Wassup Wit Dat!

You Ready?

May 23rd, 2008

Cause I am! The sun is out, the vog has cleared and surf is up! Who can ask for anything more?

Can't wait for da work day fo' be ovah! Unlike most other business' (or if you lucky enought to work for the city), the Advertiser doesn't have much observed holidays - we only have seven the whole year!

Wassap Wit Dat? 

So when we do get one, boy does it feel good (especially aftah da week I've had).

I guess I was spoiled from my previous employer having what felt like twenty holidays a year so now when I do get one here, it's a blessing. You don't realize how valuable (rejuvenating) holidays are but do you make the most of it?

Do you sleep all day? Catch up on chores? Go beach? Go out? Do anything?

My friends and I have a tradition of going to the beach and BBQ'ing all day into dusk. In fact we do it every holiday that falls on a Monday but picnic on the Sunday because generally it's not as crowded as going on the holiday itself? Plus we use the Monday to just relax and play catch up so that we're not as tired going back to work on Tuesday - pretty good right?

Wat your plans for da holiday weekend? Nothing fo' do? If you get ono kine grinds, you welcome to join us but remembah, buffet eating champs will be in da house and we don't go fo' da "junk" stuff.

















Just let it out!

Happy Feel Good Friday Everyone!

Have a great safe Memorial Day weekend and say a prayer for all our military service men and women who have served and died for what we have today.

26 Responses to “You Ready?”

  1. Warrior Dave:

    This is one of the cutest kids I have ever seen!! Can I be his agent?

    Have a great long weekend fellow Lanceformers.

  2. Coconut Willy:

    Looking forward to jus chillaxin. Of course, get the usual weekend activities fo da kids. Errands, etc. etc.

  3. 1dble:

    Sunday kicks off the Hui Wa'a season, so will be at Ke'ehi all day. Probably sleep all monday!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. munch:

    REEEELAX! that's about all i have as a must-do on this long weekend. turn off da alarm clock, sleep until lunchtime if i like, and then eat breakfast at 12 noon, stay in da pajamas all day long until time for go get something for dinner 😀 haha
    nah, the main thing is turning off that annoying snooze button that beeps at me everymorning...sounds like you got a fun weekend planned BL! enjoy da friends, ono grindz and VOG-less days woo hoo!!! 😎
    haev a great and safe loooooong weekend Lanceformers & Kwonics!! and yes, let's not ever forget the sacrifices that our soldiers made/make for us to be blessed with what we have today 🙂

  5. opso:

    Eh...who da kid? Look like you. 😉

    Have a fun and safe weekend to all da Kwonics/Lanceformers out there.

  6. MoOgooGuypAN:

    Cute buggah.

    Finally...the sun has come back to Hawaii!

    I got plenty stuff i like do. Gotta mow the lawn. Pull weeds. Plant some new stuff I bought from Home Depot. Work on my outdoor mini-bar (for hold da beer and poke of course). Maybe go over to aunty's house for swim in da pool. Sleep whenever I can.

  7. snow:

    That baby is so cute... can't help but smile when you look at the pictures!! Adorable!

    Hmm... the weekend will be kind of busy with my son's activities, but maybe that will mean my husband and I can squeeze in a nice dinner while my son is busy! Maybe golfing on Monday, too...

    I'm grateful to all of our military men and women who have given their lives for our country and our freedoms... and to our active duty and reserves who are there for us every day! Much thanks!

    Enjoy the Memorial Day weekend all you Kwonics/Lanceformers!!

  8. islandgirl in nc:

    It's race weekend here in the Queen City...we're staying far away from the speedway! I wish we were closer to the ocean, any ocean! 🙂 Have a great weekend everyone!

  9. acuradriver02:

    Braddah Lance,

    Who's the baby? Your nephew? Can almost see family resemblance.

    Can't wait for this weekend...feels like forever since we've had a long weekend. I'm playing tennis, and heading to Hilton, with da family and friends, for the weekend (had awesome rate, too good to pass up).

    Where's your outing? how 'bout we meet up and play some volleyball...haha, your new favorite sport, I'm sure.

  10. mjstc:

    Have a great Memorial Day weekend, everyone!

    My son has a goodwill baseball tournament, and we'll be spending family time at the ballpark for the games and fellowship...no matter if they win or loose, enjoying/learning from the experience is foremost.

    Peace to all.

  11. Braddah Lance:

    Braddahs & Sistahs - keiki not mine...not dat I know of. Jus' kidding Babe! (SOS coming). 😆

    But yeah, supah cute yeah? Got dat in one email and had to share it. Sounds like everyone will be enjoying their weekend...I got 5 1/2 hours...and counting.

    Where’s your outing? how ’bout we meet up and play some volleyball…haha, your new favorite sport, I’m sure.

    We're usually at Bellows (for da kids) but wanted to try a different place so we're at the end of Waikiki - pupule I know. We'll see how it goes. As far as VB, uh, as long as there's no foul mouth 13 year olds and the net is at 6ft, I'm game. 😆

  12. M:

    We always go to my friends beach house near Hukilau beach friday night and stay till monday every Memorial day weekend except this year. He's rebuilding it and it's not pau yet. Hopefully it will be completed before the end of summer and we can party. So am just going to relax and play it by ear for now.

  13. JuSaMee:

    that boy is SOOO cute!! i'm countin' down the minutes too!! i've felt so down and grouchy this whole week and then today the suns shining and i'm a whole other person!! lol!! we got a bday party out in hauula on monday and i'm hoping its nice and hot and sunny!!

    oh and BL don't hate on the City workers...13 holidays a year, 14 in an election year...like this one!! cheehoo! lol!!

  14. Braddah Lance:

    Hopefully it will be completed before the end of summer and we can party.

    You hear dat Lanceformers/Kwonics...and Lurkahs too... get paaaahh-tay at M's friends beach house! Keep a watch out fo' da fliers. 😉

    oh and BL don’t hate on the City workers…13 holidays a year, 14 in an election year…like this one!! cheehoo! lol!!

    Fine den, rub mo' salt in da wound. 😥 At least I get da paper!..... oh wait, I still gotta pay fo' dat.

    Get any openings? 😀

  15. The Clown:

    BL here's mo salt for you. We state guys get 14 holidays a year and 15 in an election year. WWD! Cheehoo suckas!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  16. The Clown:

    OOPSSS my bad. Its 13 +1. Thats what happens when you work for only 3 hrs a day your brain shuts down and the rest of the 5 hrs is for cruzin. Still cheehoo suckas!!!!!.

  17. Cin:

    Awww, so cute! You know the family just waiting on you guys. Just think! Between family and friends, get choke babysittas! Nah! I know you guys would lug the little kwonic all over the place. Suppose to be 2 kids to 1 dog. So to make things right, you gotta have 4 kids (and a SUV or van).
    This weekend? Fixing up the kitchen. Hopefully we'll be done by sunday. Then gotta take the girls shopping for summer. Need clothes for summer.WWD? Used to be during the summer,you wore your school clothes until they get boros. Then that get to be stay-home clothes and then its okay to buy new school clothes (wish the HS would reinstate uniforms).

  18. munch:

    ehh dis holiday is much anticipated...the last holiday we had was back in FEBRUARY!!! WWD?!? and you know planny people making 4-day weekend cuz traffic was super light 😉

  19. book2:

    Hey you guys! i not ready for " HOLIDAZE" yet. i just went back to work in may and just getting adjusted for work... i was out for 4 mos. i had enough "holidaze".... nah nah... only joke... i got 4 days this weekend...
    took my monthly biiopsy so gotta stay home aftah the biopsy.. been cruzin and sleeping.... just got up and decided to see "WASSUP WIT DAT!!... Have a nice and safe holiday people... maybe i'll join the grand kids for swimming if the weather permits...

  20. snow:

    hey book2 - hope everything is still going well for you! take care, eh?!

  21. 9th Island Girl:

    Have a great memorial day, BL and all the Kwonic Lanceformers!!! 🙂

    Thanks for the mention of our military, BL. book2, hope you're okay.

  22. Ynaku:

    Going stand in line to watch Indiana Jones. Later fire up the grill and BBQ with the family. Give thanks for what we have and pray for those that are in need.

    book2, we with you. Stay strong.

    Have a great holiday. Yeah BL gotta enjoy the ones the company gives us.
    ps da baby is OH so cute. Related to you?Where's da resemblance? NAH!dccc

  23. hemajang:

    Have a nice weekend everyone. I thought the cute baby was you BL. I can imagine he going "Cheeehooo!" in the da last picture. Yeah, take care b2, have fun with da grandkids.

  24. wicked:

    I seem to be on a different 'cycle' from everyone else! My holiday was this past week with lots of relaxation on Oahu. Since I'm with UH, any holiday that falls between mid August to Mid-May isn't really a holiday since school is in session. But last week I made my rounds in the City. Yesterday and today, recover from the "Jetlag" back to Hilo. (Yes, it's worse than jetlag I get from international flights). Then gotta do all the chores and errands that pile up over the semester and can't get done.

    Enjoy! If you're really bored, you can come my house to help sweep up and clean the kitchen!


  25. warriorfan:

    hey lance:

    since we have the same holiday schedule, i know it's tough. but you eventually get used to it after several years.

    enjoy every bit of monday with your wife, ok? you deserve it.

    and that's a really cute kid.

  26. bakopi5:

    cute kid... hope everyone had a good holiday weekend... for me it was way too short, as always... aloha...

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