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Waiting On The World To Change

October 28th, 2009

Last night Da Wife had to work a little later than normal and since it was going to be too late to start making dinner, we picked up on da way home. Now I don't know if it was a full moon or not but it turned out to be just a little bit too much for me to handle last night.

We stopped by Waimalu Shopping Center because I had to pick up some ingredients at the Korean market and Da Wife wanted a chili spaghetti from Zippy's. If you've evah been there, you know dat da Korean market is on one end of da mall and Zippy's on da far oddah end.

I decided to park near da Korean market - since we were going to get more stuff there - and walk ovah to Zippy's. On our way there in front of Kabuki, there was a family (it appeared to be) of about 7 or 8 people (3 teenagers) standing smack dab in da middle of da walkway. Actually, blocking da about 90% of da walkway and da walkway isn't manini either! You could probably fit close to two cars side by side but they just stood there talking story as people kept trying to find a "lane" and go around them.

On our way back from Zippy's they were still there and their numbers grew to about 10 or so...... and they still were blocking da walkway like they owned it! As we walked by I just muttered to Da Wife, "wow, you tink they'd at least leave some room to walk by yeah?".

Wassap Wit Dat!

Aftah da market, I wanted something quick so decided to get some Mickey D's. (We all know my "love" for Zippy's  😆   ) As we pull up to da drive-thru da line is choke long (notoriously famous for being loooong and slooooow) so Da Wife suggested to just walk in.

I park da car and as I'm heading in, I hear from da drive-thru a customer yelling at da window something about a button. We'll get back to dat later. I nevah like be niele so I just walked in and BAM!, choke long line inside too.  Loser. No can win.   🙁 

So as da line grew to about 7 deep (I was 4 back), da ONLY cashier appeared to ask for help. She asked three times till a cook behind da prep wall said she'd help. Wat tripped us out (those standing in line) was dat she wasn't asking for help...... she didn't want to cashier anymore! (WWD!) As soon as da cook person came up front, she was relieved and all she wanted to do was bag the food.   🙄 

Uh, it wouldn't have been too bad if da cook actually knew how to use da damn register!!! She pressed one button and was stuck. It kept beeping and she kept hitting buttons and it kept beeping and she kept pressing da buttons and looking around for help all da while da cashier dat was just there kept bagging food without even a peek in to help.

Aftah about 10 minutes, da line has grown to at least 10 deep and finally just as a manager walks in to open a register, simultaneously - seriously, like at da exact same moment like synchronized swimming, a lady and her three kids just walked in da restaurant and waltzed right up da register and da manager asked, "what can I get for you?"

Huh? Wat da heck just happened?

Da lady in front of me seemed a little dazed. She started to look around. Da damn cashier in front of us was still beeping and now dis frickin' family just cut in front of all of us who've been waiting for da past 10 minutes!


I waited a little bit for da lady in front of me to say something to but she was too dazed I guess and everybody else didn't want to "get involved" so while they were ordering away I walk up to them and say,

BL:   "Excuse me. You know that was very rude what you just did. You cut in front of everybody that was standing in line."
RUDE LADY:   "Nobody was here. Nobody in this line."
BL:   "What? This register just opened. Nobody was here because there's only one line."
RUDE LADY:   "Nobody in this line."
BL:   *about to go shmall kine nutz cause was hungry*  "You're very rude to cut in front of everybody."
MANAGER:   "I'm sorry."

I couldn't believe I only got a sorry. Da manager should have just canceled their order and made them stand in line but wen I get flustered, words don't come easy. I can't think rationally either wen I'm li'dat so I just stood back in line in awe while my mind is spinning with things to say.... and some weren't pretty.


Wat's even more worse was dat both at Waimalu Shopping Center and McDonald's, there were teenagers involved. So wat message does dat send to our young adults? It's ok to be rude and "own" everything? And we all wondah why - or at least I do - why dis world/society is going to heck!

And then I get da wrong size soda on top of dat!   😡 

Oh yeah, about da guy in da drive-thru? Da Wife was saying dat da guy wanted a cone. No ice cream. Just da cone. He was extremely adamant about it and da kicker? He wanted it free - not because he wasn't getting da ice cream with it but................ wait for it............... because there was no "button" for it on da register. Go figgah.   🙄 

So sad dat da world is changing..... and it ain't good.


[youtube uPOBMzMTP4U]


Braddah Lance Kwon

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55 Responses to “Waiting On The World To Change”

  1. tita leerz:

    ROFL! I have close friends who tell me the same thing. Or they ask if I'm sick or something. Hope your weekend is better and you no get any tricks on yo house or stuff!

  2. SittingInLimbo:

    Sorry BL didn't mean to sound so eh! about the race issue. I'm from aiea area and I know that place very very WELL!!!!!! I didn't live there but I have a few friends that do. I know they all migrant over there when I go there that's all I see. Didn't mean to offend anyone at all! I'm just speaking from experience that's all.

  3. Braddah Lance:

    tita leerz:
    Hope your weekend is better and you no get any tricks on yo house or stuff!

    I hope not either! 😀 Last yea Da Wife had silly string all ovah her car. 😆

    Sorry BL didn't mean to sound so eh! about the race issue.

    No worries... I know da area too. But was still too "early". 😉

  4. jhmcn:

    Hmmmm,.... BL, is it RUDE to "train" the husband & kids to do all the work, so I can spend all my waking hours posting incoherent gibberish on every blog? just wondering,... my sister thinks it's okay.

  5. dougtat2:

    man....braddah lance...i feel for you. seriously though....dont sweat the small things... if theres a whole tribe on the sidewalk...jus walk on through...as long as it aint a funeral its all good. you would think ppl would be considerate an move to the side...but sometimes thats askin a bit much. as for the micky d's line cutter....uhhh...its micky ds. maybe the lady needed that #1 supersized really really badly. breathe....lol. the whole free cone thing is funny as hell...i woulda died laughin...at least i wouldnt have had time to choke on that #1! i gotta agree with SittingInLimbo....maybe u should change it from WWD to WTF.

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