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September 25th, 2008

Yesterday a friend had asked (for her co-worker) if I had any suggestions or if I knew of anyone selling a car - more specifically a 5-speed.

That triggered memories of my mokemobile list.

Growing up around cars (Dad owned an auto body shop), I was fortunate enough to have driven au' kines of cars, trucks, vans.... forklifts too.  😯

Once I got my license at 15, my Dad had gotten me a very old school Honda Prelude - first generation to be exact.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia

It had a fresh coat of paint, sun roof and a four speed stick shift that topped out at 85 - at least dat's wea da speedometer stopped moving.  😉

I had it for awhile until we had to sell it. 

My very first car.... gone.  😥

I've been very fortunate to have various cars in high school but da car dat lasted da longest was a hugemongeous Mercury Cougar four door dat became da dedicated beach-mobile.

It sucked up gas like there's no tomorrow, one rear window didn't go down, the rear shocks were blown, no a/c and even da horn was on a lever, not on da steering wheel. But it got me around.... especially to the beach.

Out of high school I wanted to have a ride to call my own so I did wat any person (pupule enough) who wanted personal transportation did.... work a full-time job, two part-time, go school full-time and still squeezed in coaching.

In a few months I got it - my very first motorcycle! It was a 1993 Yamaha FZR 600 and I rode da buggah to da ground.  😀

Since it was my only ride, I rode it in the blistering wind, pounding rain, heavy snow.... ok, no snow but nothing stopped me from riding. Believe it or not, I used to deliver pizzas on it too.... but dat's anoddah blog.  😉

Truth be told, I only sold my FZR almost two years ago to get my new/used bike dat I ride now.

My truck? I was out of school and worked a full-time as well as a part-time and yes, still coaching to afford it.

So wat kine mokemobile you had growing up? A Woody?  😀  Were you gifted one or busted your okole to get one? Do you have da car/van/truck of your dreams?

Have any suggestions for a friend's friend needing/wanting a 5-speed car with $3000 down and $180 /month for payments?    😉

Eh, gotta go work.... got bills to pay.


(as quoted from Da Kine Dictionary & Pidgin To Da Max… wit a Braddah Lance twist)


Haole Translation: Local transportation

Use: You can tell da difference between a local car and a "visitor" car

Sentence: “Brah you like ride? 'Den no tease da mokemobile!”

Sentence: (humming Batman theme) “Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah na.... Mokemobile!”

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  1. NKHEA:

    mclovin; bumma's on da Mustang man, funny when come's to money how people can change 🙁

    Goodbeer: ditto on wen da kid's come, used to like to buy toy's 2.....eh you driving me crazy about the cars u had, my wife had on 65 Malibu she drove on the street for awhile, afta the gas shortage of 73-74 we only wen race'um.

  2. hanapaa:

    Ho brah, good topic! I nevah inherit nothing. Had to ketch ride all threw high school. Bought my first ca on my 18th birfday. One 64 Plymouth Sports Fury fo $850 from one friend in our racer gang. Tried fo soup 'em up but long story short, wuz one money pit. Sold 'em fo one grand and wen pick up one 67 VW Bug. Wen fix dat on up too. Loved dat ca! Can drop the mota by yourself. Wuz small kine hard for keep up wid da muscle ca's da rest of da gang had. Worked on 70 440 GTX, 67 Chevy 396 and one tricked out 67 Valiant wid one 426 hemi stuffed inside. Cut da axles so da Mickey T's fit inside the fender wells and hide the left dual exhaust pipe so look stock, well kinda. Ho dat buggah could go, needed wheelie bars! Doz wuz da daze.

  3. Braddah Lance:

    ...but the driverside window didn’t go down all the way so whenever we went through the drive through, i had to have someone in the back or my passenger jump in the back and order and take the food lol!

    Das wat happened to my braddah's two door Accord... was so shame I had to actually OPEN da door to get drive thru or da worse was da ticket fo' open da parking garage arm... shame wen had date... 😳

    Eh, I only get bus pass!

    E Komo Mai! Wow, like everyday we getting mo' and mo' Lurkahs out yeah? Cheeeee-hoooooo!

    Mines was a late 60’s Ford, 289…did everything you could to it at one time or another.

    Sounds like my FZR.

    My best and most fun car I had was a Vega wit one 350 chevy engine

    Anoddah person wit one Vega.... wat? Dat was "Da" car back in da day? Nevah heard of it.

    honda si boy (works in 6 hours...):
    when had couple extra screws and stuff. yeah, not good!

    So it's NOT only me! 😆

    I had some old cars, 53 chevy, 56 dodge, 57 ford station wagon, 48 dodge pick up, 63 valient, 65 comet…

    Funny if you had those now and tricked it out..... worth some money no?

    The first time my parents allowed me to drive it to school, I used it to cut class and go to surf, got busted and couldn’t drive for a while.

    You got caught? 😆

    The 66 was nicely restored and was obtained from a mustang collector....since the car wasn’t registered in my name I lost it. I begged my uncle who was handling my dad’s affairs for it but he would not relent. Unfortunately that was the last time I talked to my uncle.

    Auwe! I feel 'ya man.

    My kids get betta nicer cars den me.

    Don't you know dat I'm yo' long lost son? I'd like a H2 SUT please. 😀

    mclovin; bumma’s on da Mustang man, funny when come’s to money how people can change

    Sad but true. I've come across dat a few times... and yet I still help out... wat a dummy. 🙁

    Cut da axles so da Mickey T’s fit inside the fender wells and hide the left dual exhaust pipe so look stock, well kinda. Ho dat buggah could go, needed wheelie bars! Doz wuz da daze.

    Wheelie bars... whoa! 😯 Das da fun kine! And Mickey T's? You could turn or wat? 😆

  4. opso:

    mclovin - whoa! damn shame about your "stang". sheesh....your uncle neva like give em to you? WWD! 😡

    and you used drive around that beeg van? was a blue and white chevy yeah? what bout your mom's car? what was it? it was a unique looking car.

    hah....that subaru was a neat little ride yeah? i think it was called a "Brat".

  5. Goodbeer:

    BL, my son, my son. Since I had to drive boro boro cahs afta you wuz born, maybe now you can buy me one cah since you and yo wife stay making choke dollas now. I like one 70 HemiCuda 4 speed, or one 70-1/2 Camaro Z28 wid one M22 4 speed, or one 70 442 W30 (da 70 Cutlass W31 I had made da regula 442s I used to race against stop at 1/8 mile to pick up their doors). But I know hod fo findum nowdays, so I can settle fo one 06 GTO wit da 6 speed.

  6. NKHEA:

    BL; dats what a real friend is 🙂 me to I do da same, I know not going get'um back but still help 😉

  7. Braddah Lance:

    But I know hod fo findum nowdays, so I can settle fo one 06 GTO wit da 6 speed.

    Ok. You like dat wit or without da Hot Wheels packaging? 😆

    BL; dats what a real friend is me to I do da same, I know not going get’um back but still help

    Well I got some back about seven years later... 😮

  8. NKHEA:

    BL; guess betta lat den neva 😎

  9. hanapaa:

    BL: 'And Mickey T’s? You could turn or wat?'

    @BL: Hah? Oh, had stock rims (wid hubcaps) and tires in da front. No can make tight turns cuz wen cut out the fenderwells fo fit the motah.

    @NKHEA: Wuz dat Vega da one look like you stay driving from the back seat?

  10. Braddah Lance:

    BL; guess betta lat den neva

    And he was one of my groomsmen.... AND I nevah even get one card. I nevah expect nothin' inside but a card would have been nice.

    @NKHEA: Wuz dat Vega da one look like you stay driving from the back seat?

    Driving from da back seat? Reminds me of Police Academy...

  11. NKHEA:

    hanapaa; no, was really stock looking, original color was that olive green, but when I bot'um was more of a dark metalic brown. Had Crager's all around with 12 bolt rear end. Right afta I sold'em, da new owner put'um in da ca show......

  12. NKHEA:

    hanapaa; you thinking about the Pinto eh, I neva seen one Vega with drive in back seat on the street.

  13. mclovin:


    Yup das da van. It was a chevy rally wagon. My mom had a v-8 chevy laguna. My sister kindof inherited that car. That car could rip. One time I was able to get it airborne off that dip on red road between poihiki and kapoho.

  14. hanapaa:

    @NKHEA: Yeah, I remembah da Pinto too. No, pretty shua wuz one Vega. I stay foget da guy's name das why. One of da guyz in oua gang, da Chevy guy, wuz jealous das why.

  15. NKHEA:

    hanapaa; you live west side eh, you remember the guy who drove the yellow 65 Fury, he later had 70 Super Bee 6-Pac. He also had Vega but think was race only.

  16. hanapaa:

    @NKHEA: Sounds like you one Chevy man. Ynaku had one Mopar. Dunno if his Challenger wuz 340, 383 or 426 (not too many of da big blocks in Hawaii). My 64 Sports Fury had one 318 so I figgah can convert to 340. Ordered dah parts from Kupacha's (remembah next to Island Cue?). Aftah trying for start da motah for 24 hours straight, NO CAN! Found out dat early model wuz "A" block and later wuz "B" block so no can convert to late model 340. Kupie nevah like "exchange" da parts. Lose kala! I just trew em in when I sold dah buggah.

  17. hanapaa:

    @ NKHEA: Doh, type too slow. Nah, our gang used to hang around Makiki/Papakolea (some sked tho). I seen couple tree Supa Bee's doze days but not at the outlaw races. Get one funny story bout racing at da Mill in Campbell. Maybe lataz I share. Little bit make A.

  18. hanapaa:

    @ BL: No, brah. Da motah and tranny wuz too beeg so had to move the firewall and passenjah compartment back.
    I shuah your fren checking Craiglist, yeah? Mayhaps you can check for her, sometimes get weirdos, yeah.

  19. NKHEA:

    hanapaa; I started with 66 318" Plymouth Satelite, den had 71 340" Cuda, afta that starting on the Chevy's. Eh really make no diffrence I always liked any kind muscle cars even Rambler's, remember the 360 Javeline and AMX 🙂 even the Gremlin....das was the good old day's yeah....sigh..... 🙁

  20. hanapaa:

    @NKHEA: Rogah dat! My faddah had one Rambler wagon. My oldah braddah wen stay total em and my dad wen buy annoddah wreck fo fix em up. I had fo help my dad R&R parts until da buggah wuz good to go. I thot he wuz going give em to me, but he wen give em back to my bruddah. Hooo, piss off beeg time. Dah 2nd and turd time same ting.... no beeg deal bden. Plan fo juss buy my own. Jeez, foget about American Motors.

  21. NKHEA:

    hanapaa; you guy's used to go race at the track? My dream still to buy anada hot rod, gatta get one before I die, no matta old, new, or make, just one last one for the good old day 🙂

  22. anklebiters (Occupant):

    That was then, this is now......

    Got in my car to run an errand, turned on the ignition...got the dreaded 'Service Column Lock' message on my DIC. The vette has an electronic column lock....most cars have a mechanical interlock for the steering column. The steering wheel is locked when in Park. GM has come up with TSBs for this situation that only re-programs your PCM to guarantee your fuel is shut off at speeds above 2 mph so you cannot drive your car with the steering column locked. The column lock failure can still occur at any time and you will most likely be stranded somewhere needing to be towed to the nearest dealer for repair when it occurs. I have a bypass kit but never installed it...now would be a good time eh?

    One of the temporary fixes if you cannot unlock your steering column is to aggressively yank on the wheel and it will unlock. I had to do this in order to install the bypass module....15 minutes later with most of it on my back in the driverside footwell and all is well. Only thing is, now the steering wheel does not lock when the key is removed...better that than being stranded late at night in the boonies.

    Never had this problem with my late 60's Ford 😆

  23. hanapaa:

    @NKHEA: Yeah, we used to go to da track and da outlaw races on da street by da steel mill, foget da street name but wuz just past the fire station in Campbell Ind Park. I guess you can go Maui (bumbye Big Island) on da Supa Ferry fo race (legally). Kinda humbug unless you goin try qualify. As fo me, too old, too tired and too broke.

  24. NKHEA:

    hanapaa; Rodga dat, about too old, too, tired and too broke 🙁 but was fun wen young, "young, reckless, and not to smart" 🙂 😆

    AB; so much technology for make everything betta but wen time to fix 😯 $$$$$$$

    See you guy's lata, gatta get ready to da game 🙂

    GO WARRIOR'S!!!!!!!

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