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April 24th, 2008

Wow, yesterday's blog was deep yeah? Plus we got a lot of lurkers out so bonus too! Chee-hoo!

Well today's blogΒ is nothing like yesterday's but as I was rummaging through my truck last night I couldn't help but notice that I got a lot of $h!...stuff in there. I'm not sure how typical a guy I am, but my truck (Tacoma Doublecab) is well prepared for the next natural disaster.

Just off the top of my head:

  • Air compressor
  • Tire plugs (for flats)
  • Rags
  • Spare shoes
  • Socks
  • Jacket
  • Shorts/Shirts
  • Plastic bags (for dog pooh and whatevahs)
  • Chair
  • Bungees
  • Ropes
  • Ratchet tie-downs
  • Portable hand truck
  • Hats, hats, hats & visors
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Wipes
  • Flashlight
  • Pens
  • Leatherman multi-tool
  • Toolbox (don't get me started what's in there)
  • Roadside kit
  • Big Gulp trash can
  • Napkins
  • Floss
  • Toothpicks
  • Toothbrush
  • Bat (don't ask)
  • Playing cards
  • First Aid kit
  • Tire pressure gauge
  • Map book
  • Water can
  • Locked keys inside "kit"

I tink dat's it. Geez, just need some MRE's (military - meals ready to eat) and I'm all set huh? The funny thing is that besides the hat and visors, most of the "supplies" were used for others. I've helped many stranded motorists on the side of the road with a flat, kids with minor injuries, locked keysΒ and just when someone needed tools.

I guess I'm really a rolling free AAA tow truck without the tow...scratch dat. I did tow.

So anyone else as prepared as I am? Or am I just pupule? How's about all you "mini-van" high rollahs? I'm sure it's an entirely different scene.

What kine inventory you get?

40 Responses to “Inventory”

  1. Ynaku:

    Am I first?

  2. Ynaku:

    Wow I am...

    Anyway, when I was courting my wife, I had a van. Da kine we put shag rug and small kine bed with da windows and curtains and...neva mind showing my age.

    Anyway I had one foot locker fo keep all my stuff. I ever had light bulb fo wen we go to the park and da light all broken cuz guys smash em. That was over 25 years ago when I married her and she still tease me about it. I now have my F-150 extra cab and I no carry all dat stuff. Get only Machete to open coconut when she see hungry fo one (the one on the highest tree that I no can climb)
    Get 1st aid kit, strap and stuff and whatever fit in the door pockets.. But I no carry light bulbs anymore. I like keep my truck looking like a truck and not a storage shed.

  3. jiggyboo:

    hmmm lessseee I have bungee cords-to help move stuffs, motor oil-that i don't know how to put in my truck (sigh), kleenex-to clean up my hands the day i learn to put oil in my truck, blanket for the keiki or whomever needs it cuz my ac is brrrrr-chillin', rain gear that i don't use cuz by the time i get the poncho out and put it on pau rain....but yeah that's about it. is that sad or what.....so if i ever get stuck or need my tire changed, i'll just call you BL.....lol....k den

  4. BananaFish:

    Holy shmokes!

    Dat's a lotta stuff in your truck. And still get room for passengers? πŸ˜‰

    If my car was bigger, I would probably have a lot of the stuff you have too. Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it, right? Eh, I see you missing a tarp. Better add to the inventory. hehehe

    One thing guy's cars gotta have is a stash of money. I keep nuff to get drive through food, just in case I'm in the queue at Jack in the Box, and remembered at the last second that I forgot to reload at the ATM. Either that, or enough to buy gas. I think I can buy 2 gallons worth!

    I recently started carrying a phone book too. I'm glad the phone book guys started coming out with the "mini-edition" which is perfect for the car.

  5. munch:

    shoes. i have lots of shoes. in fact, i think i have more footwear in my car than i do in the house. and i have a couple books, a couple bags, a few plastic bags, a small pillow, jacket, sunvisor, slippers, stuffed animals and a box (from costco kine). and that's just what's in the trunk/backseat....in the secret little compartments, get hand sanitizer, napkins, cell phone charger, hair brush, chopsticks, an all-in-1-tool & a tire gauge. ok ok so i'm not prepared for a disaster but that's why i get da cell phone charger so in case something happens and my phone is dying, i can plug it in and use it to call AAA (or Braddah Lance)!
    but if i ran over a nail or something, and i had a small child with me i AM prepared to entertain the child with the stuffed animals/box, check the air pressure in my tire with the gauge (just to make sure it is in fact losing air), use the multitool to pull out the nail, then purell my hands & brush my hair when i'm done. πŸ˜€

  6. book2:

    yoyu forgfot the most important ting... wheah stay da toilet paypah? you no going wipe with one stick,eh..
    both vehicles have at least a change of clothes9includes toiletries lahdat.. toilet paper(notice second item almost important as change of clothes),flashlite,some tools,duct tape,rope,water,hats, towels,jackets to name a few.... got a ford ranger xlt and the back stay full of all that kind stuff... even get cooler just in case..oh yeah, umbrella...

  7. M:

    Wow, that's a lot of stuff. Where do you sit? Let's see, in my truck I have lots of tools, rope, towel, jumper cables, first aid kit, flashlite, pens, money, notepads, tape rule, binoculars, rags, CD's, map book, battery razor, duct tape, slippas, Jacket, I can't think of anything else.

  8. Braddah Lance:

    No worries - Da Wife still sits comfy πŸ˜‰ ...as for da others? Usually just da dogs so they ok up on the rear seat. Oh yeah, I have a tarp and duct tape too.

    If anyone needs help on the road, feel free to call - fo'real, no shame. My number is easy to memorize, just remember the movie E.T. and call 1-888-CALL-HOME. I'll be over in warp speed. πŸ˜†

  9. 1dble:

    Okay so this is one subject that got this lurker. All I know is that I can go to the beach at the drop of a dime and stay all night if I want to. In the back of my small SUV I have: EZup tent, 2 black mesh shade tarp thingys, chairs, lanterns, flashlights, batteries, folding table, 10x12 beach mat, small pillow, blanket, towels, extra swim suit, shorts, shirts, slippers, hats, visors, jacket, sunscreen, all-in-1-tool, plastic bags for wet clothes, wipes, hand sanitizer, all the girly stuff (lotions, brush, etc.), not to mention 1st aid and car trouble kits. I'm always prepared for something! The sad thing is, I know I got more stuff in there, just can't think of what else. I make attempts to clean it out, but find that I actually use that crap on a regular basis. Oh yea, dis is Hawaii so no can foget da pareo!

  10. Braddah Lance:

    Hey Kwonics, we got another sucker...er, Lanceformer! Cheee-hooo! Welcome 1dble! Glad to see another kai lover out hea!

    And wow, so now you're mini-suv is a sub-compact with the largest trunk space in the world right? πŸ™‚

    I think this will be a new thing where all the new lurkers that Lanceform I'll try and "decipher" their tag...or will that scare da lurkers away? Eh, no can handle burn a candle. yeah yeah, I know nevah make sense but I couldn't think of a word that rhymed with handle and made sense. πŸ™„

    Hmmm, 1dble, you thought those spankies were edible and found out later it wasn't. πŸ˜€

  11. kako mochi:

    wow . . . that's a lot of stuff in your truck!!

    i have a 4door golf, and all i have in there - i can count on one hand!!

    - superly rusted jumper cables
    - extra shorts and shirt for when i wash my car at my parent's house
    - car washing liquid
    - box of kleenex

    not that my car has no trunk space . . . it's actually really big ~ but i just don't like to have a lot of junks/stuff in there!!

    if you saw my car, you'd know i never use the car washing liquid, so i never use the extra clothes!! i think the jumper cable belongs to my mom . . . we had to jump my car last year, and i guess it's been there ever since! the only thing i ever use is my kleenex box . . . bad allergies!!

  12. Chicken Grease:

    Hhaha, this is a GREAT topic.

    I keep my car clean. It's only just under three years old anyways, new. My car before that was also clean. I think I'm always conscientous of how clean my car is and should be because once when I offered to drive some of the office for a birthday lunch, a resounding, "hoAOOOOAAAH, yo' cah CLEAN!" and I always made it a point to vacuum the buggah every week, in addition to wash and wax (my two times a month cheat [i.e., when I'm lazy] is just to take my car to that McKinley car wash; they do a good job) if something like that is gonna impress people THAT much.

    Man, I know people who have had, man, just almost everything in their car. Soda cans, comic books, dreamcatchers (yeah! DREAMCATCHERS), just stuff that they tell you to, "oh, yeah, just throw that on the ground" or whatever when you go riding with them. And, yeah, if their car's THAT messy, yeah, I'm . . . wondering why I'm riding with them.

    Seems to me it's just easy for folks to leave stuff in their car. Too small of an area where they won't make such a bad impression similar to if they'd have a messy living room (come to think of it, people I know? Seem to go hand-in-hand).

    Good think I know only a handful of folks who, I like to say, "treat their car [and living room, bwwaah] that way."

    Lance . . . do you mean, like, a baseball bat? Or a rubber animal bat? OR A BAT [!] Because, heck, man, 'long with a car tool/repair kit that I keep in the trunk, I too, keep a wooden bat there. Hey, you never know when you might run into a pickup baseball game, right?

  13. power-c:

    you actually keep hand sanitizer in your car?

  14. snow:

    Hmm... sure don't have as much as you, BL (ehh... I tink... )! I have... kleenex, wet ones, purell, cell phone charger, tire gauge, multi-use tool, pens, note pad, straws, American flags (got 'em at one parade and don't know what to do wit 'em!), jackets, goza, umbrellas, golf balls, bottled water, extra antenna "heads" (mickey, jack... ), sunglasses, plastic bags, swifters (I dust at stoplights... but only when I'm the passenger!), map book, entertainment book, golf shoes, table (yes, our CRV came with a table in the trunk!), zabuton, heavy duty paper towels, car duster, a couple of flashlights, CDs, napkins, sunshade, telephone book, lint rollers (to pick up the doggie hair!)cooler bags (for those trips to Costco!)... I tink das it! (boy, that's a lot of stuff!)

  15. Coconut Willy:

    Da wife no like clutter, so she always cleaning out the cars. Not too much stuff. cds, sanitizer, wipes (for the kids), battery jumper. Das it.

  16. 9th Island Girl:

    Ditto book 2: toilet paper in the trunk, just in case!

  17. Goodbeer:

    Braddah, I tink da phone numba in post #8 is wrong. I wen try um, but dis wahine wen ask me if I like doing it from behind so I tink dat numba stay wrong 'cause I don't tink dat wuz you, wuz it?
    As far as your list goes...where's da condoms? Gotta have dat! Das one truck, right? I mean, c'mon...no tell me you only haul rubbish and furniture in da bed!

    Hoo...everybody's imagination going now, yah? heh, heh πŸ™‚

  18. 1dble:

    Not even close with the name... I'm the only one that I know of that has 2 e's not a "y" at the end. As for all the crap in the back, I prety much keep it as organized as possible so it doesn't look like a storage shed, and try not to let it encroach on the seating. My teenage son keeps me busy with the water sports, so we're always on the go.

  19. hemajang:

    Bat? you coach little league, right? Not anymore but used to keep one big pipe under my front seat...just in case.

    My trunk kinda messy with the usual stuff like above and yeah, toilet pepa is a must. It was worse before when coaching soccer with stuff like cones, nets, bibs, pegs, hammer, corner flags, field spray paint, field chair, poncho, jacket, and all my paperwork.

  20. book2:

    Bruddah Lance;
    yuse on a roll.... dis bettah not be the friday blog or else i going let the pigs from palisades eat up your vegetation if you get one yahd...
    i carry one 2 foot hoe handle.... as for hit the mosquitoes when get too many...

  21. JuSaMee:

    whoa sir lance...can i call you up the next time my hubby locks the keys in the car?? lol!! tell you what, instead of payin' the locksmith the default $75 i'll pay you $50...just think about it! lol! i don't really have any life saving stuff in my cars. i don't like clutter...so if anything happens i'll be one of them people on the side of the road w/ their cell phone stuck to their ear!

  22. jiggyboo:

    wow you folks carry a lot in your car/truck and i have a truck. hmmmmm can tell i have no life yeah? o well.....ok BL....take a stab at my name. no offense will be taken whatever your comment will be...lol serious

  23. MoOgooGuypAN:

    Ho plenty posts already. Kinda late today, was busy.

    Ay Bruddah lance we get the same kine truck. Must be an asian thing. You get the new model or the old one? Luckily for me I got the 2004, last year they made that design, which can fit in my garage.

    Brah I get the air compressor for flats, tie downs, iTrip, truck bed net, beach towels, board shorts, slippahs, multi-tool, travel contact solution and case, toothbrush and paste, razor, shampoo, soap, lotion, papah towel, bottles of water, loilipops, bungee cords, tire iron, and one myna bird in one papaya tree.

    You not the only one that's nuts.

  24. Ukuhead:

    BL - looks like you all ready for be homeless.

  25. Braddah Lance:

    Here's some "guess'" about our new posters:
    power-c - distributor of the new "supplement" on the market for baseball players and professional athletes
    Goodbeer - cause dat's what he drinks when he calls the 900 #'s. Braddah, my numbah started with 1-888... πŸ˜†
    jiggyboo - dat's what happens to your body (jiggle) when you get scade
    Ukuhead - need I saw more? And no, I still need da MRE's to complete da package.
    And I get 1dble...finally. One Double "E". So wat dat? Jamee, Courtnee, Sillee? πŸ˜‰
    I'm actually surprised how many people carr TP with them - do you all go on the side of the road or something?

  26. Goodbeer:

    Braddah, dis fo real now. If your truck is a 4 wheel drive, I highly recommend you invest in a tow strap, 3" x 30' long, 10,000 lb pull strength minimum. Comes in handy many times over. I once pulled out a mud stuck bulldozer...NO BULL!! Ok, so it was a Bobcat, but it did have the big blade in front. And my strap saved my and many buddies trucks when we got a little too mento off the paved roads.

  27. 1dble:

    The TP is for when we go beach and gotta use the public bathroom. Never get TP in there when you need um!

    Although I do like "Sillee"... think burgers.

    One Q for Moogoo, whats with the lolipops? Are we scoping the elem. schools?

  28. hemajang:

    No not side of the road, although that's a possibility but at public restrooms where no mo TP.

  29. LJ:

    Wow...my car now feels inadequate. I think I have a couple bags (for carrying groceries,etc), a pair of my boyfriend's surf shorts (I think he doesn't even know they are there), a box of kleenex, lint roller and all the usual stuff in the glove box (hand sanitizer, extra plastic forks/knives, napkins...) but no tp...guess I'll have to stock up on those things....just in case...

  30. munch:

    shopping list for after work:
    1. toilet paper
    2. shoe rack

  31. Dirtball:

    What I got:

    1 flashlight with dead batteries
    5 packets McDonald's ketchup (in case french fries fall from the sky)
    1 movie ticket stub from Waikiki 3
    1 Big Mac wrapper
    2 packets shoyu (in case one ahi falls from the sky)
    1 take-out menu from Masu's plate lunch
    3 golf balls (in case I learn to play golf)
    1 rubber slippah (in case cockaroaches fall from the sky)
    2 bottles water (to keep the dogs off the car)
    2 cans warm Pepsi
    1 condom (in case Angelina Jolie falls from the sky)

  32. Braddah Lance:

    Public bathrooms are pretty pathetic - and just generalizing - there are usually homeless around them using them constantly. I would put TP in da truck but probably not going fit.

    The napkins in da glove compartment shmall kine rough but I'll suck it up. πŸ˜†

    Here's a few more cracks at the tags -

    LJ - Proud graduate of dyslexia.
    Dirtball - he no wash good.

    And fo'real, you get all those things in your car? LMAO. I guess I gotta start carrying the second, fifth and last ones.

    No worry Babe, da last one is so I can blow da sucka up so she no crack her head when she hit da ground. πŸ˜€

  33. power-c:

    I just like Vitamin Water...that's all....

  34. jiggyboo:

    hey dirtball...what's with the 'from the sky'? lol....
    and BL....that was a good way to say it 'ALLLLLL' jiggles when i sked, laugh, what evas....lol

  35. Ukuhead:

    The napkins shmall kine rough but I’ll suck it up.

    Why you tink my t-shirts no more sleeves?

  36. C.W.:

    I got nothing but the regsitration and insurance information. No CD's, no clothes, no nothing. Xterra is 8 years old and paid for, got plenty dings and scratches from idiot drivers here. My point-I got enough to worry about in life to have to worry about my car getting broken in to, or people banging into me. Money that would go to car payment goes towards retirement. I no care one bit about my car, except how it runs.

  37. kikaida:

    Hmmm, no condoms or astroglide?!?

    Just kidding!

  38. Cin:

    This car doesn't have much: 1 Roxy jacket (kids), 1/2 bottle very warm water (kids), 1 granola bar wrapper. In da trunk: Fix-A-Flat (lifesaver), oil, tranny fluid, brake fluid.
    My old van get everything! It's the one that you wanna stranded in when you servive the nuclearblast: blankets, box bandaids, like 5 1/2 bottles of water(kids), 2 1/2 bottles Gatorade (different flavors-kids), assorted tools, assorted car cleaning stuff, 1 smashed box of kleenex, 1/2 box dead french fries (no ketchup), straws(used & unused) 3 melted Dum-Dums,1/2 pack gum, plastic bags. Oil, tranny fluid, brake fluid and one rag. Oh! And get plenty stuff to used if you gotta McGyver something.

  39. G. Kwon:

    Wait until you have kids. I got 3 child car seats and lots of rubbish. And napkins. And music CDs to drown out the screaming...

  40. opso:

    jeez BL. you keep all kine cra.....um......stuff in your ride eh.

    So what....you get XL size saddle bag on your bike too? πŸ˜‰

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