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Game On! Betting Lines Are Now Open

April 24th, 2009

Happy rainy Feel Good Friday!

So wat if da weather sucks, my laptop is on da fritz and going to crash any second now and dat my work computah couldn't even get my work programs up and running cause our connections got cut and I couldn't even get dis post out......

It's still Feel Good Friday!  

The weekend is near and none too soon!

In case you haven't heard, Da Triads are "testing" out da watahs for da First (Annual?) Triads Golf Get Together tomorrow (Saturday) at Hawaii Prince Golf Club.

Muchos Mahalos to Coconut Willy for hooking us up with a great rate! We wouldn't have been able to golf there oddahwise..... well, at least I wouldn't have.   🙁

See, wen da call is made out to Da WWD! Hui.... they NEVAH disappoint! Das why all you guys who share your "voice" and post - and those who rag and tease too - are NO KA OI! 😉 😀

And fo' dat....... you deserve.......



 Das right...... FIVE Shakas and a Howzit!!


And no, it's not a "tournament" since we have no prizes oddah than bragging rights and probably a few WWD! moments dat I'll be totally glad to share.... no holds barred. 😀

The teams are set and hea's who's representing who:

On Team ODDS & ENDS (O&E) - The Queenie herself, Shauna and two Kwonic traitors anklebiters and opso.

I kid I kid.... they sacrificed themselves because we couldn't have everybody on da winning team. 😉

On Team MIDLIFE CRISIS (MLC) - Uncle Rodney defaulted out because he doesn't golf but da MLC'ers are well represented by annodah WWD! defector NKHEA. 😛 And rounding out da team is his wife, IKHEA, and they are bringing in a ringer only known as "friend".

They are truly representing da MLC demographic so we'll try and wait till they hit their fourth shot before we launch our drives on their heads.    😆


On Team WASSAP WIT DAT! (WWD!) - We're well represented with The Clown and Scott and of course, yours truly, Braddah Lance.

Our motto? "We don't play good, but damn straight you know we're going to look good!" 😀 And we own da 19th Puka!.......... well, maybe jus' me. :mrgreen:


So bring your "A" game O&E because Da Hive is going down! And MLC, make surah you bring your meds eh.... my CPR training hasn't been recertified in awhile. 😛

And Team WWD!..... let's just try keep it on da fairway.... on da hole we're supposed to be playing on and not da ones next to it.    😆


Vegas lines are now open......... Any bets?  😀



SHOUT OUT:  The call was made out to those who wanted to join us in a round of golf and Muchos Mahalos to those above for wanting to play! Hopefully next time we'll actually get a friendly "tournament" going with choke people.

But for those not inclined to golfing, we are having the customary 19th Puka "celebration" at Ige's. If you're wanting to come, let us know because we have reserved only a select number of tables.






56 Responses to “Game On! Betting Lines Are Now Open”

  1. opso:

    uji - i going keep reminding him bout dat......and mayBEE some ODDah swing thoughts strategically throughout da day! 😉

  2. Brother Love:

    While everybody is at the golf course, I got a rant that I just have to get off my chest over here. This is totally off topic but here goes; am I the only one here who feels that america has gone way over-board with the "pc" (politically correct) issue. Personally I feel that by worrying how one refers to another group of indiv (midgets = little people) is stupid, what should matter is how you treat that group as individuals. Keep in mind I am not referring to the vulgar names of groups of ppl, the "n word" or other such ignorant ugly references are definitely crossing the line but imo, we have gone way over-board w/ this "pc" crappolla. Here is a good example, the sport of NASCAR (which I love) has given in to it as well, it started 5 yrs ago when the banned tobacco & alcohol companies from sponsorship on the racing teams, but they let erectile disfunction companies like "viagara" to jump in to the game. Can anybody else see the hypocracy there. Where are we gonna be in 5 yrs, am I gonna wake up and watch the "Stayfree 500" on sunday, believe me the last thing I want to hear Darryl Waltrip say "well in lap 187 of the stayfresh 500, joey logano is leading the field in the #43 strawberry douche cheverolet..."; I would'nt want to have to call up a race track to inquire about buying tix to the kotex 200 while talking to some women on the other end of the phone hoping that she can "pull a few strings" so I can get good seats!
    This stuff better not bleed over to the NFL (which would'nt surprise me), cuz if that happens I swear I am gonna bitch-slap someone geeez!!!!
    Well there ya go, rant is done...

  3. uji:


    hey, scott, what's with the loop and flying elbow??? very cool, brah

    so, dude, were trying to look like jim furyk or what???

  4. Brother Love:

    uji who won the golf game?

  5. anklebiters:

    To the champs


  6. Braddah Lance:

    Mahalos to all who cheered on Team WWD!.

    Tune in on Friday for da mo'olelo..... although anklebiters may have given it away. 😀

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