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How's Your Food Politics?

March 23rd, 2010

By one of the many definitions for da word "politics" by www.thefreedictionary.com, it's "the often internally conflicting interrelationships among people in a society [office]."

Now we all know there's jockeying and manuvering to "position" oneself with da powahs dat be so dat if one day you may actually get wat you want if you kiss enough okole but one office "politic" dat seems to affect everybody one way or anoddah is.......


If you work in an open shared office, not a room, you know wat I mean. There's a "designated area" for da grinds dat's open to "everybody", there's da only "your hui" stash and then of course you get your own private stash usually kept in your drawers cause it's too good to share.

I would have to say one of da biggest "political manuver" is da "I brought some ono kine grinds but nevah make/buy enough so I gotta pick and choose who I give to" move.

How do you do it? Do you pass it out wen "dat" person no stay or wen bathroom? Do you secretly walk around and tell da people you giving to, "shhh, I no mo' enough so take one and shhh". Or do you blantantly give out to your peeps and leave those oddahs out?

How's about those who was away while da food was out and by da time s/he came back was all gone?

We all get 'em. We all know 'em. Those buggahs we just "no like" but have to work with. Those buggahs who no share. Those buggahs who always take but no give. Those buggahs who NEVAH bring anything to share evah..... but always take anyways!

Yeah, you know wat I stay talking about cause you probably either had da image of da person pop into your head just now or you wen give one quick "spock you out stink eye" at him/her eh? No lie.   😛 

But da one dat really irks da crap out of me is da "leech". Dat's da person dat cruz around and once da nose gets a whiff of food stay migrating to da source and like try make like Mr/Ms. Aloha and talk story and make all friendly friendly and then moves in for da kill.......

LEECH:     "ohhhh, dat smells soooo ono.... "
SUCKAH:     "It does yeah...... you like one?"
LEECH:     "No. I no like."   (but still spocking 'em out)
SUCKAH:     "Fo' realz, you like one?"
LEECH:     "You surah?"   (got da "you fell dat one?" look)
SUCKAH:     "Yeah, take one."
LEECH:     "Oh tanks eh!"

I nevah seen one leech move so fast.    🙄 

How you going ack eh? No can be one snob. No can be anti. And fo' surah no can "rude". You know wat? If da "leech" at least share back once in awhile at least save face but how often you see dat?

Anybody got leeches in their office? Takers but no givers? Those who ALWAYS bring in grinds? Those who NEVAH bring in grinds? Do you make a plate for a friend who happens to be away from his/her desk at da moment knowing dat da food going be gone before he/she comes back? Or are you one dat says, "snooze you lose"?

How's about those who take 'seconds' BEFORE everyone has their 'firsts'? Or da one's who take more than a 'serving' on their first pass?

How's your food politics?



Braddah Lance Kwon

24 Responses to “How's Your Food Politics?”

  1. opso:

    first......for getting all irras now! 😡

    i get ALL dem leeches hea in my office! *sigh*

  2. opso:

    get 3 of dem cruzas. stop by all da sections and see what kine grindz get. 😡

    same 3 + 4 oddahs dat no bring nuttin, zip, nada! only eat! 😡

    and no get me started on da "irritating mamas boy!" 😡

    get this! got one guy dat no like pay for office functions like x-mas lunch, retirement coffee hours, etc., but when da day arrives......he go try and sneak food when he THINK nobody stay watch. and somebody always buss em!
    i tink da braddah stay shmall kine speshul. 😉

    whoa.....shmall kine vent! heh.....thanks BL! 😀

  3. KAN:

    Luckily in my office, no leeches. But there's definitely a power structure. Those lower on the totem pole bring stuff in, and every one eats (usually for birthdays-as a matter of fact I just brought in fruit salad yesterday for one boss' birthday). Those higher on the totem pole subsidize those who bring stuff in (extra kala for ingredients), so things work out.

    At my old office, I used to work the front desk, and what would IRRITATE ME TO NO END were those guys (not co-workers) who made 10x and over what I made in a year who would raid my candy dish. I would hide the candy dish when I knew those guys were coming into the office.

  4. buddahbelly:

    Aloha All!

    Yeah, we get one moocher in our office too. But since only get nine peeps in our office we gotta kinda let it slide. Lucky thing always get clients bringing goodies and the rest of us of us always bring stuff. Sometimes we like the moocher take cuz get so much. What can you do? Peeps like dat no can change.

  5. hemajang:

    Going have people that always give and people that always take, its politics if it boddah you. Our office group is kinda small. One person is super generous and love to bring stuff to make everyone happy. I don't think it bothers her that a few don't bring as much. I will bring my "fair" share of snacks and fruit. My work sometimes will result in "appreciation goodies" that I always share with co-workers and will bring back omiyage when on trips. Got a cash award this year that we split equally among this committee outside our department and I used the money to buy lunch for my co-workers, didn't seem right to keep the money. We normally don't have a whole lot of snacks to share, nothing like some of the other groups in our building, huuuu, they get so many bad things to eat, no wonder they kinda "large." Yeah, its all about sharing and treating your co-workers with respect.

  6. M:

    Howzit BL! 🙂

    We are pretty good at our work place, everyone brings food at one time or another to share with everyone. But if you come late no guarantee going get anything left.

  7. rayboyjr:

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 Good Morning Everyone!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    ... hey Braddah Lance ... oh, boy ... 🙄 ... seems like we all get da same kind leech in our offices ... and just like kaka-roach ... normally, you no see 'em ... but once get food ... there they stay ... come out from hiding ...

    ... and what's up with their mentality??? ... do they think any differently than we do ... how come they can come around ... feel free to help themselves ... and have no guilt about it??? ...

    ... how'z about this one ... those disproportionate leeches ... surah, dey contribute stuff sometimes … but so manini compared to da stuff that others bring … like at potlucks (when everyone else brings stuff like pans of fried chicken, noodles, teri-beef, etc.) they bring a six-pack of Coke or one bag of chips … what da??? … maybee it shouldn’t matter … but, I think that’s just ridiculous … I really know people like this ...

    ... sheesh, I gotta go calm down now ...

    ... Have a Good One Everyone!!! ...

  8. Ocean Lover:

    Ho! We get dem cockaroaches ova hea also. Get one.......I worked here like 12 years now......or is it 10....or more? Hmm.........oh, small kine SORRY eh, dis not MLC. 😉

    Anyways, dis one she's NEVER BROUGHT IN ANY KIND OF SNACK yet she always eats at the snack counter. Then again, she chains her chair to her desk at night.....yes, up here on the 3rd floor.

    Now I STAY all "irras".


  9. hawaiiobsessed:

    Whew BL, glad you are back. Was needing a "wassap wit dat" fix. Coffee but no WWD blog! Sad life I lead eh?! Anyway, hate dem cockaroachs!! Seems like they are everwhere.

  10. HNL2LAS:

    hmmm.. guess I've been lucky or I blocked it out, hahah.. but my co-workers have usually pretty good about bringing and sharing. It is more common in my experience though, that Hawaii peeps will bring/share more often than mainland peeps! Bhahaah especially since we have the "omiyage mentality" when we go on trips!

  11. M:

    One of my co-worker is very generous. He's the one who buys the food and cooks breakfast for all of us every Friday. He won't accept any money so many times we bring food on Thrusday for Friday because that's when he goes out to buy the food.

  12. EMM386:

    I'm lucky. Our office is small so we don't have to worry about not having enough for everyone and the boss always brings snacks. If I make cookies or manju, I always make sure to take a dozen to the office so they can have some too. Likewise, when I go on vacation, I bring stuff back for everyone to enjoy. We do have people who don't bring stuff, but the way I look at it, the bosses and I make the most money, so we should be the ones to bring snacks more often than the others, who really need the money to pay the bills.

  13. opso:

    okay okay.....since you asked..... 😉
    da irritating mama's boy.......one of his shticks is he would mooch/gather 2 each of individually wrapped kine snacks from other people's snack tables during da day. he would eat 1 and squirrel away 1.....den take em all HOME! WWD?!
    he must get one mean FREE snack collection at home.

    he even fills up dem 2 liter soda bottles with water to take home! 🙄 aigoo....

  14. Ynaku:

    Leech: Boy that smells so guud.

    Me: Why? You like?

    Leech: Yeah. Can?

    Me: Try Wait (lick lick suck bite ahchoo lick lick suck suck bite) OK hea.

    Leech: Uh neva mind.

    Me: Eh what you when bring? You get snacks by you're desk? I can go help myself? Thanks eh. You no mind yeah. We try share share you know in dis office. Oh hea get some Halloween candy. Kinda sticky and oozy but you can have em. You shua you no like one bite?

    Leech: Uh no thanks. I gotta go.

    If they grab for em, I would take annudah big bite and then hand um ova. Might be worth it. 😆

  15. hawaiiobsessed:

    we had a friend who after we all had a donut and filtered out to go back to work would go back and take a bite out of any donuts that were left. That way he got all the leftovers. We never knew who was doing it til he fessed up a couple years ago ( after we had all moved on to different jobs!).

  16. Coconut Willy:

    @hawaiiobsessed. That's just dirty! We get one kinda like that ova hea. Used to be two, but now down to one. We work with the public often get omiyage for the crew. This one person thinks the gift is specifically for her. She will offer to everyone, then take the rest home. She has been spoken to but still does it on the sly. Sad yeah? I figure maybe her family is starving at home or something.

  17. sally:

    Our office is small, so we know who has/brings/eats what. Rule: whatever is on the community table is... well... community. Our lunches are our own. If we bring our own mid morning snack like a fruit or yogurt, it's our own. But sometimes we'll bring stuff for everyone.

    Patients bring us stuff all the time... pies, cookies, manapua, dim sum, malasadas, bagles, lunch. Oh boiyoboy have you guys ever had spanish roll from Nanding Bakery?

  18. BananaFysh:

    I work in an office full of leeches! 😡

    Used to be good, but slowly, as people left, they were replaced by a leech. I used to make it a point to bring back omiyage from wherever I went to, but not any more. Those buggahs appreciate NOTHING. 😡

    My office leeches are LAZY too. If someone brings a cake or something, the lazy leeches will eat it all and leave the mess behind. I guess the figure that they didn't bring it, so why should they clean it up? WWD!?!?!

    But most times, they will leave one small piece behind so they can say that there was some left, so they don't need to clean it up. 😡

    Huuuu! These buggahs get me so IRRAHS!!! 😡

    Okay, deep breaths, deeps breaths ...... all good! 😀

    Get couple gals who are okay, so I slip them some omiyage on the sly. 😉 And they do the same for me. :mrgreen:

  19. Coconut Willy:

    "On the sly" I like that!

  20. sally:

    Leeches like the ones in BananaFysh's office are so no mo class. I always wonder... do they do that at home too?

    Mo' worser than no class... they got no respect for their friends / coworkers.

  21. dachad:

    das why you gotta get one 'LOFL Stash' and 'GOFF Stash'. The LOFL or Leave-Out-For-Leaches stash is the stuff you put in the wicker basket that get candy from 4 Halloweens ago, kaki-mochi that stale or all stuck togeda, half open doritoes that all soggy, chocolate covered mac nuts that is all disclored and flaky...stuff like that. The Grinds-Only-For-Friends stash you hide in your desk somewhere so that when your 'friends' come visit you or pass by you can buss 'em out and share, or if they good enuff friends you can tell dem, dey no wea fo' fine 'um if dey like mo. you'd be amazed wot doze leachas can eat...LMAO!

  22. (Jesse)James:

    Luckily I don't have people like that in my office. We all bring stuff to share and usually end up having too much stuff.

    I did work at an office before where there were several people like that mentioned above. One lady even went so far as to scrape the frosting off of somebody else's B-day cake because she liked the frosting...then she complained about the frosting being too sweet....no shame yeah...WWD

  23. matt:

    When I read the title, I thought you were talking about "do you eat veal" or "do you eat locally grown veg". too long living in the bay area, I guess.

    office food politics? all my food stays in my reach. i might bring stuff to leave out in the common area, but the good stuff is in my office.

  24. HNL2LAS:

    hmmm I DO remember living in an apartment with 5 other girls during our internship. Similar to the work environment.. we had to share the kitchen. One girl.. hoooo boiyeee.. she kept stealing our food.... and we all KNEW it was her, cuz we all figured it out that we didn't eat each other's food without asking! Cooked and uncooked were disappearing!

    The WORST though..... was she was also stealing toilet paper and using OUR bathrooms!! It was a 3 bedroom apartment, bathroom for each.. 6 girls.. 2 each room/bathroom. At the time, she had her room and bathroom to herself since we lost a roomie. Once even leaving uhmm.... remnants behind! We finally had an apartment meeting..with even ME, the quiet, want everyone to get along person bitching too.. so you KNOW it was bad.. the other roomies even told her so!! Hmm.. needless to say, a while later she quit and left our apartment!!! Our new roomies were sooo much better!

    Sorry, I know it was FOOD politics.. but this just reminded me after I mentioned about the food. UGGHHH!! Some people.. just sooo.. sooo PILAU!!!

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