Wassup Wit Dat!
Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!
December 31st, 2008

It's officially da last day of da year.... 😀 :sad: 😕 :mrgreen:

I dunno about you but I think DIS is da bestest holiday of da whole year! Wen else can you pah-tay hard, blow shtuff up and not get busted? Did I mention you can be all kolohe li'dat and say stuff like, "no worries Babe, I clean 'em up..... next yea'!"  😆

I gotta admit, our hui has diminished some - either moved or get family - and we've had some wild New Year's in da past but da fellahs dat still around... they wat you call true friends!

It's kinda strange fo' us cause evah since I could remembah all da way back to high school dayz, we've always pah-tay'd with friends. Sure we were always at someone's house with a "host family" and we put in calls to da parents as da time got near, but wen da clock struck midnight da boys were always together blasting off da multiple and deafening 10,000+ strands.

Well, you kinda don't wanna be near us if there are fireworks involved cause we're pyro's.... well ok, jus' me. I don't make bombs or anything but I do like to see wat will/can blow up. I once threw a whole bunch of firecrackers, morning glories and some oddah stuff inside my friends mailbox to see if da mailbox would blow da lid off... nada... but next thing we knew we needed a water hose pronto! 😯

We also raced bottle rockets down the streets (crossed our fingahs it wouldn't go undah any cars) and in da kolohe days used to shoot 'em off da car while driving as if we were in Desert Storm. And if by some miracle at da end of da night all da fireworks not pau, I just make a bonfire and light it up. 😯

(Any of da above information posted in WWD! is strictly for amusement purposes only and will deny any wrongdoing while pleading da 5th).  😀

New Year's is unreal wen you think about it although it has lost some of it's luster with permit fees and now da econonomy - regardless, it's still fun if you're able to do it. Wat trips me out is how many "illegal" aerials are out there.

Where I live in Pearl City, it started from November a nightly show of illegals going off and as each night passed it grew and grew. Just da oddah night it must have been at least a five minute show with supah loud cherry bombs exploding and setting off car alarms left and right.

Come less than 24 hours from now, da "smell" in da air, da food, da drink, da friends and family..... can't ask fo' anything more right? 😉 Unless you asthmatic and need a filtered mask.... but how you going talk, eat and drink, I dunno. 😆

Before you bust out your New Year's plan and mo'olelo's, how many of you make New Year Resolutions? How many of you stick to them? At least one?

As you know WWD! is not "normal" and we like to have fun (ok, poke fun) so let's try something new.... how's about New Year Breakers! Lurkahs, feel free to join in at anytime - it will be da New Year aftah all.

Here's a few - and keep 'em coming - but if I figgah right, we should be able to hit at least a thousand posts (one "Breaker" per post please) since New Year Resolutions nevah last long but at least you'll fulfill every single one of da Breakers! 😆

  • I promise dat I will not stop at one serving... maybe at two... well depends if it's buffet.
  • I promise to go to da gym.... when I feel like it.
  • I promise to be grumpy at least one time a week.
  • I promise to post more often on Wassap Wit Dat!


Pah-tay hard, Pah-tay safe
All you drivahs, don't tempt fate
Drink tonight, drive you not
Arrive alive, leave awake

Enjoy da lights with smoke filled air
Da magic comes but once a year
Eat up, drink up - have a good time
I hope to see you in 2009




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52 Responses to “Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!”

  1. McLovin:

    On the big island we used to "race" the bottle rockets on the street too. The only difference is that we used to start it on our drive way and we built a ramp so it would "jump" over the main road. Fortunately a vacant lot was on the other side. We had to be careful with the bottle rockets because we lived on an anthurium and the bottle rockets would burn the shade cloth. I hate to admit this but the "sickest" thing me and my cousins did with firecracker was to put it in a bun, light it and feed it to the pigs. Believe it or not when the firecracker exploded, the pigs did not even flinch. (These were huge pigs). It was surreal to see the smoke wafting out of its nose and mouth. Man, my uncle was furious when he found out what we were doing. (And rightfully so). PETA would have a field day with this oene.

  2. McLovin:

    Oh yeah another fun one was putting a duck brand firecracker under a vienna sausage can. Man, that thing shot up like a rocket. Pretty high elevation too.