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Weekend For Pairs

February 12th, 2010

Just wanted to send a huuuuge Maaaaahalos to everyone who dropped by in yesterday's blog to wish me a Hau'oli La Hanau!

Must have been a slow day at work for ya!    😛 

As I try and work to catch up to yesterday's posts, we all know wat dis weekend is right? It just seems to fall on da right day being dat Monday is a holiday for most and we all know how a "special day" and a holiday go together making a long three day weekend or for some four day weekend and we all know dat means everywea going be choke busy.

Isn't it funny how Valentine's, as a keiki growing up, meant to profess your love to someone you really really liked? Whether it meant through a note folded about a gazillion times with checkboxes or through a friend to tell anoddah friend dat so and so really likes someone.

Then as adults, all bets are off and it goes to heck.

Just buy flowers, go out to dinnah, sometimes a gift for da wahine (cause we all know da braddahs get shafted in dis department) and maybe, just maybe - if da mood should strike - get a li'l somethin' somethin' before you both kanack aftah watching da news.   😉 

But Valentine's shouldn't be just for "couples", it should be for your friends too. I remembah making cards and giving da Sweetheart candies to my "girl" friends, nevah to da braddahs (not dat there's anything wrong wit dat) but it just seemed bettah to give to da wahines.

Eh, who we kidding. It was cause we tryin' for ack all mack-daddy like and want to hear da giggles and da real fun ones give hug.   😀 

So let's play a shmall kine game. List your favorite "pairs" to do, to eat, to have - just anything dat goes together. For example, peanut buttah and jelly or spam and rice or things like watching a sunset with a cold beea or holding hands while gazing into each oddahs eyes.  

Post your favorite pairings dat you enjoy with your significant oddah or like I mentioned, your "friends" but gotta be Valentine's related meaning things you'd normally do around dis time or if it's something you do everyday anyways then post 'em too.

Happy Feel Good Fridays everybodies and enjoy your long and "fun" weekend!   😉  And to all da braddahs out there....... no fo'get Valentine's is on Sunday yeah? No football so no excuse.   😆 


Braddah Lance Kwon

Huh? *said while crying* Mid-wat?

February 11th, 2010

My Hawaii State ID is expiring.

My driver's license is expiring.

Oh crap. I can't believe it. I'm actually afraid to say it. I really don't like da sound of it and as of 12:00am today, there's no turning back from it.

Today........I hit,         *GULP*         da mid-thirties.   😯  😥  😯   😥

Sadly, I can say I'm "mid-" and actually mean it. I'm not 34. I'm not 36. I'm exactly in da middle. Goodness gracious,  it's only downhill from here.

Even prior to hitting da   *gulp*   mid-thirties, I've always had a short "bucket list" which hasn't changed since high school: 

  • Go to Disneyworld
  • Go to Japan
  • Fly with da Blue Angels and/or Thunderbirds
  • Watch da 49ers live.... or win a record tying 6th Super Bowl - both would be nice
  • Get a tattoo

I know I'm "young" to have a bucket list but I've always wanted to experience those things before it's "too late".

Well at least I got to scratch one off da list.... and I did it TWICE!

I got tattoos.  (Don't tell my mommy)

I've always believed and felt tattoos (tat's) weren't just "art". It's a representation - a lifelong representation - of who you are and what you steadfastly believe in. IMHO, tat's shouldn't be on a whim or some design that isn't even remotely representative of you. Not to single out any particular race, but take for instance people who get Polynesian warrior tattoos who aren't even Polynesian or even understand da significance of the design oddah than it was "cool looking".   🙄  

And then there's da whole debate of whether non-Asians should be getting any kine of kanji inked on them at all. I'll just leave it at dat.

People get tat's for watevah reasons they may be and it's really no one's business except for da person getting 'em so I followed my heart chosing my designs  seriously and done it without an ounce of regret.

Da two tat's I got inked with are THE most important things dat mattah to me:  my family and my life.

For me, "family" runs the gamut be it by blood or friends - they are all "Kwons'" to me so I protect everyone of 'em as such. Each of my immediate family members has gone through "above normal" struggles - of which I witnessed even though they tried to "hide" it from me and I hope to God no one goes through dat - but they persevered.

My friends mean a great deal to me as without them, I wouldn't be who I am today either. Even though we may not bear da same last name, they are my ohana and will always be a "Kwon" to me.

"Life" is a hard one to describe in a word or kanji character or singular symbol and made it too broad and almost impossible to "describe" me. Those who regularly read WWD! know dat I've battled/ing adversity for da bettah part of my life.  From playing sports to even writing dis blog, I've had to always battle as a "non-favorite" and overlooked in sports due to uh, my size. So what fitting character to represent an underdog than Underdog himself? Plus it's a "funny" which fits me perfectly don't you tink?   😆 

Some may tease or laugh but like I said, a tat is a representation of you and if you can't stand up for it and believe in it, you bettah not ink yourself wit it. I got them as "badges" and can live with it.....

Permanently.   😉 

You got a bucket list to share? Done anything dat oddahs may look or say is weird but you did cause you believed in it? Ready to get inked?   😉 


Don't you just love dis sign at a tattoo parlor?   😀



Let it begin..... can you spot Da Wife?



Does it tickle.... or does it hurt?



Doug has got some real steady hands



One done. On to numbah two.



Man on a mission



All pau



Braddah Doug with some after care instructions... some very clear instructions.



Oh yeah baby! Mahalos Braddah Doug!



Braddah Doug also offers a free one-time follow up touch up because during da tattooing process, there are many variables dat can affect da original inking and all bets are off if YOU wen mess up by not following his directions... trust and believe, he going know if you did or not. Check with him and ask au' kine questions, I did.

Hea's da tat's a few days aftah da touch up session.......

Some of you may be wondering why I nevah get "Kwon" in Korean characters. Well I had asked my Mom before I got married, to find a kanji "Kwon" for the very reasons I mentioned above. It's because kanji is "universal" - in all asian languages using characters - and while I may be Korean, my love for ohana stretches far beyond being "just" Korean.



It only took me about 20 years to think of using dis to "represent" me.... and I tink it's perfect. I've gotten a lot of compliments on it.... even Da Wife changed her mind cause she didn't like it at first until she saw da finished product on me.   😀 




SHOUT OUT:   A huge Maaaaahalos goes out to Doug Wheeler at Hawaiian Tattoo Co. at Pucks Alley-University for doing such a great job! If you guys need a tattoo artist to help represent, see him. He's not only professional but up front and a helluva guy! Check out his website

And in case you missed it, he also was da inaugural 808 Pride blog I did last year. It was a video interview so check it out and you'll see he's one cool braddah! Click hea' fo' see da vid!


Braddah Lance Kwon

Wat Do You Want?

February 9th, 2010

Dis should actually should be a Mumblin' Monday post but uh, let's just say I was in "recovery mode" and far from posting anything coherent.   :mrgreen: 

The past few nights on the news there were so many things locally that just seemed "wrong":

  • State delaying tax refunds:   It still falls under the 90 day refund policy - just barely - but if they can "delay" da refund, can we "delay" our payments?
  • Army "plans" to bring in super-ferry like military vessals:   So wat? Kama'aina can borrow? Or at least can copy da EIS?
  • Kapolei Parkway opens:   Good for traffic, bad for students. Can you say "let's play keiki Frogger?"
  • Brand spankin' new $700k command vehicle sits unused for years:   Heck, you can pay me half of dat at $350k and I'll be more than glad to do nothing for years.   🙄 
  • Bars ask for smoking ban to be lifted for "bars only":   Why don't we just allow drinking and driving since obviously second hand smoke takes too long to kill innocent workahs and patrons?
  • HPD doesn't want to deal wit tailgaters (#1 cause of accidents according to KITV - gotta see da video) stating their time and resources are better used for speeders:   Hmmm, so wat does da traffic division do before pau hana time gunning down speeders going to work from da West side to town near Aloha Stadium (hint hint) cause they surah aren't enforcing car pool violators or tailgaters obviously?
  • Rail broke ground and is finally being built!:  Ok, so dis one not going happen but a person can dream right?

Personally, there are a few things I'd love to change or see get done:

  • How's about anoddah prison or two? We can help stir up da economy wit jobs building and running da prison. How we going do dat I dunno but it surah would be nice to see a few habitual and violent criminals off da streets.
  • Get students back to school:   If I had dis much "days off" back wen I was in school... I wouldn't have made my own "holidays".
  • Homelessness:   Wat can be said or done about dat? It's a lose-lose cause those who want to "get rid" of it are called insensitive having no compassion and those who want to help are told to keep 'em in their backyard if they like help 'em...... lose-lose....... no can win.
  • Wat if we had rail undahground going to da neighbor islands? We got rail AND a "SupahFerry"..........

A guy can wish can't he?

Wat do you want or wish to see happen in da 808? No scade fo' say - could be small could be big. No need be a law thing - it could something as simple as seeing Taco Bell pricing da same hea as da mainland.   😉    Which by da way have you noticed dat it's no longah da "just cause we in Hawai'i get 10 cents premium" on fast food any more? We got jacked and now paying anywea between 20 and 50 cents more!

Wassap Wit Dat!

You tinking outside da box or wat?

Braddah Lance Kwon

Are You Ready For Supah Sunday?

February 5th, 2010

I no really kea cause da 49ers aren't in da big game.... sadly haven't been since 1994.   🙁  It's been a long 16 years. Wow, it's been really long, I'm even more sad.

Super Bowl Sunday is like no oddah and da Monday following should definitely be declared a national holiday! From pah-tay's at home or at a bar, depending wea you at, you could be spending anywea between four hours or more cause it gets pretty nutz wen you're having a good time. For us, Super Bowl Sunday is like a New Year's tradition - all my friends come ovah with choke food and we just grind da day/night away.

Wat are your plans for Supah Sunday? Anyone pah-tay up? Or do something else? Da roads should be fairly empty to drive most anywea if you do. Wat kine pah-tay foods are your favorite and/or must have? Do you cook or cater? We all love to eat so post your Super Bowl menu and pah-tay foods you plan to grind and or make.

Hea's a joke to kick start your FGF and I hope no one pulls dis MLC move at your pah-tay...........

I was in the coffee bar yesterday when I suddenly realized I desperately needed to fart.
The music was really, really  loud, so I timed my farts with the beat. 
After a couple of  songs, I started to feel better. I finished my coffee and noticed that  everybody was staring at me. 
Then I suddenly remembered that I was listening to my iPod.

Have a Happy Feel Good Friday everybodies and pah-tay safe!


Braddah Lance Kwon

Sizing Problems

February 4th, 2010

Aftah taking one of da dogs out dis morning, I was putting on my work clothes for da day until Da Wife says,

"That shirt looks like a dress on you."

Wassap Wit Dat!

Ok, well it did.   🙄   But you see, da people who make clothes don't make it for Hawai'i people, it's for mainland people.

Don't get your panties in a bunch! It's because people in Hawai'i tend to be - on average - on da smaller range of clothes sizings in both males and females with smaller meaning we're shorter of course.

Take for instance me. If you saw me you immediately would have "assumed" I wore a medium to a large.

Au contraire mon frere.

I wear x-large in most cases and depending on who makes da shirt sometimes, and I stress sometimes, a large. Da problem? XL on da mainland means you're generally at least 5'8" and about 200.

Well..... I got da "about 200" part.   😆 

Everyone dat has bought me shirts are always surprised wen I tell them I had to return da shirt for a larger size. I tell them I have "deceiving shoulders". It's actually because I've been involved in sports and weight training most of my life (I know I know my body doesn't look like it now   🙄    ) but my upper body is bigger than most people my "size".

Leslie from Island Tails was sooo sweet - wen is she nevah? - and gave me an Island Tails custom embroidered shirt for Christmas..... in a medium. Unfortunately I had to return it back to her (since it was custom) asking if it was supposed to be a baby-tee or some new spandex polo design.   😆    She said I was da same size as Uncle Rodney.... right?

Uh, no.   😆  I also probably got at least 50 pounds on him too.   😛 

I got a few oddah shirts from some generous posters like anklebiters (wea da heck is he btw?) and needless to say my uncle is happy his wardrobe has expanded. NKHEA was totally surprised wen I told him, uh, I wasn't going to fit da shirt he got me wen we first met.   😆 

Even Da Wife, wen we first was dating and I suppose she nevah see me, uh, "in beach clothes" (G rated ya know),  nevah even suspect dat I wear XL shirts. Now she trips out - and laughs her okole off - wen I try and put on da spandex baby-tees.

But therein lies da problem. While I wear XL "on top", da lower half of da shirts are 98% of da time hellah long! Unless I get all my shirts custom tailored it'll tend to be on da longer side. And then of course wen I gotta wear da "nice" shirts, no can even tuck in cause why? Makes my PANTS all poofy and bulky looking.

Say it with me now.........

No can win....... Wassap Wit Dat!

No even get me started on my basketball shorts and jerseys. Da buggahs are like gangstah mu'umu'u's on me!   🙁 

Have you evah been "mistaken" for a size you're not? Biggah than you are? Smaller than you are? Do you have sizing issues? Don't you feel "weird" getting da wrong size? Don't you feel even "weirderrrr" giving da wrong size?

So wat? You "808 size" or "mainland size?"


Braddah Lance Kwon


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