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So It Begins......

November 23rd, 2009

It's no surprise that all da Christmas stuff has gone up already, well, since before Halloween (WWD!).        🙄  

And you know how we roll hea at WWD! - we stay strong and celebrate da season's as they come along so no "C" stuff mentioned hea'. No "C" decorations are put up. No "C" gifts bought... yet.

Now if you're getting great deals somewhere - they are all around but gotta keep an eye out - then go for it cause but I hope it's to spoil yourself or your loved ones since you may not have gotten it oddahwise. But if it's just a gift to someone... uh, wassa-mattah-you?

"Black Friday" is approaching and I'm surah Uncle Rodney from Mid-Life Crisis has probably got some shopping blog to be posted soon, if not already (sorry, haven't dropped in awhile.... still tryin' to stay young   😛   ). Trust and believe that I'm looking forward to spending money I don't have and trying to snag some great (unreal) deals but before we get all gung ho,  let's show a little respect to a little known tradition besides turkey.

Let's give shout out Mahalos to those people and things dat we are thankful dat we do have.... and don't have.

Share one, share choke. Let's see how many things we are thankful for (even if it's been posted before, no worries go share 'em again). You nevah know wen someone may trigger something you haven't thought about in awhile.

And that'll be anoddah thing we all can be thankful for.    😀 


Braddah Lance Kwon

29 Responses to “So It Begins......”

  1. Braddah Lance:

    I am thankful for still having a job.

    I am thankful for ohana.

    I am thankful for having great people around me making me a bettah person.

  2. Braddah Lance:

    I am thankful dat I don't see evil people everyday.

    I am thankful dat I don't have any major illnesses.

  3. Sittinginlimbo:

    Guuuuud Morning!

    I'm thankful for the job that me and my husband have to provide shelter, food and clothing to my babies. I'm thankful for my husband (he put's up with ALOT! puahaha) and my kids (god only knows what i'll be doing now if I didn't have my babies!). I'm thankful with every breathe that me, my family and friends takes, great family and friends. I'm thankful for all the ups and downs life gives me.

  4. Ocean Lover:

    I'm thankful for when I get some of BL's kim chee. (hint) 😉

    I'm also thankful for my wife and all that she does to keep our household running. I could never do all that work and still maintain my humor, caring disposition, love for all of mankind, and just staying my most awesome self.

    I'd probably have perpetual MAN PERIOD.


  5. 1dble:

    I'm thankful for the HEADACHES my son gives me, the LECTURES from my parents , and my shoulders that friends use to CRY on... Although they may be a negative for some, to me, it's always positive: it means that I have people in my life to share love! Oh yea, and furlough fridays aren't so bad...

  6. Ynaku:

    I'll be thankful just to tast BL's Kim Chee. You saved some for me. I coming.

  7. rayboyjr:

    😀 😀 😀 Goodmorning Everyone!!! 😀 😀 😀

    ... hey, Braddah Lance ... thank you for giving us a small chance to share what we are thankful for ...

    ... I am thankful for life and relatively good health ...

    ... I am thankful I can recover and bounce back from the small setbacks in life ...

    ... I am thankful for family and friends ... even though I don't get to see many of them that often ... I know they're always there ...

    ... I am thankful for the air I breathe, the water I drink, the food I eat ...

    ... I am thankful for the little things in life that often go unnoticed ... the kind "hello's" as you pass by on the sidewalk ... the opening of doors ... sounds of family and friends voices ... sunny days ... cool rainy nights ... my warm blanket ... the soft-serve ice cream at McD's ... blogs that I can post my random thoughts on ... 😀 😀 😀

    ... Have a Good One Everyone!!! ...

  8. B:

    I am thankful for my odda half and da keeds fo puttin up wit my nonsense.

    especially thankful to the good lord above for giving our mother in law and ohana the strength to deal with the health issues that mom in law had to endure this year. she is doing exceptionally well.

    mahalos to BL an da ohana hea fo maintaining da positives hea. afta one tough day dis place is jus as good as home.

  9. M:

    Good morning BL!...

    I'm thankful for my savior Jesus Christ...

    I'm thankful for my wife, family and friends...

    I'm thanful for my job...

    I'm thankful for BL Kim Chee...

    I'm thankful for this blog, O & E, MLC & others...

    I'm thankful for all the friends I made on the blogs...

    I'm thankful to be thankful....

  10. tita leerz:

    I am thankful for

    the bills I can pay
    the house I have to clean
    the clothes I to wash
    the kids I have to make lots of noise and rubbish
    ...you catch my drift 😉

    like M I'm thankful to be thankful.

    Have an awesome week everyone!

  11. roach:


    I'm thankful for -

    Good friends.
    Good job (but I still want to retire soon).
    Good dog.

  12. KAN:

    I am thankful for da good health and good humor of da Kwonics, Lanceformers, Lurkahs, my Sweetie, my parents, my gramma, Sweetie's mom and daughter and our friends. I am thankful that I will have a warm home to spend Thanksgiving in, enough ono food to celebrate the day with, and a loving Sweetie to share it with. I will be especially thankful if I don't have to get out of pajamas all day on Thursday. 😀

    Happy Thankful Gobbling to everyboddy out deah.

  13. Bre:

    I am thankful for a wonderful family, great friends, sweet pets, my health, my job and a roof over my head.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and a short work week!!

  14. buddahbelly:

    I'm thankful for my health, my friends, job and the faith in God that makes it all possible.

  15. islandgirl in nc:

    I'm thankful for my husband getting a good job after being out of work for 10 months.

    I'm thankful for his job's medical insurance which kicked in the first day on the job.

    I'm thankful for our family's support during the 10 months my husband was laid off. We wouldn't be able to survive without them.

    I'm thankful for the birth of a healthy #2 son, and for our #1 son being a great big brother.

    I'm thankful for my husband never giving up trying to find a job, but I'm also thankful for the time he had at home with our family even though it was unplanned.

    I'm thankful for being from Hawaii and for the support of all of you on this blog. I know I am not around much now, but it's nice to feel the 'ohana so close from so far away! Thank you BL and all the readers here! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy Black Friday! Because of the shopping you do at a major discount retailer, my husband has a job! 🙂

  16. tita leerz:

    Wow, Islandgirl, that's awesome!

  17. hawaiiobsessed:

    Twice in one day! No, not that! Get your mind out of the gutter. :>) two posts in one day. Record for me. I am thankful for BL and this blog that lets me experience a little of Hawaii when I am not there. I am thankful I have gotten the opportunity to visit the most amazing, beautiful place on earth. Thankful for family, friends, health, jobs, salvation, kids, freedom.....

  18. theDman:

    Thankful to have a job.

    Thankful to still be alive. Wasn't so sure about that one a few years ago.

  19. bamboohouse808:

    I'm thankful for every single thing I've been blessed with in my life. Good and bad, everything that has happened to me has gotten me this far in life. For that I am most thankful. 😀

  20. 9th Island Girl:

    MLC had the same topic, BL, but das okay, because we all know you ML, even if you no like admit it. 🙂

    I'm thankful for my husband, my daughter, my friends and family. I'm thankful that we have food to eat and a place to live. I'm thankful we live in the U.S., in Hawaii, and I'm thankful for the men and women in the military who keep us safe.

    I'm thankful for good health and all the other blessings God has given us.

  21. EMM386:

    I'm thankful for my family and friends. I'm thankful that I still have a job that pays well, even in down economy. I'm thankful for my health and the health of my friends and family. I'm thankful for 8Fat for keeping me sane every friday after another week seeks to push me towards insanity.

  22. opso:

    y'know.......afta hanging around wit da WWD?!, O&E and MLC ohana in just this short time......i've found dat still get choke peeps WITHOUT da ainokea tude. 😀

    and for dat......i am TRULY THANKFUL!

  23. Coconut Willy:

    Kim Chee, Kim Chee, KIM CHEE!

  24. Scott:

    I'm thankful for my wife, my new son, our health and the fact that being unemployed allows me to wear my underwear til noon. Nevemind the "no income" part, I'm living in my pj's and it's great 🙂
    Until the bills come 🙁

  25. sally:

    I am grateful beyond imagination for my enormous wealth of friends and family that I share laughter and tears, singing and dancing.

    I am grateful for my unending faith in life and what it dishes out.

    I am grateful for food, shelter and clothing. I know people who have less.

    I am grateful for the plumeria tree that lady from Craigslist gave to me for free. It's still alive and produces blossoms of my absolute favorite flower.

    I am grateful for the mystery plant I bought at the garage sale that turned out to be a pineapple.

  26. anklebiters:

    I'm thankful for the Triads, for without them, my vacation in Hawaii is really, really, really BEEG fun time ❗ 😆


    Thanks again for the kim chee.....my mom really liked it too ❗

  27. anklebiters:

    I'm thankful for the Triads, for without them, my vacation in Hawaii is really, really, really BEEG fun time

  28. King Katonk:

    I am thankful for every breath, every smile, every tear, every laugh that I share with God, family and friends.

  29. sassy7:

    I am thankful for the journey of life...and all that has come with it...
    For the greatest husband, the best kids, and siblings that have become my best friends...for my home, my job and then just the everyday people who touch my life daily...like the gang on this page....Mahalo!....

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