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Did You Survive?

November 30th, 2009

So did you?

It's tough - and rough - from Black Friday on and we all wanna know what did you do to survive? From standing in line from midnight (or earlier - WWD!) to standing in line for a hour to pay, did you get what you want or was it all gone? Did you have to bump elbows? Were people rude? Did you have a system or some tag team action going on?

I, like Uncle Rodney, love to shop too and one day we'll get to it but nothing has caught our eye worth going yet. I was telling Da Wife, "one day, one day we'll join in da madness."   😀 

I always get shmall kine "J" when I hear someone snagged some unreal deal but it was unadvertised.   🙁    I guess that's one of da benefits of just going in. I tend to rely too much on advertisements and word of mouth. I don't visit web sites often unless I have too - or hear about it - so I guess next time I gotta go all kamakaze and dive right in.

No mattahs, save money.

Sorry, stay real busy this week cause we moved up some deadline dates and getting ready for da WWD! Travelog (made dat up just now   😀   ) but before I turn ovah to da WWD! Hui I gotta say,


She's 21...... + tax.    😆 


Braddah Lance Kwon

29 Responses to “Did You Survive?”

  1. jaydee:

    I stayed home on Black Friday. I was too full from the night before.

    I heard Sears had some great deals on power tools though. A man never has enough power tools! 🙂

    No way I was going to stand in that line at 2am Friday morning. It wrapped around the store!

  2. hemajang:

    Da wife birfday? Happy Birthday! ..21 plus tax = 22? ...you get young wife, BL.

    I'm 39 plus tax, surcharges, fees & penalties, shipping and handling and market adjustments.

  3. 9th Island Girl:

    Happy birthday to da wife!

    No Black Friday for me! It was a relaxing day of pigging out on leftovers for me.

  4. M:

    Good morning BL!

    I had to work on Black Friday. But masako went shopping and came home with a whole car load of stuff.

  5. B:

    happy birthday Mrs. BL.

    Didn't do the early morning bargains thing on friday, went to ala moana midday. was pretty crowded. some kind of line to get into victoria's secret. heard had beef at one of the walmarts. two wahines were scraping for the rockband games. madness.

  6. rayboyjr:

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 Goodmorning Everyone!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    ... hey Braddah Lance!!! ... first thing ...

    ♫Happy Birthday to da wifey♫

    ... yippeeee ... 21 ... can go drink and pahtay with you now 😉 ... and Vegas too!!! ...

    ... Happy Birthday to Mrs. Braddah Lance ... da wifey ... da bettah half??? ... da boss??? ... btw, who wears da pants in your family??? 😀 😀 😀 ...

    ... I just avoid shopping on Black Friday!!! ... did it once before ... and never again... unless I'm forced to ... I can't subject myself to all that chaos ... again ... 😯

    ... Have a Good One Everyone!!! ...

  7. matt:

    happy birthday to DW. I remember when I was 21 + tax. Now, I'm 21 + tax + inflation + COL adjustments.

  8. Ocean Lover:

    Happy Birthday to Mrs. BL!

    I got ONE GRIPE.............went to Best Buy on Saturday and the parking lot was PACKED. Cars waiting at the end of rows and cars parked along curbs as parking was so bad. After dropping off Ocean Hater and Da Teenager I circled and CIRCLED the parking lot. After about 15 minutes I got lucky and found a guy putting stuff in his trunk. I put my blinker on and WAITED........and WAITED...........AND WAITED!!!!!! 😈 After about 5 minutes of SITTING IN HIS CAR he finally decides to start the car up and leave.

    Is it JUST ME or do you notice people like to do that ON PURPOSE at this time of year????????????


  9. KAN:

    Happy birfday, Mrs. BL! Good ting she's 21 + tax, BL, oddahwise you robbing da cradle!

    I did some shopping on Black Friday, but mostly for food (I know, crazy da day after Thanksgiving to be shopping for food, but there you go). I did just indulge in Cyber Monday, though - got something for Sweetie and something (cheap) for me.

  10. buddahbelly:

    Happy B-Day to the Missus! I did Home Depot on Friday (mucho peeps). Went to Don Quijote this weekend, more choke peeps. Saw the line at Costco and drove off with my tail between my legs. Choke people at the Baisdell for this past weekend's craft fair. Not a parking stall to be found there when we passed by on Saturday. They even filled McKinley's parking lot. I'm afraid to go Ala Moana but real curious how many unadvertised price cuts the retailers made there. Best buy I found this weekend? Miller Genuine Draft Light at Longs; $9.99 for a 30 pack!!

  11. M:

    Happy Birthday to da Mrs. BL!

  12. Rosette:

    happy birthday.....

  13. NEO:


    DASS CLASSIC "da wife is 21+tax..." hahaha I goin' use dat one... hahahaa anyway... let's not forget that gifts are great and wonderful, and I'm sure everyone would appreciate a new TV or the latest game or new clothes or whatevers... but the most important thing you can give this season is your time, and your heart... volunteer to ring bells for the Salvation Army, serve a meal at a local shelter... or best of all, offer a smile to someone who you think needs it... that's the spirit of the season... HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!!

    ALOHA and WHOOSH!!!

  14. visitor:

    Birthday wishes to the Mrs.

    We went Ala Moana on Friday. Got there about 8:30. Lots of good covered parking. I mostly sat and watched the "scenery" while wife and daughter shopped.

    @ Buddhabelly - Great buy on the beer. What was the "born on date?"

  15. NKHEA:

    Howzit BL and all you udda buggas 🙂

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Mrs. BL 😀

    Me I no do da shopping 🙂 IKHEA doos it 😉 😀

    NKHEA..... only like open da presents :mrgreen:

  16. HNL2LAS:

    Happy Birthday to Mrs. BL! Too funny on the 21 + tax!

    I went to Black Friday, but not as planned. Supposed to go at 3am, went at 7 bhaahah... BUT, I still got good stuff.. didn't get big stuff, which really is a good thing as I would have been spending imaginary moola. The lines to pay were the only bad part, Kohl's was my longest wait at about 40 minutes... not bad but no can go wrong with little classic kiddie games like Candyland for 3.99 right?? So that wait was worth it for me.

    My wallet is mighty empty now though.. sigh....

  17. sally:

    Hello Everybody! ...and Happy Birthday to Mrs. BL!

    No shopping for me, that is too much madness for my liking. One of my patients today said he went to Best Buy at 6:30, took only 15min to get what he wanted, stood in line to pay, then left the store at 9:30!

    3hrs in line? oy yoi yoi Whatever he bought better have been 99.9% discount!

  18. Da Wife:

    Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! The husband is being kind...i am definitely 21 + a lot of tax. Happy holiday shopping! First year in a looongg time that i haven't taken black friday off...had to work. =(
    Oh well, vacation in 4 days and counting...

  19. Makiki:

    Happy Birthday to you Mrs. BL.

    Looking forward to you folks travelog but no need get all crazy about it. Enjoy the trip, eat some good food, take some pictures and share when can. Don't forget Da Hui when you hit Megabucks.

    We did a bit of shopping later in the morning in the OC area and it was kind of quiet. Daughter picked out presents and son got something for his GF. Didn't really see any great bargains but then again we weren't out at the crazy hours.

    Alan from Makiki

  20. anklebiters:

    Happy BD Mrs. BL ❗ May the tax rate decline next year and every year there after 😆 MayBEE not, the State needs $$$$ 😉

    Golfed on that Friday....if you're gonna fight the crowd, may as well do it on the golf course.....we were 13 minutes behind schedule according to the GPS after putting out on the 18th.

    I was at Best Buy yesterday....lots of parking...found a 500GB USB external drive for $99. I'm handing out gift cards this year.

  21. anklebiters:


    But don't forget the depreciation ❗ ...that will help you out a bit 😆

  22. BananaFysh:

    Happy belated Birfday to Da Wife! 😀

    I survived Black Friday. I tend to avoid the places of extreme craziness. I didn't go out until 8:00 am, so plenny "doorbuster" specials were gone already. That's okay, I didn't really need that stuff anyways. 😉

    For me, the specials weren't THAT good this year. The earliest I ever went out was like 6:00 am last year, and it was totally worth it. I didn't have the need to do it again this year though. 😉

  23. King Katonk:

    Happy Birthday Mrs. BL!
    I hope Mr. BL bought you a nice gift.

    Eh, dat Zippy's gift card no count.

  24. zzzzzz:

    BL, was that you checking out the sale sushi at Sam's Club tonite around 6:30?

  25. anklebiters:

    Home sweet home ❗

  26. Ocean Lover:

    "Earth to BL.....Earth to BL.....you alright or what?"


  27. snow:

    BL - are you getting ready for your vacation? hope so! hope you and the mrs. have a great time!! don't get too cold! 😉

  28. Braddah Lance:

    Mahalos to all wishing Da Wife a Happy Birthday!

    Too funny you guys.... inflation, surcharges.... 😆

    BL, was that you checking out the sale sushi at Sam's Club tonite around 6:30?

    😀 Rogah. How come you nevah say Wassap?

  29. zzzzzz:

    zzzzzz: BL, was that you checking out the sale sushi at Sam's Club tonite around 6:30?

    😀 Rogah. How come you nevah say Wassap?

    I wasn't sure, and nevah like 'make a' if wasn't you.

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