Blogging About No Blog Today

October 28th, 2008


Yeah and da vog ain't helping either.

Then of course in da WWD! world I try to post dis blog and wat happens? Da buggah crash and I lose everything!

Wassap Wit Dat!

Wen it rains... it pours yeah?  :mad:

Waking up this morning I still thought it was like 4:00am cause it was so dark. The vog in addition to da blanket of cloud cover smoothering da wind doesn't make your mood any bettah neither.

I would say I'm a weather person - weather affects me. I could be in a crappy mood, hunched ovah in pain but if it's a gorgeous sunny trade wind day I'll spend some time outside jus' enjoying da scenery and I'm au' good.... no mattah wea I stay.

Town, North Shore, Vegas, LA... no mattah. If da air is good and da sun is out no mattah how I feelin', I'm a renewed man (or boy, depends how you see me).  :wink:

Today I have nothing to blog about. Seriously, jus' drawing a blank. Lots of things running through my mind both personally and professionally. Things I can't jus' yet talk about as I'm figuring 'em out and Mahalo in advance cause I know you Kwonics going share your mana'o anyways. :wink: :grin:

I apologize for being such a downer, especially at da beginning of da week, and if there's no post for a day or two please hang in there and don't give up on WWD! cause I'm still hea!

I'll let off some frustration at softball tonight but 'den again I'd probably want to kill da ball and 'den I'd pop up cause dat's wat happens wen you swing too hard and lose focus and technique and 'den I'd be even mo' aggro and 'den start making errors on defense and 'den be even mo' salty.... no can win.  :sad:

But 'den get da "team meeting" aftah da game......   :grin:

btw, got any gripes to share of your own?

You can blame it on da weather.  :???:

(*singing* Da sun will come out... too-morrow. Bet'cha botttom dollah dat tomorrow.... they'll be sun..... )



129 Responses to “Blogging About No Blog Today”

  1. MoOgooGuypAN:

    No sweat it BL. I know it must be tough coming up with new topics for write and of course you no like bite the other bloggers topic too. So I guess we can call your topic for :shock:

    I hate this fr%$kin vog. It messes with my sinuses and gives me a headache. Good thing i work in a/c all day but looking at this gloomy weather is such a bummer. On top of that, my grass stay dying and the weeds stay growing cause no more sun. On a positive note, you seen those nice orange sunsets? :mrgreen:

  2. 9th Island Girl:

    I think a lot of people are down about what's happening with the economy. And you're right: seeing a voggy, gray day doesn't help the mood, does it?

    Hang in there, BL. Malama pono.

  3. Ocean Lover:

    Can you imagine.........we're over 200 miles away from the volcano and its THIS VOGGY......imagine LIVING THERE!

    No worry BL.....sunny clear skies up ahead!


  4. roach:


    I took my dog outside at 3:30 this morning to relieve herself, I thought I was in old episode of "The Twilight Zone". The vog was so thick that I couldn't the end of the street The only time that I've seen fog/vog this thick, it was in San Francisco. You couldn't even see the Golden Gate Bridge but at least it was cold too.
    I feel very lucky that I don't have any respiratory problems on days like today.

  5. "da hoover":

    its ok to cry, let it out. the aftah party going be interesting tonight

  6. Scott:

    Yeah, sounds like you've got a lot going on in your life right now, big move maybe, job switch? Lucky you have the Kwonics to share with, not that many people so fortunate to get some good opinions.

  7. Coconut Willy:

    I've been sneezing and coughing since Saturday! And my chest is all congested. Then I see people smoking! OMG! What a double whammy on their lungs. Can't wait for the trades to come back. No can breed (breathe).

  8. munch:

    da vog makes my eyes itchy &'s always the worst when i first wake up so good thing da drive into work is pretty long! give my eyes time to clear up bumbye i get all da kine funny looks when i get into da office ah? :shock:

    hmm Uncle Ynaku how's da vog wea you live? wen my friends from hilo came for a visit da last time had vog, they said it's not too much worse wea they live. either way it's a pain in da okole yah? good ting we got WWD?! to make it known to all 40-someting readers dat we no like da vog :mad: haha i keed, i keed! :lol:

  9. snow:

    No worry, beef curry! 'Cause the weather, the vog is a legit WWD topic!

    So, my two cents: VOG SUCKS! I've been getting sneezing and headaches/migraines every weekend - like, four-day headaches! WWD!?! But, like MoOgoo mentioned, gotta appreciate the beautiful sunsets!

    Anyways, BL, my headache is nothing compared to the stress you must be going through. Been there, done that... don't want to do it again!! But, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!! :) And, if you need help making that lemonade, the Kwonics, Lanceformers and Lurkahs will be there!

  10. Braddah Lance:

    No sweat it BL. I know it must be tough coming up with new topics for write and of course you no like bite the other bloggers topic too. So I guess we can call your topic for today…weather.

    Yeah. You wouldn't believe how mind wracking it is fo' me considering English is not my favorite subject and I work in FINANCE. I give credit to da reporters who gotta do it day in and day out! But I think I hold my own too... at least in pidgin wea grammar not needed so much yeah? :wink:

    9th Island Girl:
    I think a lot of people are down about what’s happening with the economy. And you’re right: seeing a voggy, gray day doesn’t help the mood, does it?

    *singing* Da sun will come out.... too-morrow.... :grin:

    Ocean Lover:
    No worry BL…..sunny clear skies up ahead!

    (*singing by Chumbawamba* I get knocked down, but I get up again, you're never gonna keep me down!.....)

    I took my dog outside at 3:30 this morning to relieve herself....I feel very lucky that I don’t have any respiratory problems on days like today.

    Whoa! 3:30am? I jus' got into bed at dat time... and yes, I am blessed to in dat regard dat I too have no respiratory problems considering I've been around smokers ALL of my life too.

    Lucky you have the Kwonics to share with, not that many people so fortunate to get some good opinions.

    Exactly... blessed. Mahalos and you know I'm hea fo' you all too!

    Coconut Willy:
    Can’t wait for the trades to come back. No can breed (breathe).

    I'm sure everyone is thinking da same thing. :???:

    da vog makes my eyes itchy & red…

    No bu'lai! Cause you stay up late drinky drinky das why yeah? :mrgreen: j/k :lol:

    So, my two cents: VOG SUCKS! I’ve been getting sneezing and headaches/migraines every weekend - like, four-day headaches!

    Whoa. Migraines too? My ex-coworker used to get migraines... wit da eye twitch and all!

    But, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!! And, if you need help making that lemonade, the Kwonics, Lanceformers and Lurkahs will be there!

    Mahalos! 12oz Lemonade fo' sale....... $5...... tips greatly appreciated. :lol:

  11. roach:

    BL: Whoa! 3:30am? I jus’ got into bed at dat time…

    well, this devil's work is never done !

  12. bamboohouse808:

    No worry BL those Makule League guys no can run to fast. No matter where they hit um, it's only a single. And if you pop um up, chances are they not going be able for see um and should drop in someplace. :mrgreen:

    Nah, jus kidding!! Da weather sucks. Everything looks gloomy and then you start to feel that way too.

    For a good laugh, check this video out:

    Youtube - Silent Library

    Dem crazy Japanese game shows......

  13. KAN:

    You no have to be up alla time, BL. You know we goin' drop by and read whatevah you like post. If you up alla time, we goin' wonder what you stay on. (Yeah, I know - beeya and poke.)

    Snow - last week, I had a 4-day sinus headache on my right side. Den, after a couple of days, I had a 3-day sinus headache on my left side. And I don't think I can blame it on vog in Seattle. WWD?

    I'm sorry you're in a funk, BL. I'm like you-I can be all grouchy, but if the sun's out, I'm a whole lot better. And I know dere's oddah stuff goin' on.

    We all thinking good thoughts for you and da wife. Hang in dere.

  14. Lulu:

    Hey Braddah Lance!

    I discovered your blog about two weeks ago. SO happy! I'm up in the mainland but grew up in Kailua. You and your Kwonics, Lanceformers, and even the "lurkahs" have brought many smiles and fond memories back. I get to visit a slice of home every day! Keep up the awesome work!

    Vog or no ok. You bring the sunshine with you where ever you go! I know you bring sunshine into my world whenever I get to visit your blog. :)


  15. Pu'ka:

    I see in da paper today dat tourism down 'bout 20 pahcent in Septembah. Evahbody say damn haole's alla time 'round deese pahts, but I gots friends in da' hotel biz and dey is tellin' me times is hurtin' fo reel. Mebbe da layoffs is comin', mebbe not. Should prolly be nicer to tha haole crowd, 'cause like it or not, that's tha scratch that keep the islands runnin'

    Dere's yr. idea fo da next blog BL! Is da tourism gettin' bad as da numbahs say? And has it impacted yo' bottom line?

  16. bamboohouse808: link no work........gotta try um manual copy and paste style..... sorry me...worth the extra effort......

  17. M:

    No worry BL, everything will work out. We all support you. Dea's always tommorow. No need new topic everyday, we can figga out what to blog about. Like snow said the vog is a good topic. the vog makes everybody sick, looks like LA or even China...

  18. NKHEA:

    This vog is starting to effect me to now days. Running nose, watery eyes, cough all that good stuff :mrgreen:

    BL we gatta go SUP, going take your mind off of all this crazy stuff for awhile. That's why I enjoy going surf early in da mornings, nomo cel phone nomo people to bother about work out there, just have good fun for and hour or so :)

    No worry, we going always be here for you ;)

  19. lj:

    This weather sucks. I was walking to my car and I thought it was rain coming down but no, just vog...I'm glad I don't have bad allergies cause I'd be suffering right now. But as I walked the few feet to my car, I could feel my eyes getting a little itchy. My friend back home in Hilo must be suffering though cause she get bad allergies.

    BL: Don't worry about being a downer, we all get like that sometimes (ask my boyfriend and he'll tell you I'm a grouch a lot!). And for whatevers bothering you, hope it gets better and everything works out :)

  20. GoodBEEr:

    Don't let the sun catch you crying.

  21. Chicken Grease:

    How 'bout . . . anybody try that Mexico restaurant on School St.? Simply a WINNAH!!!!! Crab chimichanga is terrific. Really tasty. Try 'em. You won't regret it (they got FRIED ICE CREAM, TOO!!!!!!).

  22. Ynaku:

    Uncle Ynaku to da Rescue

    Bruddah Lance, No worry, beef curry, When you feel down, throw it out to us. We make lemonade out of your lemons.

    You and me, we like Supaman. Gotta have da sun to recharge our batteries. Das why I felt a little under the weather too. Choke vog in Hilo. No can see down the road or even see da ocean that we love. Headaches. But today I went outside and the sun was out. Ho my batteries started to recharge. Neva mind I got my new glasses today with progressive lens and tripping ova stuff until I get used to this set. I feel good (if I close my eyes) to feel the sun warm my bones.

    My poor snow get migraines. I feel for her. Same thing for munch and the rest of the Kwonics, Lanceformers and Lurkahs that gotta suffer because of many things. But you notice how happy everybody stay to just wala'au on this blog?

    Das what we here for. This is our group therapy session. We need our fix. Whether or not you post something, we going stop by. No need subject. Just post to say Hi, howzit going? And let us go wild. NO, not as wild as one other blog , but let us go ahead and talk story.

    K-den. Go outside and feel da sun. Go rejuvenate yourself. Go close to the ocean and smell the salt air. Go home tonight and hug your wife. Give her a kiss and tell her how much you love her. Make her day and she will make your day.

    OK nuff of dis mushy stuff. I getting too emotional. Go get em tiger.

  23. Ynaku:

    Hey CG, sorry I'm in Hilo and would love to try that Mexican place. I just came from TB and tried their triple steak burrito (or something li'dat)

    Oh BL, failed to mention. When you play softball tonight. As my coach used to tell us, "NO KILL DA BALL, Jus place em" Have fun out dea. And mo fun afta, iykwim ;)

  24. buddahbelly:

    (1) The vog sucks, I keep coughing. (2) Yeah, might as well talk about food.

  25. JindoMaster808:

    Just like real life. If you don't know what to talk about, talk about the weather. :) This vog is something else. I thought I was coming down with a cold. I'm feeling congestion in the lungs and a little scratchy throat. I have no other symptoms. Maybe it's the vog after all.

  26. Scott:

    I work about 300 yards from the Mexican place on School St. It is fantastic and you get so much food for the money. If anybody wants to check it out, let me know. They have such an extensive menu, it's like a real Mexican place in S.D, or SoCal.

  27. Chicken Grease:

    October 28th, 2008 at 11:53 am

    Hey CG, sorry I’m in Hilo and would love to try that Mexican place. I just came from TB and tried their triple steak burrito (or something li’dat)

    Hey, Ynaku. Yeah, no worries . . . I DO believe that place is simply called "Mexico" or "Mexico Restaurant" or likeness thereof. Seriously, no worries, I mean, the times I've gone there to eat in the restaurant (which is, I'll just say it as "authentic"; REALLY something you'd expect out of a Mexican restaurant. You will SERIOUSLY double guess if you're still in Kalihi) or got take-out, place was PACKED and I've not eaten there on Friday or the weekends yet, so, Mexico's will still be here when you come back.

    I'm sorry, TB? Tampa Bay? No?

  28. hawaiian gurl:

    easier said then done but, no worry 'bout stuff you no have control ova. It going happen any waz. do da tings you love, be wit da people you 'olu'olu(comfortable) with and go out with a bang.

    I was on vacation but couldn't go no wea so everyday I got on da bus and went to da beach. sat and looked at all that God created and thanked him that I was still able to see his beauty.

  29. Ynaku:

    Yo quiero Taco Bell :lol:

    There's a nice place we go to in Pahoa town,. Luquins. Pretty good. And they make this mango margarita with li hing powder around to lip of the glass, some ono A little far from where I live. I go if in the area.

    In Hilo town, we have Reubens. Haven't been there in ages.

    I tried this new place in Kamuela. I guess I went before closing and the food was cold. I wasn't too happy with that. Kona have several Mexican restaurant. Poncho Lefty in Kailua-Kona get happy hour :)

    I'm filipino and I like try different kind food. Sorry no dog or balut. :eek:

  30. Dirtball:

    Eh, I go away a few days and come back to find an impostor has taken ovah da blog! :shock: WWD?!?! Da real BL always stay happy and cheerful. Well, maybe habut sometimes. :grin: But nevah depressed.

    Take da time to let tings work out. You can share wit us when you ready. Or not. Das all up to you. Either way, we get yo back.

  31. snow:

    CG - I think Ynaku is referring to Taco Bell (TB). Maybe he wishes he got his triple steak burrito from Tampa Bay, though!

    Ynaku - You always such the nice guy! "Uncle Ynaku to the Rescue!!" I love that (but, no forget, we stay hea for you too!)! :)

  32. snow:

    Dang, I'm typing too slow again!

    Ynaku - Next time you come, I take you to the Mexico Restaurant, I know where stay! :)

  33. M:

    We went to Taijuana years ago and decided to have real authentic Mexican food for lunch. We checked out serveral restaurants before deciding which one and that turned out to be the worst Mexican food I ever had in my life.

  34. Ynaku:

    hawaiian gurl what you said is so true. Gotta have faith. And if you believe in God, gotta thank him for giving us life and hope for a better future.

    One Bible talk I heard used an illustration of 2 men. Both had the same material things and similar status in life. As the illustrations goes:

    The 1st man didn't know where his life was heading. To him things looked bleak. He goes out on the deck at night and looks up at the starry night and asks, "WHY ME LORD?"

    The 2nd man too doesn't really know where his life is heading to. But when he goes out on the deck at night and stares at the starry heaven He stops to marvel at the power of God to create such beauty and he says, "Thank you God"

    We need to have trust and faith. Somethings we cannot change, but we should be happy with what we have. Others may be in worse situation than we are. The lord will not let us suffer more than what we can bear. He gives us strength to endure. He will provide.

    Like my friend NKHEA always says, "Life is too short, enjoy" (or something like that)

    Sorry for preaching.

  35. Ynaku:

    Thanks snow, It's a date :)

  36. JuSaMee:

    i don't mind the vog so much if its just a day...a couple months back, when we had vog everyday for couple weeks, that started to depress me. i never realized, taking for granted living in beautiful hawaii nei my ENTIRE life, how much difference the sunshine does make! now i can see why grunge music came outta seattle! lol!!

    the weather today is so look out your window thinking coco and blankets, but if you actually walk in it...YUCK!! it's hot, humid, and icky!

    don't worry about your non-blog topic today...s'long as we can post up and share our thoughts and stories. and you do hold your own with all them reporters out there...your blog is fun and easy to read, don't need a!! *feel better*

  37. anklebiters:


    I just had my teeth cleaned...always an adventure. She and I talked about Hawaii as she had just returned from a trip to Maui. Not too many tourists running around like on previous trips...vacant store spaces too.

    VOG :!: Oh no...not again...hope it doesn't show up next month.....

  38. captainbluball:

    ho brudder! you can count on a team meeting after the game!!! should've stoped by last night! had some great costumes...or lack of if you know what i mean! hehe=P

  39. GoodBEEr:

    You can cut through the vog by enjoying one of God's beautiful creations.
    Can see clearly after.

    Enjoys you folks' Mexican food, too.

  40. Chicken Grease:

    Ah haha ahah. Taco BELL is "TB," OK. Sorry. I must have World Series too much on my mind. Hey, isn't that a Willie Nelson song, "Too much World series on my miiiiiiind." Oh, wait, now.

    Oh, see Scott likes and knows of Mexico Restaurant as well. Really, you'll see how food they give in ONE entree. In the $10-$20 range for an entree, but, I ordered a single side order of enchillada the first time I ordered (which was take-out) thinking the entree wasn't going to be enough -- au contraire, I took that enchillada and the rest of the entree to work for lunch the next day . . .and I wasn't able to finish THAT either. And I consider myself a bit eater.

    This has GOT to be some kind of significance -- all of these responses to a blog about nothing. Well, isn't that reminiscent of Seinfeld's success with his TV show (which I really never watched, but, everyone else did). Good job, Lance!

  41. Scott:

    Although, one time I did have a shredded beef burrito at Mexico and, let's just say, I exercised the gaskets (Sienfeld inside joke) on the work toilet the rest of the day. Burrito didn't even say aloha to my stomach but made a bee line for the exit door. Sorry if anyone is taking a late lunch today, hah!

  42. NKHEA:

    Food, good subject, we love to eat at Torito's at Market City, by Foodland.

    Ynaku; now maybe we going Waimea to work, think Puainako job going be done in house....good luck...which side would be closer to get there from, Hilo or Kona?

  43. Coconut Willy:

    @ GoodBEEr

    It's a beautiful day! Now I'm thirsty.
    Have you tried their Blackhook?

  44. GoodBEEr:

    Not yet, CW. How is it?

  45. visitor:

    Azteca in Kaimuki has good Mexican food. They also have a decent variety of Mexican beer.

    When things are gray and and drink helps.

  46. M:

    NKHEA, I agree, Torito's is good, we go there too...

  47. GoodBEEr:

    I just bought a 12 pack of their Late Autumn Harvest. I think it's a brown ale. Never try um yet, but. It's sitting in my fridge here at work. I can't take it home yet cuz my beer fridge at home is stuffed full of leftovers from Saturday's football game.

  48. Scott:

    Wife and I go to Torito's often, probably cheapest Mexican in town, but not really the best, though their shredded chicken is always quite good.

  49. bamboohouse808:

    We do a Torito's run every couple weeks here at work. Can't beat the value of their lunch special. I always get the chicken quesadilla. I think it's pretty good.

  50. Ynaku:

    NKHEA, Aw man. :x Let me know anyway if you on island. Kamuela from Kona is about 45 minutes with more flights in and out of Honolulu. Hilo is about 1-1/2 hr. At least they have Home Depot and Lowes in Kona along with HPM and Trojan Lumber. Kamuela has HPM lumber in case you need supplies close by.

    Kamuela don't have many places to stay overnight. If have, it's pricey. We used to stay at Waimea Country Lodge. Kamuela Inn is an older hotel. Otherwise you looking at the resorts down in Waikoloa. Unless you plan to stay in Kona. Kona Seaside, King Kamehameha, Uncle Billy's or Kona Resort.

    Fuud. Try Hawaiian Style on the road to Kawaihae. Just past Waimea Park. (Don't get confused with Waimea and Kamuela. Same town. I think the Post Office is named Waimea). The have a food Court at the shopping center. Same one with that new Mexican restaurant. They also have L&L, Don's Pake Kitchen, one Korean place, pizza, mexican, Dairy Queen and KFC. Also for more fine dining, Tantes (Filipino food). Get poke at Sack n Save along with your beea. Going toward Hilo get Kamuela Liquor Store. All kind drinks.

    In Kona by the Airport toward Kona have Pinetree Cafe. For breakfast, I like the Kay's Omelet (3 eggs with hamburger, mushrooms and onions with rice, gravy AND toast). Get one store next door to buy Beea.

    You need more info? Let me know. Hope to see you. Call me.

  51. Coconut Willy:

    GB, you know how Porter's can be heavy and very bold (like Anchor Porter).
    Blackhook, da bugga smooth! Maybe because it was drought at their brewery in Seattle.

    Just went to Yardhouse last week. I'm amazed how beer on tap can kick your butt. It also amazed me with about 75 choices, many order Bud and Bud Light. In my book, that's a WWD!

  52. Goodbeer:

    CW, yeah, some people not adventurous. Missionary position folks. :lol:

  53. lj:

    Ynaku - I went to Ruebens on my 21st birthday and she "counted" 3 shots but while she was dumping the shot glass out, she just kept pouring the alcohol in...never really ate there...just would go to drink :)

    Toritos used to be our fave mexican place but Los Chapparos on Beretania is good and on Mondays, it's Margarita Mondays so the regular flavor magaritas are $4...that kicked my butt last week...

  54. lj:

    my bad...for Los Chapparos, I think it's Tequila Tuesdays cause they closed on Mondays...

  55. JindoMaster808:

    @Scott - Where on School Street is that Mexican restaurant. Is it somewhere between the School Street offramp and Liliha? Many years ago there was a Mexican restaurant there (I forgot the name). Their food was really good. They moved or closed and I thought there weren't any for a while.

  56. Ynaku:

    wow lj, I gotta go for my margarita now. Wonder if she going forget to stop pouring too? :lol:

  57. NKHEA:

    Also weekends we like to eat dim-sum at Happy Day's in Kaimuki, chicken feet, tripe..couple 3 Tsing Tao Beea's... winna :)

    Ynaku; yeah I know :( don't really enjoy going outer island to work but this time I really wanted to go...and now if we go to Waimea to work will probably be early next year, was going to ship truck and equipment on Super Ferry but now they going hold back for one year :( WWD

    Goodbeer; got me going when I read Missionary position 8O though I was on the wrong blog :lol: till I read back :( :lol:

  58. Ynaku:

    NKHEA, I hear you. I also was thinking of taking the Superferry over next year November, but now need to make other arrangement. My family attending a convention the week of Thanksgiving. Sorry, I no can guarantee making dates since my family have plans plus the convention is all day from Friday to Sunday. I head for home either Monday or Tuesday after.

  59. Scott:

    @JindoMaster808-yes, if you get off on School St. exit, head Ewa. It's past Liliha street. Pass Lanikila street and after about, 2 or 3 lights, you'll see the restaurant on your left. It's really about 100 yards past Mitsuken. There's parking in front of the building so don't miss it.

    Or get off on Palama exit, take a right, then left onto School Street and you'll be right at Lanikila St.

  60. Ynaku:

    K gang, See you laters. Pauhana. Going pick up son from Kumon.

  61. Scott:

    Safe driving through the vog!
    Offer stands if anyone wants to chow down at Mexico restuarant. Later.

  62. NKHEA:

    BL; eh for no blog day getting plenty hits 8O :)

    Ynaku; get the night's, ova hea da places stay open not like Hilo :lol:

    Bee back, gatta go work for little while, lata :)

  63. snow:

    JM808 - I think that Mexican restaurant you're thinking about was long gone before Scott moved here (it was by Foodland, right?). The one he's talking about is further down School Street going Ewa, towards Houghtailing. Not sure if the owners had anything to do with that other restaurant - I think they have/had a restaurant in Kailua. Maybe CG or Scott would know better (I've only been there once - it was good!).

  64. hemajang:

    talking about Mama's Mexican Kitchen?

  65. HNL2LAS:

    BL: no worries man, as you can see, the Kwonics and Lanceformers can still handle if you "unda da weather" hee hee... Seriously though, I hope you feel better, and everything works out. Whenever you have a chance to blog is ok wit us.

    Isn't da vog supposed to be leaving us tomorrow? Or did I just imagine that on the news with wishful thinking? So, with the last 2 days of vog, you've been been feeling all junky... so if tomorrow no mo vog, mebbe you feel better too? yah....*da sun'll come out tomorrow.....* Hehe.. thank GOD this isn't an audio blog hehe... uddawise... da dogs'll come howl, right nowwwwww hee hee...

  66. Kelli:

    Aigoo! I no like da vog either. Makes my sinuses go koo-koo, but I'm already koo-koo anyways, right? Funny, I was just thinking about the movie Annie one day and asking people if they saw that. Then other old movies came to mind like Sixteen Candles. Remember that one?

  67. tita leerz:

    bloggin bout no blog but you got SO MANY hits! life is still good.

  68. gmanoa:

    no blog, no worries - just dropping a note to say wassup den!

    check out the following link:

    its from Swing Kids - my favorite song from that movie - I didn't get a chance to post to the blog the other day re: "in the mood"
    hope this video will help with the gray skies

  69. anklebiters:


    One of my favorite Molly Ringwald and John Hughes directed movie....Long Duk Dong was a riot.

  70. hemajang:

    g'morning BL, looking out da window, da skies look a lot better than yesterday. Huuuu, yesterday was thick, man but today is a better day.

  71. M:

    Good morning BL and everybody! so far the weather is looking better today. Less vog so far.

  72. Ynaku:

    Hilo side looks clearer than yesterday. temperature is cool just like you 8) No wind. No surf in the bay. Not sure about Honolii.

    Have a great day gang.

  73. Bre:

    It is interesting you don't have a topic for today. Yesterday I was thinking about an issue that I thought the Kwonics could answer but did not know how to address it.

    I read a lot of blogs from two Hawaii newspapers. It seems to me there are a lot of people who don't like tourists or haoles. Even Pu'ke mentions this in his blog. I love Hawaii. I don't live there and never have but when I come for a visit I feel like I have come home. I have always been treated so nice and everyone I have met has shown nothing but the aloha spirit.

    However, after reading so many blogs I wonder what people really think. Do people who live in Hawaii really not like the tourists? Do they really not like haoles? Is there really such racial divides between all the nationalities as it appears from reading the other blogs?

    Also, the blogs are always full of people who hate the mayor, hate the govenor, hate the judges, hate the homeless, hate the high cost of living, etc. It just goes on and on.

    My dream has always been to retire to Hawaii but after reading all the blogs I get the feeling we would not be welcome.

    Sorry this is such a heavy topic but it has been on my mind. I think the people who blog on WWD can give me some straight answers.

    BTW Lance, I hope your day gets better. You seem like a nice person who is always happy so to hear you are sad makes the day a little less bright. If you are tired of vog come to CA. The sun is shinning here and it is 80 degrees at the beach.

    I hope all of you have a happy Halloween!!!

  74. Scott:

    Whoa Bre, heavy stuff. That's cool, though. Honolulu is a big city, and big cities have problems that are inherent to all cities. Honolulu is no exception. If you're a caucasion and used to being in the majority, you'll definately feel a bit out of place here, and that takes some adjusting. But, the people on this blog are about the truest representation of the people of Hawaii, and as you can tell they are wonderful, thoughful, caring people who could really give a rip about your nationality. Hawaii is not for everyone, and I think it's future is quite uncertain in terms of it's status in the world. Crime, poverty, homelessness, and economic struggles are more apparent now than ever before. I could go on, but it is a wonderful place for many of us. Thanks for asking.

  75. Ynaku:

    Hi Bre. I for one don't hate people. I'm color blind to that. Growing up in Hawaii, we learn that this is the Melting Pot of the Pacific. The crossroads where people from all parts of the world passes through. I takes all kind to make this world go round. You may notice that on a lot of those blogs, people only gripe and grumble. But it really depends on the blog. Some are really pasionate about a certain issue. But everywhere we go, you will fiind people like that. Some don't appreciate others moving into their neighbor and try to change their life style. Change takes time and must be a collective effort.

    Take this blog one as an example. The people who frequent this blog comes from a diversity of different backgrounds. Sure we haven't met each other in real life, but you will notice the camaraderie. We got your back ideology. You can sense the feeling of Aloha or love. That is how a majority of the people here in Hawaii express in their daily life. Sure we all complain about different people. But many won't attack a particular group because of their color, national group, status or religion. If we treat the other the same way we want to be treated, things would work well. And I think many feel the same way.

    Please bear with us as we revert back to our childhood language of Pidgin. You will find it funny, but that's how we used to communicate with the different national groups in the old days. And when we use it here, it brings us back to the good ole days.

    No matter where we live, there will be prejudice. In deciding where to live in Hawaii, do research or better yet, come over and see what it's like. Come visit the outer islands. I'm from the Big Island. I live in Hilo. And for the most part, we all get along. Big Island but the population is about 170,000. All I can say is give us a chance. Blend in with the crowd. Feel them out.

    The spirit of Aloha is alive and well. :D

  76. opso:

    eh BL.....sorry.....i was MIA yestaday. :(
    ho......i was so busy......making halloween costumes. ;)
    nah nah......i was busy working of course! :roll:

    hope you stay feelin bettah today cause no mo too much vog. must get shmall kine trades.

    Bre - i ditto what Yanaku just said.
    btw....well said Ynaku. :D

  77. M:

    Bre: I'm not going to lie and say that it's not true about what you have heard but I think it's just a small percentage that feels that way. As for me I embrace all. I blog on WWD, MLC, O&E, TDD, WWE, CL101 and UMP. Everyone on these blogs are all my ohana, my family, I haven't read any of those things you have heard on these blogs that you heard on other blogs. I use to read the HA topic and SB topic blogs and it's all negative stuff poeple talk about and I don't go there anymore. Your experience when you visit here feeling welcome and being treated nice is genuine and that is the aloha spirit. When I travel, that's is what I miss the most, the aloha.

  78. HNL2LAS:

    I agree with Ynaku! Great job there sir!

    Bre: you are gonna have good people and bad people no matter where you go. As an Asian person, same thing, I've heard scary stories out in the South, but I met some great people there! I went there worried about the whole "redneck" mentality, went there open-minded, but wary too, luckily for me, it was ok! I have experienced racial issues all over the U.S., but it isn't the norm. Some of those other blogs our really crazy with their negativity. Those are more of the "newsy" kinda blogs right? The featured blogs here are awesome! Like the guys above said, us posters here are all about da ALOHA!

  79. NKHEA:

    BL; wea you stay today....the surf was good 1-2 and waz getting betta with the rising tide....try go check'um out lunch time if you can :D

    Bre; yup, Ynaku said it all.......Aloha :)

  80. Ocean Lover:


    Locals "hate" haoles who have the "Its all about me" mentality. Being "local" involves having a "group" first mindset. I believe this goes back to the plantation days ( I could be totally wrong also). Some haoles bring their mainland mindset...the "ME FIRST" attitude if you will. Locals don't like that.

    If you treat everyone the way you want to be treated (the "GOLDEN RULE") you'll be amazed that its THAT SIMPLE. If you come here with "guns blazing" and want to "CHANGE THINGS OVERNIGHT"......that's when you'll get in trouble.

    Listen to Scott......the bruddah came in brash, but now he understands....even though his mother and I don't see "eye to eye". ;-)

    Sincerely with utmost respect,


  81. Goodbeer:

    Hey there BL! Whassup brah! Any announcements for us? We're all hoping for the best.
    How was the "meeting" last night?

  82. snow:

    Hi Bre! Thoughtful question... deserves a thoughtful answer (not that my fellow Kwonics haven't already provided some very thoughtful answers! nicely put, guys!). You're right that there is a lot of negative stuff out there on other blogs and I certainly can't deny that there are small-minded people like that in Hawaii. But, there are people like that anywhere you go, anywhere in the world, and I think that, for the most part, people like that make up a small but vocal minority of almost any community.

    I was born in California and moved here when I was in elementary school. I felt like an outcast - I dressed differently, acted differently, spoke differently - and was sometimes treated like one. But, I'm not Caucasian, I'm Japanese. So, you know, sometimes feeling a little different in a new environment doesn't have anything to do with race. I think many times people, even as adults, are just trying to figure you out. But, even as I tried to fit in, I knew that I loved the people here; they were different from the ones in California and I knew that from my first visit as a kid.

    Hawaii is a little more laid back, but don't assume that means that people are lazy. The people are not so blunt, they like to go with the flow. Many traditions here revolve around Asian customs, like taking your shoes off before entering a house, bringing food to a friend's house when you visit, bringing back "omiyage" (small gifts) for your friends or neighbors when you go on a trip. People here often share their culture through their food; it's not unusual to see foods from many different cultures at a gathering (or potluck).

    There are so many people of mixed race here - you can see all their beautiful faces - that it would be nearly impossible to be prejudiced! That is not to say that prejudice doesn't exist. But, like myself, I'm sure many people here have friends of nearly every race; however, like anywhere else, you make friends with people who you get along with, whatever race they are. Your close friends become your ohana (family) and they are aunties and uncles to your children, like you will be to theirs.

    Making the effort to find out about the things that make Hawaii and it's people unique already points you in the right direction. Our differences make things interesting - we can all learn from each other!

  83. snow:

    grr... how come my comment is awaiting moderation!????

  84. Bre:

    Thanks everyone for the great responses. I knew I could count on this group.

    To Ynaku - We travel to Hawaii at least once a year and I have been to all the islands except Molokai. I love them all. Each has its own personality. If we were to move there my husband likes Oahu (so he can continue to go to concerts) and Maui. I like the Big Island. We have another 20 years to decide before we retire so it is not a rush yet!!

    Don't worry we will certainly come with the "group first" mindset and full aloha spirit!!!!

  85. Scott:

    Hey BL, you still thinking about that H3T Hummer:), maybe that's why you're down...naw, just kidding. Bre, you're like me, thinking about retirement and we're still in our late 20's, early 30's. Never too soon to plan, I'm thinking the Carolina's for the golf courses, or maybe back to Hawaii after raising my kids on the mainland.

  86. Goodbeer:

    Aloha Bre. Take it from the Kwonics, Hawaii is the Melting Pot of the Pacific. The way to get along here is to melt and blend in. Embrace the Aloha spirit and live it every minute of every day. Brashness and putting yourself first will create friction with the local folks, though maybe not outwardly at first. Most levelheaded people here take a wait and see attitude, are laid back, and know most newcomers mellow in time. But there are some locals who have lost patience and fight back with words and actions just like these brash newcomers. Bigger problem is that they lash out and disrespect everyone. These clowns, mokes, and AINOKEAS are so anti-Aloha and think me first all the time, their actions are often the topics of WWD. And they are rabbits. These are the ones to avoid. Yes, I am prejudiced. Not to ethnicity or income, but to these AINOKEAS. AARGGGH!! They make me so mad.
    Sorry for the rant. No be scared Bre. Come. Remember to melt and all's cool. Except for those AINOKEAS, but they like that to everyone.

  87. Bre:

    Hey Scott - I wish I was in my late 20's or early 30's. Unfortunately I am closer (but not quite to) my mid-40's. Still, like you said, it is never too soon to plan!!

  88. anklebiters:


    I was in the exact opposite situation as you when I moved to the upper 48 states thirty years ago....still living there. You become a little self conscious in the beginning but it quickly passes. No matter where you live, there will always be a small minority that will not accept you wholly for being who you are. It's their loss, not yours.

  89. Ynaku:

    Welcome to Hawaii Bre. Make yourself at home with us on these blogs. We will treat you like family. Share the Aloha with you.

    Don't forget when bringing food to a gathering, make enough for everybody :) Offer to bring paper goods, drink and utensils. You will see one day, how fun it is. And TRY, at least one bite of the multi-cultural mixed plate buffet we have to offer. Good way to try new food. And IF there is leftover, let the host make the first move to offer anyone to take home the leftovers. (That way they save room in their frig and less to clean up)

    I appreciate all the comments of my fellow Kwonics and Lanceformers. You can see by their comments that no matter where we go in this big wide world, there will always be the good and the bad. As my friend Goodbeer said, just melt into the crowd. Blend in, make yourself at home. Show Love.

    Thanks snow for adding to it coming from the mainland. Likewise, thanks Scott for providing your perspective too. Mahalo anklebiters for sharing how it is moving from Hawaii to the mainland.

    You will see us vent, but all in good taste. The opposite to Ainokea (I No Care) is Aikea (I Care).

    I have always considered retiring in the Mainland, but somehow the allure of the Island and it's lifestyle keeps beckoning and it's hard to leave. Plus I hate to leave my family especially my baby Grand-daughter. (unless I can take her with me) :lol:

    So put your mind at ease. You still have MANY more years to think about it. Sheesh only in the 40's? Just kidding.

    E Komo Mai, come inside. Come play with us. Have fun. 8)

  90. M:

    Today is a better day than yesterday, less vog.

  91. Ynaku:

    Hi M :)

  92. Ynaku:

    I agree that today is a beautiful day. Even here in Hilo.

  93. Ynaku:

    I'm adapting nicely to my progressive lens. Still get dizzy if I just move just my eyes and not my whole head.

  94. Ynaku:

    Hey Kwonics. Don't you find it fun to blog about nothing special? :lol:

  95. Ynaku:

    I think Lance is very busy today being that we are close to the end of the month.

  96. Ynaku:

    You know accountants and their books. Gotta balance. Just like life. Or riding his motorcycle. I hope he brought it today. Nice day to be riding and put the worries behind.

  97. BananaFysh:

    @Bre - I agree with the previous posters. I work with a bunch of newcomers to the state, and some "get it," and some just don't.

    The one's that "get it" pretty much followed Ynaku's advice, tread lightly, and leave the ego back on the Mainland. Be willing to try new things, and open your mind to different experiences and cultures.

    The ones that don't "get it" simply refuse to change. They want to live in Hawaii, but don't accept the differences between here and the Mainland. I know anybody that's grown up here has been told about how something "is so much better in [random mainland location], and it should be like that here!" :evil: We like tell them, "Eh, if was so much better in [random mainland location] why don't you go back to where you came from?" Most times we just bite our tongues, and just say, "Oh, that's nice." We no like make trouble.

    Tired hear that kine stuff though. We don't appreciate the fact that some people think that they're better than us, because they did things a little differently than the way they did it "back home." I think for some locals, they hit the wall long time ago, and they lash out at tourists and newcomers. Their kids see that type of "no aloha" behavior, and emulate it. So sad.

    That's the people you see in the comments attached to the main stories. Typical internet tough guys (or gals). Lip off cause they think they're not accountable for their words. They would never say that stuff in public. (Well, maybe some would.) You wonder where all that hate and rage comes from. Sad when you think about how some peeps teach their kids to hate and not tolerate people different from them. :(

    BL has posted many "editorials" here that have sparked some strong emotions in people, but I don't recall it ever devolving to name calling and racially derogatory comments. There's a great deal of respect shown here, towards each other, and their opinions. You might not like what somebody else has to say, but you accept it. "agree to disagree," as it were. I guess the peeps here treat this blog like somebodies house, and we don't want to drink all his beer and leave a big mess. Gotta respect the host, and all his guests. :D

    To me, BL's blog is a microcosm of what the true Hawaii is really like; people from different walks of life and experiences getting together and sharing, and talking story. :D

    Ho boy, sorry so long winded. :razz:
    We go lunch, next time you visit Maui! :)

  98. Ynaku:

    I hope I'm not submitting too fast that WordPress going try stop me. That's why I figure send small kine memo like this one. Gotta give Bruddah Lance the hits. Make it over 100 at least.

  99. Ynaku:

    Hey BF, I give you da privilege of hitting the 100 mark. Go for it while I read what you just wrote.

  100. Ynaku:

    :cry: :cry: :cry: *sniff sniff* Wow BF, I'm so impressed by your thoughtful words. I didn't know you had it in you. That's really nice to see the other side of your persona. I guess jus li' me. Who woulda thought we had it in us yeah.

    We talk anykine ova hea, but that's just our alter ego. But you can still tell the person has class cause they still treat the other with respect. Neva mind if they call themself one Banana. Me? I Ynaku and I one blogaholic. Nah not really. I just like the company. Especially when I'M STUCK IN THIS OFFICE ON SUCH A BEAUTIFUL CLEAR SUNNY DAY WITH HARDLY ANY VOG!!!!

    I guess when we passionate about something, we come out and express our feelings. I like that. You one smaht buggah. You wen use dictionary? :lol:

  101. Ynaku:

    Hey I gave you guys chance to hit the 100 mark. 8)

  102. BananaFysh:

    @Ynaku, nah nah, brah, just following your lead! U da man! ;)

    Nah, no need dictionary. Maybe the "wordy" nature of the newcomers in my office is rubbing off on me. ;) Dey so intellectual! Ha!

    Nah, you take the 100th post. you earned it, braddah!

    Oh, yeah, hope everything is going okay for you, BL. Still keeping you and the Wife in my prayers.

  103. Ynaku:

    OK Bruddah BF. Thanks yeah? Gotta back up our Bruddah Lance.

  104. M:

    I hope BL is having a betta day today...well said BF...

  105. M:

    and you too Ynaku.

  106. GoodBEEr:

    Ho wow, BF. So verbilational today, no?

  107. Goodbeer:

    Hey BF, I get one WWD for you. How do you remember to get your name right between posting here and there? Everytime, I forget to make the change and then hit submit. I reread um and den ah shoots WWD? What's the secret to keeping yourself straight?

  108. Bre:

    Thanks everyone for the great words of advice and restoring my faith in Hawaii. If we move to Hawaii I will have to make sure all of you are my neighbors!

    Gotta go. I'm finally off work and I think I will pick up some L&L BBQ for dinner. Alll this talk about Hawaii has made me hungry for kalua pork.

  109. Scott:

    Hey beer lovers-Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale is in stores now, my favorite beer of all time, got the first 6'er at Tamuras Waialae. They sell fast, though. Mmmmmmm, beer.

  110. BananaFish:


    Hey BF, I get one WWD for you. How do you remember to get your name right between posting here and there?

    Hehe, I don't. I forget to switch um all the time. I supposed to only use the "Y" spelling on O&E. :razz: No tell Queenie, or else she not going give me spankings. :shock: ;)

    Everytime, I forget to make the change and then hit submit. I reread um and den ah shoots WWD? What’s the secret to keeping yourself straight?

    No secret to keeping straight. Just keep your attraction to the opposite sex! :lol:

    nah, nah, I know what you meant. You see my posts. I stay all pupule already, so I make any kine. :razz:

    So, just to confuse peeps, I go switch back to the "i" spelling. hee hee

  111. Kelli:

    anklebiters: Haha! No can beat Long Duck Dong! Dong, Dong! Grandpa is talking to you! Lake, big lake! So classic.

  112. anklebiters:


    How about a round of golf to cheer you up :?: It works for me :lol:


    The "Brat Pack" were so cute back, not so...The Breakfast Club is another classic to watch.

  113. B:

    BL, keep da faith. yep da weather can make anybody feel da downers.we get you covered.

    aloha Bre. welcome to dis great state we live in. like everyone has stated we get our small kine ova hea like any other place, but their still is a belief in ohana. ohana takes care of each other. ohana supports each other. treat others da way you like be treated, and good things will come of it Bananafysh wen hit da nail on da head, dis blog does represent wat true Hawaii is. stay come, chillax, we go talk story and we go share together. we respect people who are respectful.
    k-den, all pau. FGF is coming.

  114. Goodbeer:

    Thanks Scott!! It's that time of year, the yummy winter beers are arriving. I love the Celebration Ale too. I also hope the distributors bring in more Dechutes Jubelale and bring back to Hawaii the Pyramid Snow Cap. Man, there's so much more out there, but these distributors don't bring in much variety at all. Time for another journey to the BIG BIG island.

  115. Goodbeer:

    Good morning Braddah Lance. Howzit going?

  116. M:

    Good morning BL and the rest of the ohana!!!!

  117. Ynaku:

    Morning All :lol:

  118. anklebiters:

    Where are all the mods today :?: Did they go on strike again :?:

  119. snow:

    Good Morning Kwonics, Lanceformers and Lurkahs!

    Hmm... wonder where BL is... hope he's doing okay! I'm sure he must be busy... ???!!

    "Hey, BL... wea you stay?"

  120. Scott:

    "Where oh were has Braddah Lance gone, oh where, oh where can he be?"

    We're like a group of scouts without our leader. Let's make fire!

  121. Ynaku:

    I get steel wool and 9v battery. Ready to spark?

    OK just to have fun. Read this. Gives new meaning to the relationship between doughnuts and cops.

    Sticky-fingered campus cop charged in pastry theft
    41 mins ago

    MORRISVILLE, N.Y. – New York State police say a sticky-fingered college campus policeman was helping himself to more than the free coffee at a convenience store. He also routinely stuffed a pastry into his coat.

    The Valero Nice N Easy, in upstate New York's Morrisville, offers free coffee to any police officer in uniform. Sgt. Steve Brody of the Morrisville State College University Police stopped daily to buy a newspaper and pick up a free cup of coffee.

    Troopers say they have surveillance videos of Brody pocketing the pastries.

    Brody is now accused of taking about $30 worth of pastries over at least 17 separate occasions. Brody, 55, was ticketed for petit larceny.

    Brody and his attorney declined to comment. Brody remains an employee at Morrisville; school officials say the case is a personnel matter and refused to further comment.

  122. Braddah Lance:

    Howzit! Howzit!

    Muchos Mahalos to EVERYONE fo' da kind words and concern... and nevah fea' I still hea'!

    Jus' chiming in (yeah honda si boy, you should know I read EVERY SINGLE POST.... even those who post back on blogs five days ago.... dat's a whole lotta reading!) :grin:

    Busy busy busy. Still lots of stuff going on and I'll fill you in on da 411 wen it's time. :???:

    I no can believe get ovah 120+ posts! (although like 50 of 'em from Ynaku) :lol: Cheeee-frickin'-hoooo! Totally awesome!!! :grin: Too bad no can be li'dat on most days. :wink:

    But still, we get mo' and mo' Lurkahs out everyday! Keep 'em coming!

    Auuuu' right!

    No worries..... FGF blog coming out.......guarans-bombarns!

  123. munch:

    hooo BL you must be busy...i was jus gonna post dat i hope you neva turn into a lurkah :???: hope everything is ok...and we'll be patiently waiting (and waiting, and waiting, and waiting...j/k :-P ) for da FGF post.

    and Ynaku's story...funny ah how many people put stuff in their clothes to try steal 'um...reminds me of Miss Congeniality when she tried to steal donuts by sticking them in her bra :shock:

  124. bamboohouse808:

    BL - Good to see you back!! We'll all be waiting fo da FGF post!! Take it easy....

  125. Ynaku:

    NOT!!! :lol:


  126. NKHEA:

    Hoooo BL good to see you stay oki-doki :) Let's go SUP and den can drink couple Beea's afta ;)

  127. NEO:


    You know, when you was singing "the sun'll come out tomorrow" I was thinking of the movie Shrek, you know where Donkey sings "the sun'll come out tomorrow, bet your bottom..." and then Shrek says "bet my bottom?!?!" and then the pass out and the next day they wake up and Donkey is a stallion and Shrek is all hunky like... Sorry, unrelated, but just gotta think about that eh...


  128. opso:

    auright BL!! :D

    we all bee....heh.....ready fo FGF!! chee hoo!! :D :D :D

  129. snow:

    BL, we'll be waiting for the sun to come up tomorrow... on Feel Good Friday!! :)