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Make Up Your Damn Mind!

July 31st, 2009

For those who haven't dropped into WWD! in awhile, we had anoddah Triad (MLC, O&E & WWD!) Pah-tay dis past Wednesday night at Fort Street Bar & Grill and it was great to see posters come out of their comfort zone and leave their computahs to enjoy a night of good food, good drinks and good fun.  😀

Pah-tay's like dis is weird because there's so much apprehensions in meeting people you have absolutely no idea who they are and calling each oddah by their screen name (well, for da "regulahs", they were on a "real name" basis already). Trust me, it is just as nerve wracking for us bloggers too because while words on a post are one thing, saying it live and in person is anoddah and as such you also have to be willing to "accept" dat any expectations you may have, might not be met considering it's "real life" and anything can happen.

While most of da attendees were Kwonics, MLC'ers and Hive Workahs, I got to meet a new blogger to da Advertiser blog scene. Uncle Rodney was da "emcee host" of da night introducing people left and right (sorry, you guys know I have a terrible memory and unless we meet a few hundred times I going forget) but dis one wahine in particular I NOT  going fo'get.

Uncle Rodney:   "Hey Lance! This is another blogger, Lori. She does the fitness blog."
BL:   "Holy crap! You're ripped! Your arms mo' big than mines! I feel shame now."
Lori:   *laughing*
BL:   "Sorry I nevah read your blog but I going if it makes me ripped like you!"     😆

Was good fun talking to her and I found out dat she also has three kids..... AND she's still ripped li'dat! HOLY CANOLI! (well I didn't use dat word at dat time but I no like get in trouble using it hea) And at one point, she came ovah to our table and asked if she could take a chair and I was about to help her until I sheepishly sat back down.

Wat happened?

She grabbed it. 😯

Da chair lolo's! Wat you thinking? 🙄 Ai-goo.

But da thing was dat wen she grabbed da chair, she ended up flexing. Hooooo boy. Put me to shame so das why I had to sit back down. 😳

I checked her blog out and was quite impressed with her knowledge about fitness and da results definitely shows.  *** Go check her out at Be Strong Live Strong by Lori Okami ***  Go check 'em go check 'em go check 'em go.

Well preparing for da pah-tay was like flipping a three sided coin. UR & Shauna was trying to decide on a Tuesday or Wednesday - even a Thursday. I tell 'em Tuesday no can, get softball. Thursday no can, get bowling. How come not on a Friday is still puzzling me cause I figgah most work during da normal weekday schedule and if you get all buss' ka-huli-huli, at least you can sleep longer da next day cause it's a Saturday. Dis went on for a few days before they decided on Wednesday.

During da pah-tay, people tell me I'm too loud. Then somebody say I too soft. They also said I was late. Then they said I was on time.... Hawaiian time. They say we pau at 10:00pm but we nevah leave till 12:00am - not dat I was complaining about dat... but da lights were flickering off and on for like five minutes before we caught da hint. Kim chee too hot. Not hot enough. Da only thing people agreed was at least da kim chee was ono.

Make up your damn minds! And you wondah why WWD! is all discombulated?

Wassap Wit Dat!        😆

Da pah-tay was supah good fun and I hope for those who joined us had a good time as well and for those who nevah come.... too bad, so sad.

Jus' joke.

Bumbye next time.

There were so much mo'olelo's to share dat no mo' space to write it in.... maybe those who were there like share?    😉

Hea's some pics from da pah-tay and no mind most of 'em eh? All's I know is dat whoevah was using my camera must have been like 4' 4" cause most of da pics was missing da head. I did learn one thing though, NKHEA cannot take pictures if his life depended on it. 😛

And to all da WWD! Hui (Kwonics, Lanceformers and Lurkahs) - Have a great Feel Good Friday!




  • Mahalos to Rodney & Shauna for putting da pah-tay together! All I was told to do was show up.
  • Muchos Mahalos to BananaFysh for da "goodie basket"! and to M & Masako for baking some wonderful cookies!
  • Muy Muchos Mahalo Nui Loa to NKHEA & IKHEA for sponsoring da food! It was VERY generous of you..... even though all Scott and I had was "leftovahs"..... ok, so we were just a tad late.    😳  



(Screen names were left out to protect da innocent)



Can you spot who got da cho-cho lips?


Brah! You like step outside?!
Jus joke!
Bathroom stay ovah there.


You know Queenie would have been salty if I nevah put dis pic in.   



Jus' havin' a li'l bit of fun. Uncle Rodney was mackin' wit da wahines so I had to jump in. 


Da spread! And dat was only a part of it too.


Da baby was sooooo cute! And I keep asking who da faddah is.......


Some of Da Kwonics!



Dis is Lori from "Be Strong Live Strong" blog. She was frickin' ripped! Not da drunk kine cause she no drink but her arms were very chiseled. *BL jealous.... real jealous*
Photo credit: Melissa Chang


See! I dunno who was taking these kine pics.  


Muchos Mahalos to IKHEA & NKHEA!

Mahalos to BananaFysh for bringing my favorites straight from Maui! Peanut butter mochi and Maui Built!

Already pounded these cookies... Mahalo to M & Masako! 




Braddah Lance Kwon

Looking For Fun?

July 30th, 2009

Howzit howzit!

Well last night's pah-tay was...... GOOD FUN! 😀

But pics and mo'olelo's will be posted tomorrow (hopefully) 😉 so stay tuned.

In case you didn't know, there's the Honolulu Family Festival at Magic Island starting tonight and running through da weekend:

Thursday, July 30 - 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Friday, July 31 - 5 p.m. to midnight
Saturday, August 1 - 10 a.m. to midnight
Sunday, August 2 - 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
(click da link above for more info)

I haven't been to one at Magic Island yet but it must be pretty trippy to have something li'dat on an "island". If you've lived on Oahu long enough, you'd have to have at least gone to some kine of fair or carnival whether it be da 50th State Fair, Farm Fair, McKinley Carnival, Punahou Carnival, Iolani Family Fair.... da list goes on.

But all those fairs/carnivals truly miss one thing, real ambiance.

Can you imagine taking taking a date to watch a gorgeous sunset and then go ride some rides and eat carnival food all within footsteps of each oddah? I dunno about you but dat sounds like a plan! 😎 Or maybe enjoying all da grinds and then taking a moonlit stroll hand in hand? I can imagine wat da view must look like from on top da ferris wheel. Ooooh la-la. 😉

I tink it's a great idea dat came out of da Mayor's office and I hope it continues. There's no admission to get in, parking is FREE (good luck finding some although da City does provide a FREE shuttle), you can just go for grind and/or ride rides while listening to da smooth rhythmic sounds of rolling waves.

Do you tink da Honolulu Family Festival at Magic Island is a good idea?

Come share your mo'olelo's about your fondest memories of da fair - good or bad and let's play a game while we at it. Besides sharing your memories, post your favorite things about da fair dat's a must. For example, Ride da Zipper, Corn on da cob, etc.

For your efforts, Post #54 and #77 wins a two-pack of unlimited ride passes valid on:

Thursday, July 30 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Saturday, August 1 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Sunday, August 2 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

A $50 VALUE!........ jus' for posting on WWD!. 😀

So no scade 'em go get 'em.




Braddah Lance Kwon



Wat's Your Poison?

July 29th, 2009

I'm not a wine drinkah. Champagne doesn't do it for me.

I drink beer (beea).

At bbq's, special dinnahs, "team meetings" and especially at pah-tay's gotta have beea. I guess it helps loosen me up but there's a bad side effect dat I cannot control from drinking beea... my ears start to get plugged........

So I tend to talk LOUDER. 😉

Beea's a funny thing. You can practically tell who/wat type of drinkah you are just by da beea.

  • Keystone or Natural Light -  I'm a broke a$$ college student and dat's all I could afford.
  • Bud Light -  I'm a broke a$$ college student but I got standards... and da commericals are cool. Dis is da beea of choice for most youngin's... cause of da commercials.
  • Coors Light - I'm a broke a$$ college student dat wants a watered down version of Bud Light.
  • Miller Light - I got a job and can afford something a little bettah... plus it tastes great! And it's less filling!  😉
  • Heineken (Heine) - I got a job and I like something more hardcore.
  • Heineken Light - I got a job and I like try ack like I hardcore.  
  • Budweiser - No mess wit me... I AM HARDCORE!
  • And fo' those oddah beea's with more than three words to describe their beea's - I get one real job and can afford to buy watevah I like. I'm mo' about da taste and less about getting buss' up.

Sadly, I've gone through all those phases above. Bought da cheap beea, bought da "light" beea and now I'll try some of those fancy beea's sometimes wen I get a chance.

But really no mattah to me - I drink anything...... I get one job.   :mrgreen:

Wat do you like to wind down with? Social drinkah or a couple every night at dinnah? Wat's your poison? 



For those who will be joining us tonight at Fort Street Grill, please bring your "fun" (ala Dave & Busters commercial) along. While you may not tink you don't know anybody... neither will we.   😆

And to put you in da mood, hea's a little song by Ikena Dupont called........ wat else,

"Let's Drink Beer".
I listen to it all da time and has a really good beat and vibe and puts you in a FGF mood - I love dis song! Turn it up and jam along!

[youtube RdsrX8QUo7s]



(as quoted from Da Kine Dictionary &/or Pidgin To Da Max… wit a Braddah Lance twist)

(pronounced same as spelled)

Haole Translation: Fun is ok but "Good fun" is waaaaay better

Use: Wen describing something really fun/enjoyable

Sentence: “Ho, Brah! Da pah-tay tonight going be real good fun yeah?”

Sentence: “So wat? You had good fun or wat?”

No fo'get to use da PWODD in one sentence yeah? 




 *** If you drink anytime, please pah-tay safe and be responsible adults *** 




Braddah Lance Kwon

Stay Broken.... Again

July 28th, 2009

Blame it on MLC I say.

My body "age" is finally taking it's toll from all my "younger" years of kolohe play. All da years of abuse to my body and not healing "properly" is catching up. You could say dat I've pretty much broken, sprained or tore almost every part of da moving anatomy and majority of it was "self-healing" treatment.

I've played football with a cracked sternum, broken rib and of course broken fingahs -all of 'em have been broke at one time or annodah but not at da same time. I've played through sprained ankles, torn ligaments, scrapes and bruises - just tape it heavy and suck it up I'd say.

For me, it was just about playing da game and nothing would (could) stop me. I love sports! If there's any way I can play, I'll be there. Championships are nice but on da field or court no mattah wat da situation, I give it all I got. I'll take da physical beatings, da stronger, bettah outmatched opponent against me and if you knock me down, you can bet your life dat I'll bounce right back up.

Well except wen Da Wife says so.

(wwd!) *said silently*

Nah, she's been great! While I had to cut out a couple of leagues to keep da home front happy, she knows dat sports is part of my livelyhood and I just wouldn't be me without it. I love (respect) da fact dat she understands dat and doesn't force me to change.

Being injured sucks because I'm limited to watevah injury(ies) sideline my motion. On Sunday during my morning basketball game I took a hard charge very early in da game and normally I let my large cush take da katoosh but dis time I got spun sideways and landed backwards square on my hand. I thought it was broken. Naturally, I finished da game and had to still ride da bike home which was pretty painful.

Reluctantly, I went to da doctor on Monday (yes, a day later) but my orthopedic (yes, I have an orthopedic doctor on my address book) was out of town so I had to see annoddah. Da result? A hairline fracture in my left radius - simply put, cracked wrist.

Hairlines are tricky cause most times casts are not put on since it's not "broken" and all I was prescribed was a brace. I was so thrilled!!!

Why? Because I can still play dis weekend!

Well, if my body says so. 🙄


Have you broken anything? Wat was your worst injury? Or you too shame for say? Is there anything you love to do dat "NOTHING" would keep you from doing?



SHOUT OUT:  In case you missed da FGF announcement, if you're up to a Triad Pah-tay, we'll be at Fort Street Grill (Topa Towers across Aloha Tower - old AMFAC building) tomorrow Wednesday July 29th from about 6:30 - 10:00 pm or wenevah we shut da place down.

Come relax, have fun, meet new people and talk with people you have no idea who they are.   😛 😆



Braddah Lance Kwon

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Pidgin, Puka Underwear... Wat More Need?

July 27th, 2009

The Honolulu Advertiser's own photographer/videographer Greg Yamamoto knows tons of people including local celebrities. He always mentioned to me that one day he'd just like to shoot raw footage of Augie Tulba - aka Augie T - and me just talking any kine.

But then he'd also say dat a translator would be needed.

Wassap Wit Dat!

A few weeks ago Greg pops by my desk pitching his idea again. For me, I don't mind watevah zany things he comes up with but most times it's a spur of da moment kind of thing.

Dis time wasn't any different.

GREG:   "Hey Lance. You remember that thing with Augie I wanted you to do something with?"
BL:    "Yup. Why wassap?"
GREG:   "Augie going be stopping by today so you like go meet him?"
BL:    "Surah!"
GREG:   "He'll be on the Warrior Beat Show and he should be done in about an hour."
BL:    "Cool."
GREG:   "So I'll get da camera all set up and you can interview him and just talk."
BL:  😯
GREG:    "Oh, yeah but keep it 'G' rated."

Heh? Braddah, I need time for prepare! I not da kine impromptu kine guy. I need material and even more so you like me "interview" him..... AND keep it 'G' rated?! And you like me be ready in one hour?

Wassap Wit Dat!

Man, talk about pressuah!

But it was au'good and fun too! Augie T is one very cool guy and while I wish I had bettah questions to ask and more time to prepare.... eh, das da life of Wassap Wit Dat! right?

And a special Mahalos to our online tag team guru's Scott Morifuji and John Garcia for putting it together..... along with laughing their a$$ off in da background. 😆

Augie Tulba



Braddah Lance Kwon




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