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Feelin' Da Draft?

April 28th, 2008

As a new football season approaches - both college and pro - the mark of the beginning is not actually "spring ball" but the white vs green game (for UH football) and the NFL draft, both which happened this past weekend.

The white vs green game on Saturday had  a lot of fan support - which is very encouraging - but I really wonder how many will "jump off the bandwagon" if the team (UH) happens to struggle? C'mon, you know I'm talking about all those "wanna be's" and not the loyal kama'aina who stuck with the team during the "he who must not be named" era.

While the first game is more than four months away, the excitement builds with every new press release and "gossip" begins to grow. We will now see, hear and read everyone's new position as a backseat coach, GM, trainer, whatevahs now that we have expectations of success - or at least our opinions of what should have been done to be successful.

ESPN was doing a run through of what to expect from the top 25 teams and if/how they were reloading their NFL bound pool. I was surprised they mentioned Hawaii's own Inoki Funaki as a "sleeper" to watch out for this season...and they pronounced his name correctly on top of that!

Probably cause nevah have much connecting vowels and syllables. 😉

The NFL draft was also on ESPN this weekend and that must be one of the most nervewracking process to go through as players wait for "the call" and teams scramble hoping not to pick a "bust". The Draft is almost as big as the Super Bowl and it's pupule to even think that people would sit in front of a tv just waiting to hear the next draft pick for their favorite team and their sworn rivals team. For, me just knowing the first ten picks was good enough and I just looked that up yesterday.

As players are picked, you hear either hear boo's or cheers - depending on the position/player selected - and that must be the most humbling experience a player has to go through on national tv. On the field it's different, but as all-star college players in their respective positions not even having played a single NFL down and already they're getting boo'd?

Wassap Wit Dat?

Take the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets. I would say in the past decade and a half, maybe only twice has the fans ever cheered on national tv supporting the pick - and the second was this past Saturday. Wow, if the fans can't even support you then how you going play?

Well I am glad to hear our boy Colt Brennan was selected in the sixth round! Chee-hoo! Sure we all wished he was picked higher but at least he'll get paid just to sign his name in the upcoming weeks.  The rest...well, is up to him. Most of us know Colt's story and how he battled adversity through his college career so him being drafted in the very late rounds should be nothing new to us.

Hopefull Colt will be the "sleeper" pick of the NFL...and I'm not talking Z's.

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  1. JuSaMee:

    i'll admit it...i'm one of those people who's interest in UH only peaked after about game 5 or 6 last season, but it brought on a new passion to be proud of something. by the end of the season we were all talking about buying season tickets or at least chipping in to buy the UH sports package on Oceanic. i plan on checking out their games this upcoming season. and as for colt's draft pick...i don't know much, but also don't expect a whole lot of respect for hawaii players so i thought 6th round was pretty good...take it easy on me people...LoL...you're talkin' to someone who's favorite part of sporting events is food i can't get all the time! LoL!!

  2. GA Bows:

    I was actually wishing that the Falcons would take CB. . . I thought he would be the best fit for their offense.
    I think it's a good thing that CB went late in the draft, not as much pressure for him to perform at the pro level from the get go.
    I do beleive in time, CB will be a name known by all football fan. . . he just have to remain healthy!

  3. opso:

    Yeah....too bad Colt didn't get picked higher but that's the business.

    Did you hear Ron Jaworski? He was kinda hating on Colt. Basically saying that he doesn't have the assets needed to make it as a NFL QB. WWD?
    Jaworski......what a shmuck. 😡

    At least Mel Kiper had some positive comments about Colt.

  4. Coconut Willy:

    I think UH will do ok this season. They only have to go 7-6 for the Hawaii Bowl.
    As for Colt, I thought and hoped he would go higher. Washington may take a few years to revamp under new head coach Zorn. Hoping for the best!

  5. munch:

    aaaah gotta love "fair weather fans" who only want to cheer & support the team if they're winning....or it's not raining 😛 da best kine fans are da hardcore ones who will go to each game, winning streak or losing streak, rain or shine, wearing the trash bag with the puka cut-out so you can fit your head through! of course it's best when your team is winning but gotta appreciate & applaud all the work those athletes put in on & off the field no? i like those aunties that make the signs and go to every single UH Volleyball home game! now that's a fan!
    as for Colt, i was hoping he'd go higher but i'm not surprised...das ok, he'll knock the pants off of them and have those other recruiters kicking themselves for not snagging him before the other guy!

  6. M:

    I don't think Ron Jaworski was such a great QB himself IMO.

  7. King Katonk:

    Braddah Lance don’t get me started. Since we are both Niner fans I feel I can vent with you. The 49ers had the opportunity to pick Colt in the 6th round instead they drafted a weak WR from Va.Tech ahead of him. WWD? Brennan has all the qualities of a winner and it was a “no risk” pick for them. If Alex Smith does not pan out this year and Shaun Hill falters, who do they have? Colt would have been a good fit in the West Coast offense under Mike Martz. On top of that the Niners have a good connection with UH; Sopoaga, Ulbrich, and Lelie. Instead he’s off to D.C. Even the Redskins VP Vinny Cerrato, a former Niner executive, saw through all the negatives about Brennan and focused on the intangibles. Smart man.

    All the best to Colt and I hope he makes all those critics eat their words.

    Even if he doesn’t make it “big” in the NFL, he will always be a winner in our hearts.

    Why am I getting worked up over the draft? I need help.

  8. MoOgooGuypAN:

    Kinda bummed that the rest of the UH players weren't drafted. At least they're signing with teams as free agents although I still feel they got ripped off. Why do they put so much emphasis on that one Suagr Bowl game? I'm sure if we won that one game all our guys would have been drafted and Colt would have probably gone in the first round. Well, what's done is done and I hope them all the very best. Guess I gotta go out an dbuy me some Redskins stuff now. BTW, I was one of those guys sitting in front of the TV with my poke and beer waiting all day for the Warriors to be picked. I know, I should have mowed my lawn.

  9. Braddah Lance:

    Auwe! Didn't (should have) realized that the Tsaiko's were all over this one already. Just wanted to talk about how the draft kicks off the football season and give props out to CB - also totally forgot about our other boys too: Satele, Bess, Grice-Mullins. Congratulations!

    And yes, I agree that Jaworski is one of those that his words aren't respected anyways. He's probably just jealous that he's never been as close to Colt's accuracy throwing even if he had a heat guided missle attached.

    Mel Kiper's word is pretty influential and he did give praise to Colt so we'll see his "words" holds true.

    And yeah, King Katonk, I would have wished SF picked him up instead of that weak WR too but I think they were looking to fill special teams if anything. He would have fit well into Martz's passing scheme. I heard too that SF was really interested in CB and interviewing him but dunno what happened. At least we should be getting a top five pick next year cause we ain't winning more than three games. 😥

    btw, in my Madden game franchise mode, I traded Alex Smith and Shaun Hill from the get-go and won the Super Bowl...hmmm, a GM future for me?

  10. franksabunch:

    I actually think Colt 45 is in a good position. The 2 QBs ahead of him on the depth chart are not stars and if he pulls a Derek Anderson he can end up with a multimillion dollar contract. Just think if he was at a place where he was thrust in too early and ended up like David "got hit by a" Carr.

    And no worries, no one understands the mainland fans who go nuts at these NFL draft things. These are the same people who spend thousands to watch NASCAR. If I wanted to spend my time watching people going around and around in a circle I'd either get on the H-1 at rush hour or listen to Ron Menor explain his broken foot DUI arrest. Ouch!

  11. franksabunch:

    Oh, and although I didn't like hearing what Jaworski had to say about Colt, he admittedly had stuff to back himself up. It was unfortunate that Herman Frazier messed up the schedule so that the only team that Colt Brennan faced with a good defense was Georgia, and unfortunately, things didn't go our way with that one. (Boise State was ranked, but they lost their bowl game to some no name university!) Colt has proved people wrong in the past and he'll do it again.

    I was hoping CB would've gone to Chicago, then he'd have Olin "bad intentions" Kretuz to block for him.

  12. CJS1:

    Re: Funaki. Unbaised scouts and other experts on mainland, concerned only with who is the best, clearly see and saw what a lot of us here can see and saw law season - Funaki is better than Brennan and Graunke; better athlete, stronger, more heart, faster, more desire to excel and to win (the immeasurables).

    Look at the few times he was put in last season and his completion percentages. Look at the recent scrimmage.

    The other two are okay, but if politics were/had been set aside, Funaki would have emerged as the starter. The Brennan groupies (aka Tsaikos) cannot drown out the truth.

  13. CJS1:

    should have read "unbiased".

  14. navigatum-auditionis.info:

    Feelin’ Da Draft?

    The top football players from college are chosen by NFL teams to play at the highest level of competition. Many football fans have different feelings about the draft. Some fans love the draft. Their are fans who will watch almost all of ...

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