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Stay Broken.... Again

July 28th, 2009

Blame it on MLC I say.

My body "age" is finally taking it's toll from all my "younger" years of kolohe play. All da years of abuse to my body and not healing "properly" is catching up. You could say dat I've pretty much broken, sprained or tore almost every part of da moving anatomy and majority of it was "self-healing" treatment.

I've played football with a cracked sternum, broken rib and of course broken fingahs -all of 'em have been broke at one time or annodah but not at da same time. I've played through sprained ankles, torn ligaments, scrapes and bruises - just tape it heavy and suck it up I'd say.

For me, it was just about playing da game and nothing would (could) stop me. I love sports! If there's any way I can play, I'll be there. Championships are nice but on da field or court no mattah wat da situation, I give it all I got. I'll take da physical beatings, da stronger, bettah outmatched opponent against me and if you knock me down, you can bet your life dat I'll bounce right back up.

Well except wen Da Wife says so.

(wwd!) *said silently*

Nah, she's been great! While I had to cut out a couple of leagues to keep da home front happy, she knows dat sports is part of my livelyhood and I just wouldn't be me without it. I love (respect) da fact dat she understands dat and doesn't force me to change.

Being injured sucks because I'm limited to watevah injury(ies) sideline my motion. On Sunday during my morning basketball game I took a hard charge very early in da game and normally I let my large cush take da katoosh but dis time I got spun sideways and landed backwards square on my hand. I thought it was broken. Naturally, I finished da game and had to still ride da bike home which was pretty painful.

Reluctantly, I went to da doctor on Monday (yes, a day later) but my orthopedic (yes, I have an orthopedic doctor on my address book) was out of town so I had to see annoddah. Da result? A hairline fracture in my left radius - simply put, cracked wrist.

Hairlines are tricky cause most times casts are not put on since it's not "broken" and all I was prescribed was a brace. I was so thrilled!!!

Why? Because I can still play dis weekend!

Well, if my body says so. 🙄


Have you broken anything? Wat was your worst injury? Or you too shame for say? Is there anything you love to do dat "NOTHING" would keep you from doing?



SHOUT OUT:  In case you missed da FGF announcement, if you're up to a Triad Pah-tay, we'll be at Fort Street Grill (Topa Towers across Aloha Tower - old AMFAC building) tomorrow Wednesday July 29th from about 6:30 - 10:00 pm or wenevah we shut da place down.

Come relax, have fun, meet new people and talk with people you have no idea who they are.   😛 😆



Braddah Lance Kwon

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  1. Glenn Miyashiro:

    Hey BL,

    I just got to hand it to you and da wife, don’t know how you guys can do it. Our thinking is the time we spend away from each other (alone time) is when we are both at work. So wat eva free time we have is precious. With all your leagues, coaching, plus playing your video games, you must have a secret potion to stop time or slow it down, cause with all you do, 24 hours in a day, is just not enough or do you even sleep.

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