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No, It's Not A Friday Blog...I Think

April 23rd, 2008

Riding into work this morning I couldn't help but notice that it was just a b-e-autiful morning. The air was crisp, the sky was super clear and it was just a "Wow" morning. The Koolau's was so pristine that I could actually see the valley's cutting edge and practically count the number of pine trees lining the ridge.

Ho, was like chicken skin...or was it the cold air rushing through my jacket. In any case I caught myself thanking God. I'm not heavily religious but I do believe in a higher power. My parents are Presbyterian and I consider them more religious than the average Joe because of their involvement with their church, my brother is a born again Christian - what the heck am I? Uh, a believer.

I believe there are God's. Yes, plural. Because everyone has their own beliefs and practices related to those beliefs. Who are we to say which one is the "almighty"? My parents forced me to attend church ever since I was small but once I grew into "independence" I never looked back. Till today they still ask if I want to go but I tell them, "why do I have to go to say that I believe in God?" I try to live by the good word most of the time - c'mon, we ain't angels all the time - and fear his name and prescence, thank him for all things good, question him when things go bad (you all know you do the same when things aren't going your way). So why do I have to go to church just to say that I believe?

Then you got the chuches who seem to run it like a business instead of a place of worship. Some of these "churches" are just gi-normous and look like institutions instead of churches. Then it seems like anyone can run a church as long as you have a pastor/minister/priest and a location: schools, office buildings etc.

Shouldn't just believing in your heart and living right count enough? For those of you who attend church - any church or temple - can you honestly say that you act the same way in worship than you do outside of the safe haven? Granted you try, but does it really happen outside in the real world 24/7? If all the people that attended church acted the same way they do in church the world would be a heckuva better place than it is now because there would be more good acts than bad.

Does the terms "act your Sunday best" or "Sunday suit" come into mind? Why is it only on one day you have to be good or dress your best? It's almost...dare I say...fake? Don't get me wrong, it's all about respect to the higher power but shouldn't that carry over the rest of the six days?

Oh boy, I think I'm going get some flak on this one so let 'er rip but please be civil.

fyi - I do believe in God, I pray (mostly for things to turn out right), I praise God when things are good, when things go wrong I blame science (go fi'gah)...and I would never be caught dead without my Cross.



SHOUT OUT:  Congratulations to Lava 2 Travel for taking the Couch Potato Basketball League Spring Season championships this past Sunday! A valiant effort by Yada Yada fell short but none the less L2T was the better team. Congratulations!

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Hungry Hungry Hippo

April 22nd, 2008

After recent requests for food reviews - as if I go out eat every time - I finally have one, well actually three but will only post one for today since I got the most pics for that. The other not too much pics so I'll post those two together next that I actually have something to write about. 😉

Da wife and I normally don't eat out - meaning sitting down in a restaurant with servers - and when we do it's for some occasion of celebration, mainly birthdays with family or friends. She enjoys cooking healthy, though because of our hectic schedules it's not as frequent, but when she does it usually is very very tasty. We enjoy more the home coookin' or potluck bbq eating with friends more than fine dining. Most times when we do pick up something - no time to cook - it's usually Wendy's type fast food or L&L type plate lunch. Now who wants a food review of those kinds of places?

I think I'm going to start up a different kind of review, Home Cookin'! We'll see what Da Wife says. 😆 Just last night she made meat (ground lean turkey) loaf and it was very onolicious. Moist, meaty and spicy of course. And to accompany that, some orzo pasta. That's always good! Sorry, no pics of that - nevah get da ok yet. Ok, ok on to the real restaurant review.

Well like I mentioned before, we don't eat out much but we had these gift certificates to Tokyo Tokyo in the Kahala Hotel burning a hole in our pocket so we decided to have a "date night". After several dress changes by Da Wife - and da glaring look I got when I said I wanted to wear shorts (WWD?)- we finally get there.

It is a fine dining establishment so we all know what means...Mickey D's right after. The restaurant itself is actually not inside the hotel. It's off to the side next to valet lot as if they just put poles up and slammed a roof on top. It is an open air type atmosphere so I'm sure if the wind is howling or if it's humid, dining wouldn't be as enjoyable but I was impressed with the interior. Sorry no pics of that - still learning to carry a camera and "recording" things. It wasn't intimidating but very comfortable and the table we got was...cushioned. Nevah saw dat before.

Now fine dining is not my thing so at times I just feel weird but it was date night with Da Wife and she deserved it so I sucked it up. Immediately after sitting down we were handed cold towels to wipe our hands. Whoa. I thought they wanted us to wipe the table - jus' joke. Then the host explains the menu and the waiter comes and takes our drink order,

"Watah please, thanks eh brah!".

Oops, fine dining.

"Water is fine for now. Thank you."

As we're looking through the menu the waiter is waits for his cue. The very moment we put the menu down and look up he was there and ready for our order. Wow, classy. So we place our order:

We started off with a mushroom salad (bottom) and a tempura appetizer with dipping sauce and salts. The miso soy dressing on the salad was ono and the three blend mushrooms were fresh. Tempura was...tempura.

This was the spicy tuna...although not spicy and not enough tuna

We also had the jumbo shrimp tempura roll (left) and the soft shell crab roll (right). Both fell apart while we were trying to eat it. Sticky rice not so sticky but the insides were plentiful and tasted good enough.

The rainbow roll used the same "unsticky rice" but the fish was fresh and soft

Oh yeah, we did have dinner. Da Wife had the steamed moi. Yup, can't see it cause it was like a sashimi cut. Sad. And not so tasty but pretty to look at.

I had the Kobe beef ishi-yaki that I had to cook on a stone table. Yeah yeah. Fine dining and I still gotta cook - but it was fun cooking on that slab. The meat was soft but not enough seasoning. It came with vegetables to cook as well dipping sauces, one which was a light, sweeter shoyu sauce.
Overall the food was decent but not for what the bill came out to. The staff - OUTSTANDING. Constantly clearing the table so it was always clean and clutter free. Food was brought out timely and not "all at once" giving you time to enjoy what you were eating. I was impressed that they actually switched out the water glass after refilling it a couple of times.


Wat You Hiding?

April 21st, 2008

Now I've been hounding all da lurkers for quite some time trying to get at least one comment out of them. Some - any - feedback is better than none and from what I gather, people enjoy reading what others have to say and responding to it. I may have finally figured out the reason why.

Some of you are shaking your heads as you're saying to yourself, "this guy is lo-lo" but hear me out. For all those who say "I no mo' time to post".

Bu'lai. You already spending time reading this.

Then those who say, "I stay at work, no can". 

Repeat da previous answer.

Believe it or not, people around you already know you surfing da web - especially if you work in an open environment (cubicles) and what you say when you get caught? "Ho, I was on break why? No can take break?"

Wassap Wit Dat?

Ah, myna kama'aina. I understand. Besides the glitches on the site - which the techies have been so feverishly smoothing out - I've come to the conclusion it's gotta be da screen names. Maybe you no mo' one cool one? I've seen tons of screen names - especially if you play online poker or participate in other online forums - and some of them really crack me up while most others just describe who/what the person likes or feels is a representation of themselves.

Maybe you scared. No need. Nobody know who you are behind the computer. Dat's why people mo' brave when they know no one know who's behind the keystrokes, you know?

So here's some of our frequent posters screen name's that I think I've deciphered. Note: With some of the screen names being, uh, ambiguous I no can tell if you he, she or whatevahs so no get mad eh?

Opso:  (if he's Korean or just like's K-dramas) It means "No 'mo" in Korean but what, I dunno know.

book2:  he's from the P I cause he's book-book

King Katonk:  Braddah is a "mainlander" now, but kama'aina in heart

Ga bows:  same as above but he live in Georgia and an old school Rainbows fan

munch:  sistah likes pupus?

JuSaMee:  Just me? Or maybe part of her name?

Coconut Willy:  he likes coconuts...or maybe he's the one who invented the coconut bikini top?

9th Island Girl:  What else? Vegas fanatic

MoOgooGuypAN: uh, dunno about this one but he like beer and poke...maybe related to munch?

snow:  I'm sure she's not a druggie so I'll say she likes either winter or Matsumoto's (Aoki's mo' bettah)

hemajang:  Braddah's all messed up

acuradrive02:  obviously he's proud of his if we just had the license plate....

kako mochi:  stink breath no boddah her

Makiki: couldn't afford no where else

808bk:  he likes to frequent Hawaii Burger King's

rn2b:  your life may be in danger...jus' joke - she's going to school to be a RN - Good luck!

Sorry if I missed yours but maybe cause you no post I dunno who you are. 😆   And for those who do - even one time - MAAAHAAALOS!  Cause that's the only way I know if people enjoy what they're reading bumbye I should just stick to numbah's - that's what pays the bills das why.

Know of any others?  Anyone know of other funny or interesting ones? 

Now's your chance..............




SHOUT OUT:  My elementary alma mater, Salt Lake, is having their annual school fair this Saturday April 26th from 9:00am - 2:00pm on the school grounds so if you're in the area or just need some where to spend some moo-lah, stop on by and enjoy food, fun and games.  GO DOLPHINS!

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April 18th, 2008

Here's an email excerpt that was forwarded to me by yet another lurker comparing mainland and local kids. Some kinda true, others just wacked, some I tweaked. If boddah you, den no read - I nevah write 'em, just copy and paste 'em. 😆 You be the judge...or do you have one of your own you'd like to add? 

* Mainland Kids*: Move out when they're 18 with the full support of their parents.
*Local Kids:*   Move out - Wat dat? Get free room and board, and parking till whenevah. Even get room for da oda half wen we get married.  😉
*Mainland Kids: *When their Mom visits them she brings a nice bundt cake and you sip coffee and chat.
*Local Kids:* When their Mom visits them she brings 3 days worth of food, and immediately begins to tidy up, dust & do the laundry.
*Mainland Kids: *Their dads always call before they come over to visit them and its usually only on special occasions.
*Local Kids:* Are not at all fazed when their dads come over, unannounced on a Saturday morning at 8:00 and starts pruning the peach & lemon trees.  And if there are none, he will plant some! (Uh, dunno about this one)
*Mainland Parents: *You can leave your kids with them and you always worry if everything is going to be ok plus you have to feed them after you pick them up.
*Local Parents:* No problem, leave your kids there and if they get out  of line your parents can set them straight .... plus they get bathed, fed and get told stories of when you were young.
*Mainland Kids: *Always pay retail and look in the yellow pages when they need something done.
*Local Kids:* Just call their dad or uncle and ask for another dad's or uncle's phone number to get it done cash deal.
*Mainland Kids: *Will come over to visit their parents and get only cake and coffee, no more.
*Local Kids:* Will come over to visit their parents for lunch and get B-B-Q, noodles, lumpia or pupus, Adobo and Rice and stay for late dinner as well.
*Mainland Kids: *Think that being "local" is a great thing,
*Local Kids:* KNOW that being Local is a great thing,
*Mainland Kids: *Never ask the reason you have no food.
*Local Kids:* ARE the reason you have no food.
*Mainland Kids: *Will say 'hello" but are hesitant to hug.
*Local Kids:* Will give you a big hug and/or a kiss, and great big hand shake and pat you on the back.
*Mainland Kids: *Hardly invite over to eat or they have to share their portion.
*Local Kids:* You always have your friends over to have something to eat regardless
*Mainland Kids: *Call your parents Mr. and Mrs.
*Local Kids:* Call your parents Uncle & Auntie.
*Mainland Kids: *Have never seen you cry.
*Local Kids:* Cry with you.
*Mainland Kids: *Will eat at your dinner table and leave.
*Local Kids:* Will spend hours there, talking, laughing and just being together.
*Mainland Kids: *Borrow your stuff for a few days then give it back.
*Local Kids:* Keep your stuff so long they forget it's yours.
*Mainland Kids: *Know a few things about you.
*Local Kids:* Could write a book with direct quotes from you.
*Mainland Kids: *Will leave their parents behind.
*Local Kids:* Will hang out with their parents. (dunno about this one either after elementary school)
*Mainland Kids: *Would knock on your door .
*Local Kids:* Walk right in and say, "Hui" or "Howzit!" or "Eh, you stay home or wat?"
*Mainland Kids: *Are for a while.
*Local Kids:* Are for life...
*Mainland Kids: *Will ignore this.
*Local Kids:* Will forward this.
Here's one I just thought of - 
*Mainland Kids: * Ask where did you graduate? (meaning college)
*Local Kids:* Wen you grad? (meaning high school)

SHOUT OUT - In case any former Aloha Airline workers - or if you know one - are reading this, yet another lurker is offering some help via her church, Wellspring Convenant Church. They are offering free haircuts by a stylist on Tuesday's at the church from 8:30a - 12:30pm on the 1st floor. They are also collecting and distributing work clothes for the displaced Aloha employees. They are located at 99-860 Iwaena Street #203, across of the Budweiser Distribution Center and the office phone is 484-8880 if you need more info.

Keep the emails coming, and remember that you can get your own shout out if you need.  Just send me the specifics and I'll post them - pictures too! C'mon, no shame.

Have a grrreeeaat weekend!


Just Weird

April 17th, 2008

Yesterday as I was riding home, at the intersection of Queen St & Punchbowl (near the DOT), there stood a "gentle...woman?".


I have no idea. As I was waiting for the light to change, there stood a guy at the corner about to cross the street. Sounds normal right? Picture "him" in a bright red daisy duke - and I mean, daisy duke -  and a slim low cut tank, no makeup and no feminine gestures. Whoa! Threw me off.

Wassap Wit Dat?

Honestly, I have nothing against the norm (gay, lesbian, transgendered, whatevah) but if you going to be what you feel you are then be that way - no go halfway. This guy was definetly halfway which made it a bit too weird.

Then just a few minutes later on Nimitz near the Weyerhauser plant there was at least a four car accident and maybe a moped pulled waaay over to the side - nothing weird about that right? But everybody was rubbah neckin' anyways. I can already assume what had happened cause I see it everyday. A moped rider - and I've seen many motorcyclists too - ride that shoulder/bicycle lane and the cars in the right lane can't wait to the make the right to Costco/Home Depot/Best Buy so they ride the shoulder too. 9 times out of 10 they'll never check to see if an actual legal bicyclist was in the lane or not.

Then at practice it was all clear and sunny - all of a sudden, boom! Rain out of the blue.

Now I'm at work and the air condition is out along with no running water. Go figure.

Was there a full moon out last night? Anybody else witness/experienced anything weird yesterday or was it just me?

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