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Simply Hawaiian.... in Tar Heel Country?

April 30th, 2009

Howzit howzit!

So you know how we roll on WWD!. It's very much open hea' and we share our mana'o and mo'olelo's and throw in a little funny from time to time. Wat you don't know is dat WWD! is only around because of YOU! Yeah, das right.... YOU!

As a blog host, I've been blessed and fortunate enough to have such great readers - and posters - open up and help as much as share which is wat Aloha is truly all about.

We have a Kwonic on da east coast (WWD! going national! 😀 ) - we all know her as islandgirl in nc - and she was craving a bit of da islands but obviously shmall kine hard no? 😛

So she went a hunting and guess wat she found?

Nothing but Simply Hawaiian. 😀 Cheee-hooo!

Here's her most excellent Shaka-nack review and no give her hard time cause she no can write in pidgin eh! 😉 😛    


Photos and write up by islandgirl in nc -

On the first warm Saturday of the year, my husband, son and I drove out to Indian Trail to check out Simply Hawaiian. Indian Trail is located just outside of Charlotte, NC.


 I heard about this cafe on a local mommies board when someone inquired if there were any places in Charlotte that served Hawaiian food. One of the mommies responded and mentioned Simply Hawaiian. She said she thought the owner, Paul who was from Hawaii, would know. As soon as I read the owners were from Hawaii, I knew I simply had to check this place out.

Susan Sumile, co-owner with her husband Paul, was outside seeing off one of her customers and quickly greeted us warmly as we were getting out of our car. We hugged and I felt like I was back home again. After introductions, we entered the brightly lit and colorful shop with its surfboards, map of Oahu and posters of Hawaiian sunsets adoring the walls. The simple yet festive Hawaiian atmosphere emanated the Aloha spirit.





Within minutes Susan and I were chatting like we had known each other awhile. Customers were steady the two hours we were there, and it seemed like everyone knew their names. I heard several customers ask where Paul was. My husband, who never had a shave ice in his life, was waiting in anticipation for this treat I had told him about. My son, almost three, chose to stick to ice cream.

When Susan’s husband, Paul, came in, we immediately started talking story. He jokingly asked if I wanted a Spam musubi. Simply Hawaiian’s menu focuses on coffee drinks made with Kona coffee. In addition, sweet treats such as Lava Cake, Menehune Chocolate Chip Cookies and Hawaiian Treasure Brownie are served. Smoothies and, of course, Hawaiian Shave Ice seemed to the center of the menu. The shave ice came in two sizes, Keiki (small) or Big Kahuna for the larger appetites. Ice cream could also be added.

There were only 10 syrups listed for the shave ice and were the generic ones, but Susan immediately let me know they also had others such as guava and mango. I knew I had to get a rainbow shave ice with guava, mango and pineapple. Paul approved as he made my shave ice and commented that I was a local girl.

The shave ice hit the spot on the hot and almost Hawaiian like day. My husband approved of his lime shave ice and said the flavoring was right on and not too sweet or tart.

Susan and Paul hope to expand their repertoire of food into plate lunches in the future. But for right now, the sweet Hawaiian treats lure the locals from around Indian Trail and nearby Charlotte into the cafe.

The Sumiles moved to North Carolina at the end of 2004. Paul was born and raised in Waialua on Oahu. The Sumiles lived in Wahiawa (Whitmore Village) before their move to the Carolinas. Susan said it was a good time to sell their home in 2004 and move to the mainland so they could give their three children additional opportunities. After a few years, they decided to open Simply Hawaiian “to bring a little of the Aloha spirit to our new home,” Susan said. Despite finding their niche here, they continue to miss their friends and family and especially the food.

Since opening their cafe a little over a year ago, they have met other expats from the Islands. Besides the sweet treats, Simply Hawaiian also sells gift items such as t-shirts and a variety of Hawaiian coffees. They have karaoke every Friday evening and have participated in the community by supporting causes such as autism.

Check them out on the web at SIMPLY HAWAIIAN (click here) and you can also visit them on Facebook by searching for “Simply Hawaiian.”

Mahalo Susan and Paul for your warm hospitality while my family and I were there. We will definitely be back again!



So if you evah at Indian Trail near Charlotte, North Carolina, stop by Simply Hawaiian and say Wassap (Wit Dat)! 

Muchos Mahalos again to islandgirl in nc for taking da time to do da write up and taking some awesome pics.... but wea you at? 😛







Just An Accident?

April 28th, 2009

I'm sure everyone's heard by now about the tragic accident on Sunday in Kaneohe where a Japanese national was trying to make a U-turn and struck two motorcyclists - one died at Castle Medical Center while another remains critical at Queen's.

But did you know the Japanese national was arrested, booked on one count of third-degree negligent homicide and first-degree negligent injury and released yesterday?

Pretty common procedure we hear about all the time but do you know which one is worse? Bet'cha your hale and your junk-a-lunkah car you're wrong. Ready?....... Hold on to your lauhala skirts....

Third-degree negligent homicide is a misdemeanor, while first-degree negligent injury is a class C felony. 😯 No joke.....


Dunno about you but I seriously think that's wrong. How can causing a death be "less" of a crime than injury? Not to sound totally out of line or callous, but you'd think the Japanese national would hope (heaven forbid) that the second motorcyclist passes so that he'd be charged with two MISDEMEANOR's instead of just the one felony.

There are some serious issues with our legal system no? Aren't some crimes just worse than others in the common sense of it all?  *Off topic here but just like that stupid law that prevented the Kaide's from living together in the same care home.*

I really feel sorry for the motorcyclist family and friends - anyone who has lost someone tragically - but at the same time too I can emphasized with the Japanese national. Losing a life is never easy but being the one taking it away must be agonizing as well.

Saying this on the err of common sense, the whole incident was an "accident" right? The driver didn't intentionally hit the motorcyclists. So when is an accident just an accident? When does the term "accident" lose it's meaning? When you're the causer, aren't you the only one thinking it was an accident - done totally by mistake? And when you're the one who's lost from it, don't you get defensive and/or want someone to pay dearly whether it be monetary or prison?

So why is that we always comfort our keiki with, "it's ok. It was just an accident."?

It'll be curious how this all plays out, especially since it involves a foreign national.



SHOUT OUT:   To the Souza Family in Pearl City, Da WWD! Hui will keep you in our prayers and wish you strength and courage in your time of healing.



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Testing Da Manhood

April 27th, 2009

No, it's not the golf mo'olelo just yet - gotta save something for FGF right? 😉

After my basketball league play yesterday, a bunch of us were hanging around the gym talking story and as we were leaving the gym, a friend (on another team) asked if we wanted shoes.

BL:     "Wat kine shoes? They stolen?"
Friend:      "No! Get sale at where I work."
BL:      "Wat kine sale?"
Friend:      "50% off most everything."
BL:     "FO REALZ?!? No joke?"
Friend:     "Yup. You like go?"
BL:     "Heck yeah!!!"

So I book it home to ask Da Wife if she like go cause it is shopping after all.

BL:     (calling from outside) "BABE! Get ready!"
Da Wife:     "Get ready for what?"
BL:     "My friend get friends/family appreciation sale - 50% off! Go get ready for go."
Da Wife:     (five minutes later) "Nah, I no like go."
BL:     "Huh? You feelin' ok?" (feeling her head)
Da Wife:     (borderline SOS) "YES! I don't feel like going... plus I don't need anything."
BL:     "Ok.... see ya!"

I for one certainly ain't passing up 50% athletic footwear and apparel. 😉

So there we were.... seven of us..... all adults..... all male review. 😯 ("Not that there's anything wrong with that" - Seinfeld)

I didn't even realize it until after we were walking through the mall from the first store to the second looking around you either seen all girls or boy/girl groups - not an all guy group... carrying shopping bags! Believe me, it was sight you'll probably only see once in your life time or at least if we all had our women next to us it wouldn't have looked too bad. 🙄

One of our friends was a kid in a candy store practically buying everything he could get his hands on. I was ragging on him cause there he was, a slender asian wearing modern eyeglasses picking out "gangsta" clothing and asking us,

Friend:     "How does this look?"
BL:     (laughing) "Brah, Wassap Wit Dat! You going all gangsta on us?"
Friend:     "No. Don't you think it looks cool?"
BL:     "Uh, no." (still laughing)
Friend:     "I don't have this kind of shirt and it's only ten bucks!"
BL:     "You going UC (undercover) or wat?"
Friend:     "No, but I wouldn't buy it at $20."

Which was a good point and probably das why we were going nuts getting our deal on! We'd nevah even think about how we'd "look" shopping and just the fact we were getting an unreal hookup was reason enough to test da manhood - and it was legal. 😛

After finishing up at the third and final store, ALL of us had at least one bag full of goodies.....

We split up and booked it home right aftah. 😆



SHOUT OUT #1:     Mahalos to Ben for da great hookup! Can't wait for da next one to roll around!

SHOUT OUT #2:    Golf mo'olelo to come on FGF so stay tuned..... let's just say it was pretty interesting.

SHOUT OUT #3:     Congrats to all da boys (7) with Hawaii ties making it in da NFL Draft! Good luck to a successful NFL career!

SHOUT OUT #4:     Congrats to Hawaii's own Brian Viloria for capturing the IBF Junior Flyweight title with a TKO in the 11th round!




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Game On! Betting Lines Are Now Open

April 24th, 2009

Happy rainy Feel Good Friday!

So wat if da weather sucks, my laptop is on da fritz and going to crash any second now and dat my work computah couldn't even get my work programs up and running cause our connections got cut and I couldn't even get dis post out......

It's still Feel Good Friday!  

The weekend is near and none too soon!

In case you haven't heard, Da Triads are "testing" out da watahs for da First (Annual?) Triads Golf Get Together tomorrow (Saturday) at Hawaii Prince Golf Club.

Muchos Mahalos to Coconut Willy for hooking us up with a great rate! We wouldn't have been able to golf there oddahwise..... well, at least I wouldn't have.   🙁

See, wen da call is made out to Da WWD! Hui.... they NEVAH disappoint! Das why all you guys who share your "voice" and post - and those who rag and tease too - are NO KA OI! 😉 😀

And fo' dat....... you deserve.......



 Das right...... FIVE Shakas and a Howzit!!


And no, it's not a "tournament" since we have no prizes oddah than bragging rights and probably a few WWD! moments dat I'll be totally glad to share.... no holds barred. 😀

The teams are set and hea's who's representing who:

On Team ODDS & ENDS (O&E) - The Queenie herself, Shauna and two Kwonic traitors anklebiters and opso.

I kid I kid.... they sacrificed themselves because we couldn't have everybody on da winning team. 😉

On Team MIDLIFE CRISIS (MLC) - Uncle Rodney defaulted out because he doesn't golf but da MLC'ers are well represented by annodah WWD! defector NKHEA. 😛 And rounding out da team is his wife, IKHEA, and they are bringing in a ringer only known as "friend".

They are truly representing da MLC demographic so we'll try and wait till they hit their fourth shot before we launch our drives on their heads.    😆


On Team WASSAP WIT DAT! (WWD!) - We're well represented with The Clown and Scott and of course, yours truly, Braddah Lance.

Our motto? "We don't play good, but damn straight you know we're going to look good!" 😀 And we own da 19th Puka!.......... well, maybe jus' me. :mrgreen:


So bring your "A" game O&E because Da Hive is going down! And MLC, make surah you bring your meds eh.... my CPR training hasn't been recertified in awhile. 😛

And Team WWD!..... let's just try keep it on da fairway.... on da hole we're supposed to be playing on and not da ones next to it.    😆


Vegas lines are now open......... Any bets?  😀



SHOUT OUT:  The call was made out to those who wanted to join us in a round of golf and Muchos Mahalos to those above for wanting to play! Hopefully next time we'll actually get a friendly "tournament" going with choke people.

But for those not inclined to golfing, we are having the customary 19th Puka "celebration" at Ige's. If you're wanting to come, let us know because we have reserved only a select number of tables.






It's About Time!

April 23rd, 2009

In case you haven't heard, the City Council passed a bill - 6 to 1 - bannig the use of handheld cell phones, video games or any other mobile electronic devices while driving (click to read article by Honolulu Advertiser reporter Sean Hao) ....... uh, It's About Time!

I agreed with Mayor Hanneman when he vetoed the first bill since it didn't "make sense" but the bill passed yesterday - to become law starting July 1st if signed by Mayor Hanneman - certainly does. And it still allows people to still talk but via a "hand-free" device. 

This time around, there weren't much opposition but who da heck was da single City Council member that opposed it? 🙄

Unfortunately, some see it (talking on the phone while driving) as a liberty or freedom being taken away which is sad. I see it as common sense being forced into your thick skull since obviously multi-tasking is not your forté.

We've all seen it and do it time to time. We've all been on both sides of the street when it comes to talking on the phone. And no lie, when you're on the phone talking and driving, you're totally fine with it but when you see someone else on their phone, your little - or big - road rage devil pops out and you start yelling in your car, "get off da damn phone and drive!!!"...... or is it just me? 😳

Then of course you gotta do da quick stink eye drive by. 🙄

Wassap Wit Dat!

Is it an inconvenience? No doubt - especially if you have a "legitimate" reason for being on the phone and driving like if you forgot something or need to give instructions or directions.... but das why they invented hands free kits (besides trying for make more money of course)! And if you gotta be on da phone and drive, please be in da right lane..... you know, da sloooooow lane.

Just because everybody and their newborn has a cell, some people are crying government intrusion. Think about it this way. Remembah waaaaaaaaaay back when cell phones were the weight and size of bricks and only the "rich" people had them? I remembah hearing "everyone" else bitch about how dangerous it was for those people to talk and drive but now that "everyone" and their dog has one..... no one is bitching now huh?

Well except that one City Council member.  🙄

What they should ban is those who make their conversations open to da public in the walkie-talkie mode. It should be a citizens right, if they are able to hear BOTH conversations in a public venue where it disturbs the people around him/her, you can just grab the phone and do your best Joe Montana impersonation and throw a deep bomb or bettah yet, make like LeBron James and slam dunk da crap out of dat suckah!   😆

With the current passed bill, some say it'll still be hard to enforce..... Brah, if you think dat..... you not too bright eh?

With my extensive law knowledge from Law & Order, NCIS, CSI and Bones, I can see them nailing you without even batting an eyelash.

Follow me. You're on your phone. You see lights flash behind you. You slyly drop your phone on your side and discreetly hide your phone.

Officer:       "Do you know why I pulled you over?"
Idiot:     "No."
Officer:       "I saw you on your phone."
Idiot:     "What phone?"
Officer:       (Looks around and doesn't see it in plain view)  "May I search I search your car?"
Idiot:     "No. And I don't even have my phone on me. I left it at home."
Officer:       "Then what was you holding up to your ear? And do you normally talk to yourself?"
Idiot:     "I was leaning on my hand....... and I was singing." (ha ha! I got you Officer!)
Officer:       (hands him a ticket anyways)
Idiot:     "I'm going to protest it. I don't even have my phone with me.""
Officer:       (big grin)  "Please do."

Idiot shows up to court and pleads his case to the judge saying that the officer couldn't have seen him because of the angle he was sitting in his car. The judge then asks the officer to "show proof"......... BAM!

Subpoenaed call detail of the Idiot's cell phone which matches the time of the officer calling in to base for the pull over and the nailing evidence? The time stamp on the ticket. 😆 No can win! 😛

I gotta say this though. It's a little irkamatating when they say this cell phone ban will save lives.... hello.... McFly.... I thought it was to make you a more attentive driver? It should have been said it'll prevent a lot more unnecessary accidents and possibly save a life resulting from it.

But dat's just me.   😀

At least now I get one excuse if I no pick up da phone wen Da Wife calls...... "Babe, I was driving." 😉

So wat you tink?



SHOUT OUT:  Mahalos to anklebiters for the bags of cookies!



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