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Furlough Friday Could Be Everyday

February 26th, 2010

In case you haven't heard the owner of Star-Bulletin, Oahu Publications Inc, is buying out The Honolulu Advertiser from Gannett Co. Please get it straight, OAHU PUBLICATIONS INC is buying out The Advertiser, not da Star-Bulletin is buying out The Honolulu Advertiser.

Wat does dat mean in real life?

More than likely a loss of jobs and sadly, a loss of dis blog.

Wassap Wit Dat! has been going decently strong for da past two years and I'm only counting down da days before WWD! is no more. Am I optimistic dat I'll be retained for at least my real paying job? Probably not so with dat, WWD! won't be around wen I hit da unemployment line looking for work.

Anybody got any openings?   😉 

There's tons of info dat'll be coming out in da next few weeks and as things settle down we'll know more but until then it'a a gloom and doom kine feeling not only at 605 Kapiolani Blvd but also to our braddahs and sistahs at Restaurant Row (Star-Bulletin offices).

I wish everyone at The Honolulu Advertiser and The Star-Bulletin luck cause dis kine stuff only brings out da worse.

Well, dat's all I got cause it's 3:00am, earlier tonight I bowled a 233, 201 and 258 all scratch and sadly nevah win nothing, my brain is totally fried and I really no feel like blogging any more.........


btw, I still got tickets to tonights UH baseball game if you like 'em and hea's a Feel Good Friday Tip Of Da Day..........

If you text da word "Papa" to 80850, you'll get an online code for a free medium 1-topping pizza.




Braddah Lance Kwon


Wat's Da First Meal Of Da Day?

February 25th, 2010

They say a big hearty breakfast is da most importat meal of da day.

They say lunch should be your biggest meal of da day.

They say dinner should be eaten no later than three hours before bed time.

Who da heck is "they"?    😆 

Personally, I've nevah been a breakfast eater evah since shmall kid time cause well, couldn't really afford it - not even school lunch kine. "They" say dat breakfast helps you in school performance but yet I was a straight A honor roll student....... untill high school.  😳  

I've always been more of a "brunch" kine of person cause it's too early to cook and a lot of times, at least locally, get fried foods accompaning a breakfast meal whether it be bacon, potagee sausage or spam. Me and oily fried foods straight up in da early morning no mix. My enzymes in my tummy take awhile to wake up too.   😕 

I no eat breakfast regularly but I LOVE breakfast foods..... Wassap Wit Dat!

My body no can handle ceral regularly too cause of da sugah (not to mention dat milk does my body NO good... iykwim) and then I even tried da protein breakfast shakes... same result since it's milk based.   🙄 

"Breakfast" is sooo ono and it's actually da ONLY "meal" you can eat anytime but it's only served one time a day at 99% of restaurants.... WWD!. Da Wife and I, probably at least a couple times a month, make "breakfast" for dinnah - moreso cause it's fast and easy.

Weird yeah? Fast and easy fo' make breakfast for dinnah but not fast and easy to make breakfast for breakfast yeah?   LOL

So wat's your favorite breakfast food(s)? Wat place serves your favorite breakfast foods done right? Favorite breakfast restaurant? Favorite breakfast fast food joint? Does you shove breakfast down your keiki's throat? Is breakfast "mandatory" in your home? You one breakfast, lunch or dinnah kine person?

I hungry now..... anybody like trade breakfast for kim chee?


SHOUT OUT:  I got a 4 pack of tickets for tomorrow night's UH baseball game vs Oregon in PRIME TIME seating from da action. Lower lodges 4 rows up...... who wants 'em?


Braddah Lance Kwon

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The Cat's Out Of The Bag

February 23rd, 2010

As most of da media was shackled in a hotel conference room, Tiger Woods came clean (no pun intended) and laid it all out there in 13 ½ minutes which is longah than most..... press conferences. (ha ha ha - every pun intended - ha ha ha)
In a very carefully (scripted) prepared "statement" (Click hea' to read da transcript), Tiger admitted his discretion's and adulterous behavior. Well, at least said wat he wanted (needed) to say.
Why did he have to? I have no frickin' clue.
Well besides da millions he lost in endorsements and trying to rebuild his "name", seriously, why did he have to? Did his "extra-curricular" activities diminish his god-like  abilities on da golf course? Was his golf game errant? Did he lose his power to intimidate da leaderboard? Did he actually have to come clean?
His personal actions is of his own. His actions outside of golf is nothing to emulate now dat we know wat he likes to do on his spare time BUT his actions IN golf is something to aspire to…… well at least a part of it cause there's no way we're hitting 300+ yard drives or stopping da ball on a dime three feet away from da hole.
So why has da media, fellow golfers and just about anybody dat "knows" Tiger gone berzerk? In our "in your face pop culture world", why can't he deal with his personal life personally? Everyone  wondered how come he nevah come out and say anything in da beginning but no one recogmaticed dat he's one to keep his personal life separate from golf... or at least he tried to. Evah noticed dat he's hardly on camera wen he loses? From wat I read once, he didn't want to be a distraction from da winnah - oddahs would say he's a poor loser depending how you look at it.
Da braddah messed up BIG TIME…… in his PERSONAL life, not his PROFESSIONAL life. If he loses sponsors, so be it. If he loses endorsements, so be it. That's the companies prerogative to distance themselves (shhh, no tell Nike) but no mattah, he's still one bad okole on da golf course and no doubt he'll earn more than his share of winnings in future tournaments.
No get me wrong, I DO NOT agree one ounce wit his digressions, be it an "addict" or not, but I do believe he has da right to a personal life. Just because they (sports figures/celebrities) are in da spotlight doesn't mean dat their personal lives (should) are included. We should respect dat since da only real thing we know about Tiger - or any oddah sports figure/celebrity - is wat they do on da field/course/court/screen etc.
Everyone messes up so why is his infidelity worse? Just because he's a big name? Look at dis short list of those who cheated: Kobe Bryant, David Letterman and let's not forget Bill Clinton. All famous in their repective careers, then infamous for their adulterous behaviour and now still trucking along in their respective careers. Did their affairs affect their unmatched talents of shooting a basketball, tell a joke or "negotiate"? I tink not cause they still doing wat they doing.
Look at all da sport figures dat actually HAVE disgraced their respective sport by "cheating" wit drugs or gambling or da act of cheating itself. They haven't been chastised when their "infidelities" to honor their sport was broken which had a DIRECT impact to their respective sport's outcome. Da only player evah to remain "exiled" is Pete Rose.
For those who say Tiger was a role model to look up to - but not now - and dat he's nothing more than da son of a motherless goat, wat I say is, NEVAH YOU MIND! Instead, use him as a prime example and tell your keiki dat while he is "invincible" on da course, he's human. He has problems like da rest of us…… strive to be BETTAH than him on da course and no be like him off da course.
People are screaming dat he disgraced da game of golf and put a bad mark on it.
Uh, hello! Golf had NOTHING to do with it. He in fact did more for golf in his short ongoing career than any oddah golfer in history, period.
Wat he did was disgrace was his wife, children and family and for dat he has to man up and do watevah it takes for THEIR forgiveness, not ours.
Wat people are pissed off about is dat their "hero" wasn't purrrfect as they made him out to be and for dat, pitchforks are being sharpened and da noose is being prepared. Since wen do you worship a hero/role model you know nothing about? Seriously, there's not dat many people who know ANYTHING about Tiger's "real" life oddah than his golf life so why try to emulate someone you barely know into your own personal life?
Wat do you tink? In dis day and age of affairs running rampant, should da public have a "say" in someone else's life? Should Tiger have done a press conference? Did he owe da public an apology? If so, why?
All's I know is dat on da course, he's still da intimidating red meat eating Tiger!
Off da course, he's a pussy….cat.
 Braddah Lance Kwon
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February 22nd, 2010


Was up since 4:45 dis morning getting ready for an early morning doctor's appointment so short and sweet today on Mumblin' Monday.........  mumble on!   😀

Share 'em if ya got 'em.


Braddah Lance Kwon


Happiness Not A Requirement

February 16th, 2010

Stereotype or not - we all seen it, experienced it and wondered why it has to be like that.

I'm just guesstimating big time hea but it's gotta be like 95% of da jobs in da real world must be "customer service" related where you deal with customers or coworkers in person - so why/how is it dat we get no service more than good service?

Let me rephrase dat.... why is it dat we get sad service, literally.

Last week I had to get my drivers license renewed since it was set to expire in 17 hours da day of. So aftah dropping off Da Wife at work, I headed down to Fort Street Mall Satellite City Hall. I got there about 10 mins aftah it opened at 7:45am and noticed three people who just arrived before me at da forms counter.

Let me give you da layout of da "office" before I go any further.

There are CHOKE signs everywea but da one most abundent is, "Fill out forms BEFORE approaching the counter" or something li'dat. There are three "areas" to stand in line: 1) driver license renewal (dunno wat else), 2) car registration (dunno wat else) and 3) water bill payment (dunno wat else). There were three staff with a fourth to come. Two were busy "setting up" and handling da driver license side on da far left, one was sitting at his "station" on da far right and one had appeared to come in late. Da area is also sectioned off with those nylon rope/tape thingys directing you to the sections while also forming a clear line to stand in while filling out da forms.

Let's continue.

Once I read da signs I caught da hint dat it was self-service before "real-service" and figgah'd out dat they must run into da same questions everyday and to help streamline, they put up signs everywea to alleviate their own headaches of repeating things throughout da day, everyday. Aftah reading around, I found da appropriate form and looked for a pen. Da counter had enough room for five people, unfortunatly there were only three pens and it was going to take awhile filling out da forms so I walked to da far right counter and asked the lone workah if I could use a pen. He gave me shmall kine stink eye like I was bothering him and he smartly replied,

WORKAH:     "There's pen's on the counter."
BL:     *looking back left towards da counter, DUH! said wit da inner BL voice of course*   "Uh, yes there is but there's only three and all three are being used. Can I use this one?" 
WORKAH:     *looing a bit agitated gave a half-a$$ nod*

I scootched ovah to da very edge of da water bill counter as to not "bother" da lone workah sitting as two people walked in waiting for da registration counter to "open". Aftah completing just a few sections, da water bill counter person appeared and told me to move. Yeah, TOLD me to move. There was no one waiting to pay a water bill, I wasn't blocking da water bill "window" and heaven forbid I use "her" pen.

BL:    "He said it was ok to use the pen."
2nd WORKAH:     "There's pens on the counter."
BL:     *looking back left towards da counter saying something I can't say hea... wit da inner BL voice of course*   "There are three pens, three people are using them.... nevah mind."

I should have recogmanoticed dat it wasn't going to be a pleasant time since da very moment I entered, everybody looked either mad or sad, not a smile, a grin - nada. They had da "I'm just here to do a job and deal with stupid people everyday" look although wen they talk to each oddah it's all smiles. They didn't "respect" da fact dat they're prime time in da service industry as ANYBODY working for da City - or da State - has one client and one client only, da taxpaying citizens. They speak sternly wit a monotone voice and display no compassion or understanding dat da lay kama'aina doesn't usually fill out forms regularly, yearly if at dat, and to expect someone entering a realm of "unknown" to be greeted wit borderline hostility is just plain uncool.

Wassap Wit Dat!

Tink about it. How often do you go to a Satellite City Hall or even a C&C office or a State Department of Watevah? I haven't filled out a driver license renewal in SIX YEARS! And between then and now, I can only remembah going to any office maybe three times total. I fully understand dat they have to deal with pupule people sometimes and so wat if we ask stupid questions, or don't know wat kine forms to fill out or da fact dat at times we have no idea wat to do... isn't dat wat City and State workahs are there to help us out with? To guide us through da painful and confusing process? It's not like we do it everyday!

3rd WORKAH:     "Thumb."
BL:     *inks thumb for fingerprinting*
3rd WORKAH:     "Is everything correct?"
BL:     *looks ovah info*   "Yes."
3rd WORKAH:     "Put your thumb on the pad (digital fingerprinting)...... Now stand there."   
BL:     *knows wea to stand cause watched da person before do it, oddahwise there are no "Stand here" signs.*      🙄 
3rd WORKAH:     "Make sure everything is correct, sign and wait on the side."   
BL:     *looks good, now we wait*...........................................  
3rd WORKAH:     *calls my name and looks ovah my driver license* 
BL:     *wondering if my pic is "nice"*

As I'm about to leave.........
3rd WORKAH:     *in a sheepish, happy tone with a smirky smile*   "Happy birthday."


There's hope yet.    😉 


(as quoted from Da Kine Dictionary &/or Pidgin To Da Max… wit a Braddah Lance twist)

(bah duh you)

Haole Translation: Sarcasticly said questioning if it "bothers you" and if you want to start, or do, something about it. Also another way of saying 'get lost'.
More commonly said harshly or even jokingly, "Why, boddah you?"

Sentence: “Excuse me, can you put out your cigarette?”
"Why, boddah you?!?"

Sentence: “Eh, I no can understand dat kine.”
"No boddah me, why-boddah you?"



Braddah Lance Kwon

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