Wassup Wit Dat!

Rich AND Rude!

March 23rd, 2009

Riding into work this morning seemed like any other day and it was.... except for one pupule driver almost ending my day before it even got started.

It started off feeling pretty good - the sun was making it's way out, the air was nice and cold and bonus, I caught all the greens at the traffic lights. I get on the on-ramp at the Sears Distribution center in Pearl City (it's a nice right hand turn when you're on a bike) then as I was straightening out, a newer model Mercedes cuts right in front of me - with about three feet to spare - crossing two lanes to get to the shoulder lane. Did I mention it he crossed a SOLID LINE?!

Seriously, is it that urgent to get to the shoulder lane with such haste? The next off ramp is at Aiea and that is hellah far away plus he didn't show any signs of having car trouble. On top of that traffic was really flowing because of Spring Break and it was nowhere near the usual morning commuting level.

I normally watch for these lolo's as I see drivers take that illegal turn everyday but they normally do it when the lanes are next to each other or as soon as they are able to clearly see the merging lane but this guy made his move right at edge of the "triangle" part where there's still dirt and it wasn't even paved yet!

Of course I gun it ride right along side of him on his drivers side and indicate to him he crossed a solid line and da buggah with his neatly trimmed hair and crisply pressed pastel shirt actually shakes his head at me!

Wassap Wit Dat!

Woooo-saaaa... wooo-saaaa.

Drive safe everybodies.... cause it's one thing to drive a $70k car but it ain't worth squat if you wreck it. 😉



*** WWD! Hookups! ***

For those of you wanting to go the First Hawaiian International Auto Show this week (March 26-29), I got  2 two-pack's of tickets to give away. It's good for any of the four days. For more info about the show, check out hiautoshow.com.

Here's the game, real simple.

Post a car part - any car part but gotta be a legitimate one eh - and one car part per post and no repeats.

Post numbah 77 wins da first two-pack, post numbah 150 wins da second...... I may "find" anoddah two-pack for post numbah 207....... get dat much parts or wat?

Good luck!




567 Responses to “Rich AND Rude!”

  1. anklebiters:

    GOLF (V W)

  2. anklebiters:


  3. anklebiters:


  4. anklebiters:

    911 Carrera

  5. anklebiters:

    Yugo 🙂

  6. anklebiters:


  7. anklebiters:


  8. anklebiters:

    #557 that should be Stingray

  9. Braddah Lance:

    Pinto 😀

  10. anklebiters:


  11. Braddah Lance:

    Datsun B210


  12. uncle jimmy:

    280-Z - 240-Z = 40-Z..

  13. uncle jimmy:

    japan jaguah = 240-Z

  14. uncle jimmy:

    pinto gas tank = flame-t'rowah

    pinto back seat = bah-b-que pit

  15. anklebiters:

    Crown Vic - sheeeeskabob ❗

  16. uji:

    glass packs..

  17. anklebiters:

    shock extensions

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