir lance?

  10. opso:

    Eh.....no mo da math test now. w00t!

  11. Goose:


    B.G. doesn't stand for "Band Geek."

    B.G. = Blood and Guts

    Band Camp + Football Games + UH Half-Time Show + Kamehameha / Kahuku / OIA Invitationals + Parades + Fall and Spring Concerts + Trip Fundraisers + ...

  12. 808bk:

    Pretty soon gotta change the name of this blog to ROTN. WWD

    Just Kidding

  13. snow:

    I loved being a Band Geek (only, at the time, I didn't know that's what I was!!)! I don't think I would have had so much fun in intermediate and high school if I wasn't in band. There is no other group on campus that has such a comaraderie from the time you join... and, you spend so much time with your band geek friends, you never lose that bond. And, actually, lots of band geeks are excellent students (honors, GT), too - which I why I wanted my son to take band, instead of, say, ukulele in middle school (He needs to hang around the smart kids! Not to say that kids taking ukulele aren't smart... it was just that I already knew that the GT kids were in band for sure).

    And, ehh, Lance, you're asking me to donate to the competition??? J/K. (my son plays for another school band) But, since you mentioned a connection with Moanalua (or lack thereof, rather)... I actually know one of their percussion players who might actually get to play that Marimba! And, how could I resist after that? Do you know if the donation is tax deductible, by the way? (Don't worry, if you don't know, I'll check on it myself)

  14. Jason:

    –2041? Oh, we're ignoring order of operations here. Okay then... Ah! So it's the lighting in the picture that makes you look so old. 😉

  15. 808bk:


  16. Braddah Lance:

    Jason: Just the lighting? Or the uku-million white hairs? 🙁

    808bk: Roger dat! You sure got some mad 10-key skills! ;p

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