Wassup Wit Dat!

It's All About Timing

April 30th, 2008

Doesn't that just say it all?

I woke up earlier than normal this morning because Oneone decides she needs to "go" at 4:45am instead of 5:30am and being the considerate husband that I, drag my okole out of bed so Da Wife doesn't lose her precious beauty sleep due to the dog's piercing whine.

It's a little darker than usual and the dogs are out doing their thing and once I get them back in the house it starts to rain.

Whew, just beat that - what timing.

Since I was up up early, I figured I might as well get ready for work and left earlier than normal. At the traffic light exiting my house the light had just turned yellow and I was just about in the intersection so I made the turn with ample time as no cars were around. Then at the main intersection - first light to enter Pearl City - the light had turned yellow too and a car heading in the opposite direction gunned it to make the left turn and I faded my brakes to let him complete the turn because at his speed he was going to turn wide.

Guesstimated right - very wide turn into both lanes instead of him staying in his inner most lane. Then as I approached the H1 on-ramp from Pearl City (you know, the big round-about by the Sears Distribution Center) I usually go at a pretty good clip since it's a nice turn but since it had just rained the roads tend to be very slick and I took it very easy.

* Here's another useless fact that is actually useful - at the beginning of fresh rain, the roads WILL be slick because of the oil left in the lane. Once rain hits the oil, the dried oil begins to "rehydrate" and drain - usually towards the right because every single street "should" be angled towards a drain. That's why the most dangerous times to drive in rain is the first few minutes as the oil hasn't had enough time to clear the patch of road the tires are in contact with the most. * 

Sooo, just when I was completing the turn and straightening out three cars to my right just brake suddenly and I see this HUGE a$$ SUV fishtail to the right, she over compensates and yanks her wheel to the left, locks her brakes, then spin a full 360° coming RIGHT AT ME!

Wassap Wit Dat? 

Ok, not right at me - but wasn't that exciting? She was about a good forty feet away but going about 40mph, I was pretty close when she finished her spin. She ended up actually facing oncoming traffic during morning rush hour but luckily stopped in the median - ho, da scary.

I actually would have slammed right into her - yes, it was a sistah cause I saw her Beetle Juice face as I passed her - if it wasn't for what happened before. What if the car at the intersection right before didn't gun it? I would have entered my turn a little earlier and been right in front of that SUV. Or what if I waited at the intersection near home? I would have avoided everything after: the car gunning it and the SUV making me check for Hershey squirts. What if my dog could actually use the toilet?

I know situations like this has happened to EVERYONE - So wat your story?

"What if I was a second earlier/later?"

"What if I waited?"

"What if I rushed?"

"What if I didn't hesitate?"

"Why didn't I do that?"

Damn dog.

26 Responses to “It's All About Timing”

  1. M:

    Wow braddah Lance, I tink God was watching out fo you.

  2. hemajang:

    Huuuu, I tell you BL, being on a bike can be abunai. Even if defensive, one tap and you fly. Had a bike once and would like own one again...only if there were no cars or trucks on the road. Actually, thinking of a bicycle and riding around the community or parks but too many maniacs and inattentive drivers (on the cell phone) out there. Yeah, I know, I should stay in bed all day...but then a plane might crash on my roof.

  3. Braddah Lance:

    M: Yeah, it seems like it and my nine lives are running out.

    Yeah, I know, I should stay in bed all day…but then a plane might crash on my roof.

    Eh, no say dat. It's been happening recently where these smaller prop planes just been dying out and crashing. Bettah knock on your bed's wood frame as you call in "sick" today Braddah. 😉

  4. JuSaMee:

    ooOOOooooOOOO...thats like the movie the butterfly effect...you know where one small change can affect the course of the rest of your life!! so what?? did the SUV just turn around and go her merry way?? i fishtailed once a few months ago when we had the heavy rain. i was kinda scurred, but luckily since i wasn't going very fast i just straightened out my wheel and let it pass. i remember one time this jerk was trying to get me to race him, i pretended i was gonna, then when the light turned red he sped forward and i went backward and just missed this car, but i would've hit it!! oh wait...that wasn't me...that was michael j. fox in back to the future III...lol!! too much movies for me! i'm sure i've had those kine chicken skin moments, but cannot remember right now! 😀

  5. franksavbunch:

    That's why I always take an extra 10 seconds every time I leave my wife to tell her that I love her. You never know...

  6. Coconut Willy:

    Looks like it's going back to last weeks blog about beliefs. You may have a higher power looking out for you.

  7. MoOgooGuypAN:

    Everything happens for a reason, lucky for you had plenty things happening to keep you out of danger. Just wasn't your time. Anyway, this is Hawaii, no need rush, the island is only so small. If you going be late, you going be late. With all the traffic on the road now days I try to drive more defensively. My one story, or maybe the story that keeps me sane is when people cut me off and drive slow. I usually try to think that they cut me off to keep me from speeding and getting into trouble. Many of times I spot a cop gunning and am grateful for the car that cut me off and slowed me down.

  8. GumbysHorse:

    i have one..similar but different hah!

    leaving waikele shopping center from borders side we could either turn left and go down to the freeway, or turn right and go all the way to kam hwy. was on the weekend so figured no need rush ( i was headed to pearl city) and decided to turn right to go on kam hwy...i got on kam hwy waiting at the stop light...BAMMMM rear ended!!! haha shoulda took the freeway!

  9. Stuck in the Mind for Life:

    (lurker) Once MANY YEARS AGO diving in about 80 feet of water. Get down to the bottom and load my 3-rubber speargun. You load it up by pressing the butt of the speargun against your thigh. While loading the LAST RUBBER (for the "speargun" wiseguy), the speargun slipped off my thigh such that the spear was pointing RIGHT AT MY FOREHEAD. If that speargun had fired.........I'd be dead now.

    Still gives me the willies thinking about it and makes one realize how fragile life really is.

  10. Goodbeer:

    Eh, Braddah! Coupla things for you to do today:

    -go to Church, make a donation and give thanks

    -do something good for someone without expecting anything in return. "Pay it forward". You've got a ball rolling here...let's see it snowball into an avalanche of blessings for many people.

    Some years ago, my pickup rolled over after hydroplaning on a rain slicked H1. I was going under speed limit and other cars were whizzing past me. I remember
    hunkering down in my seat to protect my head as I went over in very slow motion waiting for the big "lights out" that fortunately never came. My worst injury was a broken collarbone from the seatbelt. Of course, my truck was totaled and my cellphone was found in a puddle several yards back and "died in my arms" as I made a call to my wife. But I was alive and it opened my eyes. The road was straight and level so why I spun and rolled over, I don't know. I should have been hurt much, much worse but why I wasn't, I don't know. I mean it REALLY opened my eyes.

    Everyday, sunrises and sunsets have never looked so good. Everybody, everything and every situation has an upside...somewhere...it's there...sometimes really hard for see but it's there...somewhere. (I still one human you know) But I give thanks everyday now and I never did before. I always took things for granted but not any more. Be there eager to help out rather than say, "ahh somebody going get um." And I always ask "what else can I do?" and mean it wholeheartedly. Now my accident was a positive life changing event. See what I mean?

    Timing? It's not coincidence; it's all part of a bigger plan.

  11. homey ®:

    If it wasn't for the dog you wouldn't have seen the spin-out. Just thank the dog, give 'em a treat. :mrgreen:

  12. sgoose:

    ...you must lead a "charmed" life...hehe!

  13. munch:

    i'm glad you escaped unharmed BL! chicken skin ah when stuff l'dat happens! i was driving on Kam Hwy by waipio valley area heading towards mililani when this junkalunka car ran the red light coming from schofield side...almost rear ended me so i decided to slow down, change lanes and let the guy pass. i noticed how buss up the car looked, yet had these shiny fake spinner wheel covers haha! anyway he sped away so fast, couldn't even see 'um down da road. caught the next red and then i noticed something shiny on the road....da guy's spinner hubcap! a few yards down da car had flipped over, was on its roof, and had hit another car. if i stayed in front of that guy i probably would have been the one he hit!
    and jus yesterday i was waiting to cross da street...got the "walking man" sign but i saw this car flying it up the right lane and i thought eh dis guy not going stop & if he does, he going be in da intersection already! so i wait to see what he going do and sure enough, he slams his brakes but he's already halfway through the turn, car in da crosswalk. gooood ting i never walk yet and never have more people waiting!
    sometimes people no pay attention but what can you do eh? me, i just give thanks and pray for a safe & uneventful day/commute!

  14. book2:

    A while back driving on H-1 going toward Punahou cut off,this guy without any signal decides to go from the extreme right all the way to the exrtreme left,NTS ,he proceeds to shoot towards his goal... good thing everybody was alert, i mean every lane got his vibes and they let him go (this is going 50mph,what a lolo) IAC,he wack the wall on the right, swerved to the left, whacked the wall on the left,car got grinded up before stopping... all lanes were stopped at that time looking at this spectacle...good ting nobody got banged... we all looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders and went our merry way.. the guy wasn't hurt.. he just sat there shaking his head and calling himself a DA, NISM...

  15. opso:

    I told you before...
    Good things happen to good people.

  16. snow:

    Glad that you escaped unharmed, BL!! We no like anyting happen to you!!!

    This reminds me of a paper I had to write a long time ago about chance versus fate...

    I know I've had occasions where I'd been shaken up but felt I had "good timing" but I can't remember what they were! Must have blocked them out or something! Maybe I'll remember later...

  17. munch:

    oh yeah i forgot to ask....what does a Beetlejuice face look like anyway? HAHAHAHA! tooo funny!

  18. BananaFish:

    Ho man, I'm shaken up just reading your story BL!

    I gotta agree with the other posters, that there are no coincidences. Very fortunate no one got hurt.

    Maybe the reason it happened in front of you was so you could tell all of us? Maybe one of da Kwonics will be extra vigilant when we out and about today, and miss disaster? I dunno. Maybe it could be that we all need to take a little extra time to take stock in our lives, and be thankful for what we have. We should be doing that anyways, but sometimes we need to hear stuff like this to put things in perspective.

    Been in a few close calls myself, and the trippy thing is, like Book2 and your experience, you KNOW when these things are about to happen a lot of the time. Sometimes it's from observing, like when you see the guy gunning it at the yellow, you know how the physics of the turn work, but sometimes it seems like "pure luck" you slowed down a little for someone, or switched lanes when you did, just because you had a "funny feeling," and then you see how that simple action averted an accident.

    I dunno, the longer you live and experience things like that, kinda hard to keep chalking it up to "coincidence." Somebody is watching out for you....:)

  19. ensei:

    I got one of those...

    In high school a few years ago, I was leaving the parking lot to go home a little before 1a (I was on the FIRST robotics team and we were in crunch time). Anyway, the driveway/ramp was fairly steep so when it reaches the street there is an odd angle to it and it's pretty easy for lower cars to scrape bottom. When the light turned green, I took it a little slower than I usually would because I was very tired and so I wouldn't scrape the underside of my car on the road as I am leaving the parking lot, just as I entered the intersection a pick-up truck coming from my left runs the red and smashes in the left side my front bumper and headlight (apparently he was looking for a certain CD to listen to). I don't want to even think about what might have happened if I came out of that parking lot a little faster...

  20. Coconut Willy:

    Hey GumbysHorse. How come you just no say Pokey?
    Your rearend story reminded me of one time I was rear ended. I was waiting to turn on to Liliha St from a parking lot. This guy lets me go then procedes to hit me when I stopped after driving about 50 feet! WWD?

  21. jiggyboo:

    whoa ! bruddah. The man upstairs is not ready to have you come knocking at his doors just yet. You have a lot of columns to write and inspire us so that we can go forth and inspire others.....ahhhhh. k pau the angels singing and stuffs.....
    but yup i guess we all have encountered that ' wow, what if' moments. Makes you appreciate what you have everytime it happens huh. Maybe time for you to hang up the bike and drive a 4 wheeler instead, whatcha tink bruddah. Had a close call with the heart stuffs and all, hey i'm watching what i eat and i 'try' to exercise every day. Life is too short to worry about the little things howeva.......it does help. Have a great day and stay safe BL, whose column i going read if you get into 'another' accident......(don't take this personally Rodney). kden aloha

  22. hemajang:

    OK, I remember one...was my fault though. This was way back when working summer job with this landscaping company. Driving one big truck down Kaahumanu, I think, before Pearlridge was built and while crossing to go left onto Kamehameha Hwy. I realize no more merge lane so went right into oncoming traffic. Huuuu, big relief when no cars was in the left lane at that time. The timing was right, I guess the stars were aligned or something so no damage but I could have sideswiped someone bad.

  23. 9th Island Girl:

    munch: long time I didn't see/hear that word "junkalunka"! Old times!

    Anyway, see good things happen when you are sweet to your wife, ah?

    Something similar happened to me. I was coming out of the Kuhio School parking lot at night and tried to accelerate to get out, after stopping to make sure there were no cars. Nothing happened. I was gassing it, and it was like the pedal was on pause or something because I was just stuck. This was just for a couple of seconds, and suddenly a car going really fast made an illegal U turn. If I had gone when I was supposed to, that guy would have pulverized me. After he left, my car worked just fine. It had never done anything like that before or since then.

  24. kikaida:

    Ha! Hershey squirts! Too funny! How about Hershey squirts with some almonds (or corn!)


  25. Braddah Lance:

    That’s why I always take an extra 10 seconds every time I leave my wife to tell her that I love her. You never know…

    Rogah dat! I do da same but add a hug too...most of da time.

    ...and decided to turn right to go on kam hwy…i got on kam hwy waiting at the stop light…BAMMMM rear ended!!! haha shoulda took the freeway!


    Stuck in the Mind for Life:
    (lurker) ...the speargun slipped off my thigh such that the spear was pointing RIGHT AT MY FOREHEAD. If that speargun had fired………I’d be dead now.
    Still gives me the willies thinking about it and makes one realize how fragile life really is.

    Glad to see you wasn't "fish bait". 80ft - dat's deep Braddah. I used to 3-prong only and cheat...wit da tank.

    …you must lead a “charmed” life…hehe!

    Dat's exactly wat Da Wife says.
    Da Rest:Wow. See, we all been there before but seeing how close - and not so serious for some - it ended up, aren't we all glad for those time machine moments?

    Ha! Hershey squirts! Too funny! How about Hershey squirts with some almonds (or corn!)

    Nah, was plain - nevah eat breakfast. 😆

  26. Goodbeer:

    U buggas sick

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