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1,2, sometimes 3..... Or More?

August 31st, 2009

Most may have seen it. We've all definitely heard about it. But wat is da deal about sequels dat either makes us either love it or hate it?

Every so often, "Rocky Balboa" (da last movie), shows up on tv and I've nevah seen it before so I tuned in dis one time cause there was nothing on...... boy was it a mistake. I should have just stayed watching Sham-wow for da gazillionth time.

Da only thought running through my mind was dat "Rocky" should have stopped aftah da Ivan Drago fight... and dat was already da fourth one in da series! *FYI-Stallone did six "Rocky" movies*

Some sequels we can't get enough of like, of course, Harry Potter and soon to be Twilight (for all da wahines). 🙄

And then of course there are da ones dat while you wasn't so thrilled about da first one, da following sequel(s) was bettah than da first - or rest. And then da million dollah question you hear all da time from da ones who nevah see da first one..... "Do I have to watch da first one to know wat's going on?"

Hmmm..... depends.

I think most times there are da little things you pick up on from da first one of da series dat make da characters identifiable, but you tend to see dat in all da sequels and da plot generally stays da same so is da first one of da series dat much more important?

It seems like tv has followed suit and run spin offs from da original series as well. Da only difference is dat they change their actors which actually may turn you off - or on - from da series.

Hea's a few dat I enjoyed just from da top of head:

"Rocky"  -  Only liked II, III & IV but not I, V or VI.

"Lethal Weapon"  -  Saw all four but only really like da last one.

"Harry Potter"  -  Enjoyed everyone BUUUUT...... da last one. Kinda disappointed in dat one. Plus, dunno about you guys, but I was really bummed dat da "original" Dumbledore passed away. He was/is waaaaaaay bettah than da guy playing Dumbledore now.

"Rush Hour"  -  Da first two was awesome! Nevah saw da third though.

"Die Hard"  -  It should have stopped aftah da first.

"Shrek"   - Loved both of 'em!

"Law & Order" (not da spin offs)  -  I liked it best wen had Briscoe, Curtis, McCoy & Ross. Aftah dat..... eh.


So wat are your favorite sequels? Did you like one more than da oddah? Which sequels should have stopped? Nevah been made? Definitely should have been made? Is there a certain scene(s) dat defines your love for da series?

Have you been turned on or off by character changes in tv series? Did you start watching any spin offs but nevah da original?

And no worries, I'll let you know how I did at da Blackjack Tourny tomorrow.   😉


Braddah Lance Kwon

Pressing My Luck

August 28th, 2009

It's been a tough week and Feel Good Friday has come none too soon. 😀

There's been a lot of blog activity - which is surprising - but I'm not complaining. 😉 Lately we've gotten quite a few new posters on da verge of Kwonic status while there are quite a few we haven't heard from in awhile - I hope they're still around enjoying WWD!. 😀

Yesterday, some of Da Hui came ovah and had lunch with Da Triad at Yanagi Sushi. It was definitely a welcome treat to spend some time with friends and enjoy a good meal together which is pretty ODD since we all wouldn't have done so oddahwise if it wasn't for da blogs.

It's amazing how mo'olelo's can bring people from different walks of life together with nothing in common but "words". It didn't happen ovahnight and it's still a work in progress but it really is neat how each time we meet, it gets more and more comfortable. Well, da bunch yesterday is an exception cause I think I think it was only aftah one time dat there was no barriers. Truly, it's da Aloha Spirit shinning through and if you're willing to share it, nothing but good can happen.

And das how it all begins, one Aloha at a time. 😀

So wat's your plans for da weekend? Da Wife and I gotta do some major yardwork cause I'm about to undertake a huge project by building my own shed in da next couple of weeks but we gotta make space first by clearing some major weeds and a greenhouse. 😯 But da bestest part of da weekend will be tomorrow wen I may win 1 of 7 trips to Vegas!!! I was lucky enough to win a spot in a Blackjack tournament held at Ward by Island 98.5 radio station and I'm hoping to win one.

Now wea did I put my lucky undahwear, lucky hat and lucky..... well, I need all da luck I can get right?

Have a grrrreeeeat weekend everybodies and a Happy Feel Good Friday!


Some random pics from da week........... (hmmm, maybe a new segment on WWD!)


Stopped by da Canstruction exhibit to support Aunty Paula's companies creation! Plus it's a shaka and you all know dat dat's an automatic showing in WWD!  



See! Now dis wat a bike looks like screaming to be stolen!



Lunch at Yanagi with (L to R):   opso, Shauna, Rodney, Paula, BL, NKHEA




Braddah Lance Kwon


August 27th, 2009

Sleeping and walking to da bathroom bumping into walls, corners, doors and closet doors dis morning should have been da first sign.

Or maybe da pen mark left on my leg from doing da Sudoku on da throne.

Or maybe actually dozing on da throne should have been da alert of all alerts.

Definitely should have been da traffic.

Or maybe dis.............



Ordinary picture right?

So I thought too as I scooted past da employee back rack heading into work. As I got to my desk it hit me! Something's missing. (No, I didn't forget to put pants on)  I rush outside with camera phone in hand..........

WAT DA *FRICK*!  (insert colorful adjective hea) Someone stole my bike?!? AGAIN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

And it was premeditated too cause da lock was cut clean with a bolt cutter.













I check with security to see if they saw anything last night. Nada. Checked with Maintenance to see if they had to move it for some reason. Nope. Anoddah lost cause.

Geez, wat a great way to start a morning. 🙄

I use dat bike for everything during lunch and aftah work at times too! I used it to run errands to da store, cruise around, take it to da park but most especially I used it to go surf during my one and only break of da day from work!

It was my "ride".

We have an employee bike rack which is tucked away on property which I thought was pretty safe and barely visable from public view but who knows who walks through da property at night. Hea's da kicker - Dis is da second bike of mine stolen in less than three years..... at da same place!

Now my lunch time surfing just got cut as I can't make it there in time even if I ran there and right now, even though da surf small, I needed to get out there!

Wassap Wit Dat!

Anybody got anythig stolen before? 


Braddah Lance Kwon

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List Of (Un)Favorites

August 26th, 2009

On da internet there are tons of lists naming favorite dis and favorite dat......

But you know how we roll on WWD! - we not satisfied with just da "norm".   😉   Ok, so we're not normal in general and you gotta be kinda pupule fo' keep on reading - and sticking - with WWD! anyways.   🙂

At last night's softball game, da oddah team we were playing had a lot of supporters like they do every week (they have three teams). And every week they do da same ole $h....stuff dat irks da heck out of me. I can (do) tolerate it most times but for some reason last night it was more than normal.

Maybe it was because we almost had a complete game shutout against their neighbor team last week (ended up in being a one hitter on a weak a$$ swinging bunt). If you play(ed) softball - or even baseball - a "no-no" is virtually impossible to do in soft toss softball especially and we almost did it going into da last inning.... and if you play(ed) soft toss you know about da "swinging bunt" - just an unlucky play for da defense.

Anyways, they were yapping away waaaay more than normal and even on da pop flys trying to jinx da fielder by yelling at them to "miss" right before da catch. No class I tell ya. I can see if da comments were kept to their bench but wen it's directed towards a player or to da opposing team directly - even indirectly - it really pisses me off! Did I mention dat they were crying about everything?

So instead of listing your favorite things..... how's about we list da 3 things we hate? I not going say your "Top 3" cause always going change and you may even have more dat you like share today - I not stopping you.   🙂

So whaddah ya hate?


  1. I hate wen I play any sport and da oddah team constantly cries and complains about anything and everything!
  2. I hate wen I order a large fries and da buggah not even filled to "large" capacity!
  3. I hate being injured.   🙁


Braddah Lance Kwon

Hybrid Banking... Wave Of Da Future?

August 25th, 2009

For as long as I've had a bank account (keiki account at Hon Fed - you remembah dat bank?), banking services hasn't changed much. I'm talking about actually walking into a bank, seeing/possibly talking to a greeter, standing in line, waiting for da "ding", look up and around for da hand waving you in and completing watevah transaction you went in for.

So imagine my surprise wen I walked into Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union (Fort Street Mall and King St right across downtown Macys) with Da Wife to get a bank check and saw no one!

*Holy Canoli! Did we jus' walk into a hold up in progress?!*

No, wait. There's da greeter. She was tucked away behind a desk and pop up wen we came near. As I looked around for a teller, Da Wife jus' kept walking straight into a wall of about seven or eight ATM machines.

Huh? We can get a bank check from an ATM now?

Dis is wat you see wen you approach one of those "ATM's".....
I go and check out some baseball scores at da one next to it instead because it was more interesting.....
Aftah Da Wife fills out some paper work and drops her ID in da canister...

Canister loaded and ready to launch in.....3, 2, 1......

And VIOLA! It's gone.

A teller appears out of nowhere and grabs da canister..... *whoa!*

Well she's either looking over our account or checking out Da Wife's scrubs...   😉

Is dat your final answer?

Wait for it....... I hear it...... wait for it............


Jackpot! Too bad we no can make dis kine withdrawl in Vegas.  🙄

I guess das one of da reasons why they were voted numero uno!

All's I gotta say is....... Wassap Wit Dat!   🙂

It was pretty trippy to experience dat and I could see ODDah banks following suit in da future. Maybe not anytime soon, but it is a novel idea. The bank/tellers are protected from hold ups since they are secured in a separate room, you get a "live" person if you need one and you don't have to walk a mile to da next available teller.

But you do lose dat "personal touch".

Did I mention dat they had a seating area, tv and a self serve coffee bar? Pretty posh huh?

Have you evah been in there? Have you seen anything li'dat before? Wat you tink of da "hybrid" concept?  Wave of da future?

And how cool is dat..... Wednesday lunch time jazz next door - too bad we couldn't stay and enjoy it as we were rushing away

Braddah Lance Kwon


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