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Advanced Citizenship

October 27th, 2008

Are you gonna vote?

I hope you are.

We don't need to know who you're voting for - just as long as you head to the voting booth and submit your ballot. If you already voted by absentee, terrific!

With election day right around the corner, I sincerely hope that none of you feel like it's a "chore" or not "worth it". Sure it takes time but if you no vote..... NO COMPLAIN! 

One thing that always seems to accompany election year - especially high profile years - are smear tactics. As if issues of the state or nation wasn't enough - there has to be name calling, "lies" and dirt digging on opponents thrown in the mix.

Me personally? I'm all about character.

I'd rather stand side by side with a person I respect and can look dead in the eye without ever thinking if I can trust him or her. For the most part, I think most politicians have lost that genuine touch. Instead, they've developed "skills" to be able to do that - look trusting - without even batting an eye.

Issues are extremely important and if your platform can't back it up, you surly won't get my vote... it doesn't help your cause if you look "crooked" either.    😮

The last Mayoral and Presidential debates sure tested those.

Not sure if you noticed it or not but the "underdogs" relied on character attacks to discredit their opponents. They also cut off their opponents as they were speaking, rolled their eyes along with other "childish" acts.

It was like a MMA (mixed martial arts) match without the physicality of it.... although a lot of jabs were being thrown. 

Wassap Wit Dat!

If they act like that in a public forum, how would they act in negotiations that don't go their way?  😯

It reminds me of movies like Dave and American President and the way they acted that would make me vote for them in a heartbeat. But the one speech that sticks out in my mind was the one by President Shepard (Michael Douglas) finally responding to the many uncalled for character attacks by his opponent.

If you haven't seen the movie, I'd recommend it. Here's the clip and if you aren't moved by it.... not sure what would....

[youtube 44R5BapEdYY]

Here are the words to the speech if you can't see the video.... although Michael Douglas did perform it perfectly. (No, I am not a MD fan)

So wat?  Gonna vote?


(as quoted from Da Kine Dictionary & Pidgin To Da Max… wit a Braddah Lance twist)

(pronounced same as spelled)

Haole Translation: No class at all

Use: Someone wit no aloha, no cares, no respect

Sentence: “People dat ack li'dat, no mo' class.”

Sentence: “No mo' class dat kine! Jus' make you all nutz!”



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  1. JindoMaster808:

    I just cast my vote today. Take advantage of absentee voting - mail in or walk in. It's fast and you won't have to stand in long lines or worry about making it to the polling place on election day. It took me about 20 minutes at Honolulu Hale. The folks do a great job of keeping things moving.

    Like Chicken Grease, my vote for movie President is Harrison Ford in "Air Force One." He was one kick-butt Prez!

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