So Wat Are You Thinking About?

November 24th, 2009

Da sights, da sounds, da smells..... da memories.

Truly, our memories - good and bad - are always triggered by something our senses pick up. We're then either transported back to a place/time wea our spirits were high and nothing in da world could bring you down.

While you're "visiting" for a bit, now you have dis goofy smile plastered on your face, a dazed twinkle in your eye and even though you may have been "out" for just a few seconds, your reflection back on your memory seems like you've been there for hours.

Now you're refreshed.... until someone smacks you back down to reality.

Wassap Wit Dat!   :lol: 

So now, in da spirit of da holidays let's play a word association game. I'll start off with a holiday word and da next word(s) should be da first thought/memory/idea dat comes to your mind wen you hea/see dat word.

If someone posts before you got to post, no worries - just keep going.   :grin:  I know dis game can probably last forevah (das da point   :wink:   ) but you nevah know wen you may be sent back to your happy place even if it may be for a few seconds.

If you got a li'l mo'olelo fo' share too..... no scade 'em, go get 'em.   :grin:



Braddah Lance Kwon

93 Responses to “So Wat Are You Thinking About?”

  1. Braddah Lance:


  2. buddahbelly:

    Spending the next couple of days cooking. It's one of my hobbies and how I blow off steam.

  3. Kage:


  4. rayboyjr:

    :D :D :D :D Gobble Gobble Gobble Everyone!!! :D :D :D :D :D

    Turkey ...

  5. KAN:


  6. KAN:

    rbj: great minds think alike!

    kden: stuffing

  7. sassy7:

    I wish I was going have sashimi and poke for Thanksgiving....

  8. M:

    Good morning BL!

    gravy all over

  9. Braddah Lance:

    Don't know wea to continue...... but sassy7's sashimi.........

    Spicy tuna

  10. 9th Island Girl:

    Spicy tuna > Good friends

  11. M:

    brings me back to japan, eating sushi at a hole in the wall.


  12. sassy7:

    yup....right now I take anything....we went to Caldwell, Idaho two weeks ago for a funeral...5 hour drive...instead of staying for the traditional "haole" after funeral...soup, bread and salad we took off for Kanak Attack in Boise....and Bradda Michael Mohica....hooked it up...his Ono Hawaiian food make it worth the drive. He even had poke and boy was it soooooo.....gooooooddddddddd!!!!! So yeah I can drive, but you will not find sashimi or poke here in Ogden, if's $15-$20 for just a small tray of 7 pieces...yeah right! And buying just a slab of Ahi Tuna frozen is an arm and leg hea...I just miss being able to just buy it in the grocery store like at's not no 5 hour drive.!!! We will go back in January to celebrate my oldest daughters sweet believe she that old already.

  13. Ynaku:

    I thinking about...................

    Visiting you tomorrow. You going be in?

    BL you going be able to meet up Saturday night? NKHEA trying to set something up. I'll be in town from tomorrow to next Tuesday.

    Hey, if we meet, NKHEA need tentative headcount. Looking at Kaimuki Grill about 6 pm. Small kine pahty (I think) cause get UH game on.

  14. rayboyjr:

    @Kan … I think you think that we think I think like you, I think … :shock: hah??? … bottom line … I agree with you … ;)

    … now, oh where to continue …

    hmmm … good friends and hamachi??? …


  15. hemajang:

    Old friends.

    ...about visiting old, nevah see long time friends but hard to make that call, not sure why.

  16. M:

    We were at Kochi's just last night....

    reminds me of....Shrimp tempura

  17. M:

    @Ynaku, Kaimuki Grill has a few big screen TV's so we can watch the game provided they have PPV.

  18. snow:

    if i think of shrimp tempura... i think of...

    sekiya's :)

  19. 9th Island Girl:

    Sekiya's > Kaimuki H.S.

  20. M:

    Kaimuki H.S. > class reunion

  21. matt:

    class reunion>expensive airfare

    good thing I never get "spicy tuna". I would have said "Maharaja"

  22. M:

    expensive airfare > all my trips to Japan..

  23. Rosette:

    turkey stuffing and cranberry sauce....darn dishes!

  24. rayboyjr:

    sorry Rosette ... not sure if you playing the game ... or just griping!!! :D

  25. rayboyjr:

    trips to JapanPlugged Ears ...

  26. Braddah Lance:

    Plugged ears -------} Diving deep

  27. BananaFysh:

    Diving deep > Hit Reef



  28. Braddah Lance:

    Hit reef ---------} Can I still surf or bleeding too much?

  29. Ynaku:

    Can I still surf or bleeding too much? ----- Jaws

  30. kikaida:

    Jaws > watch the teeth please!

  31. KAN:

    watch the teeth please! ------> Bananafysh. :mrgreen:

  32. Braddah Lance:

    Bananafysh ------------ } Scary...... AND hairy. :razz:

  33. Kage:

    Scary....AND hairy ----> Chewbacca

  34. NKHEA:

    Yooooo howzit BL and all you udda bugga's :)

    Jus stay droppin in for say howzit :D been kinda busy lately, no mo time to even read da blogs :(

    NKHEA..... goin stay go work now, latta's

  35. rayboyjr:

    ... ChewbaccaBig Foot ...

  36. Braddah Lance:

    Big foot ------------------ } Loch Ness Monster

  37. sally:

    Loch Ness Monster >>> Dinosaur

  38. rayboyjr:

    ... DinosaurBarney ...

  39. KAN:

    Barney===> Fred (okay, on'y da MLC'ers goin' get dat one).

  40. sally:

    Fred >>>>Wilma (who else?) hahaha

  41. sally:

    KAN: I totally got it.

  42. 9th Island Girl:

    Wilma > Pearl necklace

  43. sally:

    Pearl Necklace>>> June Cleaver

    BRB, gotta go put gas in the car... almost forgottemashita.

  44. KAN:

    Sweetie sez (yes, I realize this isn't MLC):

    June Cleaver===>four loaf cleaver. (He says it's the punch line of a joke.)

    I thought June Cleaver===>Freddy Krueger. Don't know why. I know, wrong holiday.

  45. sally:

    bhahahah KAN that's funny! So can I pick either one to continue?

    Freddy Krueger >>>> NIGHTMARE Before Christmas

  46. BananaFysh:

    Eh! Just write any kine about me, eh? WWD! :x

    Nah, it's all good. ;) Watch out though, da teet' going be chomping down on somebody! :razz:

  47. BananaFysh:

    NIGHTMARE Before Christmas > Black Friday

    What a nightmare! :shock:


  48. snow:

    Black Friday - Rodney ;)

  49. snow:

    KAN - freddy krueger??? bwahahahahah! :lol: too funny!

  50. 9th Island Girl:

    Rodney - Good husband

  51. sally:

    Rodney - Rod Stewart

  52. NKHEA:

    Howzit everybody :)

    Rod Stewart - beef stew 8O :lol:

    NKHEA..... only tinkin of food

  53. KAN:

    NKHEA: I like da way you tink :mrgreen:

    beef stew===> "on da stove, lomi salmon wit' da ice"

    (Think "Island Style," John Cruz)

  54. rayboyjr:

    ... "on da stove, lomi salmon wit' da ice"Kanikapila in the old Hawaiian way ...

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    ... Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!! ...

  55. tita leerz:

    Kanikapila in the old Hawaiian way ----> listening to friends play ukulele and singing drunk on the rooftop of the dorms.

  56. Braddah Lance:

    listening to friends play ukulele and singing drunk on the rooftop of the dorms ------------ } Ahhhh, da good 'ole dayz

  57. KAN:

    Ahhhh, da good 'ole dayz===>Kona Daze (old Kalapana song. Yup, headed into dangerous territory!)

  58. 9th Island Girl:

    Kona Dave > Kona haze (vog)!

  59. shoyu burner:

    vog > smoked wild pig

  60. M:

    smoked wild pig>hawaiian plate

  61. Aunty Paula:

    9th IG: #50 :-) You have a huband named Rodney too?

    hawaiian plate > young's fish market

  62. rayboyjr:

    young's fish marketoh wow, lau lau .... fish laulau ...

  63. KAN:

    oh wow, lau lau .... fish laulau ...===> "bettah dan poi, bettah dan pig, Wendell's laulau f^@#&*$g BEEG."

  64. 9th Island Girl:

    Aunty Paula :) I had the impression that he was a good husband...but you would know best!!!

    Wendell's lau lau > Rap Reiplinger's sumo turkeys

  65. KAN:

    Rap Reiplinger's sumo turkeys===>Takamiyama

  66. tita leerz:

    Takamiyama----> Yama's Fish Market (me want poke for Thanksgiving!)

  67. NKHEA:

    Yama'a Fish Market - fish and poi .......

    NKHEA.....KAN knows dat song

  68. M:

    fish and poi > Tripe stew

  69. rayboyjr:

    ... Tripe stewI’m a big boy, lomi salmon, pipikaula, extra large lilikoi, squid or chicken lu`au don’t forget the laulau, beef or tripe stew just to name a few (oh yeah)

    Oh yeah bayBEE ... I'm in da mood now ... :D :D :D

  70. NKHEA:

    I’m a big boy, lomi salmon, pipikaula, extra large lilikoi, squid or chicken lu`au don’t forget the laulau, beef or tripe stew just to name a few (oh yeah - luau

    NKHEA....neva go 1 looooong time

  71. Braddah Lance:

    Luau ------------- } Booty shaking :grin:

  72. opso:

    booty shaking → Sir Mix-A-Lot Baby Got Back

  73. KAN:

    Sir Mix-A-Lot Baby Got Back===>Baby Back Ribs

    (It's all about da fuuud, after all. :-D )

  74. opso:

    KAN - you know it! :D

    Baby Back Ribs → Brontosaurus ribs

    that Barny Rubble......what an actor! :lol:

  75. anklebiters:

    Happy Birthday ==> NKHEA

    pikake ==> stopping in the middle of the night in Kaimuki, somewhere, to borrow a few to give to GF during high school. :lol:

  76. anklebiters:

    kim chee ==> BL ;-)

  77. anklebiters:

    golf ==> snow falling .... hehehehe ;-)

  78. anklebiters:

    lantana bushes ==> dove hunting on Molokai

  79. anklebiters:

    paipo boarding ==> only doing 'rights'....hard time going 'left' :!:

  80. anklebiters:

    hearing the word "pull" ==> skeet shooting

  81. anklebiters:

    Kailua ==> having a steak sandwich at Sizzlers back in the early '70s.

  82. KAN:

    Ankles, are you just doing random word associations? :lol:

    . . . steak . . . ===> Buzz's in Lanikai.

  83. anklebiters:


    I have a free pass....I'm a dumb tourist :lol:

  84. Rod's Big Bro:

    Lanikai ======> Mid Pacific Country Club

  85. Rodney Lee:

    Mid Pacific Country Club ---> Kailua Class of '76 30th Reunion

  86. anklebiters:

    Kailua Class of '76 30th Reunion ==> Las Vegas (where we had our 30th)

  87. sally:

    Las Vegas>>> Hawaii 74 50th Birthday Bash in 2006

  88. KAN:

    . . . Birthday Bash . . . ===> Happy Birthday, NKHEA!!!

  89. M:

    Hawaii 74 50th Birthday Bash in 2006 > Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

  90. anklebiters:

    Time to hit the road and pick up the turkey and stop by Nijiya's.....

  91. Masako:

    Happy Thanksgiving Lance and everyone! Happy Birthday NKHEA!

  92. NKHEA:

    Happy gooble gooble day everybody :)

    Thanks for the birthday wish ;) :D

    NKHEA.....goin eat turkey now

  93. Rodney Lee:

    Happy Thanksgiving Lance and Lanceformers/Kwonics! Save me some kim chee turkey!