Hit By A Mack Truck... & Da Wife Is On Da Couch!

May 20th, 2009

My apologies for not checking in once yesterday but you see.... I got hit by a Mack truck and I'm still feeling da effects.

A few days ago - late Saturday afternoon to be exact - I started feeling it: scracthy throat, light headiness, slight temperature.

Oh wait.... that was the post game effects of yet another disappointing loss. :roll: More on that later.

I got hit with something far more worse than any loss... I got a real bad case of the flu. Unrealz bad. It was so bad that Monday morning I deliriously called my doctor for an appointment, drove down doing my best to match the speed limit (was driving like a mukule granny in a Camry) and what really was about 50 yards to my doctor's office from the parking garage felt like trudging a mile through the Sahara on my hands and knees.

After spending about 40 mins waiting, I finally get called in and get asked the same ole same ole questions.... 10 minutes later when the doctor comes in, I get asked the same questions. I really don't know what that's all about. I wonder if it's trick questions to see if you answer them the same way 10 minutes ago or to test your patience? Or maybe your symptoms will change from the time you get admitted to the time your doctor sees you?

In any case, I've been house arrested this whole week and sent into quarantine per doctor's orders. :cry: I haven't been able to hug Da Wife and she's been kicked to da couch. Well, if I actually woke up in the last 60 hours to move, maybe she would have had a chance to kick me to da couch. :roll: If there is anything good about being sick it's that it's a sure fire way to lose weight!

So if I don't post for awhile, my apologies in advance as I try and kick this bad boy out of my system, but before I fall asleep for the next 48 hours I'd just like to send an E Komo Mai to WWD! Shout Out to all Da Lurkahs who popped in on Monday's "Represent" Blog and also to those who we haven't heard from in awhile too. :wink:


Center Of Thought

9th Island Cuz





World Wide Ed


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If your name wasn't listed above...... too bad..... you must be a Kwonic! :wink: :lol:







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58 Responses to “Hit By A Mack Truck... & Da Wife Is On Da Couch!”

  1. BananaFysh:

    Hey BL --

    Ohh, so DAT's what happened to you. I was wondering what happened since you didn't post in comments the last couple days. I thought you was getting smashed at work, not smashed in bed! :shock:

    Dang, I know how you feel. I was just sick the other week. Not full on flu, but crappy enough to stay home from work. I think was the vog that triggered it. Cough, sinus headache, body ache.

    Anyways, take care, get plenny rest and drink plenny fluids. (Not only beer, now ;) ) No need worry about the blog, just get some rest! Just put one empty topic, and we'll take care of the rest. hehe ;)

    Get well soon!

  2. jaydee:

    Bummers brah! You sure it's not the Swine Flu? Anyway get plenty of rest and get well soon.

  3. anklebiters:


    It must have been a BEEG Mac truck to keep you in bed. How come you didn't get the couch instead :?: :lol:

    Get well soon :!:

  4. Rosette:

    yes ..my boys been sick too BUT the youngest he want me to snuggle him.....just rest take it easy...in this house I cannot get sick I HAVE TO MOVE! Yes no one really knows when I am sick because I just move.

  5. Makiki:

    Chee Hoo! I'm a Kwonic!

    Is dat good? Hope you feel better BL.

    Alan from Makiki

  6. King Katonk:

    Ho BL,
    You had me worried for second; it’s a good thing you came up for air. I think you better rub some kim chee all over your chest in place of the Vicks vapor rub. That should do the trick. Hope you feel better.

    BTW - I’m just glad that you were only hit by a Mack truck and not by Patrick Willis.
    Then I’d be really worried.

    Props to Da Wife for sleeping on the couch while you get some rest. I’ve been there before and it’s not very comfortable. The sad part was that my spouse wasn’t sick.

  7. Center Of Thought:

    Hope you're feelin' better BL - that vomit, puke, barf stuff with da feva is no fun!

    oh, and thanks for the shout out! Woo hoo Salt Lake bruddah's up in the blog haha

  8. matt:

    get better. if anyone asks if it is swine flu ("da tonkatsu tummy"), just tell em "nah...SARS"

  9. Ynaku:

    Brah I hope you don't have the R2D2 virus. In the last 2 months I picked up 3 different colds/flu. Talk about buss up. 1st 2 regular colds which I got over pretty quick. This last one, I ended up sleeping on the couch, and on the recliner cause I didn't want my wife to wake up in the middle of the night from my coughing. She gotta work. Anyway, I just getting over that coughing one. Throat still itchy and the beea no help. Actually make me sleep good.

    Good thing you went doctor. That MACK truck is nasty. Take care and we hope you feel better soon. Oh and pua ting your wife. No can cuddle :(

  10. Kage:

    Hope you feel better soon.

    I'm a Kwonic! Yeah.

  11. hanapaa:

    Bruddah, get well soon! And thanks for putting me numbah one on top yoa list. Lucky ting not the draft! No not NFL, Selective Services. Been choke busy for a while. Came back shmall kine a coupla weeks ago. Been lurking your blog. Wuz shame for post.

    @Ynaku: Brah, you need sumting mo antiseptical den beea fo da troat. Try scotch! Neat! Ok, ok you can put lemon/honey or lemon peel or li hing mui in sai. J/K! Take care yo health.

  12. Rosette:

    I take neo citran for cold and flu you add hot water ....then when it takes affect voila I MOVE MOVE! then you drink wither apple jiuce or orange juice then I AM OUT BOUNCING and LIMPING LIKE A BALL. then watch a ghost show that will take your mind off your sickness...then you say to yourself OH I AM ALIVE!

  13. B:

    yeah, wuz kinda wundering wea you wuz too. take care and get well soon.

    and how is it your wife get da couch? ova hea wen i get sick, I practically gotta sleep in da truck. haha.

  14. Tankobu:

    Take care Braddah Lance! Eat plenny kim chee, get plenny rest!

  15. 9th Island Girl:

    Aw, poor thing!! Hope you feel better soon. Maybe your mom can make you seaweed soup.

  16. Ynaku:

    @hanapaa, yeah I going try that :P Buggah work with Crown, or Jack Daniel, Glenlivet? Those ones gotta be straight up though yeah?

    Or maybe Margarita. Get antiseptic (tequila) with citrus (grapefruit). Salt to help break down the gullah gullahs. Hmmmm. I wonder if they make margarita cough syrup :?

  17. M:

    Good Morning BL!

    Get well soon!

  18. KAN:

    Ouch. Take care, brah.

    Ynaku, I like dat - margarita cough syrup! You should totally make that! :lol:

    Mrs. BL must really love you to give you da bed. Either that or you're too heavy for her to carry/drag! (j/k - it's bad karma to make fun of somebody who's so sick.)

  19. Ynaku:

    @KAN :D

  20. hanapaa:

    @ Ynaku: Brah rememba now, no try operate da danga euipment afta you take da "medicine". I tink Long's had da Margarita-flavored Nyquil.

  21. acuradriver02:


    I think we can all sympathize with you, having had the flu before. I know I did before and there were a few times I thought just being dead was preferable to feeling so bad (NOT wishing that on you at all).

    Get well soon. I'm sure all your boys (the ones you coach and the ones you're on the team with) all miss baseball prowess.

    You gonna owe Da Wife big time - when I was sick, I mostly kept to myself in the downstairs part of the house, but my wife would pop her head in every once in awhile (from a distance, of course) when she hears me moaning and groaning...and get whatever I asked (more like demanded). If your wife doing the same, the anniversary/Christmas is gonna be expensive this year :-)

  22. 2B:

    Hope this one goes away after one week. Not like the last one that took 4 months to go away.....

  23. Bre:

    BL, I'm sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I hope you get better soon. You are too upbeat to be sick!!

  24. GA Bows:

    Take care of yourself and hope you start to feel better soon!

  25. theDman:

    Lance, brah, azz why no good hang aroun da peegs man!

    Take care and get well.

  26. kate:

    Get well soon Lance! Take care and get lots of rest so you can get better faster.

    If you stuck in bed, do you have a bell? I give my husband a bell when he's sick so he can ring me if he needs something. Good thing he doesn't get sick often.

  27. Ocean Lover:

    Eh BL...........we miss you. Hurry up and get rid of dat germ.....or virus....or green hanas.


  28. opso:

    BL - oh.....so dass why you was mia. sorry to hear dat. :(
    take care of your yourself brah.......and tell Da Wife fo make you some kim chee chige. if you inhale da fumes from dat......garans da bug inside you going mak'e. heh. :lol:

    get well soon! :D

  29. J.P.:

    sup BL...get well soon. also feelin' a lil under the weather myself.

  30. Rodney:

    Ahh, so that's were you've been. Went looking for you these past 2 days to see if you wanted to join us for Turd Tue. lunch.

    Take care.

  31. 808 Dad:

    Hey Lance,
    Take care of yourself. Lots of fluids and rest. I usually lie out in the sun for hours whenever I get the flu. For some reason the sun feels so good and I try to sweat out bad bugs.

    808 Dad

  32. kako mochi:

    aiya! sorry to hear you're sick! hope you feel better soon!

    i've been so busy w/work, i don't have time to read the blogs as much, let alone get sick!

    take care :)

  33. panda-hugger:

    Hey...Hope u r feeling better soon...take care.. :-)

  34. Dirtball:

    Eh, you been grinding dat sashimi from da bowling alley again? :grin:

    No need bell. Get one baby monitor and keep um next to you. Good practice fo wen you get keiki. :lol:

    Hope you get bettah soon.

  35. Coconut Willy:

    BL, take care of yourself.

    You get da kine wife dat pampers you? Or da kine dat says suck it up you wimp?

  36. snow:

    yikes... da flu!! did they give you the tamiflu stuff? it's supposed to help, if you take it early enough! i haven't had the flu... since... i dunno... college? i remember having it once as a kid and i lost 10 pounds in a week... and also couldn't stand up to save my life!!

    boy, and to think i been home with a cold these past couple of days... dat wuz nuttin!

    take care and get well soon! you can feel all the get well vibes from the kwonics, lanceformers and lurkahs making you feel better already, right?? :) and, you know what else you might need to do (later, after you get better)... no run yourself ragged!! :mrgreen:

  37. JindoMaster808:

    Get well soon, Lance!

    My wife and daughter came down with some kind of bug yesterday. They're to the doctor today. I'm hoping my son and I can keep healthy.

  38. NKHEA:

    Whoa BL, no-wanda you no stay posting ;)

    Take care and you know what I always say drink 1 case of beea 8O and call me in da mornin ;) :lol:

    NKHEA...hoping BL get weller sooner

  39. Michel:

    Feel better soon BL.

  40. honda si boy:

    take care BL! make sure you get plenty of fluids! or bettah yet, grind a whole bunch o' supah dupah hot kim chee and scare da virus outta your system!!!!

  41. Rod's Big Bro:

    Woha, wat a subject, cause on FB (face book), that is how I'm suppose to die "Run over by a dump truck with a full load". WDF, my mouse stay jumping around like someone went stick one "hawaiian chile peppa" up it's okole.

  42. tita leerz:

    Itchy sore throat? Cough?
    Taniokas crack seed wall...honey lemon ginger.
    Warms your throat and chest. Like magic.
    Helps with nausea too. Toss da Halls. Jus eat a bag
    Of this for a few days.
    I brought some with us on dis trip. Had some on da
    Plane and in da long car rides to fend off dizzy tummies.
    Hubby eating to keep a cold away and seems to be
    Helping. Go try. Taste like crack seed but intense in
    A good and helpful way.

  43. anklebiters:


    Take NKHEA's advice, if one case of BEEa doesn't work, take another case :!:

  44. sassy7:

    Eh...Bradda Lance....swig the yeger....it cures it all.....hope you get to feeling better soon....Hope to see you when I get there on the 26th...maybe after the funeral...we get together down on the north shore....come we go night dive...
    let me know....

  45. NKHEA:

    And another :mrgreen:

    NKHEA...beea doctor

  46. M:

    Good Morning BL!

    I hope you are feeling better today. :)

  47. L.:

    I hope you feeling better soon. Ask your wife to make you soup with plenty kimchee and hot pepper in it.

  48. KAN:

    BL - if, after drinking all the alcohol that the Kwonics are advocating, you don't feel better, you won't care! (Just don't drink AND take Nyquil, okay?)

  49. kate:

    Just checking up on you.
    Are you feeling better?
    Ring the bell if you need us. Don't want to use the baby monitor because I don't want to hear you snoring.

  50. Shauna:

    hope you feel better soon! and remember, when you come back to work, stay away from my desk for a few extra days just in case! ;) kidding! take care!

  51. B:

    BL- hope you feeling better.

    happy FGF everybodies. remember those who have served and are serving this weekend.

  52. Ocean Lover:

    BL................you OKAY OR WHAT? :oops:

    Its a 3-day weekend (for most) and I truly hope you've beaten this "bug" and you can enjoy it with your wife.


  53. M:

    Good Morning BL!

    I hope you are much better today for the long weekend!

    FGF to everyone!

  54. lesliek:


    i hope you are feeling better. flu symptoms make you feel like you are better off dead, yeah? i remember feeling so bad, i could barely walk.

    miss ya here at work. (bet you don't miss us!)


  55. Tankobu:

    Braddah Lance, hope you getting better! Lonesome without you blogging.

    Have a good weekend everybody. Like B says, it's a time for remembrance. Mahalo to those who served and serve our country!

  56. NKHEA:

    Yooo howzit BL :)

    Hope you feeling betta ;) take it easy and drink plenty beea....opps ment fluids 8O :lol:

    NKHEA...still pushing his remedy

  57. 2B:

    I hope you not still sick on your first holiday of da year.....

  58. bB:

    hope you feeling better