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The Lesser Of Two?

January 21st, 2010

A few days ago on da morning drive to work, Da Wife and I didn't see eye to eye (well I am taller than her   😆    ) on a story reported by Perry & Price on KSSK. The basic gist was this.... a 61 year old was killed crossing the street in Waikiki by a car driving the wrong way on a one way street.

It may sound "mean", but accidents like that no longer seem to faze us as much (no get me wrong, it's tragic and sadly becoming a common occurrence) in Hawaii's  "unfriendly pedestrian crossing pupule I own da road vehicle driving maniacs" out there but hea's da facts as reported in yesterdays papah by Eloise Aguiar:

Da drivah was driving da wrong way on a one way street.

Idiot drivah.

Da drivah ALLEGEDLY was under da influence of an intoxicant.

Lock up da drivah!

Oh yeah... da 61 year old was not in or near any marked cross walk. 

Uh.... Idiot pedestrian right?

Hea's wea Da Wife and I differed. She was totally blaming da drivah but wait..... how come only da drivah?

I pointed out da obvious dat yeah, da totally lolo drivah was driving da wrong way and may have been intoxicated but da pedestrian was NOT in a marked crosswalk either. While tragic as it may seem, I said they were equally to blame as they both were in da wrong.

Who's to blame since we always need to "blame" someone?

Or da million dollah question..... who's at fault..... or should we be asking, who's at fault more?

Da pedestrian who for watevah reason couldn't/didn't want to make it to a crosswalk and probably crossed there - illegally - everyday? Or da lolo drivah who obviously was either too drunk or high to even realize dat 1) he was going da wrong way and 2) in no comprehensible condition to react in time and brake?

It's plain as white rice with no shoyu dat BOTH are at fault but in dis day and age of lawsuits, gotta blame somebody right?

Then Da Wife pointed out dat da pedestrian died.

Wat if he didn't die? Would da accident be seen any different? Wat if he was only injured - would da drivah be looked at in less of a "lock him up and throw away da key" light? Imagine if da pedestrian wasn't there... da drunk a$$ would have went through da street and thought nothing of it and MAY have gotten home without incident or MAY have hurt someone else.... who was in da right (in a crosswalk or driving properly on da road).

Does anything make any sense unless it's in da extremes? We talk a lot about da "wat if's" but in dis case it was a nightmare of two idiots - yeah, both of 'em - doing exactly wat they weren't supposed to be doing and on top of dat.... both of them were breaking da da law! It was just tragic dat they both were in da wrong place - literally - at da wrong time.

Wat if someone was driving in reverse down the lawful side of da street but driving perfectly as if he was going forward? A few seconds latah a car hits him... who's at fault? To blame? If both are at fault, is it da lesser of two evils? Or da lesser of an extreme?

If you put yourself in a situation for a "chance" to get hurt or break a law or something, and then something out of your control happens.... do you blame someone or feel the need to blame someone/something?

How's about the hikers who were injured and killed years ago at Sacred Falls? There are posted signs, a chain link fence, locks and even more signs at the beginning of the trail inside and yet when the landslide happened, da city was sued and ended up paying.... Wassap Wit Dat!

And just last night driving home aftah Sam's Club, follow me hea, it's a three lane road on da makai bound lanes in between Wal-Mart and Petco with two DEDICATED turning left and one DEDICATED going straight. Da middle lane turns left and da right lane goes straight right?

But dat's not wat da IDIOT drivahs "wanted" to do.

Da middle car drove straight and da far right car turned right..... AT DA SAME TIME!

Wassap Wit Dat!

I thought I pretty much seen most driving situations and even a similar one to dis one wea maybe ONE of them wanted to do something else but BOTH... at da same time? Whoa! Luckily they narrowly missed each oddah and hea's a classic WWD! moment...... they both honked at each oddah like they both were in da right?   😯  

But wat if they did hit each oddah? Who's to blame? Both are in da "wrong" and making illegal "turns"...... hmmm.

We all know two wrongs don't make a right.... so do we default to da lesser of two evils?


Braddah Lance Kwon

Can't Have Just One

January 19th, 2010

Da past few weeks aftah Christmas is da worst.

Well besides da bills..... and da returning of gifts...... and da cleaning of da house..... and da "resolutions"...... but worst yet is da weight gain. It doesn't help dat da pantry is filled with snacks - oh yeah, da kitchen, da counter, da table and let's not forget about at work too wea it's a snacking smorgasbord.

We got choke cookies, fresh and store bought, not to mention snacks given as omiyage. To tell you da truth, Da Wife and I don't have any "regular" snacks hanging around da house cause our snacks consists of how we feel and how hungry we are wen we're shopping. For instance, we have NEVAH had Oreos in our possession evah since we've been together but Da Wife saw reduced fat mint Oreos on sale so she bought 'em.

Wassap Wit Dat!

Relax Ocean Lover, it ain't "cravings". 

One of da saddest things is dat all, if not most, of our snacks come from Sam's so our snacking portion tends to be out of whack especially since it's just da two of us dat has to polish off a two pound bag of anything from there. Actually da saddest part is dat we usually nevah get a chance to finish it all cause we can only eat so much and we're not really "snack people". Our chips have gone stale, our unopened bags have gone past it's expiration date and sometimes we just forget we get 'em cause they may be buried.

Hold up a second................ ok, I'm back. I had to check wat da heck we had.

Cinammon bagel crisp from Vegas (expired), Chex Mix (Sam's Club size), raisins, crasins, dried fruit, dried fruit mix, crackers from Trader Joe's, cookies from Trader Joe's (mahalo matt), cookies (mahalo M, Masako & Uncle Rodney), popcorn, peanuts, nuts, uncrunchy kaki mochi and I know we got some very stale ceral hidden somewea too.   🙄 

Then of course wen we crave something, gotta have da "combo's" like hummus and baked crackahs, soda crackahs with peanut buttah and no can fo'get da popcorn with kaki mochi and furikake.

Wat's your absolutely favorite snack? Wat kine snacks you get lying around? Are your favorite snacks ALWAYS on da shopping list or in da pantry/cupboard? You have any favorite "combos" you like to mix together? Do you bring certain snacks wen you travel?

Still got Christmas goodies lying around?    😯 

Anybody up for a snack pah-tay?

I'll host.    😀 


Braddah Lance Kwon

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Some Things You Just Don't Say To Your Wife

January 15th, 2010

Howzit howzit! Happy Feel Good Friday everybodies! Short kine today so we can get on wit da weekend.  

All guys know dat there are just some loaded questions we have to be creative in answering wen our significant oddah asks - although sometimes we just wanna "tell da truth",  we bite our tongue cause we want to live anoddah day.   😉 

Have you evah "held back" anything from your partner? Wat are some interesting answers you've given? Wat kine of excuses have you used to get out of things?

Sometimes I really do wondah if all wahine's enjoy setting us up and it's all part of da mastah plan to mess with our minds.   😉 

But in any case, dis braddah put it in song.... and it's perfect for a FGF! Mahalos to sassy7 for sending it ovah....... uh, unless she sent it ovah as a warning.

Damn wahines! Got me all paranoid now.   😆 


[youtube iK2OakMoW_c]



SHOUT OUT:   Anyone interested in Sony Open tickets? I got four and all you gotta do is ask.   😀 



Braddah Lance Kwon

How Well You Know 'Em?

January 14th, 2010

Yesterday on our drive home, I busted out a recipe for fresh homemade soba dat The Advertiser had printed in yesterday's papah. It's a very precise recipe credited to master soba instructor Akila Inouye and while da instructions may look simple, I know dat it has to be one of those "gotta make 'em a hundred times before you get 'em right" kind of things cause it calls for precision and technique.

BL:     "Babe, check out dis recipe I found in on our papah."
DA WIFE:     "What is it?"
BL:     "Soba. I going make 'em soon."
DA WIFE:     (reading da recipe)  "You like soba? I didn't know you like soba."
BL:     "Heh? I LOOOOVE soba!"
DA WIFE:     "You don't order it when we go out and I only seen you eat it at Gyotaku."
BL:      🙄       "Das cause I no like paying $10 for 'packaged' noodles dat I could have bought and made myself.... you know dat"

Or did she?

Relationships - friends and significant oddahs alike - they one funny monstah yeah? I know some people who know every little thing about each oddah and some who don't know jack to save their life. Da Wife and I kinda in between.... I tink.

She basically knows wat I like and wat I don't like (she definitely knows I HATE ginger) but is dat sufficient for a relationship to survive? It must be..... we got married.   😀 

So how have we done it all these years? I have no friggin' clue but I guess we've always done it by using "da force". Of course we've been together for so long dat while I (we) may not "know" we "know", you know?

You should see us wen we go shopping... it's very interesting - take two Advil and call me in da morning kine interesting. 9 times out of 10, she pulls something I don't like cause my "color palette" is pretty conservative or I'll pull something dat I'm eyeing and she shakes her head. And once in awhile, about as much chance as a coin flip, we both agree.   😯 

Winnah winnah chicken dinnah!

Now if you ask me wat her favorite food is? Uh, I dunno but I know she likes Italiano. Her favorite color? I tink it's green... no it's black... uh, ROYGBIV?   😉   😆  

Even for my friends dat I've known and hung around for nearly 30+ years I barely "know" them. We like playing sports (I know each one of their 'best' sports), I know one of 'em can't eat shellfish (we found dat out da hard way), I know their favorite football team and wat kine beea they drink (even though they don't drink regularly),  yet I wouldn't be able to tell you wat kine music they like, wat's their favorite color or anything li'dat.... but we all love to pound da ono grinds!

Everybody stay different. We all get different "levels" of intimate knowledge. Some gotta know everything, some only like know da "important" things and there are some dat could care less but regardless, you still together or still friends......

Wassap Wit Dat!

Do you know your significant oddahs or friends likes and dislikes? Some, none, all? Do you still get "surprised" wen you find out dat they like or no like certain things? Do you question your relationship meter wen in doubt?

Besides sharing your mana'o about "knowing someone", let's add a game to dis - you may or may not know your bettah halves thoughts but at least you can find out something about a WWD! Hui reader! Post a question and for da next person to answah..... you gotta post a question too aftah. No worries if someone already asked da same question cause could be a different person to answah. I bet we'd all be surprised to see some of da answahs.

*** EDIT: Feel free to answah ANY ONE of da previous questions, not just da one right before.... but you still gotta ask one though ***  (is dat easier sally?)    😛 

AOAO - Ask One, Answah One.

And you Potagees out there.... only ONE eh?   😆  No mo' da kine dual questions in one post..... I gotta pad my stats.   😉 


Braddah Lance Kwon

Brand Loyalty?

January 11th, 2010

Nike, Addidas, GAP, Oakley, Sony, T&C, Some Name, No Name.... Generic?

There are quite a few "brand name" name's out there and I'm surah if you looked around your home and your closet you'll see dat you're impartial to either one, a few or several but in any case you're loyal.... right?

I'm a Sony "loyalist". I have a tv (Da Wife has one from before we got together so now we have two), my point and shoot, DSLR, a few camcorders, PS3 and even my laptop (which we have "retired" aftah I tink about 8 years) so I guess you can categorize me as a Sony freak.

Well.... maybe not now.

My camcorder went on the blink and of course right AFTAH da warranty had expired (Wassap Wit Dat!), my laptop practically fried but it did out live it's useful life especially in computer years.... well dat's just about all dat went wrong so I've really lucked out as far as product life went.

Da only thing? Da price.   😯  Da Wife knows dat I've been "dreaming" of a new tv for ovah a year (not dat we're getting one) but from da homework dat I've done, Sony charges a heck of a lot more for less features. Let's just say if I was to pick one up, I'd lean towards one made by my countrymen.   😉   If it wasn't for da price, I'd ALWAYS be a Sony Freak hands down.

Nike.... eh kinda ovah it for da same reason - da price. I usually don't evah buy Nike unless I travel cause I always find things at da outlets but da past few times even da outlet prices were like regular pricing! Now don't even talk to me about their shoes.  🙄  I not making dis up but evah since high school, there HAS NOT been a single Nike shoe dat my feet has not destroyed the shoe. Either it starts "talking" to me or one of da eyes is ripped, the air is popped or there's just something wrong with it.

Now my closet is a lot more "diversified" but you could say it's more price driven rather than name driven.

So are you a name brand loyalist? Do you tend to buy only a certain brand? Do swear by it or swear at it? Do you compare "your brand" to oddahs before buying? Wat's your favorite brand? Worst brand? Best product? Worst product?

Or do you have a drawer or closet full of stuff collecting dust but at da time only bought it cause you were loyal?


Braddah Lance Kwon

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