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It's All About Timing

April 30th, 2008

Doesn't that just say it all?

I woke up earlier than normal this morning because Oneone decides she needs to "go" at 4:45am instead of 5:30am and being the considerate husband that I, drag my okole out of bed so Da Wife doesn't lose her precious beauty sleep due to the dog's piercing whine.

It's a little darker than usual and the dogs are out doing their thing and once I get them back in the house it starts to rain.

Whew, just beat that - what timing.

Since I was up up early, I figured I might as well get ready for work and left earlier than normal. At the traffic light exiting my house the light had just turned yellow and I was just about in the intersection so I made the turn with ample time as no cars were around. Then at the main intersection - first light to enter Pearl City - the light had turned yellow too and a car heading in the opposite direction gunned it to make the left turn and I faded my brakes to let him complete the turn because at his speed he was going to turn wide.

Guesstimated right - very wide turn into both lanes instead of him staying in his inner most lane. Then as I approached the H1 on-ramp from Pearl City (you know, the big round-about by the Sears Distribution Center) I usually go at a pretty good clip since it's a nice turn but since it had just rained the roads tend to be very slick and I took it very easy.

* Here's another useless fact that is actually useful - at the beginning of fresh rain, the roads WILL be slick because of the oil left in the lane. Once rain hits the oil, the dried oil begins to "rehydrate" and drain - usually towards the right because every single street "should" be angled towards a drain. That's why the most dangerous times to drive in rain is the first few minutes as the oil hasn't had enough time to clear the patch of road the tires are in contact with the most. * 

Sooo, just when I was completing the turn and straightening out three cars to my right just brake suddenly and I see this HUGE a$$ SUV fishtail to the right, she over compensates and yanks her wheel to the left, locks her brakes, then spin a full 360° coming RIGHT AT ME!

Wassap Wit Dat? 

Ok, not right at me - but wasn't that exciting? She was about a good forty feet away but going about 40mph, I was pretty close when she finished her spin. She ended up actually facing oncoming traffic during morning rush hour but luckily stopped in the median - ho, da scary.

I actually would have slammed right into her - yes, it was a sistah cause I saw her Beetle Juice face as I passed her - if it wasn't for what happened before. What if the car at the intersection right before didn't gun it? I would have entered my turn a little earlier and been right in front of that SUV. Or what if I waited at the intersection near home? I would have avoided everything after: the car gunning it and the SUV making me check for Hershey squirts. What if my dog could actually use the toilet?

I know situations like this has happened to EVERYONE - So wat your story?

"What if I was a second earlier/later?"

"What if I waited?"

"What if I rushed?"

"What if I didn't hesitate?"

"Why didn't I do that?"

Damn dog.

Show Me Da Money

April 29th, 2008

If you haven't heard by now, now you have - David Beckham is not only a heart throb, he literally breaks hearts.

Ok, so I'm exaggerating again but there are two boys, ages 9 and 10, that are probably no longer friends because of him. Ok, probably not because of him but worse, their parents.

Last Thursday's article about two of our island keiki bickering over Beckham's jersey was just plain ridiculous. It was supposed to be a once in a lifetime event for many people and now it has become a real once in a lifetime learning experience for the involved few.

From what I read, the kids had resolved the issue of who the jersey belonged to after the jersey grabbing melee with some old school jan-ken-po in plain view of witness' too! Then the parents got involved some time after the game and soon brought with them lawsuits and threats.

Wassap Wit Dat?

If you've ever been to a sporting event with big name stars, you know at the end of the game they usually throw stuff in the stands to fans doing anything they can to get their hands on them. My friends and I were fortunate enough to be at the 2007 NBA All-Star festivities (couldn't afford the game but got some great video at their practice session - Shaq break dancing and battling LeBron in a dance off!) in Las Vegas and we heard that the stars actually sign their shoes, jerseys and balls then just throw them up in the stands.

We tried. We failed. We weren't prepared to throw elbows and wrestle to the ground for one side of size 15's. One of my friends and I were about 10 feet away from a LeBron shoe but wasn't "aggressive" enough. Two people got their hands on it and started tugging away. Finally one of them lost their grip and that was that.

But here in Hawaii, c'mon, we all do the same thing - adults and keiki alike - whenever there's a toss up for whatever reason...we jan-ken-po! Winner wins, loser says two out of three.

The kids settled it but I think there must have been a deeper reason why. Maybe the parents didn't really like each other. Maybe whoever wanted the jersey thought they could make a pretty penny on eBay. Maybe it's just the parents.

In any case, sad story that made national headlines and now they have to live with this story all their lives. They are young keiki, they are going to believe whatever their parents tell them and I'll bet the house both sides are not giving da aloha right now. The saddest has to be that they are close in age, and assuming the following: play other sports together, live in the same community, attend the same school - they are going to see each other and now what? No talk. No wassap. Just stink eye and talk stink behind each other's back now? How about the possible ever lasting friendship that's now lost?



btw, No one has mentioned but from the second picture in the article, three keiki had their kung-fu grips on the jersey but I guess the third lost the tug-of-war...and no lost suit was brought from the third keiki right?

SHOUT OUT: Happy Belated Birthday to one of my closest friends that I never see, doesn't return calls, no comes out with us but he was one of groomsmen, Alan Iwata! Eh, he no read dis anyways.

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Feelin' Da Draft?

April 28th, 2008

As a new football season approaches - both college and pro - the mark of the beginning is not actually "spring ball" but the white vs green game (for UH football) and the NFL draft, both which happened this past weekend.

The white vs green game on Saturday had  a lot of fan support - which is very encouraging - but I really wonder how many will "jump off the bandwagon" if the team (UH) happens to struggle? C'mon, you know I'm talking about all those "wanna be's" and not the loyal kama'aina who stuck with the team during the "he who must not be named" era.

While the first game is more than four months away, the excitement builds with every new press release and "gossip" begins to grow. We will now see, hear and read everyone's new position as a backseat coach, GM, trainer, whatevahs now that we have expectations of success - or at least our opinions of what should have been done to be successful.

ESPN was doing a run through of what to expect from the top 25 teams and if/how they were reloading their NFL bound pool. I was surprised they mentioned Hawaii's own Inoki Funaki as a "sleeper" to watch out for this season...and they pronounced his name correctly on top of that!

Probably cause nevah have much connecting vowels and syllables. 😉

The NFL draft was also on ESPN this weekend and that must be one of the most nervewracking process to go through as players wait for "the call" and teams scramble hoping not to pick a "bust". The Draft is almost as big as the Super Bowl and it's pupule to even think that people would sit in front of a tv just waiting to hear the next draft pick for their favorite team and their sworn rivals team. For, me just knowing the first ten picks was good enough and I just looked that up yesterday.

As players are picked, you hear either hear boo's or cheers - depending on the position/player selected - and that must be the most humbling experience a player has to go through on national tv. On the field it's different, but as all-star college players in their respective positions not even having played a single NFL down and already they're getting boo'd?

Wassap Wit Dat?

Take the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets. I would say in the past decade and a half, maybe only twice has the fans ever cheered on national tv supporting the pick - and the second was this past Saturday. Wow, if the fans can't even support you then how you going play?

Well I am glad to hear our boy Colt Brennan was selected in the sixth round! Chee-hoo! Sure we all wished he was picked higher but at least he'll get paid just to sign his name in the upcoming weeks.  The rest...well, is up to him. Most of us know Colt's story and how he battled adversity through his college career so him being drafted in the very late rounds should be nothing new to us.

Hopefull Colt will be the "sleeper" pick of the NFL...and I'm not talking Z's.

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It's Aloha Friday...How It Started

April 25th, 2008

Howzit! Sorry for the delay. I'm still trying to figuah things out with this blog program - das why hard. But...

We made it through another week and with all this b-e-autiful weather (minus da vog) we've been having, I couldn't help but hum a song into work that I haven't heard in ages so sing along - here's da words...

Here is where I sit, all cloudy and blitzed
with the Primo bottles lying everywhere
Got a guitar in my hand and a Wesson Oil can
Under my okole for a chair.


It's Aloha Friday, no work till Monday.
Doo be doo, doo doo be, doo be doo be doo be doo!

The cousins all here, drinking up my beer
got keikies running everywhere.
I got some poki on the side while mama's trying to hide
the Miller and the Heineken beer.

OK. You know when you wanna get away, I mean one ting
about Friday ma, da working work is ovah yeah.
Frankly, ya, I feel good man.
I work hard all week long.
I can't wait to get away, you know like down like the beach.
I'm cruise dis weekend yeah, get one hot concert too man,
dat's the most important ting. But main ting too,
is to get enough money fo gas and to go out to da disco.
I like to see all da beautiful chicks Yeah!
So now I gonna jus kinda cruise, take my Bank Americard,
you know adderwise, how can I get money?
Right, plus den my friends always say
eh braddah, you can buy me one drink then.

Kimo and the crew sucking up the brew
pulehu meat smoking on the side
All the surfers are a-droppin'
while the highschool are a-poppin'
down Kaluakaua for a ride.


It's Aloha Friday, no work 'til Monday.
Doo be doo, doo doo be, doo be doo be doo be doo!

Here's a little history about how "It's Aloha Friday" began - can't say it's true or not but it sure sounds good. I also found this site for all da "Katonks" jones'ing for some Hawaiian music: 50th State Radio.

In case you've forgotten what it sounds like, here's a feel good video...with some old school kickball thrown in for good measure.

[youtube SYxnXMYHMPY]



SHOUT OUT: Much Mahalos, Braddah Rodney (Midlife Crisis blogger) for helping da young'n out with getting the video posted! I guess goes to show, da older da wiser yeah? 😉

No fo'get - Salt Lake Elementary Fun Fair tomorrow 9am - 2pm. We all know each school does fairs to help raise money the state no can give so let's all kokua if can. No can, no can - no worries.

Have a grrrreeeeaaat Aloha Friday!  Cheee-hooo!


April 24th, 2008

Wow, yesterday's blog was deep yeah? Plus we got a lot of lurkers out so bonus too! Chee-hoo!

Well today's blog is nothing like yesterday's but as I was rummaging through my truck last night I couldn't help but notice that I got a lot of $h!...stuff in there. I'm not sure how typical a guy I am, but my truck (Tacoma Doublecab) is well prepared for the next natural disaster.

Just off the top of my head:

  • Air compressor
  • Tire plugs (for flats)
  • Rags
  • Spare shoes
  • Socks
  • Jacket
  • Shorts/Shirts
  • Plastic bags (for dog pooh and whatevahs)
  • Chair
  • Bungees
  • Ropes
  • Ratchet tie-downs
  • Portable hand truck
  • Hats, hats, hats & visors
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Wipes
  • Flashlight
  • Pens
  • Leatherman multi-tool
  • Toolbox (don't get me started what's in there)
  • Roadside kit
  • Big Gulp trash can
  • Napkins
  • Floss
  • Toothpicks
  • Toothbrush
  • Bat (don't ask)
  • Playing cards
  • First Aid kit
  • Tire pressure gauge
  • Map book
  • Water can
  • Locked keys inside "kit"

I tink dat's it. Geez, just need some MRE's (military - meals ready to eat) and I'm all set huh? The funny thing is that besides the hat and visors, most of the "supplies" were used for others. I've helped many stranded motorists on the side of the road with a flat, kids with minor injuries, locked keys and just when someone needed tools.

I guess I'm really a rolling free AAA tow truck without the tow...scratch dat. I did tow.

So anyone else as prepared as I am? Or am I just pupule? How's about all you "mini-van" high rollahs? I'm sure it's an entirely different scene.

What kine inventory you get?

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