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I Know You... But I Don't Know You

November 28th, 2008

So it finally happened.

After a lot of "teasing" the past few months, the first evah....


was held last Friday.... neon lights and all! 

Ok, so I added da neon.  😀

Da night began once da pau hana whistle blew and Da Wife and I get there about 5:20pm to find out da place was closed. The lights were on and da door was locked....

"$h!t! Da pah-tay was tonight or next week? 6pm right? AIIII-GOOOO!"  *head spinning*

I pull on da glass doors again and double check dat we got da right place.......

Yup. 'Dis da place. Ok, we just wait li'l bit - maybe was going open latah... but Shauna and Rodney supposed to be hea' already.  ❓

(heard a giggle) "Wea dat noise coming from?" Look up and voila! Stairs. 🙄   We go upstairs and head in.... Bam! Get about 20 pairs of eyeballs all radar locked on Da Wife and I.

"$h!t We get da right place or wat?" 

We walk through and look around trying to recognize anybody and head to da private room in back........ NOBODY!

Wassap Wit Dat!

In da "planning stages" I was told by Shauna & Rodney dat they would be there early at 5pm setting up so wen I nevah see 'em I was thinking again.... say it with me....... C-O-N-Spiracy!

Dang it, wat's Shauna's & Rodney's phone numbah? Fudgesicle! It's on da papah in my bag in da car. Aaaaarrrgggh! 😡   So I go all da way back to da garage, dig out da paper and start dialing.

Shauna answers and is "on my [the] way" and of course right on cue, who walks in front of me in da lobby? Das right, Uncle Rodney.

I need a drink.

So the night began... well, early for me at least.  😀

To tell you the truth, having a pah-tay with complete strangers is not exactly my cup of tea and I'm sure most everyone at one point or another must have thought about not attending or wondering "wat da heck am I doing going to a pah-tay wea I don't know anybody?".

I certainly have no idea who da heck reads my dribble (just found out at Thanksgiving dat my father-in-law's coworkers read, elderly auntie and cousin-in-laws too - all Lurkahs of course) and to actually have a pah-tay with strangers was.... weird to say the least.

As such, we didn't know wat to expect. Was it going to be a dud? Weird people? Young? Old? Did I need my tazer? 😮

But as soon as the initial "awkwardness" was put to rest, boy did everyone pah-tay up! I won't lie, I was definitely surprised! It was supah nice to finally put a face to those words... well, now I can imagine a voice too. Yeah, I nevah fo'get da lone Lurkah in attendance either.  😆

I certainly hope we met the expectations for those who attended - even for those handful dat just stopped by to say Wassap and left shortly aftah - hopefully we didn't disappoint.

And no worries about being nervous cause I've learned in my short life that you can either stay nervous and not enjoy the moment or convince yourself it's ok, let loose and have a good time. 😀

Hopefully if there's a next time, you'll "let loose"...... trust me, with da people I met at the party.... it's hard not to.   😀

I only have a few pics.... no can help.... was having too much fun to stop and take pictuah's!  😀



You all know who 'dis is by now.... NKHEA.... and his wife.



Half da room with Steve Min and son performing in da background. (Pic courtesy Uncle Rodney)



Jus' no can get away from these guys can we? 😯
It's ok, we all know he's a closet Kwonic anyways. 😆



Left to right: Shauna (Odds & Ends), Me, Kelli (Campus Life 101), Rodney (Midlife Crisis) & of course Leslie (Island Tails)

See, doesn't good lookin' wahine make da pictuah look bettah? 😆



SHOUT OUT: Mahalos again to NKHEA fo' hooking us up with Fort Street Bar & Grill and the entertainment, Steve Min and son. The environment was cozy, excellent service and Steve Min and son played... well, let's just say Snoop Dogg wasn't in da house.  😉  The music matched perfectly! Also to Shauna from Odds & Ends for really "wanting" to put on a pah-tay and getting da games together (Uncle Rodney from Midlife Crisis and I were just along fo' da ride).  😀

Mahalos also to BananaFysh, anklebiters, 808Dad and Leslie fo' da wonderful gifts and prizes!

Last but not least, mahalos (again) to Leslie from Island Tails and Kelli-Girl from Campus Life 101 for gracing us with their prescence along with a few other staffers! It was really cool seeing them "out of da office" - real different yeah?


Happy Feel Good Friday!

.... For those few who showed up to work.  😛



Happy Gobble Gobble!

November 27th, 2008

Just wanted to send a hugemangeous shout out to all who read Wassap Wit Dat!.......



Mahalos for all the readers who spend their precious time reading WWD! and even more to those who take the extra time to post! Give your family and friends a big hug today, give those who are away a call, text or email at the least but let those who you love know that they are on your mind.

Also a shout out to the parking garage in the First Hawaiian Center in downtown for being "brave" and classy enough to decorate (the only place I've seen this year) in Thanksgiving garb - Au' right! 



And of course wat's a WWD! without a little funny.....


White or dark meat?



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November 26th, 2008

Were you able to decipher that for those who are still reading and not on vacation? 🙂

Basically it says, "In one week, Honolulu to Kauai to Los Angeles to Las Vegas to Los Angeles to Honolulu".

Wat does all dat mean?

'Das right.... *singing* I'm leeeaving, on a jet plane. I don't know when I'll be back again. *pau sing*

So for the past month, Da Wife kept hinting (ok, straight out saying) she needed a vacation. She's been getting frustrated at work because of certain incorrigible people and when she's not happy, I'm not happy.... iykwim. 😉

Originally we had decided to do a "staycation" being that I had a few vacation days left and trying to pick which neighbor island to go to was a big decision. SupahFerry? Kaua'i? Moloka'i? Big Island?

Then being da good husband dat I am 😉 I figgah, "eh, try check 'da oddah rock'" jus' out of curiosity and waddah ya know..... boo-yah!

Airfare to Los Angeles........... *drumroll*.............. only $207.............. ROUNDTRIP!!!!

Holy canole! That was just as much as we were about to spend for airfare to the neighbor island!

Wassap Wit Dat!

So I talk to my boss, get the ok. Check. Da Wife talks to her boss, gets da ok. Check.

She was full of excitement and of course aftah she floated back down to Earth, I told her dat would be her birthday and our Christmas present to each oddah....

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas Babe! 😀

Now that the trip is in stone (barring any flight delays *knock on wood*), we're trying to figure out the last minute itinerary.

In LA, we going Disneyland (cause she wanted to see it decorated in Christmas) and Six Flags Magic Mountain (of course!) - no doubt! Then we have one "free day" before we drive up to Vegas (yeah, you read it correctly... drive up.... and back).

And dat's wea you guys come in (feel free to join in Lurkahs)..... Wat we going do?

I wanna hear ALL your suggestions for places to see, foods to try, outlet malls to stimulate the economy, tips, secrets..... watevahs! I going try check 'em out and report back daily. In my first travel blog back in da day, I only heard about things to do AFTAH we came back.... lose money.  

I've already been trying to win tickets on eBay for admission to the parks.... no luck. Any CA peeps out there wanna help a Braddah out? 😉

At least for a week, you can live through me (like da Travel Channel) and let's keep this blog entry going.

Maybe... jus' maybe I may do a Vlog.......

Nah, too much work...... I stay on vacation. 😀


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Gifts BEFORE & After Thanksgiving?!

November 24th, 2008

It might as well be year round in my case but the last quarter of the year is nevah good for me. It's not just the impending holiday gifts, grab bags and secret Santa's but there's a whole world of birthdays added on too.

My mom's birthday passed a few weeks ago, one of my nephew's passed, my mother-in-law's is coming up and so is my father-in-laws.... and let's not forget.... ***GULP***.... Da Wife's B-day is just around the corner...

I think.

She's hard to shop for (which girl isn't?) and I have no idea what to get. Well, actually I got it already because she said she wanted it (had my ears open fo' any hints 😉  ) but I'm still kinda worried cause wat you say at da time might not actually be wat you want latah, right? 

She can return if not yeah?  😆

Her normal "gift card" gift has lost it's luster and so I didn't want to get dat (she also said she didn't want it). And wat kind of husband would I be if I didn't get her wat she wants? (Well, most anything.)

So trying to find a gift she'd like and not break the already broke bank from the gifts above, wat's a guy to do?

The funny thing is, a couple months ago we were just talking about her birthday too....

.... I mentioned the wrong date.

BAM!  SOS'd!!!   😯

I'll tell you now. I am not good with dates or names and definetly not phone numbers (only recently memorized Da Wife's cell... WWD!) and if I evah lose my phone, believe me it'll be a gazillion times worse 'den losing my wallet.

Have you evah forgotten an important date? Birthday? Anniversary? 😯  

[local /files/2008/10/cardsareimportanttowoman.wmv]

Believe me, I'll soon not forget..... or at least change toothbrushes more frequently.   😉 



(how-o-lee la ha-now)

Haole Translation: Happy Birthday

Use: C'mon, you dunno? 😆

Sentence: "Hau'oli la hanau Babe!"



SHOUT OUT:  Triad pah-tay details to come Friday..........    😉   Stay tuned!



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Hey, I No Sandbag - It Just Felt "Good"!

November 21st, 2008

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of golfing... for the first time in almost a year.

I don't know about most people but I hate going to a course without "warming up"... especially if I'm actually paying to play - well, that actually goes for any sport.

My friend, Vice-principal Sam (promoted a few years ago but I only heard about it now - Congratulations Sam!), puts on a "mini-tournament" for friends every year. I've heard about it but never been invited 😥 so when I got an email, text and call last month... I figgah'd he must have been desparate and needed to fill slots.  😆

Really, he's a good friend we're part of the same crowd... sort of. Our Moanalua hui is quite large and within that hui, we get our own "groups" and we pah-tay together once in a great while but I haven't seen him along with a few other friends in choke long time.

So I save the date and tell Da Wife I "got plans" for that day and that's that! .......Ok, so I asked and she said it was ok.  😳

Our tee time wasn't till 12:15pm but we had to meet at Ewa Beach Golf Course (New Ewa) at 11:15am. So that meant I had enough time to hit a few balls at the range next door to warm up.

Let me tell you. If my warm-ups were any indication of how I'd be playing, I would have gone home after the first few balls hit. It was not looking good and the weather wasn't helping either - very humid and no wind (it also rained on us on the final three holes of the game).  😡

Even my friend was shaking his head.

After we meet and greet everyone, we're off to the first tee.


I've only golfed here once before and if you look closely on the left of the picture you'll notice white rocks just past the tee box on the FIRST hole.


Yup. My one and only vivid memory of this course was of me teeing off years ago and B-lining my drive into the second heiau further down.

Wat a great thought (feeling) to have while getting ready to hit da ball yeah?

Wassap Wit Dat!

Fortunatly, I hit the ball decently straight and so began my record breaking round - shot a 95! (sorry for those who don't know golf but golf lingo is about to bust out)






You can tell who took which pictures. 😆 Can you guess which one is me?  😛

I was tripping out that I was hitting par on most of the holes but I was jumping up and down like I won the Super Bowl when I got my first birdie! I two-putted the majority of the holes and I even one putted a breaking 20 footer! Even more of a bonus was that I acutally won a greenie! Truth be told, I don't even hit anywhere near the green on a par 3 (normally TRIPLE bogey par 3's - psychological thing) and to my surprise - and my friends as well - I stuck it!

I was even more surprised I lost only ONE ball! How amazing was that? And I lost it on the the 17th... but I did bachi myself cause right after I was "amazed", it went bye-bye. FYI - I brought 12 new balls with me to the course plus I had about two dozen "backup" ones as well. 😯 Did I mention dat my shoe broke at da same time?! 😡

So of course at dinner later, I was getting the "sand bagger" ragging after I shot a 5-under with my handicap and won for best score.

I was talking to Jay Higa of Fore-Play yesterday, our HA golf blogger, and while excited for my "great" game (he normally shoots waaaay bettah) he said da true test is to go out again and see if I can duplicate it.

I told him,

"Wat Brah! You think I crazy! I just shot da best game of my short golf career.... I'm retiring!"

At least till next year.  😉

Happy Feel Good Friday everyone!.... yeah, you Lurkahs included.  😀

See you at da pah-tah tonight for those who coming and those who not? Maybe next time.... :mrgreen:



Two women were playing golf. One teed off and watched in horror as her ball headed directly toward a foursome of men playing the next hole. The ball hit one of the men.

He immediately clasped his hands together at his groin, fell to the ground and proceeded to roll around in agony.

The woman rushed down to the man, and immediately began to apologize.

'Please allow me to help. I'm a Physical Therapist and I know I could relieve your pain if you'd allow me, she told him.

'Oh, no, I'll be all right. I'll be fine in a few minutes,' the man replied. He was in obvious agony, lying in the fetal position, still clasping his hands together at his groin.

At her persistence, however, he finally allowed her to help. She gently took his hands away and laid them to the side, loosened his pants and put her hands inside. She administered tender and artful massage for several long moments and asked, 'How does that feel'?

He replied: It feels great, but I think my thumb's still broken.



Mahalos to Leah (? - he nevah even introduce me to her... WWD!) and Sam for putting up a great get together! The golf, food and prizes and friends were awesome! I know how hard it was hard to organize everything and a big MAHALOS goes out to you both for thinking of friends.



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