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Now's My Chance...

July 31st, 2008

Hee hee.

Queenie Shaunabee no mo' game. Uncle Rodney no mo' game. My turn for "steal" da posts.  😆

Nah, I nevah have time fo' write last night. I jus' wen watch So You Think You Can Dance - which by the way has a dancer from Hawaii in the final six (elimination show next week to make it to the finals) and I am extremely disappointed by the Hawaii media not even giving him any recognition for making it to the original twenty!

Wassap Wit Dat!

Here's a braddah from da aina making it in a "reality" show and while dancing is not a big thing to most people, he still deserves Hawaii's support. Jus' cause dis ain't "Idol" doesn't mean da rest gets cut. Wat? Only da wahines get da airtime and braddahs get da shaft? I think I saw maybe one shmall article about him but dat was it. Auwe!

Well here's my props to Mark Kanemura! Check him out and hopefully we can pull him through to the finals... and give him some air time he deserves! And FYI - he almost always gives props back to Hawaii with a shaka, crooked pinky and all.

And Queenie, yeah I think Twitch is going to win. He's entertaining, has a lot of character and braddah can dance! On top of dat, with no training whatsoevah? Whoa.

So aftah au' dat, I jus' wen grind and moi... maybe das why I'm eight pounds heavier?  😥



Well hea's da game! Mahalos to Uncle Rodney fo' creating such a frenzy with "games" but I not creative like him or Shaunabee so my games are/will be rare. Dis one going be kinda short but at least it's not jus' throwing "words" around. You gotta know your "stuff".   😆

Get your heroes and villans hat's on cause dat's wat it's all about!

Rules? There are no rules in my games... jus' keep posting! 😆

I'm sure they'll be multiple answers especially if there were sequels so please be clear which one you're asking for. I was going to keep it to jus' movies but that might end too quickly so cartoons are fair game as well.

You can ask either for the hero or the villan.


Hero:  Officer John McClane (1st one)

Next post -

Villan: Hans Gruber


Giddy up!



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July 30th, 2008

Ha ha ha. Shweet.

Dis one I HAVE to share! 

You hear all of us bitchin' and moanin' about traffic and drivers who no can obey da laws and act impatient.

I dunno why but yesterday I decided to bring my (well, Da Wife's) camera thinking there may be something interesting to take photo of.... 'a'ole.

At least not until the drive home.

I guess I had a premonition or something but fo' some reason I had the camera by my side near the stickshift, cover half way off and ready to go like a paniolo gunslinger. We drive up the viaduct and fly along. Then a truck - going slower than posted speed limit - decides to just change lanes right into our car pool lane slowing everybody down.  I start reading the sticker on the red Dodge Ram pickup, "Uso Powered" and noticed a really dark tint - ok, not going say nothin'.

Oh wait, the tint is moving. Oh. Get choke people in there with ehu hair blocking da entire rear window.  

So I change lanes to pass and get well ahead of them then as we hit the ZipMobile house notice again there isn't any police there - hasn't been in choke long time, the longest stretch evah like maybe two months. So I already know going get cheaters (wat's new?).

Traffic slow down at the usual spot right aftah and moving along den all of a sudden da car in front of me gives us a hard break check.... WTF?!


I see dat! We all know wat dat means! Our trusty men - & women - in blue stay up front.

Noooooo! You dumb green Element! No let 'em in! Nooooooo!


Stink eye time.....



Woooooo you fricka! You lucky dis time!


Ho! Wat da heck you doin' tryin' fo'.... cut back in?!


Wop yo' jaw!  Ha ha ha! 😆


You still got pulled ovah!


Classic Brah!

If you look closely, even da cop stay laughing.

... Good thing I had da camera yeah?

Stimulate Me Baby!

July 29th, 2008

Queenie was having too much fun with her titles lately so I wanted to throw one out too! 😛

Recently Da Wife and I finally received our stimulus check (WWD!) - sucks having our ssn end in the upper stratosphere - and we were pleasantly surprised by the amount. 

Who isn't? It's free money.

Truth be told, it came shortly after our 1st wedding anniversary date and at that time we were still deciding how to celebrate.

Take a neighbor island trip? Stay at Turtle Bay? Buy something? 

"Free" money does a number on your senses. We hear it a lot: Save it! Pay off bills! Finally can buy your eye candy!

The funny thing is we've had this check - deposited of course - for a couple of weeks and we haven't decided what to with it. We've been very fortunate (disciplined) enough to have finally paid off our last "long term" debt and now looking forward to a longer term debt with a refinance we're trying to complete to finally buy a home.

The angel on our right side says to save it but the devilish fun side on the left says to spend it.

How did you spend your stimulus check? Did you even get one?

Did you receive the max? Said you was going to save it but nevah? Did you pay some bills? Ok, wat did you buy? Spill da beans!

So you one angel or one devil? C'mon, stimulate me!


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Hater Nation

July 28th, 2008

Must be a sign – literally.

Driving into work this morning I saw a Chevy Blazer with a huge sign across the rear window that said, “blind to haters”.

I read that and chuckled.

It couldn’t be truer because that’s one - of the many - values I live by. Yes, I’m  very hard head (ask any of my friends) but I’m very open also… just need convincing points to change my mind. I’m firm in my thoughts and beliefs but if shown other valid points, I have switched sides unlike some others who cement themselves in theirs no matter what.

So here comes a poster yesterday with his/her comment,

I tried to read this site and the comments….No wonder our schools are so far behind the nation. You make think that all this pidgin is “neat, insider” stuff, but it just shows that the people of Hawaiicannot write simple Engish. And your children cannot write in English either. Shame on all of you!

Then posted again to correct him/herself, 

Sorry, I typed incorrectly. I meant to say “may” not “make.”

Like deja vu yeah? We just had this blog about a week or two ago no? Well da Kwonics sure handled logic1201 yesterday with class - just ignored it and turned da other "cheek". All I gotta say is dis. Pidgin is part of Hawaii culture, if you can't speak/understand it, don't hate on it. So what about Southerners? New Yorkers? Popolo's? They all got their own "pidgin" too.

Our schools are behind because parents don't invest time in their children with school work and values - and yes, some teachers don't rise up to the challenge either but as another Kwonic put, EVERY occupation has those.

And write simple "Engish"? You should check your own typo's before you post too - just hating back at 'cha.

To put it another way, do you think that most local people are that ignorant to not "turn it off" when need be? I didn't get all my previous jobs by wala'au(ing) in pidgin - sure as heck my resume wasn't in pidgin.

'Nuff already.

Funny thing is before I read that (yeah, you guys know by now I read EVERY post), I was going to blog about another hater topic. Again, jus' fo you MoOgoo.

Rail. Yeah, I'm late cause I like all da other blogger's talk about it first but das how I roll - I jus' catch da leftovahs. 

I'll be upfront and say I'm all for rail. Will I use it? Maybe - definetly not regularly but you know wat? It's an option for every single kama'aina on dis island! Will it solve our congestion? Heck no! But it will help no mattah how manini.

What's da deal wit all da haters? I haven't heard any solutions from them - wat mo' can we do on dis rock? Do we limit the number of cars each family can get? I guarantee dat once the car manufacturers get on board with building mo' efficient vehicles dat going get choke mo' cars on da road anyways!

People need options to make decisions otherwise we might as well be living in a dictatorship. I didn't hear any haters wen go! first came into da picture with $19 airfare's - untill Aloha went under. But aftah, I didn't hear any haters about the Superferry now dat Aloha is no longer with us.

I'll be honest, I was all fo' go! entering the market - not the driving Aloha out of business crap though. I was/am all fo' Superferry from da beginning - although I haven't been fortunate enough to travel on it. I'm all fo' options. Hold up. I'm all fo' smart effective options. You up fo' options? Or you one of dem hatah's? No shame... everyone get opinions.  😯

Let's be civil eh... fo' those who don't join us regularly.  😉



SHOUT OUT: Happy Belated B-Day BananaFish! Let's not fo'get Uncle Rodney too, our MLC blogger!

And yeah, DK Steakhouse review coming up this DON'T wanna miss dat one!

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I Like (Can) Play Too!

July 25th, 2008


Uncle Rodney leave fo' a few days, throws up a game and BAM! 420+ posts!

Wassap Wit Dat!

Jealous? Heck yeah!

Queenie Shaunabee (jus' fo' you Jason, Shauna's title has changed 🙂  ) once mentioned,

"Hey Braddah Lance, this isn't a competition."

Uh, Queenie? I'm a guy with testosterone - EVERYTHING is a competition! 😆

Jus' joke - but I as I've mentioned countless times before, I enjoy reading EVERY SINGLE post and also interacting with each of you. You make da time to post, I make da time to make some wise a$$ remark! 😉

Well on with it!

Since dis is Feel Good Friday, and we usually have one Feel Good Story, jokes or unproductive games - sometimes all three yeah? - I get one but I know not going come close to Uncle Rodney's 420+ comments... but I like try eh!

Da Game (sorry no prize dis time - was choke hard jus' giving away "free" movie tickets last time - WWD!):

Movie quotes - post a line and the next person has to say wat movie it's from. No can go on until da movie is correctly noted but feel free to post comments, jokes, Watevahs cause it's Feel Good Friday and we do watevah makes you feel good... right?!


Post - "I'll Be Back"

Post - Terminator

Oh yeah, no cheat and Google 'em eh unless you get one good line fo' post.

Get it? Got it? Good.

Have a grrrreeeeaaaat weekend!



SHOUT OUT:  For all you animal lovers out dea - check out Leslie Kawamoto's Island Tails blog (yeah, she get one good pic too so she should have hits no?) She wanted some traffic on her blog so I told her I'd send a shout out... plus she bribed me and put up Oneone's picture... go check 'em go check 'em go.


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