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We All Should Go Once... And It's Free

January 29th, 2010

You know how we roll at WWD! - wen we can kokua and share any tips, information... anything, we share without hesitation - it's called da Aloha Spirit. Some get more than oddahs, some no more - it's an "attitude" you cannot fake cause it comes from da heart.

I get two bits of "Aloha" I like share with you and best yet?....... They F to da R to da double E! FREE FREE FREE!

Da first not going happen till March but I'm surah more info will pop up again once it gets closer but I wanted to send out a huge Mahalo Nui Loa to Leslie and Sal Hernandez for bringing back a classic dat today's generation will hopefully get a chance to experience da drive-inn.

No, not da drive-thru...... drive-inn movies!  (Click hea' to read da article by Dan Nakaso)

The "new" location is set for Aloha Stadium aftah da swap meet closes up and I'm actually kinda excited about it. One of da catches about it though is dat da movies itself will be dated by a few months as they are not allowed to "compete" (per their licensing agreement) with current movies but who cares? It's more about da atmosphere and da freedom to actually go to da bathroom without stepping on toes right?   😉 

I went to a few and it was fun to actually watch movies "outside". Plus I'm surah all you MLC'ers have some "fond" memories eh?   😛 

I certainly hope you'll get a chance to go since it appears it'll only run for a month and then it's a "see if it's doable" kine of affair.

Da second, is something I hope many of you will take advantage of tomorrow and if not now, hopefully later. You may have heard about it already, you may have not and if you're able to change plans I certainly hope you can check out the USS Missouri on Saturday January 30th. (Click hea' to read da article)

In a rare offering, the Battleship Missouri Memorial will be offering free admission to kama'aina and military personnel to help celebrate the Mighty Mo's official reopening from dry-dock repairs. The "Mighty Mo Pass," which is a new all-in-one ticket to experience the famous battleship, includes a single admission, plus a choice from one of the following tours:

  • Mighty Mo Tour (35-minute guided tour)
  • Guide2Go iPod Tour (audio-visual tour using the Apple "iPod touch" corresponding to shipboard signage)
  • Acoustiguide Tour (audio-only tour also corresponding to signage)
  • The option to tour the battleship at one's own pace along a variety of self-guided tour routes.

There is an upgrade to da Battle Stations Tour (additional $25) which features a new 90-minute guided tour. It's da most comprehensive tour and features, including many areas of the ship not accessible without a tour guide. Only Battle Stations Tour participants see da inside of Turret No. 1, an engine room, a plotting room and da "Broadway" (an internal corridor that extends two-thirds of da length of the ship).

Personally, I'd pay da extra $25 and do da Battle Stations Tour. It'll add up if you have a family but if you can afford it, it sounds like da most "fun" and interesting thing to do.

I've always wanted to go on the USS Missouri and unfortunately cannot make the free showing. I am really really disappointed but I promise you, for those who are unable to attend tomorrow's free showing, dat I'll make it there as soon as I can and do an indept blog about it with CHOKE pictures! It's not a "tourist" attraction, it's history and if you don't get chicken skin from it, visit da USS Arizona Memorial next door and you certainly will from dat.

So if you can check it whether it be now or later, make surah you go share with your ohana.

Have a grrrreeeeat weekend everybodies and I hope you'll use and share da two Tips Of Da Day bits!

Happy Feel Good Friday!



Braddah Lance Kwon


January 28th, 2010

Da Wife mentioned we haven't gone out and eaten in awhile - a long while - to some of our favorites like Shillawon and Genki. During da holidays, it gets tough because of so much commitments, get togethers and shopping to do and we haven't gone out anywhere going on nearly two and a half months!

Save some kala I guess but it does get boring no?    🙄  

We're not an every Friday night dine out kine of couple but I'd say maybe once or twice a month we head out for good meal.... plus, we kinda run out of ideas wat for cook.

Have you been "jonesing" for any real ono kine food lately? Have you neglected to visit your favorites in awhile? Wea you like go if you could go right now? Jonesing for anything specific?

I kinda feeling garlic chicken right now.........


SHOUT OUT:  A recent Lurkah/Lanceformer turning Kwonic will be visiting Oahu next week and she asked for some tips on dining and things to do from da kama'aina point of view. I gave her a list but it'll surah be great if Da Hui can kokua on dis one. She get three keiki's too so budget is shmall kine factor. She staying North Shore so if anybody get any good places for grind up there that'll help but Town side too is good.


Mahalos to Da Hui!
Shoots! K-den.


Braddah Lance Kwon

I'm A 77

January 26th, 2010

Ok, I really don't know wat numbah I am but around 4am dis morning, for some reason I just sat up in bed and all I could tink about was dat Sleep Number Bed commercial. You know da one wea you and your partner can "inflate" your side of da bed to your liking.

And then dat got me tinking.... how do people like to sleep?

Well for me, gotta have minimum two pillows and not da fluffy kine either - gotta be da firm kine and then not stacked on top of each oddah but one "base" and da oddah kinda pitched forward so wea not only my head is supported but my neck and partial shoulders. I like da "reclined effect". I dunno why but it "feels good" and plus I tink help tone down my snoring.   🙄 

I "have to" have my feet tucked in undah da sheet or blanket and just my feet. I know, weirdo but for some reason I feel "covered" wen it's li'dat. Only wen it's supah hot and/or humid I no do dat but any oddah time gotta keep my toesies toasty.   😀

And I'm not one to roll around in bed either. I start on my back and wake up on my back. I barely move throughout da night unless I'm in a restless mood even wen I'm sick. Da Wife had mentioned da oddah day if I brushed my hair cause I had da "flat spot" on da back of my head.   😳 

Oh yeah, I get da "jimmy legs".   🙄   Gotta "shake 'em" to fall asleep - dunno why but I've been doing dat since elementary. My mom used to scold me all da time but I couldn't help it.   🙁   She even bought me one of those massaging pads for your back but I laid it down and put my legs on it to "relax" my legs.

So how you sleep? Full covers? Just da sheet? Soft pillow? Sobakawa pillow? No pillow? Do you evah switch sides? How's about wen you travel? Bring your own pillow or blanket? Same side or change 'em up? Do you have any "must do's", "don't do's"?

Or are you still sleeping?


Braddah Lance Kwon

Mumblin' Monday

January 25th, 2010

A new work week = 120 hours and counting.


Mumblin' Monday is born.

Just some randomness from the weekend wea we can share our mo'olelo's and manao's on da past week/weekend happenings.

  • Just heard on KSSK radio dis morning dat GM hired a new CEO, Ed Whitacre who was quoted as saying "I don't know anything about cars" and that he had no plans of moving from his home in Texas to Detroit, where GM headquarters is at.

*Cherry job yeah? No need know nothing, no need move AND going get paid six figures! Wea do I sign up?

  • Bombing.... no, not da terriost kine, da lolo kine. Illegal at most, if not all, streets and roads but now it's being "glorified" by YouTube users on/about our local roads such as da evah curvy, gnarly, winding road down Tantalus.  Check out the article by our Michael Tsai, "Hawaii Thrillseekers a YouTube Hit".

*If it was a sanctioned race or done legally, no problem.... but it's not. Just wait until someone gets hurt badly and/or destroys property - then we'll see some real action.

  • And how 'bout them Saints! They ain't da "Ain'ts" no mo'! Congrats to a city really needing something to look forward to!*I guess da curse of celebrity stars dating players is broken but then again, we wouldn't even have heard of da Kardashians if they nevah have their own reality show huh?

*btw, I did predict the Saints and Colts to be in da Super Bowl at da start of da playoffs. Now if you asked me to pick da winnah...... you heard it hea' first...... gotta back da NFC and go with dem Saints and da "Who Dat Nation"!

Thoughts? Mo'olelo's? Stumblin' grumblin' mumblin'?


Braddah Lance Kwon

You Nevah Know Wen You May Need 'Em

January 22nd, 2010

Happy Feel Good Friday everybodies!

While hopefully you may nevah need 'em, it's always good to know dat you can count on 'em. I'm talking about da Freeway Service Patrol!

Hea's a breakdown of da services they offer and best yet..... it's FREE!

(As copied courtesy of the FSP website)

Freeway Service Patrol offers a variety of services to assist you when your vehicle has stopped on the freeway. Our goal is to help you get your vehicle started so that you can get back on the road. If your vehicle does not start, a Freeway Service Patrol driver will tow you and your vehicle to an off-freeway location. The Freeway Service Patrol is available from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, including some holidays. The services we provide include:

  • Changing flat tires
  • Jump starting your car as a result of a dead battery
  • Radiator refills
  • Making temporary repairs
  • Providing gallon of gasoline (we do not provide diesel)
  • Towing service


Check out their website at for more FAQ's and service areas.

So your Feel Good Friday Tip Of Da Day (yeah anoddah new segment to WWD!) is to plug in their numbah into your cell... RIGHT NOW!

841-HELP (4357)

While we see them on da road everyday, they surah are/will be a Godsend should you evah need 'em.   😉 


SHOUT OUT:  Happy belated Hau'oli La Hanau to 9th Island Girl! It was up briefly yesterday but da topic was soooo "serious"   😉  dat I nevah like her feel weird about it.    😛 


Braddah Lance Kwon

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