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Marvel vs DC

January 22nd, 2009

I know I know. As if you can't get enough of it already but I can't help think that the past year of national events are "comic book" like.

Maybe it's because I watched Batman and The Dark Knight on DVD Sunday night. 😕

It only hit me last night upon hearing, reading and witnessing all the hoopla of now, President Obama's ride, that it almost mimics The Dark Knight - or any real good comic book series.

It starts off with a character just going through a normal life and doesn't even realize that the decisions made for and by him/her, will affect his/her destiny in the future.  He's in "training" without even realizing it and soon it becomes apparant what he's "destined" to do.

There has to be adversity, a challenge, resistance... a villan.

No, not President Bush.  😆

But his opponents, the economy, the war.

He has to battle them through the harshest of times and when people around him start to feel let down, they look for any way out as negativity and rough times loom ahead. 

Then here emerges a hero.

A person you wouldn't think would be one but stands up for what is/should be good. A person that shows character, a heart, a love for something far greater than his own. A person we'll stand shoulder to shoulder as we fight the "bad guys".

Then there's always the nay-sayers. They're the ones calling for his demise and nit-picking whatever they can, whenever they can - pointing out publicly every single snag until one day he either helps or saves them.

It's a "historic" comic book in the making and I sincerely hope that President Obama can follow through on the "good guy" creed: Fight all things bad, help the people who need help... give hope.

That my friends, is a comic book. It seems that the United States wasn't looking for a President....

It was looking for a hero.



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Kauai In A Day? Ok, Maybe Two

January 20th, 2009


Check back Monday please... still working on it. 😀

I'll try not to disappoint and represent da Garden Isle peeps proud! 😉



Update:  Sorry, still working on it - having some "technical" difficulties with the pics. Tomorrow for sure! Possibly some video too... as long as it'll upload.

So why did I post early? Cause it was my turn to be "featured" in Saturday's papah and I had to put out something. 🙄

Plus, today (Monday) is a holiday for most... and who reads WWD! on their day off?   😆



Mahalos for sticking around and being patient with the Kauai post. You wouldn't believe how long it takes to put up a post with choke pictures.

Anyhoo, right before Christmas I won 4 roundtrip tickets on Mokulele Airlines. Da Wife and I hadn't gotten my parents their Christmas gift yet so we decided to take them on an overnighter to Kauai since they haven't taken a vacation in 15 years.

And of course being da king of WWD! moments, wat happens da Friday night before we're about to leave? A thunderstorm hits Oahu causing an islandwide blackout. Did I mention we didn't eat dinner or even pack yet? 😥

Wat sucked is dat most of our plans involved outdoor actvities so I was kind of bummed about the weather. Wat sucked more was dat wen we got to da airport at 6:30 Saturday morning, there was no parking... even on da rooftop!

Wassap Wit Dat!

If you've evah traveled neighbor islands you know it's pretty unusual for da rooftop to be packed so wen I had to circle three times to find one, it was a relief. We head down to da Mokulele check-in which is next to Hawaiian Airlines...

Pretty crowded at 6:15am.



While there were only five people ahead of us - and there were about 300 in da Hawaiian Air line - da Hawaiian Air line was moving along quickly... and aftah 40 mins of waiting we finally get checked in manually. It seems da blackout only affected Mokulele's computer's...

Wassap Wit Dat!



I gotta admit, I like Mokulele's planes... still got da "new car" smell. But more importantly, had CHOKE leg room so short people will be traveling in "first class".   😉  

Plus even mo' bettah only had five of us on da entire plane. 



The flight is a very short one - around 20 mins - and as soon as we land, we pick up da car and head straight to a recommended breakfast spot from a Kwonic called Eggberts
Touching story of how two people perservered.

I had da eggs benedict "supreme" (?). They just added an extra meat besides da ham, turkey. 


After breakfast, we head to Resort Quest at Makaiwa (east side) and was able to get an early check-in - not that we needed it since we had a full day planned ahead. The weather looked way better on Kauai than on Oahu but the clouds still did loom ahead and as we drove to Princeville (North side) it started to rain.

We had reservations at Princeville Ranch Adventures for some zip-lining and they go out, rain or shine so barring a hurricane approaching we continued da drive praying for a break in da weather.

We arrive at a humble check-in station...


Our "adventure" is called Zip n' Dip. Here's a blurb from their website...

"Imagine yourself soaring like a bird over breathtaking valleys on pristine Princeville Ranch. The Zip n’ Dip Expedition is an incredible adventure blending eight picturesque zipline crossings, a suspension bridge, and a stop at an idyllic waterfall swimming hole for lunch and fun! "

We didn't know wat to expect since none of us have evah gone zip-lining but it sure sounded good!


We had a ride in their "limo" to start our adventure. I gotta get me one of these! 😀  


Getting a crash course in zip-lining - Dad, Mom, and Da Wife.



Doesn't dis pic just say it all?    😀


Even Mom braved da jump and gave me a wave!



Dad was having too much fun and launched on his own.


Here's da suspension bridge. Da ongoing bet is to try and cross without using your hands. I was about to try but Da Familia was across da bridge and I had da camera weighing me down.


We did a bit of low level hiking as well. We were practically covered in mud because of the rain oversaturating the ground but once we got dirty... didn't care aftah dat.


Did I mention dat we're on a ranch?  I've heard of $h!ting bricks but I nevah thought it was FO' REALZ?!   😆  



A very refreshing dip in a small but gushing waterfall. Da watah was SUPAH cold so expect.... shrinkage. 😯


Last one


God blessed us with a not so bad day considering cause right aftah we was pau it came a' pourin'! See da clouds behind us?


So wat I think of da adventure? Aftah you see da rest of da pics in da link below... you tell me. 😉 But if you like know....


Da kama'aina rate is pretty reasonable and includes lunch and a short waterfall hike - although it is a very small waterfall. They have inner tubes there so you can float to your hearts content or jump off da side of da cliff (nowhere as fun as Waimea Rock) but it was a nice break to rest your feet. But c'mon if my 78lb Mom can do it... kinda shame if you no can eh?  😆

I have to give props to our very cool guides, Chris and Rich (I hope I got dat correct cause you all know my memory is terrible). Wat impressed me the most is dat while both being from out of state (one from da East Coast and da oddah from da Carribbean), was that they were very conscientious about the native plants and their properties. They not only knew the names (and pronounced it correctly for da most part), they made an effort to educate everyone about the significance of it.

On our way out, Chris or Rich (sorry forgot who's who) picked some berries for us (fo'got da name). It was a tart, dry berry which was quite good and a wine drinker would have really appreciated it... as one of our guides was.

The only thing I gotta mention is dat you have to get over da smell. No not da dung scatterd all ovah da ground but da haole smell on da equipment. Now don't get your panties up in a bunch. We all get some kine of distinct smell: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese. But since a great majority of visitors there are haole, dat smell is very.... pugnantly haole . I would suggest if you're planning to go zipping, to bring a bottle of Febreeze or Oust to help tolerate dat smell.

Da verdict? Wat else....


Five Shakas and a Howzit!


Believe it or not, aftah all dat we still had stuff fo' do! It was late in da afternoon and we continued our drive along da North side just to check things out since we were only here for a night.

With Kauai getting one of da higher annual rainfall counts, waterfalls like this are just a beautiful sight... especially if you have a telescopic zoom lens.    😉


There's a dry cave......



And a wet cave within a minute away from each oddah


Following anoddah Kwonics suggestion, we ate at Brick Oven Pizza


We were so hungry aftah getting back to da hotel and heading back out fo' dinnah... fo' got to take a picture of da whole pie.

They just opened a second location near us in Kapa'a and da place was packed. You can tell da ingrediments was fresh and there's even a guy "tossing" da dough.


Da next morning we check-out and hit a waterfall we missed earlier, Opaeka'a Falls.


Uh, scared of falling... or da bullet holes in da sign?  WWD!


Wailua Falls


Needed some breakfast so we stopped by Tip Top Cafe.


I had da "infamous" loco moco but they ran out of fried rice! How rude!   😆  


With our tummies filled, we headed towards da south side. It was already a little late - in manju time- and boy did da manju just fly off da shelf! Only had da "junk" kine left and da shelf was practically empty with only pineapple and regular left. It was really empty aftah we took da last five. 😳

Dis is wea you get da manju



Driving right along, we stopped in Hanapepe. And as yet anoddah Kwonic mentioned, if you blink, you'll miss it. If it wasn't fo' dis sign, we would have just drove on by


I dunno if people even live there cause it was dead. I figgah it being Sunday it be slow but there wasn't a soul around except fo' da four oddah "tourist" cars.



We drove by Taro Ko Chips and it looked closed so we went on to da swinging bridge. Dat was a trip in itself. But we were determined to get some taro chips so we call... and he answers! We place an order and pick 'em up on our way back from Waimea Canyon.



I thought dis sign was too funny to pass up - "10 minutes parking only". Huh? You get dat much traffic?   😆




Boy has it changed with all da rain - it was really "green". Last time I saw it was baren.



 There were two waterfalls going - one you could hike just above but we didn't have shoes (threw them away aftah ziplining). 



Can you see Ni'ihau?



And dis is da end of da road and da begining of da Na Pali Coast just beyond da ridge.



We jammed as much as we could in practically a day and a half and thought we did pretty well covering the majority of da island. Kauai is a relatively small island with tons of natural beauty. Da scenery is just flat out breath taking I certainly hope they keep it "country". If you're into eco-tourism... dis da place! I only wish we had more time cause we'd definetly would have done some hikes and toured "green" and explored a lot more.

No wondah they no like da SuperFerry. 🙄

But then how I going bring all my hiking gear, cameras and dogs?

No can win.... except da spirit within.










Got Excuses?

January 16th, 2009

Happy Feel Good Friday everybody!

I figgah today's blog going be kinda dead cause I know get a few city/state workahs dat got da "day off" today cause of....... WIND!

Wassap Wit Dat!

Wat I don't understand is how come city/state workahs got off wen it's times like dis dat we need 'em eh? Besides our men and women in emergency services, does da city/state "shut down" while business still stay open? I can understand any city/state workah dat gotta work outdoors but da indoor peeps, don't you have a/c and four walls?   🙄

I hope dat da teachers got off today cause yesterday I heard on da radio they still had to report but don't quote me on dat cause I'm sure it changed from yesterday to today. If anybody needs a "free day", it's them.

I guess business' remaining open, it's all about da kala so gotta keep going... look at The Advertiser... open NO MATTAH WAT!  😀

Since it's Feel Good Friday,  let's play play a game for those unfortunatly having to work in dis "weather".

It's called, "I no can work/participate cause ___________."

So let's hear it! All da excuses you've heard, used, pupule, no can believe, unreal, full on lie.... watevahs!

C'mon you used and probably even heard of some clever ones throughout your lifetime or just recently too. Stuck? How's about da excuses you heard in jury duty selections? Bet there a ton of those.

Only one rule - one excuse per comment please... gotta stretch dis one cause not everybody at "work" today.

I'll start....... 



Review: Movie & A Dinner

January 15th, 2009

Da Wife and I are happily married (most of da time)... so imagine my surprise when Da Wife asked me out on a date last Saturday (same night/morning my tools got jacked). 😯

"Uh, Babe. We already permanantly dating.... EVERY night."  😆


Hmmm, it's been choke long since we've been on one of those (like since before we got married). Wat do you do on a date? Good thing she knew wat she wanted to do - a simple dinner and a movie.  😎

I was thinking Valkyrie or Gran Torino.

She was thinking Twilight.

Guess who won?   🙄

Wassap Wit Dat!

SOS'd again.

We find da papah, The Honolulu Advertiser of course! - and look at da movie times at Ward: 4:45pm or 7:25pm. Well... if we go 4:45pm, kinda early fo' a movie but at least we can eat dinner at a respectable time. 7:25pm we going be in "prime" date night hours and eat dinner either early or late. 

We (I) getting old so guess which one I picked?

So I go hunting in our "gift card box" knowing we get au' kine gift cards from waaaay back and know dat we get movie tickets somewhere...... BINGO! Got four of 'em.....

Ai-goo.... expired.... from June 2008.  😳

Keep looking.... AU' RIGHT! Found two more.... double ai-goo.... expired December 2008. 😥

Ok.... hey look! We get Consolidated gift certificates with no expiration! Yipppeee!

Boy was it weird going to da movies in da afternoon... kinda felt like one chaparone amongst da hundred oddah teenie-boppers there still with plenty of daylight left in da late afternoon. 😆

So we head to da box office.... "Two for Twilight? That'll be $20 please."

WAAAAT? Since wen was movies $10 a pop?! No mo' almost Senior Citizen or early bird rate? 😆    Good thing we had gift certificate. And then wat do I see?




Combo meals? At a movie theater? And........ HOW MUCH IS IT?




$14.00 ............ $20.00????? WOW! Fo' soda and popcorn? And it looks like they raise prices wen they like cause da price blocks  are "changeable".

I'll tell ya what. They say the economy is slowing down and I say heck no cause just at Ward even though  it was not da "peak" time yet there were CHOKE people and at these prices, it's a wondah if da entertainment industry is actually hurting or not.

In any case, Twilight was a pretty good movie even though I knew nothing about it. It was kinda weird going into a movie not even knowing who da heck was in it but Da Wife just finished reading da book and wanted to go. Without giving anything away, if you like vampires, werewolves and dat kine underworld stuff then it's a must see but if dat kine stuff no interest you... then go bar and at least you can buy two drinks with $10 and maybe score some free pupus.  😉   

Aftah da movie, we ate dinner at.....



We had a few gift cards to Mac Grill so this was turning out to be a pretty cheap date. 😉

Aftah waiting ovah an hour for a table (seriously, ALL da restaurants were ovah an hour wait and da economy is really slowing that bad in Hawaii?) and walking around Ala Moana, we get "buzzed" in.



They start you off with their herbed bread and olive oil. We add balsalmic vinegar so dat's why it looks like shoyu instead of olive oil. We go through at least two loaves.   😯  



Since we had gift cards to burn we got the Romano's Sampler which had tomato brushetta (it was ok), mozzerella fritta (was cold and not "gewey" by da time it was brought to our table), calamari fritta (it was a bit chewy but the batter was light) served with their zesty pizzaiola sauce (which did have a tasty zing).  $11.99



I had da chicken portobello considered one of their Signature Creations. From da menu: Grilled chicken topped with grilled Portobello mushrooms, melted mozzarella and demi glace. Served with spinach orzo pasta.   $16.59

It was pretty good and the orzo pasta matched it perfectly. In case you're wondering I had some fresh mozzarella cheese grated on top so that's why it looks li'dat. The sauce was tasty although I would have liked da zesty one bettah. Da chicken was seasoned and cooked till juicy.



Side note: I've been noticing dat a lot of restaurants have been offering a salad, entree (smaller portion) and dessert for a fixed price which I've noticed is around $15 - 17. A good choice I believe for smaller eaters or those who want a complete meal.

Da Wife had a "trio set" in which she picked a house salad and this chicken cannelloni. From da menu: Hand-rolled pasta stuffed with grilled chicken, melted cheese and spinach, then baked in an Asiago cream sauce. Topped with tomato sauce.  

It was tasty too!



Da last part of Da Wife's "trio set" was dessert - Smothered chocolate cake. From da menu: Rich chocolate cake smothered in homemade ganache and sprinkled with pecan pieces. Rich and yummy!


Overall, Romano's Macaroni Grill is worth checking out. The prices are average and the portions are right and besides the appetizers being luke warm and even the entrees, while not steaming you know it was sitting for awhile, they were tasty. If you're da type to finish off your bettah half's food, den fo' surah you going kanack but if your bettah half can pound... maybe a dessert stop or a night cap might be in order.

So wea does it stand on da Shaka-nack (Shaka & kanack jammed together - anoddah WWD! creation!) meter?



Four shakas and au' right!


So go check 'em out if you're craving Italiano at Ala Moana Shopping Center. Or if you get gift cards fo' burn cause just dis one night was almost one Benjamin.

Until da next review.... no give flack cause we like to kanack!  😉  




Your 15 Seconds Is Up

January 13th, 2009

The past couple of blogs you may have noticed I was trying to locate a person posing as Punman, PunDog and Pun37.

Why you ask?

Because I thought it was unfair for this particular person to characterize me without even knowing me. It's one thing to poke fun at me (which you buggahs do hea' but it's au' good 😉   ) and to critique (good and bad) but to attack my character and morals is wea I draw da line.

Here's da comments he posted but da computer wen flag fo' "moderation":

From da blog "Vegas Always Get Ya"

Eh?? Mus be nize you make dah BIG BUCKS pretending to woke fo da Advertizah and can go spen time an party in Vegas an LA with entiyah family. Your otha Advertizah employee was fire and dey still looking fo job and wonda if they have luch nex week. To bad fo dem. You lucky eh. You tink about them while you grind, drive da renta cah, or pull da one armed bandit?? (da slots, brah, not Dan Inouye!!) Will you take 30 pahcent pay cut too dis yee ah? Since you da accountant and can hide da money, me tinks no. Mus be good life, eh??

Eh, Lance. Who dat fat sumo lookin lolo wit his arm aroun yo wife in da pic??

From da blog "You Know Da Holidays Are Ovah Wen..."

You know da holiday iz ovah when Lance start censoring posts he no like!!! He jus like Wesley Nakama, eh? He no like da truth eithah.


You want da truth Punman? You can't handle da truth!

But before you go opening your pilau mouth again, try blasting someone dat deserves blasting.

Brah, did you know I was practically on my own since high school? My parents work (still do) to da bone and all I asked from them was for a roof ovah my head. I worked in high school and aftah I graduated picked up three jobs (one full-time, two part-time), went to school full-time and still put in 20 hours of community service.

And you want to talk about lay offs? I went through dat too Brah wen da hotel I was working at closed. Did I cry about it? Complain about it? No. It's business. Da companies no care about you, people do. So I sucked it up and went job hunting. You wanna talk about wondering if you get to eat lunch? Try not eating for a couple days at a time or eating da samething five days in a row or only eating only one time a day.

Then try sucking up your pride and working at Pizza Hut (no offense but it's not really a dream job) wea I was putting int 12+ hours a day, still going school full-time and still continuing my 20 hours community service. Try pulling double shifts, closing da store and den coming back in six hours to reopen.

I finally get a break and land my first accounting job and wat happens five years later? Did I mention I was still working part-time too and of course still with da community service? Downsizing cause of 9/11. I made da cut but still was shaky. We took pay cuts, lunch hour got cut down and had to pay medical. Like I said before, it's people who care and my co-workers are family so they "forced" me to apply at wea else... The Honolulu Advertiser.

So hea I stay. Did I mention I was still working part-time my first year here and yes, still trucking on community service? Now aftah three lay off periods and who knows wat, I'm still hea. Lucky? Heck yeah! But at da same time I feel for those who had to lose theirs because of "business". And I still not safe. I probably won't even be here in da next six months and I'm trying to prepare for it.

Am I supposed to support them financially? Am I supposed to stop enjoying my life? Do I tell Da Wife we're going to be working to support people we don't know? Do we just sit around and wallow?

Da Wife and I worked extremely hard to get wea we at today. We sacrificed a lot so dat we don't have to struggle as much as we have to. And our trips we take, it's our hard earned and saved kala we're spending. We're helping in our small part to revive a slowing economy otherwise those who lost their jobs may not even find a job but you would know dat if you took Econ 101 right?

I bust my okole in all dat I do cause I've been rock bottom and know wat it feels like. I make sure Da Wife will nevah experience dat so I work even harder.

So there you are Punman, my career in a nutshell. Wen you walk ten feet in my shoes, then you come back and comment. Wen you get da olo's to go through all dat, den you come talk to me you pilau buggah!

Your 15 seconds of fame is pau!




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