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May 21st, 2008

After the following weeks ordeal, I really needed to clear my head so I took an earlier lunch than usual and headed to Point Panic. While the surf forecast was still small, I didn't care because the only thing that was on my mind was to jump in da ocean and soak in the warmth of da sun.

Then I had to deal with the five idiot surfers illegally surfing at Point Panic. I guess they missed and couldn't read the six signs posted, "NO SURFBOARDS ALLOWED...UP TO $1000 FINE...DLNR".

Wassap Wit Dat? 

Usually I point out the signs and some move to the proper area, others give you the speech of "this is a public park" or "I surf wea evah I like". Eh, dis time I nevah like any mo' dramas so I just took whatevah waves I wanted. Good thing had the regulars on the "watch" and once the surfers were getting aggressive, they jumped in the water and "explained" the words on the sign to the Hooked On Phonics flunkies.

So there I was, 45 minutes of heaven. I got more than a few decent waves and luck have it, my last wave in was shweeeet! Nice long barrel from way out...all da way in. Nice.

How do you recharge? What do you do to clear your head? What makes you smile? How often do you visit your sanctuary?

btw, the volleyball team did it again yesterday...I feel an "outfield" drill coming soon...real soon.

Bettah check da surf report for da next few days.... 😀



SHOUT OUT:A huge Mahalo goes to Lee from Concrete Coring Co. for finding and returning my phone lost from last Saturday!

It's always da case yeah wea wen I get 'em, no one calls. Den I lose 'em and I get like fifty messages and text. No can win. 😆

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Some Should Just Not Be Parents

May 20th, 2008

So at last Thursday's practice is what started this downward spiral of feeling "lost". Let me this long-winded blog....sorry.

just an opinion - sounds like the volleyball team you played against that faught in the parking lot after your game.

Our players were on the field in their position's and we're having a live practice (real game speed - pitching and hitting). The hitters are banging the ball deep in the outfield and already between trying to avoid the flag football players and retrieving the ball, a whole bunch of volleyball players run through left field going into center. Let me add that the Salt Lake District park field is hella-huge but everyone is too lazy to practice a hundred yards downfield.

Whoa. I stop practice and ask (talk loudly because I'm at home plate),

Coach: "Can you puh-leeze go around the field? We're practicing!"

Stink follows from four of the maybe fifteen or so players and,

VB Players: "F&*@ YOU!!!"

Coach: "Wat? What did you just say? Nice. GO AROUND!"

An adult from on top of the hill yelling: "What did you just say to the girls?"

Coach: "I asked your players to go around. We are practicing in case you haven't noticed. Class act your players. Love the way you coach."

Adult: "And wat, your players can F*'in swear at the girls?"

Coach: "Who wen swear? All I heard was your players mouthing off!"

Adult: "Da player in the red shirt!!! And he F*'in wen stick middle fingah!

Coach: "Who? Him? I nevah hear him.....but you don't know him. He....special."

Adult: "So!!! Wat kine F*'in coach you? Wat? He get F*'in ADHD?"

Coach: "Uh......YEEEAAAAH!

Adult: "Go get him his F*'in meds den!"

Coach: "Wow. Great attitude. Class act coach."

Adult: "I not one coach.......(very proudly boasts) I one PARENT!"

Coach: "WOW! Even more so. Real Claaaasss act there."

Practice resumes and after a minute or two she walks to the field disrupting the practice yet again.

We are standing right next to each other as she continues to yell, 

Parent: "Wea's his F*'in parents? Wat kine coach you no can control your players?

Coach: "Whaaa? First, I don't know who his parents cause I nevah see 'em. Second, you don't know me and you sure don't know how I coach (so shut the f-up *said in my head of course*).

Parent: "Wat you goin F*'in do? You bettah do something! Kick him off the F*'in team!"

Coach: "Wat? This is a community league. It's for the community kids. Are you kidding me? Here you are swearing left and right showing no class and definitely not setting the example for your players - your own kid - and yes, this particular player does have a problem and no meds, no coach is going to solve it or control it. It's a situation that he has to deal with for the rest of his only had to deal with it for five seconds.

And let me point out that your players disrespected US by running thorough OUR field during OUR practice. How would you feel if I had my players take their laps and do their drills right on your court during your practice? You guys have the gym...not the field!"

Parent: "We are girls you are boys!"

Coach: (kept to myself - what does that matter? Your girls acted the same way if not worse being that they were at least two to three years older!)

At this time two other parents come down from the volleyball team pulling her away. The above "conversation" is the abridged shortened version. It was heated and more "colorful" words were used by her. I forcibly with-strained my "Korean-ness" and kept calm trying to set the example as my players were watching her swear left and right.

Did I mention that there were at least 50 kids on that field witnessing the whole fiasco?

Wassap Wit Dat? (dis could be put anywhere in today's blog)

I gather up my team after to discuss what happened. I first wanted to find out if my player did in fact swear at the girls. He did. I then began talking about how even though the volleyball players were wrong and exhibited no class by running through our practice, no one from my program should ever act out like that. All you had to do was ask them to go around politely even though they've been doing the exact same disrespectful actions the past few years.

I then began to talk to them about standing up. You back up your player or friend when you are right but when you are wrong, you stand in front of him and tell him so. Backing up is easy, standing in front takes a special person because you have to face the player/friend that you are willing to fight (play) along with and tell him they are wrong.

So I had my player face the fire by going up to the other parents and apologize.  They then had the nerve to start lecturing him for a minute then directed him to the girls. I was expecting those same girls to apologize to the rest of my boys but it never came - their coach didn't even have the cajones to come down either to talk, rant or wat evah. 

That night I didn't sleep until a little after 2am running that whole scenario in my head. It was bothering me so much that when I came home earlier in the evening, I didn't even want to share it with Da Wife. She poked and prodded but I knew she'd get upset as well and I was about ready to just hang it up right then and there. I was telling her after 15 years of coaching, it felt like in one fell swoop that the program I've worked so hard to build up and establish just crumbled in front of a hundred people.

I already knew coaching in the Salt Lake community was tough as we get more of the "hard luck" latchkey underprivileged kids (I grew up there and was one myself) but it's so disheartening fighting an uphill battle trying to turn problem kids around as well trying to coach the right thing - preaching the ethics and attitudes of just being a good person and to respect adults. Then here comes a PARENT acting in such a manner that exhibits the exact opposite of what I'm trying to drill into my players. My mind just recalls the adage - one step forward, two steps back.

It's becoming so difficult to deal with, forgive for saying, the dumb irresponsible parents and the lack of common courtesy. Football players practice on our field with no permits, but when my players want to practice in the off season and no one's around we get kicked out - there seems to be a major dislike against the baseball program from the gym staff. People walk right through the field and don't realize that a baseball is hard and give us stink eye when the ball is hit close to them.

And the latest I hear is the volleyball players complained about us to the gym staff. I wanted to write a formal complaint to everybody I could - the gym director, parks director and even all the way up to the Mayor but eh, spending time with the kids is time better spent because at least I know the words won't fall on deaf ears.

Class act like I said.

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Any Civil People Left?

May 19th, 2008

Last week's blog mentioned an upcoming venting session but as the weekend has come and gone, things settled down and it didn't seem as bad until tonight (Sunday). 

Just watching the late news on KITV, there were three stories that started pushing my buttons. The first involved a good samaritan trying to help a couple being robbed in Waikiki. What happened? The samaritan intervened. The 18 & 19 year old Waianae kids punched him. He died.

The second involved a large fight involving 20 people. What happened? As officers responding to the melee, two officers were assaulted and one of them was a female officer more worse.

Then you get people expressing their right to protest. But is it a right to use hate words, slogans and antagonize people? Protest whether right or wrong, for or against public opinion I have no problem with but when you start using "hate words and slogans", gimmie a break. You asking for a false crack medivac situation...and the lo-lo's that were protesting weren't even from Hawaii - they flew in from the mainland and chose an area I wouldn't want to protest in! Thank goodness cooler heads prevailed.

Then the clincher happened around 10:30pm Sunday night. Our dogs were going nuts and ran to the back of the house so Da Wife and I go to investigate. What we heard was a couple fighting which didn't phase us because we've heard it before. What got us involved - to an extent - was a second couple and then furniture crashing....and actual hitting. It wasn't the full on throw blows deal but we heard a few slaps (skin on skin sound) and extremely loud yelling.

We called 911 and explained that it was possibly turning into a violent situation. Although we didn't know the street name, we said that it was between our street and the main street - there's only one street between the two so it shouldn't have been hard to find.

Five minutes go by. Six. Seven. Sheesh, I could have walked to the station and sent someone over by now being that we only live less than a minute away from the Pearl City station. So I go online and look up the address myself - the EXACT street address and call back.

Five minutes. Six. Seven. Nothing.

Wassap Wit Dat? 

Wow, it's been almost 15 minutes and nothing. Someone could have been seriously hurt by now or heaven forbid, killed. I'm sure by now their nearest neighbors have called and expressed their concerns as well but after a few more minutes pass, the situation resolves itself to a reasonable decibel as two or three cars peel out and the people left in the house are left to clean up the mess.

Still no police.

Well I guess we can blame the vog........

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I Got Something You No Mo'

May 16th, 2008

Well at least I hope you nevah get 'em yet.

Here's another quiz from the ever growing popular quiz creator Braddah Tracy Nishibun...and yes, I did ask for his permission to post this so we all legit li'dat.

Thanks munch for forwarding me the quiz...keep it coming peeps if you got anything fo' share - you'd be amazed by how much people just like to vent on WWD, on and offline. 

Das cool. Glad I can help...but stay tuned for next weeks some serious venting fo' do...real serious WWD?!

Braddah Tracy just created this quiz last week but we'll see if you all got it by now with the speed of email, I no can compete but trying to "out scoop" you before you guys say,

"I already got 'em already. You only found it now? Got 50 out of 50. Next."

Sheesh, no can win eh?

You like da answers? Ha ha ha. Das one thing I get dat fo' sure you no mo'! Nah-nee-nah-nee-boo-boo, stick you head in....ok, ok.... NO CAN!

You gotta try 'em out first, get frustrated, den post your hardest ones. Den I going help you out. But seriously, NO CAN!

We'll see who gets 'it'.....


Grinds Quiz - Part 2



SHOUT OUT - Congratulations to the Moanalua High School Softball team for reaching the quaterfinals of the DataHouse Softball State Championships. Unfortunatly they came up short, 1-0 against Kamehameha-Kapalama, in of the most epic softball - even beat out most baseball - games that I've ever seen (a must watch on replay as words won't do it justice)... and yeah, I coached two of the girls on the team for about five years combined and they were great in baseball as they are in softball. Great season Menehunes!

Hook Ups

May 15th, 2008

My cousin is flying in for a vacation/family reunion (of sorts) in June and the last time I seen her was just last July at our wedding. Before that? Maybe about 25 years ago. We were tight back then and the funny thing is we just started emailing each other a few years ago and we picked up right where we left off. What trips people out is that she haole. Well, hapa-haole.

Last year she paid an arm an a leg just to attend our wedding so this time around I told her to just book the airfare (which is an appendage by itself) and I would help her out getting a deal for the hotel and car.

We all know that the kama'aina rate is always lower than the rack rate but here's another "useless" fact.

* Did you know that membership has it's benefits? The two most popular are the Entertainment cards and AAA - which are 50% off the rack rate, kama'aina is usually 25% - both which are generally lower than the kama'aina rate.

Wassap Wit Dat?

I used to work hotel das why - get choke "lower" rates that they no like say dey get but you have to ask and show proof, now in the internet age if you book online you do tend to get a better deal than a travel agent or calling direct too.

We all live Hawaii so we know more than anyone else in the country that it's not what you know, it's WHO you know. So I start asking my friends that work in the travel industry for some hook ups. Two work in the hotel industry and one works for a car rental agency. The hotel? Little tough on the rates considering it's "peak" season but the car, no problem.

So now what?

Ask again. Ask my friends fo' ask their oda friends and so on.

No bu'lai. You either have done that or been on the receiving end of that and doesn't it all seem to boil down to if the person you "may" help out is significant to you or if the friend asking is really asking for a favor?

You get da, "eh, if can, can, no can, no can" (no mattah one way or anoda) or "nah, Brah, if you can hook 'em up, would be good." (Brah, need da help so do wat you can).

My cousin? She need da help so I still looking for anything and everything for her cause family yeah? Das wat we do.

I've gotten "discounts" at a popular sushi restaurant, employee pricing at various stores and so on from friends and I also return the favor anyway I can whether it be hook ups of my own (in the past - pizza, hotel, discounts etc.) or the good ole' fashion "manual labor". But isn't the point of getting a hook up getting a deal? But we kama'aina and no mattah wat, seem to return more than we receive....guess das why we no ka oi wen it comes to Aloha yeah?

So wat kine hook ups have you've given or received? Do you "overuse" your hook ups? Do you offer anything back other than "thanks"?

How's about not even using your hook up "power"? How many of you work at some place and no even use the "benefit"? Sad, but I must say I work at the paper but no read 'em except for the weekend...sometimes (but I do clip out coupons for friends when asked). I had a friend work at a restaurant that they don't eat at, a clothing store that they don't wear and even one at a car dealership that they don't even have a car with.

So wat - Anybody like hook me up wit anything?

Get coupons I can clip........... 😀

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