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Review... 2x's

February 19th, 2009

Hoi! Awesome suggestions yesterday - Muchos Mahalos to all who dropped in and shared! I nevah get one chance fo' reply but going to latah today. No worries, I nevah fo'get da WWD! Hui!      

Going along with da theme from yesterday, da oddah oddah Saturday Da Wife and I were in da Ward area and repeated our "conversation" on where to eat lunch at.

We wanted to try some place different and lo and behold she picked (yeah, she picked cause I wouldn't have known anyways) two recently opened places in Ward. So we decided to check it out.


 The first?  zpizza. No mispelling there. There's a "Z" in front. 

"zpizza is the leader in the gourmet and health-conscious pizza segment. We are a fast casual chain focused on delivering a fresh and unique approach to pizza."
As quoted from their website.


Here's their menu.........



Here's da view inside............

Can you spot Da Wife?  😀   

It's not a Brick Oven but it's one of those neat big "pizza" ovens. 


Here's our pies! I had da spinach artichoke slice. 


Da Wife had da ZBQ.


I gotta say, if you're in da mood for a slice of pepperoni or cheese slice you're going to da wrong place. You might as well go to sbarros.

Hmmm, just noticed dat sbarros has a "letter" in front of their name too....

Wassap Wit Dat!   😀

Back to da review. zpizza has a very eclectic (you like dat $5 word yeah?  😆    ) menu of pies. The spinach/artichoke slice I had was very flavorful and wasn't bland as I thought it "might" have been. The ZBQ was in a category in it's own if you like bbq sauce. The sauce wasn't overpowering and the ingredients - on both slices - appeared fresh. Like I said, it isn't your "pizza pizza" brand.

As a pizza fanatic - and I'm sure New Yorkers can vouch - what makes a pizza is da dough and da sauce. You got both and da rest is just icing on da... pie.     zpizza's crust wasn't too thick nor too thin and da sauce - from wat we ate - was ono. 

Oh yeah, they got salads and sandwiches as well but we nevah try 'em.

If you're into da funky fusion of fresh from da oven pies, then zpizza may hit da spot for you. While da price for a full pie is a little out of my range, da 2 slice and a soda meal is a deal for just $7.50 but there's a catch.... the slices are from what they declare is da pizzas of da day which changes daily.

So wat do they get on da Shaka-nack Meter?



Four shakas and an Au' right!


And since I'm always looking out fo' all da WWD! Hui, if you click on da link above to their website and take their survey (you can make stuff up since it's just rating by numbahs), you'll get a $5 off $10 bill coupon to use if you like check 'em out.

So with da coupon in hand, go check 'em go check 'em go! And do your part in helping stimulate da economy.   



Oh yeah, they deliver too! Man, if I had one of these things back wen I was delivering on my motorcycle... it would have saved me from balancing da pies on my gas tank! Ai-goo.


Da second place we stopped right aftah was for dessert. I not a big dessert eater but Da Wife wanted to try dis place out since it opened so we walked ovah (had to burn off some of da pizza  ) to.........


I'll just let your sweet tooth drool ovah da next pics......... 

Inside was packed!


Can you spot Da Wife?    😆  


Da "hot" stuff like chocolate and caramel... dunno wat da last one was.


Can't fo'get da ukumillion toppings!


Had some fresh toppings as well.



Did I mention dat they make their own waffle cone?


In all da haste, I fo'got to take a pictah.... so hea's one aftah we ate some. Fo'got wat we got but was good!    😀  


menchie's is just like Yogurt Land (I nevah been there but heard from da customers sitting down) wea get choke yogurt to choose from, top it off howevah you like and you pay by da ounce. I think ours one came out to little less than $5 but dat was for both our "creations" together.

If you get one sweet tooth you probably going like dis place. And I'm sure it'll be slamming during our hot and humid summer.

So wea they rank?



Four shakas and an Au' right!


Nice dessert quickie if you in da Ward area and if you like to make your own. If not, get Cold Stone Creamery down da street too and you can have them make it for you.     


Until da next review.... no give flack cause we like to kanack!   

Got Grindz?

February 18th, 2009

I'm sure you've all gone through it. In fact I'll bet a plate lunch you go through it at LEAST once a week. Wat am I talkin' about? Dat dreaded question.....

"Wea you like eat?"

Da Wife and I go through dis "same" thing all da time and while it may get tiresome or played out... it still happens...... like EVERY week!

BL:   "Babe, so wea you like eat?"

Da Wife:   "Doesn't matter."

BL:   "Ooookay. So wea you like eat?"

Da Wife:   "Where ever you feel like eating."

BL:   🙄   "Ok. Wat you feel like eating? Plate lunch or samwich?"

Da Wife:   "Doesn't matter."

BL:   "Ok. I like go Subway then."

Da Wife:   "I don't want to go there."

BL:    "Well you said where ever! Ok. So wea you NO LIKE go?"

Da Wife:   "Doesn't matter."

AI-GOO!!! So sad us yeah? 😆

I'm sure da WWD! Hui has talked about it before but now I wanna know - I'm sure da oddah 47 Kwonics too - wea YOU go out to eat frequently. We're talking take-out but feel free to throw in your sit downs as well. 😀

Most times wen Da Wife and I "look" fo' places to eat, it's in da Pearl City area but sometimes we have da above conversation in da car on da way home. On da weekends we all ovah so while our knowledge of eateries in da Pearl City area is enough to survive, how's everybody else? Neighbor islands no scade post either eh.   😉

Here's our shmall kine breakdown in Pearl City:

Subways (on Kaahumanu St) - Da nana's make da samwiches big wea no can close... plus $5, no can go wrong.

L&L (near Wal-Mart) - Order da $5 mini's... just as big as da regular!

Food Court above Sam's - It's ok. More like we no like drive anywhere so we go there aftah Sam's.

Wendy's (near Wal-Mart) - It's not on da menu but their Crispy Chicken sandwich meal is $3.29 (I think cause was $2.99 before). Their prices have been climbing though.

Da Big 3: McDonald's, Jack-In-Box, Taco Bell - All next to each oddah on Kamehameha Hwy. (We no go Burger King... dunno why but once they stopped da 99 cents Whopper nevah been back).

Chun Wah Kam - Fo'get it! $10 fo' plate lunch?! 😡 I know they give choke but we bettah off buying two plates from somewhere else and we get four choices instead of just two. Plus once they stopped their "closing specials" (if you went near closing time, they cut da plate lunch price to just $5) I stopped going.

Ezogiku - Not too bad. Get two in Pearl City.

Kapiolani Coffee Shop - Kinda like Chun Wah Kam with da prices but worse cause their portions no even come close. In fact L&L's mini gives WAY more then them. 😯

Zippys - No get me started.

Graces Inn - Prices up.... food da same. And they don't serve MY kim chee.  😛

Pizza Hut -  😀

Food Court next to Daiei/Foodland - We only go to Baile and Yummy's in there.


While that may seem like enough places to last a month.... we're kinda tired of it since we it's "da same".

Got any to add?

C'mon..... SHARE YOURS!



(as quoted from Da Kine Dictionary &/or Pidgin To Da Max… wit a Braddah Lance twist)



Haole Translation: Box lunch Japanese style

Use: Usually in a rectangular box with individual spaces consisting of rice (furikake on top with ume), entree(s) and sides of vegetables

Sentence: “Da bento was cheap... only $5.”

Sentence: “I tink I need two bento's cause one not enough.”



Have You Evah....

February 17th, 2009

I think we'll add a new category 'dis yea' called...

Have You Evah....

Nothing fancy, just something to get your memories and experiences stirred up.

Yesterday was a holiday for most and as most know, I don't have much of those. But today holds a special event that I used take part in yearly until I started working at The Advertiser.

Great Aloha Run

Have you evah.... run the Great Aloha Run?



I've run it several years when I had the day off and still have vivid memories like my first year I decided to participate... I nevah like miss da bus and like a rookie, I was supah early and ended up waiting for almost two hours for da race to start... in da cold dark morning! Or da booming gun signaling da start of da race. Or da gazillion people wandering around - even da gazillion people in da buildings watching da whole spectacle from their windows or balconies.

There are those who dress up in full runners garb and oddahs who dress up in watevahs. There was one year a black man was making a statement about the African-American oppression and had a VERY thick chain draped ovah his body and I swear da chain weighed like a 100 pounds!

Then get all da kine runner's who all gusto at da start and about three minutes in already walking. Then get da ones who constantly zig-zag through da crowds as if they were in a slalom course. Then there was da time my friends and I all went to Sizzler's sald bar buffet aftah da race.   😆  

Can't forget the line to da porta-potties DURING da race or da ukumillion empty cups on da road. Did I mention da people who actually stop at McDonald's to pick up food while they are running? Or how about the really hard core runnah types who finish da race.... then run ALL DA WAY BACK to Aloha Tower?   😯

In 2000, about a month and a half aftah my reconstructive knee sugery, I ran it (yeah, I pupule and hard head) and was challenged by wat seemed like a 100 year old man. Ok, so I challenged him.  🙄

Yeah, yeah.... Wassap Wit Dat!

Here was this kupuna switching between a very fast power walk and a quick jog  - did I mention he was also flanked by TWO very hot women? He really surprised me cause he didn't miss a beat - running and oddahwise.  😉 Now I don't know if the two women were nurses or his "dates" but I thought 'dis kupuna had it going!....... but he wasn't going to beat me in dis race even with my handicap of only having one useful leg! 😆

Hobble aftah hobble we traded taking the lead until I had enough and deicded to put on da aftah burners and dirst him under da viaduct. I thought I left him in my dust but as we were reaching the home stretch, I noticed da trio just whizzed past me once they hit da stadium grounds and he was booking it! 

"Oh heck no you didn't!"

He caught me a little off guard as I was already easing up to give my swelling knee a break but once I caught wind of da tunnel - and didn't want to be put to shame from da kupuna - I found a little more juice in da tank and trucked on past him cause there was no way I was going to come in second.

As I crossed the finish line all I was thinking of was icing my knee - then da kupuna strolled on by with his two hotties..... I guess I was still da loser.  

The Great Aloha Run is something I think everyone should do at least once in their liftime if you live in Hawaii cause just the experience is rewarding enough when you cross that finish line. You don't even have to run cause there's au'kine of runners, walkers, strollers, joggers etc.

Maybe I jus' may burn a vacation day to run it or maybe I'll put together a WWD! hui to run - or walk - together because the proceeds does go to charity.

So I guess instead of asking, Have you evah.... at least fo' dis' one I should be asking Will You Evah.......







February 13th, 2009

Wat da heck is dat you ask?

Well if you look in most building elevators taller than 13 floors, you know wat I'm getting at. If you love da baker's dozen, you should have it partially figured out...

If you believe that "Jason" cannot/will not die, you one shmart buggah!

Paraskavedekatriaphobia is "the fear of Friday the 13th".

While I don't have a fear of the number "13" - especially on a Friday - I don't dismiss it as well. I'm not especially going to walk under any ladders or break mirrors but I still "respect" the fact that it's unlucky.

As quoted from Wikipedia: 

According to the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute in Asheville, North Carolina, an estimated 17 to 21 million people in the United States are affected by a fear of this day.

Some people are so paralyzed by fear that they avoid their normal routines in doing business, taking flights or even getting out of bed. "It's been estimated that [US]$800 or $900 million is lost in business on this day".[5]

Despite this, representatives for both Delta and Continental Airlines say that their airlines don't suffer from any noticeable drop in travel on those Fridays.[13] 

Wassap Wit Dat!

17 to 21 million people don't even wanna get out of bed cause of Friday the 13th? I thought that was already a gimmie on ANY given day!  😆

And the thought that the economy is hit $800 or 900 million on this "special day" doesn't bode well in our current economic state.... although Valentine's Day always follows on the Saturday so I guess the rebound effect is worth more than fear.

And give me a break... wen da heck would ANY airline say NOT to travel?  🙄

Do you have any superstitions you absolutely "fear"? Do you purposely avoid any bad luck omens?

I personally don't evah bet on numbah 13, I try not whistle at night and I most definitely stay away from da numbah 6.

Silly, but I "fear" bad luck instead of trying to embrace good luck.... WWD! 😮

So just for today, face it head on and instead of feeling fear...... have a Feel Good Friday! 😀


oh yeah, Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours (share your special plans with us if you like)..... if you no mo' "yours" then I guess you got some bad luck.  😆

Jus' joke.... relax.  Happy Feel Good Friday! 




Fire, Ice, Tornadoes..... Cameras?

February 12th, 2009

Only in Hawai'i can you see it all.

We got lava flows creating new land. We got snow and ice on top of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa. Hail, water spouts and even the dreaded hurricane but now.... tornadoes?

I for one have never heard of any tornadoes in Hawaii but according to today's article by Gordon Pang, the National Weather service says "the state gets one to two tornadoes a year".

I dunno about you but that's kinda freaky.

We're not used to hearing or seeing nature's fury of that sort except for in the movies like Twister so what do Hawaii residents do?

Bust out their cameras!

Wassap Wit Dat!

I couldn't believe how many people had cameras at the ready - we're not only talking camera phones but camcorders too! There are sooooo much video and pics out there being shown on ALL the media networks from these "eyewitness'" that it's mind boggling.

Of course, it's even out on YouTube already. 😯   

Do the people who take the pics/video immediately call the media to let them know they got pics? Do they get paid?

Well, no doubt I'd be busting out my camera too but at the same time would be in awe at the sight of the "unusual" event. Do we run? Do we stay? Do we look for doorways to stand under?

And then it got me thinking.... how come get soooo much dang cameras out there taking picures of all kine shtuff of all kine events and yet no can take pic/video of any crimes?

Wassap Wit Dat!!!

It happens just as fast in that blink of an eye and yet people can whip out their cameras and take their snapshots of everything.... but crime.

I guess crime not "unusual" enough already.....  🙄   



(as defined from… wit a Braddah Lance twist)


Haole Translation: Wind

Use: Local way of saying "wind"

Sentence: “Dat was some strong makani blowing through.”

Sentence: “Unreal da makani strength of da tornado.”




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