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Did You Survive?

November 30th, 2009

So did you?

It's tough - and rough - from Black Friday on and we all wanna know what did you do to survive? From standing in line from midnight (or earlier - WWD!) to standing in line for a hour to pay, did you get what you want or was it all gone? Did you have to bump elbows? Were people rude? Did you have a system or some tag team action going on?

I, like Uncle Rodney, love to shop too and one day we'll get to it but nothing has caught our eye worth going yet. I was telling Da Wife, "one day, one day we'll join in da madness."   😀 

I always get shmall kine "J" when I hear someone snagged some unreal deal but it was unadvertised.   🙁    I guess that's one of da benefits of just going in. I tend to rely too much on advertisements and word of mouth. I don't visit web sites often unless I have too - or hear about it - so I guess next time I gotta go all kamakaze and dive right in.

No mattahs, save money.

Sorry, stay real busy this week cause we moved up some deadline dates and getting ready for da WWD! Travelog (made dat up just now   😀   ) but before I turn ovah to da WWD! Hui I gotta say,


She's 21...... + tax.    😆 


Braddah Lance Kwon

Are You In The Black Or Red?

November 27th, 2009

So did you brave crowds? Did you snag some unreal deals somewhere? Are you overstuffed with turkey? Turkey sandwich now? Turkey juk? What was on your menu yesterday?

Da Wife was asked to do a turkey this year - we always spend it an Aunty's house during da holidays - and we were both shocked! We usually bring something Da Wife cooks or bakes up or my wasabi salad but of course gotta bring da kim chee. But dis time, Aunty asked if we'd like to do da turkey. Wat could we say? They are always so generous with opening up their house for all da family pah-tays so we (she) did it.

She brined the turkey.... watevah da heck dat means   🙄    but I helped. I had to carry da 26 pound suckah all ovah da place: from da pan to da bag, from da bag back to da pan, from da pan to da fridge (ok, Da Wife did dat with ALL da juices - by dat time was like ovah 30 pounds), then from da fridge to da counter, drain da buggah, carry it to da oven pan, tuck in da arms (we did dat part wrong), throw it in da oven, take it out and finally put it in anoddah pan.

See, I can cook.   😀 

Hea's da before............



Hea's da aftah..............



And I dunno about you but dis kinda freaked me out................


Nice job Babe! Turkey was ono and juicy!

Now she's tinking about cooking one for New Years.  


And for those wondering about Da Triad pah-tay last week..... was good fun! Da numbahs have dropped a little but was still fun nonetheless. We had a Lurkah or two and a new poster show up too! Our high profile guest couldn't make it, sorry, due to an emergency but was nice seeing da "regulahs". 

Hope to see da rest of you at da next one!


Even IKHEA was embarrased by NKHEA   😆  


Our entertainment for da night and we nevah even need tip!  😛   Awesome karaoke by Aunty Paula and sally



Awwwwww da cute........... and no, dat not her boyfriend



Typical...... from cute to...... Wassap Wit Dat!   😆 



Lurkah forevah.... and talented Braddah too cause I not too surah if he could see da lyrics.   😆



Da good...........

Click hea' to see da bad (couldn't post dis one cause bumbye it get "moderated"). Check it out cause you going be surprised by wat they doing   😉  It certainly wen surprise me these MLC buggahs.   😆   

Oh yeah, and get some mo' pics.   😉 



SHOUT OUT:  Muchos Mahalos goes out to anklebiters (for da goodies), Jack (who no post on WWD! but brought cake dat I nevah even wen sample either...... but we were buying each oddah shots  :mrgreen:  ), to NKHEA (for using your hook ups and getting us da room) and to Ynaku (Hilo kine goodies).

Oh yeah Ynaku, if you like some kim chee, let me know I get small kine extras. If not, who like?

Have a great Feel Good Friday everybodies!

Let da Christmas rush begin.   😀 



Braddah Lance Kwon

So Wat Are You Thinking About?

November 24th, 2009

Da sights, da sounds, da smells..... da memories.

Truly, our memories - good and bad - are always triggered by something our senses pick up. We're then either transported back to a place/time wea our spirits were high and nothing in da world could bring you down.

While you're "visiting" for a bit, now you have dis goofy smile plastered on your face, a dazed twinkle in your eye and even though you may have been "out" for just a few seconds, your reflection back on your memory seems like you've been there for hours.

Now you're refreshed.... until someone smacks you back down to reality.

Wassap Wit Dat!   😆 

So now, in da spirit of da holidays let's play a word association game. I'll start off with a holiday word and da next word(s) should be da first thought/memory/idea dat comes to your mind wen you hea/see dat word.

If someone posts before you got to post, no worries - just keep going.   😀  I know dis game can probably last forevah (das da point   😉   ) but you nevah know wen you may be sent back to your happy place even if it may be for a few seconds.

If you got a li'l mo'olelo fo' share too..... no scade 'em, go get 'em.   😀



Braddah Lance Kwon

So It Begins......

November 23rd, 2009

It's no surprise that all da Christmas stuff has gone up already, well, since before Halloween (WWD!).        🙄  

And you know how we roll hea at WWD! - we stay strong and celebrate da season's as they come along so no "C" stuff mentioned hea'. No "C" decorations are put up. No "C" gifts bought... yet.

Now if you're getting great deals somewhere - they are all around but gotta keep an eye out - then go for it cause but I hope it's to spoil yourself or your loved ones since you may not have gotten it oddahwise. But if it's just a gift to someone... uh, wassa-mattah-you?

"Black Friday" is approaching and I'm surah Uncle Rodney from Mid-Life Crisis has probably got some shopping blog to be posted soon, if not already (sorry, haven't dropped in awhile.... still tryin' to stay young   😛   ). Trust and believe that I'm looking forward to spending money I don't have and trying to snag some great (unreal) deals but before we get all gung ho,  let's show a little respect to a little known tradition besides turkey.

Let's give shout out Mahalos to those people and things dat we are thankful dat we do have.... and don't have.

Share one, share choke. Let's see how many things we are thankful for (even if it's been posted before, no worries go share 'em again). You nevah know wen someone may trigger something you haven't thought about in awhile.

And that'll be anoddah thing we all can be thankful for.    😀 


Braddah Lance Kwon

Anybody Out There?

November 20th, 2009

It happens every year around dis time.

The holiday season is upon us and we lose some posters... and next week probably going be pretty slow. Kwonics turn into Lanceformers. Lanceformers turn into Lurkahs. Lurkahs turn into....... well, they're already Lurkahs so not like we know they was there anyways.   😉 

I would guesstimate dat about 90-95% of all WWD! readers/posters are at work - or at least start reading it at work (Wat? You guys no mo' work fo' do?   😛   ) so during dis time, many may be out on sick leave,  using up there last bit of vacation or now.... Furlough Friday.   🙄   But in anycase, readership/posters goes down.

Oh well, I guess they not going know we get pah-tay tonight eh?  :mrgreen:  But for those of you just joining us and nevah read last week's heads up, we get pah-tay tonight - no joke.

Wat:  2nd Annual Triad Blog Pah-tay (with special guest headliner and a few oddahs - you gotta come to find out who)
Wen:  Tonight - start at 6pm (Hawaiian time 6:30pm)
Wea:  Fort Street Bar & Grill at da Topa Towers across from Aloha Tower

For those who've nevah been, it's just a kick back pau hana get together. Nothing fancy, nothing special but full of fun. We always get people who don't know each oddah, some stay quiet, some join along in da wala'au session and some just like pah-tay.

Step out of your shell if you're free tonight and join us if you can. I no can promise going guarantee be fun..... but I can promise you going get kim chee.   😀 

Speaking of stepping out, a Lurkah sent me an interesting link. It's called "Famous Leader Test". I thought it was pretty neat, although how true it is depends on your own preceptions like a horoscope.

I took it twice (once last week and one today) to see if I'd be da same 'World Leader'.... nope. But I was two Presidents!

Unfortunatly....... both were assasinated!

Wassap Wit Dat!   😯 

Now I really hope I'm not like either of 'em.   

I ended up being the first time, John F. Kennedy.

"[I] You like power because it increases your sexual options. You are a thrill seeker by nature and don't shy away from risky behavior."

Then today I am Abraham Lincoln.

"[I] You are a mild mannered assasination victim. You are Abe Lincoln. You have a peaceful nature and are good at mediating disputes with the exception of the occasional bloody civil war."


Which world leader are you? Care to take a stab at world diplomacy?

Happy Feel Good Friday everybodies!




SHOUT OUT: And it appears I'm out of the loop again and nevah even know was one Kwonic's birthday yesterday..........

Hau'oli La Hanau Ynaku!

28 again?   😛  


Braddah Lance Kwon

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