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Summer...Das A Good Thing Right?

June 30th, 2008

Wow! What a morning yeah?...for those who were fortunate enough to wake up to it. 😉

The sun is out bright, the air has a cool feel to it and the clouds have lifted. What a start to the day...and summer!

At least for me anyways. Saturday was our last baseball game and it's always bitter-sweet come that last team cheer. No mo' practices, no mo' games, no mo' pulling out white hairs (well, I actually stopped that because I wouldn't have much hair left on my head - WWD!).

No mo' sore arm, no mo' whining, no mo' complaining, no mo' babysitting.

I get the use of my truck back - I can wash and clean my truck out now. I can actually sleep in on Saturdays, go hiking, to da beach...whatevahs!

Da Wife yells "Cheee-hooo" while performing a round off double twist front tuck triple twist.

Ok, not even sure if that's a legitimate move or not but sounded good eh?

Then reality hits.

Gotta clean da garage, clean "my area" of da house, do "more" laundry, dishes, spend time with da dogs, run mo' errands - not to mention my work hours just got longer.

All the stuff I've put off for the past four months just moved up to the top of the "to do list" but most - and best of all - spend mo' time with Da Wife!

What marks your "summer"? Do anything different? Or just run up the a/c bill?

Only eight more months........ and counting till next season. 😆

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Promoting More Unproductive Days

June 27th, 2008

Two shakas and a Howzit!

It's Feel Good Friday and while this morning didn't start off right, it's still Friday nonetheless but I know we're all waiting for next week's Feel Good Thursday right?

After getting home past 1am last night - uh, this morning - I sorta hanging. Our bowling league got started real late, the lanes broke every other bowler, the scorekeeping computer was all pupule and den I couldn't bowl a strike even if I threw down ten balls one crack! Oh yeah, did I mention we got our okole's kicked?! In case your wondering, my average was 192.

When I finally got home, my ankle was choke sore so after icing it and slipping into bed - it's almost 2am - my young impatient dog, Oneone, decides it's time to go potty and whines up a storm. All I was thinking was, 'Shut up!!! Don't wake up Da Wife, don't wake up Da Wife'. After hobbling to the yard I mutter to her, 'you killin' me dog! Literally' - like she understand.

Then I wake up this morning and couldn't find a matching pair of socks. Heh.

Then I couldn't find a note paper I needed. Uh.

Then I couldn't find my wallet. Huh?

Then I forgot I had to fill up gas cause I was on fumes already. Aggghhh!

After finally finding all three I head to da "pimp" (gas station) and get my fix of "liquid cocaine" (gas). Oh shoots, almost forgot - I gotta pick up some water balloons so I head into Longs next door and ask where stay.

Negative. They no sell water balloons.

Huh? Wassap Wit Dat!

They're Longs for crying out loud - they carry everything! Well, I guess minus water balloons.

So I say forget it and head into work and of course there's an accident...on DA OTHER SIDE OF THE FREEWAY! C'mon people! Wassap with da rubbah neckin'?! You can't even see over the divider but I know, da flashing lights remind you of da disco yeah?

And just like the sun rises every morning, get three cars in front of me only going 10 mph trying fo' spock out what's going on...with only ONE person in each car driving in the car pool lane!

'Nuff already.

Eh, you guys worked hard reading dis, go do some real work.....

Name Dat Film

Remembah Your Cartoons?



SHOUT OUT:  Help free my ex-boss from jail!!! It's the MDA Lock-Up and she needs everyone's help. Donate if can.  No can - no can, no worries.

Have a grrreeeaaat weekend Lanceformers/Kwonics/Lurkahs!

"Lui" Da Man

June 26th, 2008

Sorry about yesterday guys and gals but you know how Wednesday's goes for me - deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. Then in between that, I had rehab to go to - what fun.

Well I had a blog all set up ready to go and then I read about "Lui".

Holy Mackerel! Or should I say, Holy Ensure!

Uncle is three-quarters of a century young (yes, that's 75 years) and he's still body boarding! Not that small kiddie stuff but some real waves. Just from the pic, it looks like he went out on a recent 2-3 feet south swell (Hawaiian scale of course) and Uncle surf's EVERYDAY!

Ho, make me shmall kine shame!

But then again, he is retired,living the good life and to him, that's surfing everyday. I was like that when I didn't work...ok, actually I was like that back in the day...when I was in school...ok, ok - when I actually attended classes.

His hui has diminished due to factors beyond their control: distance, medical...uh, turning 80 and knees finally couldn't handle the climb both up and down. Then on top of that, Uncle no even use the walkway fo' go down...he HIKE down the mountain side!

Wassap Wit Dat! Chicken skin dat kine!

Check out his board too...old school to da max with skeds and all but Uncle rips it up!

I only hope (ok, wish) I end up like him cause I not too far behind (physically). My mind always going be like I'm 12 but my body so buss' up, I told Da Wife when I get my Little Rascal in a few years, I going supe it up with one tricked out motor, 4x4 tires (rims too) and suspension! 😆

But you know what? He said it best,

"It's fun to catch a nice wave and to make it," Ling said. "When I slide down the face of the wave and I am barreling along, I am yelling and screaming. I am having fun."


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Shoots A Three...No Good!

June 24th, 2008

Yeah, basketball is over but the state is behind the arc shooting 'em three's... carpoolers that is.

I bet the house that there will be more resistance than compliance but who's to say how it'll work out in the end? People living on the West side get affected the most - being that is where it starts - because I can only imagine how much more cars will be on the freeway instead of the zipper lane approaching the infamous H1/H2 bottleneck and the start of school isn't too far behind either.

I say let it be. I think people forget that driving is a privilege, not a personal right. You have to earn that privilege by taking both a written and driving test and within the past few years, drivers ed too.

Is it hard to find the "extra" rider? Sure, no doubt. Is it worth finding? Heck yeah! Especially when I guarantee you that the zipper lane will fly now.

Do I use the zipper lane? Yup (we get on at the airport). Do I have three people? Nope, unless we can bring & count the dog so now we're tough out of luck.

I support the idea that the state reward those who try to help other drivers out by not adding another vehicle to the road. Think of the benefits: save gas (for those not driving), helping our environment and most important, one less vehicle on the road! The tough stuff: more vehicles in the "regular" lanes, longer commute times and worse yet, wasting more gas in traffic.

Granted there's a ton of people who cannot carpool regardless, but I say suck it up. You're sacrificing "time" for YOUR independence to drive alone even if you have no other option. The city has made efforts afforded options to do so such asUncle Fasi's limo - which some Lanceformers/Kwonics - have already chosen to do. Now there's Uncle Mufi's ferry too! A co-worker rides his bicycle to work and another who rides a motorized scooter so that's already two less vehicles on the road. Mahalos eh!

Anybody have any great ideas? Upset now that you got "bumped" from the "bonus" lane? Sucking it up? Or no care cause you live in town already? 😀

I wonder how come we just can't add/build lanes where we can like they did in Pearl City? That has helped tremendously! Too much red tape? Too much work?

I still firmly believe it's about enforcement because guarans-bombarans going get CHOKE single riders in the carpool lane now! And it definitely sucks for those who follow the law and ride with two and have to deal with impatient - or just no care - people that forget that it's not their right to drive, but a privilege.

Wassap Wit Dat!

Trippin' Out

June 23rd, 2008

Last night I took my baseball kids to the 50th State Fair - as I do every year - and it's always interesting to see how people act outside their normal environment. I'm used to seeing my players in baseball attire and gloves so when I see them in "street" clothes, their "hidden" identity does shine through.

I take them to the fair for many reasons. First, to get them away from baseball. Second, to build camaraderie. Third, get them to socialize in the "real world" but last and most important...babysit their okole's so that their parents can have a night to themselves and "get it on".

Jus' joke.

It's more of a thank you for putting up with my antics at practice and on the field and filling my opu with onolicious grinds after the game!

As I pull into the stadium parking lot a little before 5:30pm, the main lot is already full and the line to enter the fair stretches all the way to the parking driveway entrance - Holy guacamole! In all my years of doing this I have never seen the fair this packed before and if it wasn't for my "connection", we wouldn't have entered the fair till 8pm!

We enter the fair grounds and immediately the kids go for their ride of choice. The sun is still up and walking around is manageable but the fun started once the sun went down. I should have known that it was going to be crazy considering the fair's headliner for that night was Kaba Modern (a very popular dance crew featured on MTV) so all the youngin's were in full force.

I was surprised at how much teenagers were there and really, how immature some of them act. In their "packs", it gets worse. They walk through you as if they own the entire walkway standing four to five wide, they are oblivious to their immediate surroundings and it's a little amusing - as a bystander - just watching them.

For instance, my players went to the bathroom as the Kaba Modern show started and the bathrooms are the container types on risers. A bunch of boys - intermediate age - were standing on the railings of the stairway trying to peer in. It wasn't high enough so they just decided to climb to the roof of the bathroom and get the overhead view. 

I was trippin' out at how much - or little - girls were wearing! I'm talking intermediate to no more than sophomore age - from my guesstimation - packed with makeup and pretty revealing clothes. I was watching a bunch of guys watching these three girls getting out of the Sizzler - with I'm talking hoochie-mama skirts way up there - and they couldn't have been more than 13 or 14!

Wassap Wit Dat!

I dunno about you but if my daughter ever went out like that I'd be a little pupule about it.

Then of course once the show was over, the lines for the rides were an hour minimum and the food lines went shmall kine nuts! I was in line for 35minutes when someone yelled out, "no mo' rice!" Ho, you could hear da groans but c'mon, dis da heck you run out of rice - unless we get shortage of some kine?!.

Seven people in front of me left (yeaaa, I'm closer now) and this poor Braddah got four of his five plates but waited over twenty minutes for his last fried chicken plate. I got the new york steak & pork chop combo along with the clam chowder bowl but they also ran out of vegatables so they gave spring rolls as a substitute.

After a long night, as we were heading out I got a whiff, not of hamburgers or pizza, but of the ciga-weed. There were four adults and two keiki in strollers while they hid their joint in their palm and proceeded with the puff-puff-give procedure.

Wassap Wit Dat?!?!

Maybe their glaucoma was acting up.

Nonetheless, the fair was fun as usual and it is a definite must for all kama'aina! The people-watching is no ka oi and the rides are still classic.



SHOUT OUT:A HUGE MAHALOS goes out to Donna Fernandez for always helping our keiki out!

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