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Hit By A Mack Truck... & Da Wife Is On Da Couch!

May 20th, 2009

My apologies for not checking in once yesterday but you see.... I got hit by a Mack truck and I'm still feeling da effects.

A few days ago - late Saturday afternoon to be exact - I started feeling it: scracthy throat, light headiness, slight temperature.

Oh wait.... that was the post game effects of yet another disappointing loss. 🙄 More on that later.

I got hit with something far more worse than any loss... I got a real bad case of the flu. Unrealz bad. It was so bad that Monday morning I deliriously called my doctor for an appointment, drove down doing my best to match the speed limit (was driving like a mukule granny in a Camry) and what really was about 50 yards to my doctor's office from the parking garage felt like trudging a mile through the Sahara on my hands and knees.

After spending about 40 mins waiting, I finally get called in and get asked the same ole same ole questions.... 10 minutes later when the doctor comes in, I get asked the same questions. I really don't know what that's all about. I wonder if it's trick questions to see if you answer them the same way 10 minutes ago or to test your patience? Or maybe your symptoms will change from the time you get admitted to the time your doctor sees you?

In any case, I've been house arrested this whole week and sent into quarantine per doctor's orders. 😥 I haven't been able to hug Da Wife and she's been kicked to da couch. Well, if I actually woke up in the last 60 hours to move, maybe she would have had a chance to kick me to da couch. 🙄 If there is anything good about being sick it's that it's a sure fire way to lose weight!

So if I don't post for awhile, my apologies in advance as I try and kick this bad boy out of my system, but before I fall asleep for the next 48 hours I'd just like to send an E Komo Mai to WWD! Shout Out to all Da Lurkahs who popped in on Monday's "Represent" Blog and also to those who we haven't heard from in awhile too. 😉


Center Of Thought

9th Island Cuz





World Wide Ed


UH Baseball Fan




If your name wasn't listed above...... too bad..... you must be a Kwonic! 😉 😆







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58 Responses to “Hit By A Mack Truck... & Da Wife Is On Da Couch!”

  1. B:

    BL- hope you feeling better.

    happy FGF everybodies. remember those who have served and are serving this weekend.

  2. Ocean Lover:

    BL................you OKAY OR WHAT? 😳

    Its a 3-day weekend (for most) and I truly hope you've beaten this "bug" and you can enjoy it with your wife.


  3. M:

    Good Morning BL!

    I hope you are much better today for the long weekend!

    FGF to everyone!

  4. lesliek:


    i hope you are feeling better. flu symptoms make you feel like you are better off dead, yeah? i remember feeling so bad, i could barely walk.

    miss ya here at work. (bet you don't miss us!)


  5. Tankobu:

    Braddah Lance, hope you getting better! Lonesome without you blogging.

    Have a good weekend everybody. Like B says, it's a time for remembrance. Mahalo to those who served and serve our country!

  6. NKHEA:

    Yooo howzit BL 🙂

    Hope you feeling betta 😉 take it easy and drink plenty beea....opps ment fluids 😯 😆

    NKHEA...still pushing his remedy

  7. 2B:

    I hope you not still sick on your first holiday of da year.....

  8. bB:

    hope you feeling better

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