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This Is What.....

June 20th, 2008

Happy Feel Good Friday everybody... all forty seven of you! ūüėÜ

I'm glad to see we got a few more Lurkahs out in yesterday's blog... Cheeee-hoooo! Wassamatta da rest of you? No shame you know... we don't know who you are... unless you're a MLC (Mid-life Crisis) reader. ūüėČ

Well in keeping with our Friday theme, here are a few pics to put a chuckle on your face and hopefully brighten your day - if even for the ten seconds you browse through this.


This is what..... "WTF?!" looks like 


This is what..... "oops, My Bad" looks like


This is what..... "Nevah graduate high school" looks like


This is what..... "Huh? Did you say something?" looks like


This is what..... "Ai-yah! You bettah have insurance!" looks like


This is what..... "Eh, get a room!" looks like


This is what..... some Hawaii truck drivers look like..... easy tigah! Only joke. ūüėÜ


This is what..... "You like charge dat much for gas? The joke's on you now!" looks like


This is what..... "Do you reeeaaallly have to go?" looks like


This is what..... "AHHHH (insert your own expletive here)!!! WWD?!" looks like


And da winnah......



This is what..... "Oh (bleep)! I thought your husband was out of town?!" looks like


Have a grrrrreeeeeaaaaat weekend all!

On A Roll...

June 19th, 2008

So I'm back and much Mahalo's goes out to all who posted and emailed me offline as well wondering Wassap Wit Dat?!

We did get one Lurkah out, HauulaPoi54 (and da others who tune in on da North East side!). Everybody now.........

Aaaaaloooooooooooo-ha. E komo mai Braddah!

And I was just in Hauula too (driving by)...twice this week! Now I¬†shmall kine chicken skin knowing get some peeps out dea with internet. ūüėÜ Jus' joke Braddahs and Sistahs, had to throw dat out.

Dis blog might be a little long cause get choke "mini" stories but hea goes.

On Saturday at our baseball game we faced one of the top three teams in the league and I gotta say, my boys made me proud. They hung around for six of the seven innings (with the opposing coach "intensely" saying that they should be pounding the ball against us - WWD?) but again, with our players being so inexperienced, in the end they were just overwhelmed although we did limit the other team to only a handful of hits. Nice job guys!

But that wasn't the dramatic part. It started when one one of our players hit a shot to second base and it took a bad hop hitting the fielder on the side of the head. He walked off on his own and ended up being ok but you know how it goes, everybody is a little more wary.

A couple innings later as we're switching sides, the opposing pitcher is warming up (he throws hard) and the ball passes their catcher and heads to the backstop where the umpire is talking to the official scorekeeper. It takes an "unfortunate" bounce and bam! In da olo's! Bring in the backup umpire.

Then in the sixth inning, one of my bigger batters come up and since I'm a one man show, I have to keep stats/scorekeep and coach at the same time. As I finish talking to my second base runner (I'm in the coaches third base box) I look back down to update the score-book and I hear it...twack! By the time I look up I see this missile coming straight at me and with no time to react I try to deflect it with the book.


It cracks me in my surgically repaired knee and I huli over in the air. In less than a second I get about ten adults hovering over me. After a minute of regaining feeling in my knee, I wrap an ice pack around it and suck it up. Game on.

Like they say, things happens in three's.

Then on Sunday at my league basketball game I popped my ankle pretty bad. It swelled up like I had cankles - you know, the calf and ankles look like one. Then of course being the lucky son of a gun that I am, hobble to my bike and lo and behold...the battery is dead.

Wasssssaaaaap Wiiiiiiit Daaaaaaaaat!

Good thing one of my friends was in the parking lot and gave me a running push so I could pop the clutch and off I went.

So there I was at home icing my grapefruit sized knee and my cankles and Da Wife walking through the living giving me "da look" (your fault, you get no sympathy from me, etc). Did I mention I had to meet the cousins an hour after that for an around the island tour? So I just wrapped it up, popped a few Aleve and off we went.

On Monday, after the constant nagging - uh, encouragment - from Da Wife to go to the doctor, I give in and lucky enough to get a cancellation spot. X-rays - negative for a break but Da Doc (one of the top orthopedics in the state so I listen when he talks) did show me something new. He said my ankle was "loose" and proceeded to pull my ankle away from my shin, "See, loose. You need to rehab."

Oh great.

And yes, I hear it all the time, "why don't you just wear body armor already?"

You tink you funny eh? ūüôĄ

So is this the beginning of the end? Is my "youth" finally "old"? Or has my "luck" just run out?

Anyone else running around "invincible"? Love pain?

Hard head?

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I'm Still Alive

June 18th, 2008

Yes, I'm still you¬†care.¬† ūüôĄ¬†Jus' joke!

I know you need a dose of the Wassap Wit Dat just so you can say Wassap Wit Dat out loud right?!


No real posting today but just wanted to let da Lanceformers/Kwonics know I'm still alive and kickin'. I've been entertaining my visiting cousins the past few days and along with a whole bunch of stuff happening to me physically (long story to come) but I'm hanging on.

Of course you know the deal. After taking off of work for the past couple of days I have to play catchup so today is/will be chaotic.

Catch you' sure!


Braddah Lance

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Da Perfect Woman!

June 13th, 2008

Yeah, yeah....

Wassap Wit Dat?

Going catch some flack on dis one eh?!

Eh, Sistahs, you know it's au' good right?¬†Braddahs know we wear da pants in da relationship but¬†da wahine¬†say which leg goes in first. ūüėČ (Love you Babe!)

It's Feel Good Friday and gotta start da day with a laugh no?

I had a blog all set ready to go but was too WWD fo' today cause I fo'got it was Friday. So lo-lo yeah?

Have a grrrrrrreeeeeeaaaat weekend!

SHOUT OUT: And let's not forget....HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! to all the fathers and fathers to be. Dis blog's fo' you!

So Wat Do Kama'aina's Do?

June 12th, 2008

Lot's been going on the past few days and sorry for not posting anything but with our first holiday in six months, it's more hectic trying to get things done before the day off and since my deadlines were pushed up a day, it wasn't pretty.

How did I spend the holiday? Sleeping for like 15 hours - catching up on some much needed shut eye trying to get over a cold, going to practice and now writing this blog at 3:15am since I slept for most of the day. My whole cycle is thrown off now all because of having a holiday midweek. Why can't holidays just be on Friday or Monday's?

Wassap Wit Dat?

Well my cycle is going to get thrown off even more when my two haole cousins and my Potagee uncle (no joke) come into town on Saturday. I haven't seen one of them and my uncle in almost 25 years so this is pretty exciting for me - they are my favorite relatives...ok, ok, they are the only ones who speak English.

Of course when relatives come home, there's always a ton of things you want to do and then you get the dreaded question...

"What do YOU (kama'aina) guys do on your free time?"

That question is like a double edged sword. You want to sound like you have a life but at the same time you're thinking to yourself, 'what do I do?'

What do they mean "do"? You mean like for fun? Or the gazillion errands I still gotta do? You asking about the touristy stuff or the local stuff?

Well the wife and I love the outdoors! We'll either go to our "secret" North Shore beach and just hang with our dogs then cruise Haleiwa town (Storto's & Aoki's is a definite stop) or take a hike (which we haven't done since getting married). She never turns down shopping and we get a lot of walking exercise out of that...and at times denting the wallet which is one "sport" we would get a gold medal in. We also would frequent whatever comes about such as craft fairs or expos and the such.

Would those be suitable answers for that dreaded question? Or do I give the whole "tourist" answer (Hanauma Bay, Diamond Head, etc.)?

So what did I say to my cousin?

"Eh, all kine shtuff."

That just about covers it.

So how would you answer "the" question? What do you do on your free time? If you had a free day, what would your first desire to do be? Golf? Hiking? Sleeping? Any suggestions or places to take my cousins?

Or you no mo' life too?

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