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High, Low... We Know Who You're Talking To

November 18th, 2009

Last night da boys and I - ok, me - was ragging on a friend of ours about his "voice".

A few weeks ago while I was listening to da radio, there was a commercial dat caught my ear. It wasn't da product itself but da..... voice. It was for one of da big wireless companies (I not going mention names but it's a form of "running") and being dat he got a promotion to store manager - Congratulations by da way (I not going mention names but da first syllables of his first/last name is Jay Nu) - he had to do a commercial for his store location.

I was ragging on him dat if he was trying to sell his phones to Numbah 5 (guess wea dat's from  😉   ) da whole store would sell out.   😆 

His voice was very robotic and monotoned - well, like a typical guy and dat got me thinking.....

Is it only a guy thing?

C'mon braddahs we all know wen we stay hanging out and da phone rings we all know basically who it is by da "pitch" in their voice. Wen stay around people you know, your voice is normal. Wen stay one chick, well first, you stand up and walk away then you get da girlie kine higher pitched soft voice. And then you get da "stranger" I don't know who are voice which is a little deeper and "stand-offish".

Weird thing too is dat at any given time during a call - or conversation - dat "voice" can change at da drop of a dime. And then there's da shock dat wen you hear your voice being played back either on video, recording or a commercial da infamous words always follows.......

"I sound like THAT?"

I'm one of those and I hate my voice on video or any recordings. Das why I not in radio although I tink Perry needs an updated sidekick (I'm available).  😉    😉 

Do you "hate" your voice? Are you one of those who are fortunate enough to NOT have a monotoned voice? Are you a monotoned singer but tink you sing in key?   😛   And to da wahines, you gals get da same kine "voices" or wat?

(Said in a deeper voice)



Braddah Lance Kwon

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Did Everyone Pay Off The DMV To Get Their License?

November 17th, 2009

It's been awhile since we've had a road rage blog and I'm surah there'll be a few to come being da holidays and all but in just these past two days it killed me how people really don't know how to drive!

Or at least know some of da laws.......   🙄  

One thing I cannot understand though is our car pool lane. How da heck can there be SOOOOO many people blatantly in that lane with only da driver in da car?! Going into work not too bad cause it seems like people know dat da 5-0 are lurking around once in awhile but going home....... OMFG!  If our car pool lane hea was anything like da mainland.... we (Da Wife and I) would be at home in less than 20 minutes tops. I mean seriously, da car pool lane should be pretty smooth sailing considering there are no cut-offs and even then changing lanes should be a piece of cake.

Oh, changing lanes.

Since when did just throwing your blinker on give you da right of way! Just this morning aftah dropping off Da Wife, dis expensive looking SUV pulls into da "loading zone" lane - with nothing to unload - and he well knows it cause he was timing da light to change ovah but too bad da light was green already and we was on our way..... he nevah care. He just flashed his blinker and threw da nose of his SUV in.

I nevah back down.    😈 

Da lolo jammed his brakes and started blamming ME!

Wassap Wit Dat!

If I wasn't late for work I would of.......... wooooo-saaaaaa. Family blog..... family blog.   😀 

And please, for those who actually use their signal properly and wait for an opening or someone who is nice enough to let you in....... please turn OFF your blinker aftah you change lanes. Again this morning on Nimitz had one huge delivery truck change from da far left to da middle and left his blinker on for da longest. There were two cars dat were being nice and leaving space for him to change lanes. Da first car waited a bit then just zoomed by. Da second (I was behind dis lolo) waited for like a minute! I nevah like honk my horn cause da braddah was being nice but hello!... you gotta catch da hint sometime.

So hea's a few tips you may or may not have known to help you out..... or at least use 'em so if you next to me I not going get some cage rage action going on.   😉 

  • Vehicles making left turns DO NOT have da right of way..... unless you have a dedicated left turn light signal. You know, da ones with da arrows pointing left.   😛
    *** FYI - Left turning vehicles are the most common AT FAULT accidents
  • If you're at an intersection waiting to turn left and there's a vehicle turning right, stay to the inner most lane..... that's why there's a SOLID LINE painted on the road. You stay in your lane and da oddah car stays in theirs.
  • Please read/notice any signs when approaching intersections..... some actually say.... NO TURNS or NO TURNS ON RED.
    *** FYI - Da big red circle with da line going diagonally through a turn arrow means..... NO TURNS!
  • When approaching intersections and you're in da far right lane.... slow down and STOP before you hit da crosswalk cause you nevah know if get pedestrians crossing right in front of the vehicle next to you. Most everyone doesn't realize dat if there are no STOP LINES (it's da big, thick white line going perpendicular to your vehicle   🙄    ) then da beginning (front) of da cross walk is treated as your FIRST STOP and da back of da crosswalk is treated as your SECOND STOP. Most times people slow down and just zoom through. Maybe once or twice a week I get near misses walking to and from my car on South Street.
  • If you leave more than a FIVE car gap and you're not in da far right lane...... you're in da WRONG LANE! Da three second rule is usually two to three car lengths and to promote traffic flow. You wanna hold up traffic? Stay in da right lane!

Ok, dat's all for now.

Got any to add?    😀 



Braddah Lance Kwon

Gotta Take A Leap Sometime.... Oh Yeah, Get Pah-tay Too

November 13th, 2009

Happy Feel Good Friday everybodies!

Once in awhile you gotta notice da signs. Once in awhile you gotta take a chance. Once in awhile you gotta take a leap of faith.

Or get shoved off to get you started.

My future hea at The Advertiser has been up in the air evah since we started layoffs a year ago and da next few months are no different. If you haven't noticed - or read - I've been close to da chopping block several times. In fact, I (well not me but my position) was actually penned to have been eliminated a couple weeks ago.

I've been granted a stay of execution till April.... maaaaybe.

So I'm taking dat leap........ I just hoping I don't go splat wen I land.

It's actually been over eight years in da making and a dream I've had since high school but I've finally decided to startup my own business. It's not going to be my primary job but a side (supplemental) thing. Wat is it? Well if I told you now, I wouldn't have a blog to write about latah now would I?   😉 

In a few weeks I'll be flying up Seattle but more on dat right aftah I mention dis......

We'll be having our 2nd Annual Triad Blog Pah-tay next Friday November 20th at our most accomodating pah-tay headquarters, Fort Street Bar & Grill! Pah-tay starts at 6pm and every/anyone who's read WWD! is welcome to attend. Well, I guess it's not really a Triad pah-tay anymore since oddah bloggers will be there too but it is our 2nd Annual and it was da original pah-tay dat brought us (bloggers and posters) all together IRL (in real life).

Da food is great there and drinks are real affordable. Also get karaoke too for those inclined to show off their American Idol skills but be prepared if "Simon" shows up.   😛   Plus going get one high profile blogger come by too (even Da Triad put together no can match). I not going say who but relax fellahs, "she" get boyfriend ok.

And all you mainland peeps no need get all 'J', get one pah-tay for you too!

Ok, not really but like I mentioned earlier I stay going to Seattle in early December so if you like talk story aftah you pau hana, let me know. Da WWD! Hui in Portland no feel left out cause Da Wife and I going be there too! And of course our Vegas WWD! Hui, I'd be a fool not to stop by there right?    😀 

For da WWD! Hui in Seattle, Portland and Vegas ..... da pah-tay coming to you in a few weeks so if you like hook up, let me know so we can work it in. Sorry to all da CA Hui, I usually stop by there but nevah have enough time... nor da kala dis time.

And of course I gotta start throwing dis out already. You guys know dat I LOVE doing da travel blogs and dis one no different so if you have any tips, places to eat, locations to visit, must do's etc, PLEASE let me know and I'll try and hit up as much places as I can in Seattle (Da Wife hasn't been and I haven't been there in 17 years), Portland (Da Wife and I haven't been) and yeah, even Vegas (oh yeah baby..... you know we (I) going pound some onolicious grindz there) to bring those places back to Da WWD! Hui! in real time. Ok, probably a day delay.   😉  

Oh yeah.... anybody work at United or can get tickets to da Seahawks/49ers game?   😉   😉 




Braddah Lance Kwon

Wat Would You Pay For Dat?

November 12th, 2009

We're faced with da same question everyday at least once a day.

"Wat would you pay for dat?"

While you may not ask/say it word for word, I guarantee dat you say something along those lines.... like, "no way I'm buying it at dat price!" or "ho Brah! Stay cheap!"    😀  

On Monday, I had to burn a vacation day so my friend and I went golf. (Muchos Mahalos to Coconut Willy for da great rate!) Before we got to da course we stopped by 7-11 to get some juice (no, not dat kine "juice") and Crazy Glue.

Crazy Glue?

Yeah, Crazy Glue. I had to fix my "talking shoe".   🙄   😳  

As I was looking for some green tea thingy I wasn't looking to pay more than a dollah for it. Why? Cause I know I can find a BIG size drink for dat price.... plus I know dat da "going rate" for a liter soda/juice is a dollah so I wasn't about to pay any more than dat. I found a Lipton Green Tea.   😀 

Then I wanted something quick to eat so I looked around. Tuna sandwich..... $5?! Supah old dried out looking pizza..... $4?! 

Wassap Wit Dat!

Yesterday, NKHEA and Uncle Rodney came down and invitied me to tag along for lunch. It was deadline Wednesday and I was a little behind but I needed a mental break so I "forced" myself to go. I looked for my wallet only to find out nevah have - forgot it at home!  😡  Good thing I keep some diñero in my desk for "emergencies" and found $10 which included $2 in coins.

I told them no can go fancy shmancy kine place cause I only had $10 and heaven forbid I evah pay for a plate lunch dat goes into double digits! (Muchos Mahalos to Uncle Rodney for lunch!)

There are a lot of "prices" I draw da line at and sometimes no can help but to pay higher cause either no can find or you needed/wanted it right away is sometimes necessary.... but I have standards.

Ok, ok.... I stay chang..... no wait...... frugal. Dat sound mo' bettah.   😉 

Well, Da Wife and I go through dis kine stuff all da time. I tell her, "hell no I going pay dat much for dat!" hence da "boycott" of Zippy's for me. But on da flip side you always hear "you get wat you pay for" which I believe is a crock of doo-doo. I believe you get wat you pay for if you nevah know about it. I'm all about "value" and size/quantity/price match while I'm not naive to tink dat I can get a sumo sized plate lunch for $4.

Of course there is a balance somewea wea you're willing to pay juuuust a bit more, so wea do you draw da line at? Wat's da max dat you'd pay for something? Have you evah bought something and later told/found out dat you could have gotten it cheaper? Do you even care? Or are you one to just buy cause you no like go/drive someplace else?

For instance, I'm not about to pay more than $7 for a plate lunch and even at dat price da buggah bettah be loaded and taste ono! I'm still on da prowl for da evah elusive $5 plate lunches.  😀  Or like I mentioned, $1 for soda and it ain't no 12 ouncer! I'm not about to spend $5 for a sandwich either unless it meets da "criteria".  And hell's no I'm going to drop $5 for ONE beea!   :mrgreen: 

Wat kine stuff would you pay for and wat's your "limits"?


Braddah Lance Kwon

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One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

November 10th, 2009

Maybe dis might a MLC topic - at least in age   😛      - but in case you didn't know, Sesame Street turns 40 today!

And boy they haven't aged one bit.... well except for da "real" people.   😉 

In today's technology of hi-tech, blue screen, realistic cartoons - the growing keiki has a plethora of choices to choose from to help "develop" their minds. From Barney to Builder Bob, it appears to grow more or less by popularity.

To tell you da truth I'm not in tune with "today's" choices since I'm a little out of da age bracket but let me take you back to wat I grew up with.

Sesame Street.... of course.
Reading Rainbow
Professor Fun

Hmmm, das all dat stuck with me. Lamar Burton, da "sweater change" and da "shaka pow wow wow".... maybe das why I love da shaka!   😀 

But Sesame Street stands da test of time!

From all da "games" they'd play like "One of these things is not like the other", wondering how da heck is Big Bird sooooo big, why does a scruffy old green monster live in a trash can, how come Cookie monster can't eat a cookie right or why da heck can't anybody see Snuffaluffagus? (WWD!) Sesame Street rocked.... at least wen I was shmall kid time.

How weird is dat we used to see da "sticks and strings" of da puppets and nevah tink nothing of it but now everyone either points it out or looks for da string and not amused by it aftah they find it?

Sesame Street was always there in bright colors, interesting characters and they really broke the "barrier" regarding racial mixes and languages which I respect to da utmost.... and they're still going strong!

Wat are your fondest memories of "childhood" programs? Did you used to get da toys too? Did you used to sing along and participate in da games?

Let's all wish a Hau'oli La Hanau to Sesame Street!



Braddah Lance Kwon

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