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June 30th, 2009

Being in the middle of the Pacific Ocean surrounded by water, you can't help but visit the beach at least once in your life.

For as long as I can remember, I've always been in the water whether it be at picnics, surfing, diving, watevahs - just as long as there was sand and surf, I was good. It didn't hurt that wen I used to live in Sand Island, I literally could just hop our fence and be at the beach.

With the recent South swells, as NKHEA keeps reminding me, da Pacific comes a calling. 😀

Da past few weeks I hit da surf wenevah I could during lunch - my only free time to surf - but yesterday was almost fate-like. Da Wife had planned to have a pau hana get together with a few of her ex-coworkers after work so I was left in a predicament. Do I go all the way home, take care the dogs, rest for a hour and drive back or do I stay at work and work on some things.

Hmmm........ Neither.

I wen surf Baby!

Boy was it epic!

It wasn't as big as last weekends swell but a solid three feet (Hawaiian scale of course). It was a bit inconsistent at Point Panic but knowing wea to sit in the lineup was key so I had more than my share of fun waves. I was in da water for a little ovah 2 ½ hours till da only light we saw was the moonlight and it was the most time I've evah spent surfing since high school wea I'd surf on average 10 hours a day.

Barrel aftah barrel I was so stoked to not only be in da watah for dat long but da fact dat I was in da right part of da lineup wea da "hui" was going on da first sets and once they were gone I was still fortunate enough to catch da last one in da set. Almost every wave was pitching nicely due to da light winds and low tide.

My last wave was unreal.

It was one of the bigger waves of the day and all I could see was a huge wall lining up. I pulled in high and tight and whooosh! A picture perfect wave barrelling from beginning to end and I threw in a few spinners (body surfing rolo move) and not only made it out but rode it all the way in wea I didn't even have to paddle in to get back on shore.

It was euphoric... and Da Wife can attest cause wen I went to pick her up, all she saw was a huge grin ear to ear even aftah I was out of da water.

No wait.

I was grinning ear to ear cause I took one look at my beautiful wife and couldn't help myself. 😉

We may have talked about it before but yesterday was just so enlightening dat it refreshes my soul.

So wat is it dat you do, want to do, have done dat makes you "euphoric"? Eating chocolate? Playing cards? Hitting golf balls?

C'mon, share yours.... or you like keep 'em to yourself? 😛





Just Like The Movies

June 29th, 2009

Last Saturday I needed to get a haircut but I was finally fed up with Supercuts.

I've been going there since I was 15 and had more than my share of bad haircuts from their "stylists". They're either new and inexperienced or they just cut and be done with it. Their prices have gone up a few times and their once "everyday value" went from $9.99 to a whopping $18 (without tip). For da wahine, dat may not seem like much but to us guys, dat's a lot wen most times it's just a buzz and a trim on top - nothing fancy.

They've also gotten rid of their "get 12 haircuts get 1 free" card. It used to buy 8 get 1 free, then buy 10 get 1 free (I think) and then 12 and now nada.

In fact, a few months ago wen I went down to da Kaahumanu location, my "stylist" (who I could barely understand but have had cut my hair several times) asked me if I shampooed my hair after a haircut. I said, "not right away, but after I get home I do."

At the end of my haircut, she directs me to the back and I follow. It was a very slow day as I was da only person there so I thought she was just being nice and giving me a shampoo hookup...... then I got da bill. 😯

Boy was I duped. Suckah.

Wasssap Wit Dat!

I didn't even want to bother arguing and just paid the little extra and went on my way but boy did Da Wife hear my...... opinion. 😉

So last Saturday I took a chance on a barber shop I see almost everyday and always told myself I'd check them out. They're on da corner of Kamehameha Hwy and Waimano Home Road in the Pearl City Medical Building which is very ironic cause there isn't a single medical office there..... WWD!

I walk in and immediately they ask, "Haircut?".


They point me to a chair and there I was, hoping my hair wouldn't get butchered and praying I didn't make a mistake.

Right after I tell the "barber" wat I wanted, he buzzed and snipped away. I then began noticing that it's a quaint little shop with about six or seven chairs and each with their own "flare" ranging from equipment to Christmas pictures of their frequent patrons.

Then the fun began.

People started flowing in and the wall to wall bench seats were filled up. A little keiki was watching a movie on her dad's iPhone, a couple of others texting, the rest either reading The Honolulu Advertiser 😀 or magazine. A barber (are wahine barber's called barbers too?) took a quick second to grab a jar of candy on her shelf, opened it up and asked da keiki if she wanted one.

A big smile gleemed from da keiki's face.

Then da boss lady asked one of her barber's if he could work some extra days that he wasn't scheduled to and it was entertaining to say the least. If you've ever watched da movie Barbershop starring Ice Cube and Cedric the Entertainer, it was just li'dat. If you nevah saw it, you missed out on a fun movie.

It was exactly like the movie where they were arguing and quipping back and forth and all the patrons are laughing.


Well my hair wasn't butchered and I was very impressed at the attention to detail my barber had. He even busted out the shaving razor - da kine with da huge blade and handle - and trimmed all da edges to make sharp lines! He was handsomely rewarded for attention to detail and he surah earned his tip.

And da $13.61 price for da haircut didn't hurt either. 😀

Pearl City Barbershop and Hairstyling is in a prime location next to Longs, Don Quixote, banks and McDonald's and yet they are still able to keep their prices down.

Looks like I found a real barber now.

How's yours lookin'?


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Had To Improvise Today

June 26th, 2009

It's anoddah Friday and I hope you're going to have - or are having - a Feel Good Friday and parlay dat into a great weekend!

I had a special blog ready to go but there seems to be some difficulty in getting it out. Well actually it's anoddah..... VLOG!

Yup. Did it again. A video blog but dis one is kinda neat considering dat...... well, I'll just keep you in suspense so dat you'll check back into WWD! and das all I'm going to say.   😉

Since da vlog is delayed and I have nothing prepared.......

Wat's your thoughts about Michael Jackson passing away?

I'd say - even beyond his "weirdness" - he was one of da greatest entertainers - and pioneers - of all time. Most, if not all, da moves he did are still being used today in all of pop culture. His videos also inspired a new age of music videos and his performances were something to look forward to (although I've nevah seen one live). Imho, I believe he's da only entertainer to move, capture and captivate da entire world.

C'mon, who's NOT heard of Michael Jackson? Who'd evah forget songs like "Beat It" and of course, "Thriller" and not to be outdone, da infamous and still popular "moonwalk" (I still can't do dat suckah today).

I bet most of you still either have da vinyl, cassette or cd? Or at least on song on your iPod or MP3 player? 😛

Share your thoughts if you like.

Ok.... you bettah post a comment cause it's been getting lonely hea on da blogs.   😆


And it wouldn't be a Feel Good Friday without a joke and following da theme of MLC moments I've been having recently, I guess it is true dat you get wiser with age.......

A young man shopping in a supermarket noticed a little old lady following him around. If he stopped, she stopped. Furthermore she kept staring at him.

She finally overtook him at the checkout, and she turned to him and said,
'I hope I haven't made you feel ill at ease; it's just that you look so much like my late son.'

He answered, 'That's okay.'

'I know it's silly, but if you'd call out 'Good bye, Mom' as I leave the store,
It would make me feel so happy.'

She then went through the checkout, and as she was on her way out of the store, The man called out, 'Goodbye, Mom.'

The little old lady waved, and smiled back at him.

Pleased that he had brought a little sunshine into someone's day,
He went to pay for his Groceries.

'That comes to $121.85,' said the clerk.

'How come so much. I only bought 5 items..'

The clerk replied, 'Yeah, but your Mother said You'd be paying for her things, too.'



June 25th, 2009

Last Saturday night Da Wife and I went to Oceans.

No, not da sea kine ocean with waves and sand but Oceans nightclub in Restaurant Row. Wait. After a 2008 renovation, da new name became Oceans 808 and for all da MLC'ers.... it was wea da old Studebakers used to be. 😯

We went there to help celebrate a friend's wife's birthday and boy was I.... glad dat I got older. Hear me out.

Oceans, back in da day, was a club dat my friends and I always wanted to go because it was one of da first "exclusive" 23 and older clubs. Most clubs were 18+ and had da mix of immature, about to be mature and trying fo' ack mature crowd all mixed together which at times  got wacky and weird. Plus, Oceans had a very strict dress code and many a people have been turned away at da door so it created an air of "class" just to get in.

I must have been stuck in da late 90's/early 2000 mode cause wen we got to da club I was kinda expecting a small line but nada.

Oceans: "$10."
BL: *takes out $10 and about to pay*...... leans ovah to Da Wife and asks "Did she say $10 total... or $10 per person?"
Da Wife: "I think it's $10 per person."
BL: *talking to self* "HEH?! $10 per person to get in now? WWD!" *turns back to cashier* "Per person?"
Oceans: *nods head with shmall kine eye roll*
BL: *I in turn give Da Wife da eye roll and reluctantly pay*

I remembah wen cover used to be $5 (and da real Whopper was only 99¢)! Boy, $10 per person, no free drink, no guest entertainment, nothing special going on in da club......

Wassap Wit Dat!

Aftah we find my friends, I immediately noticed a "different" crowd than I was used to seeing - a lot of "mature" and "clean cut" peeps chillin'. And then I recogmanotice da music - full on 80's!

BL: *turn to Da Wife* "Whoa! 80's blasting away.... in Oceans? I thought I'd nevah be in a club dat would slam 80's music."
Da Wife: *rolls her eyes*
BL: *about to bust out my John Travolta disco moves*
Da Wife: *rolls her eyes.... then gives da "you bettah not do it and embarass me" look*
BL: "ok. I'm going to da bar, you want a drink?"
Da Wife: "No thanks."

I come back with a round of drinks for my friends and I nevah thought Heine's would be cheaper than Miller Lite! Seriously. My jaw actually dropped at dat - all da while  still paying $5 for a bottle of beer! (WWD!)

BL: *turns to friend* "Wow, $10 cover and $5 beea's?! Geez, not even in da club 5 mins and I'm already down $40+." 🙄
Friend: "You paid $10 to get in?"
BL: "Yeah. Per person. Why? You nevah pay?"
Friend: "Nope. We were in by 10pm. Actually we were in at 9:58pm. No cover by 10pm." 😛
BL: "Son of a motherless goat!!! We just came in! It's only 10:10pm. I thought was no cover by 9pm like how it used to be so we just took our time."
Friend: *lol* "See, everytime you come late."
BL: *takes beea back from him* 😡

Nah, I nevah take da beea back. 😀

But dat got me thinking. Once we was out of high school, my friends and I were into da club scene - my friends more than I - and I remembah doing always club hopping. Once we were of drinking age we'd still hit da same clubs but now had da wristbands fo' drink and we stayed out later till like 6am. Aftah dat it was into sports bars to throw darts, shoot pool, watch ESPN, order beea's by da pitcher and dress "comfortably". Then once we hit of "special age", back to da "exclusive" clubs mixing it up with da sports bar cause certain nights had theme nights at da clubs and nights nevah have, we was at da sports bar.

Now? It's just a regular bar, sports bar on occasion, and rarely a nightclub if I evah out to those kinds of places.


Wat else have you out grown of? Were there any rites of passage dat once you "passed", you was over and done with? Are you a been there, done dat, pau dat type of person?

Do you still go clubbing? 😯

No shame if you do..... a bunch of my single friends still do..... and I've seen way "older" people at clubs evah since I could go and how you can afford it every weekend beats da heck out of me. Plus wen you start seeing people you used to babysit - or coach - dat certainly isn't a good sign.

Even at my current age I don't mind clubbing (especially since they have da smoking ban) but probably reserve dat for special occasions. I would choose any bar as a first choice cause can at least wear slippahs and shorts.

You could say I've evolved, but all heck going break loose if I evah gotta trade in my bottle of Miller Lite for a bottle of Ensure anytime soon.



SHOUT OUT:   Happy Belated Birthday Marci!



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Make It Easier... We Will Pay

June 23rd, 2009

Waikiki parking. Yeah right.  

Words kama'aina - and tourist alike - have found to be oxymoron-ish

Adding "affordable" Waikiki parking turns out to be a really big misnomer.

The City Council has decided to raise the parking rates for the metered parking stalls at the Honolulu Zoo and those fronting Kapiolani Park in proposed Bill 25.

According to Honolulu Advertiser's staff writer John Windrow's article, "one version would raise the parking fee at the Honolulu Zoo lot from 25 cents an hour to $1 an hour and raise the hourly rate at meters along Kalakaua Avenue fronting the park from 25 cents to 75 cents. The other version would raise the hourly fee at the zoo and along Kalakaua to 75 cents. An earlier plan that called for raising the hourly fee in both areas to $1.50 has been scaled back."

For those who don't do math well, the first version is a 300% increase and the other version? A whopping 500% increase!!   😯

Wassap Wit Dat!

Well nothing much if you don't park in Waikiki but obviously the parking increase itself, percentage wise, is outrageous! You might as well call it Bill 300 instead.   🙄 

Personally, I don't park in Waikiki unless I'm in da mood to get ripped off with $20 parking from hotels which btw, how come no mo' kama'aina rates? Only now da hotels hurting so all their ad's they running now say "discounted parking"? WWD!...... 'nuff about dat one, dat's anoddah mo'olelo.   😉   

Back on topic, I wondah if the City Council have thought about HOW it would work fully?

You know my mind, always brewing, and I was already thinking of a couple of things about it.

Numbah 1 - I think was kinda a no-brainer with da increased rates was:  Are they going to replace every single meter? Think about it. With a 300% increase... don't you figgah dat da meter needs to be 300% biggah to hold all da extra coins? Only once in my lifetime have I encountered a meter dat was full, I can only imagine how quickly the current meters would get full with da new higher rates.

Numbah 2 - I can understand and, believe it or not, partially agree with da increased rates. It hasn't been raised since forevah but 300% is a bit exhorbant - but no one is thinking in percentages. I couldn't see why the increase wasn't from 25¢ to 50¢ per hour (still a 100% increase)? It would have been a very fair increase considering and much more able to handle for da time being. I'm surah even most of da regular park users could live with dat.

Da biggest gripe I get is if you like more money for parking, Fine. But how come you no can make it easier for me to pay it then!

Who da heck is going to carry $4 in quarters? We all know dat if you pay in nickels or dimes you "lose minutes" compared to a quarter and how many times have we had to dig around for loose change? Unless you specifically know you're going to park in a metered stall, your coin count in your ashtray isn't going to cut it (mine's doesn't right now at da current 25¢ rate) and we all know how business' just looove to give change to "non-customers".

And who da heck wants to keep looking at their watch, stop wat they doing and run back to keep feeding da meter so you no get one ticket?

But I guess das da overall master plan yeah? No mo coins, tell yourself you going come back, forget, and see da big yellow flapping paper under your windshield wiper saying "Congratulations! You just lost $35! No pay in two weeks and get a bonus fine added!"

If we're expected to pay more, why not make it easier for us to pay? I've seen meter's dat accept credit cards on da mainland and I'm surah someone has invented by now a meter dat accepts dollah bills. How about a coin change machine like an ATM so nobody can break into it? How about even paying by a cell?

We may not know wat or how da heck da City or State systems work, but bottom line is if they want more of our hard earned kala, you bettah be more akamai about how we can pay it.

I just wondering if going get kama'aina rates on da meter.  🙄




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