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History You Take For Granted... Right Under Our Noses

May 30th, 2010

On an early gloomy and rainy Sunday morning, I made my way down to the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor although that wasn't my intended destination.

As I was driving there, images of what "it was like" started stirring up in my coconut shell and there was no way in the world that I would have been able to come close in imagining how it would have been with bombs, explosions and sun scorching infernos blasting on that day, December 7, 1941.

Movies and pictorials was all I had to fall back on trying to envision that disastrous day - but that wasn't enough. Walking on the hallowed grounds, standing above the memorials and taking a moment - several moments - to reflect, respect and remember what happened nearly 70 years ago wouldn't fit into one day let alone a week.

NEO, a history major and a devoted Kwonic, was extremely gracious enough to stop by - on his day off nonetheless - and be our personal tour guide to one of the most iconic treasures in not only World War II history but in the world itself, the great USS Missouri or more commonly known, the Mighty Mo'.

A very educated history buff with information, facts and stories up the wazoo, it's amazing his head didn't explode from the wealth of knowledge stored up in his noggin'... and he didn't hold back. I was extremely impressed with his thoroughness and passion for not only the Mighty Mo' but for history itself.

As we toured the great ship, NEO painted a vivid picture of how it was like being on board. Simplistic things we take so granted in this automated electronic day was literally "man-handled" back then but with amazing precision and efficiency. Pictures will never do it justice as it is a monument that needs to visited and experienced first hand.

In tribute to all our service men and women (past, present and future) this Memorial Day, follow along as WWD! humbly honors one of the United States greatest treasure resting where it all began in our waters at Pearl Harbor,

E Komo Mai Mighty Mo'! 


Two amazing sights... Battleship USS Missouri and the Arizona Memorial


The newly renovated - and still renovating - Pearl Harbor Historic Sites is at the very least, very renovated. It has a very modern and ecological redesign as well as making sure not to lose the ambiance of the historic site.


The only way to the USS Missouri is by shuttle for civilians as it's docked on Ford Island


All 50 state flags line part of the dock in the order of joining the union


Some of the massive fire power on board the Mighty Mo'


Artillery shells - empty of course - come 6ft tall


Hard to see but that little speck in the middle is a boat that will gun you down if you dare enter Pearl Harbor without permission. They even keep an eye out on the Mighty Mo' visitors for any suspicious activity.


Under the massive guns the Mighty Mo' is known for and they are hugemangeous! A total of nine 16-inch guns, each equipped with a 65-foot-long, 116-ton barrel that could fire a 2,700-pound shell 23 miles in 50 seconds with pinpoint accuracy - basically from Pearl Harbor to Haleiwa as NEO says.


The number signifies how many rounds have been fired from this specific turrent and the map shows the location of hits


A very interesting story about the dent made along the railing. Check it out by clicking here.

The model is hard to see through the reflection but under each turrent is four levels of mad efficiency. Back in the day, the sailors assigned to the turrent could load all three turrents in less than 30 seconds. Today? In under 15.


Tactical command central

The view for the tomahawk missles


Looks pretty old school huh?



Future Captain and XO?

The view from the upper deck


Check out the maze of wiring


I didn't chance it

The navigation bridge seemed pretty "plain" considering the firepower that was below it


😀  Do you "see" anything?

Notice the bubble level? If the bubble passes "60" on either end, the boat capsizes - not a good thing when you're at sea.


I'm guessing this was installed after the war

Captain's cabin

Damage control

Damage control crew

Pretty tight quarters

The view back then at the time of surrender


The view today



There are two instruments of surrender signed - one for the Allies and one for Japan. On the Japan copy, Col. Lawrence Moore Cosgrave from Canada signed his name on the wrong line and thereafter everyone else had to cross out their own name and resign on the succeeding line thereafter.   😳 

Chicken skin speech

It is and will always be an eerie site of the USS Arizona still leaking oil


The Mighty Mo'
Check out the website by clicking here,


For those planning on visiting Pearl Harbor - a word of advice. Don't try to do both the Arizona Memorial and USS Missouri on the same day unless you have a super sized stamina tank. Even though they are virtually near each other - besides becoming exhausted walking all over - you really do a disservice by "rushing" through.

There are two other attractions to visit (with paying admission) while you're there, the USS Bowfin (attack submarine) and the Pacific Aerospace Museum.


Muchos Mahalos again to NEO for coming down on your day off and sharing your mana'o, mo'olelo's and your passion for such an iconic piece of history.  


We soon may not remember..... but let's never forget.


 God speed to all the service men and women of all of our armed forces.




Hint hint........ Stay tuned for June 1st's blog entry

Hint hint........ Stay tuned for June 1st's blog entry

Hint hint........ Stay tuned for June 1st's blog entry

Did I mention to stay tuned for the June 1st blog entry?   😛



Stay Tuned.........

May 27th, 2010

PLEASE stay tuned and check in

Friday May 28th


Tuesday June 1st


❓   ❓   ❓


Braddah Lance Kwon

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Your 2 cents? Make It A Dollar!

May 26th, 2010

We see people jump on da bandwagon all da time. Some just like be a part of something good and trying to go wit it and then there's da minute few dat kinda kills everything.

You know those people who appear to be part of da "show" but really about something else.

April 15th is not only about taxes being due but it's also a group from da "Tea Party" demonstrating their 1st Amendment right at da State Capitol showing their displeasure of taxes.

Last time I checked da history books - or at least da parts dat I read - da Tea Party was about da insane taxes and it's exhorbant way of bleeding da money out of hard working fed up people.

Dat particular day it was pretty hectic at da Capitol and as I was driving by for some reason I only - fo' realz - ONLY saw TWO signs from da gazillion out there. Of course it was da beginning and end. Da first said,

"Husband unemployed. Reinstate all pay raises and (something else)" then da very last sign there was dis lolo waving a sign dat said "Deport Obama da Muslim".

Heh? Since wen was hiring a (your) husband and calling Obama a Muslim part of taxes or any direct relation to da Tea Party event? Get a life.

Just like the comments left about Obama's sister coming back home. It was never about her journey across da country, which da article clearly was about, but about how President Obama crippled the economy. How was Obama's sister coming back home have anything to do with da economy?

Or like the article about the how a former UH Warrior gets a walk-on try out for a NFL team and people start blasting Coach Mac. People, get wit da program!

Don't even get me started on da breaking news section of our web page? All of a sudden people are criticizing that there are no pictures from a lava at Kalapana..... uh, it's breaking news.... it ain't a "live show" wea camera crews are set up waiting for things to happen.

Wassap Wit ALL of Dat!

I for one am not against opposition or debate..... wen it pertains to da subject at hand but wen it goes totally off on a different tangent, WWD!. I can also see how if bringing up da past to help support a point to da subject mattah is relavant but like da crackah at the Capitol calling Barack Obama a Muslim needing to be deported is just straight up ludicras.

We all do it from time to time and even on dis blog but wat I like about it is dat at da least whoevah goes off says so but gets back on topic. Surah, WWD! is a place to let loose but for da most part Da Hui respects wat we talking about and dat's cool.

So for today, if you gotta let loose (no, not a fut), feel free to do so. Rant, rave, praise, vent..... watevah. No scade 'em go get 'em.


SHOUT OUT:      Late notice but there is a pah-tay tonight at our trusted place, Fort Street Bar & Grill at da Topa Towers (across da street) from Aloha Towers starting at 6pm.

It's an Aloha Oe of sorts because, sadly, Fort Street B&G will be closing it's doors later this week and of course dis is/will probably be da last of da Triad Pah-tays as The Honolulu Advertiser dissolves into history.

I know it's a week night for you MLC'ers but if you can make it, you'll meet some of da oddah bloggers as well as posters too. I'll be honest and say I'm going to try my best to be there but I'll still be at baseball practice and got a couple of things to do right aftah so if I get a chance to head down there, it'll be later.... but if you been to a Triad Pah-tay it usually pau late anyways.

And yeah, Lurkahs can come too.    😛 


Braddah Lance Kwon

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Head Down Walking

May 25th, 2010

We see people walking all da time.

Slowly, quickly, taking it easy, walking with a purpose but no mattah wat - it may just be my keen WWD! observation skills - haven't you notice dat people walk wit their head down?

Wassap Wit Dat!

Riding into work I seen a person with an iPod, head down. Anoddah person semi-looking down but did look up every time she needed to take a drag of her cigarette. And then a person with a bluetooth yapping away looking like a mime.... ok, dat person's head was up.

For da most part, da head will come up wen approaching an intersection or wen you "sense" someone/something nearby but mostly it's staring at da ground in front - or below - you. It's a wondah why so many people have neck problems cause it isn't natural having to hold da heaviest part of you body tilting forward.

I catch myself staring at da ground in front as if I was looking for money and dunno why I do it. Maybe cause I do find money sometimes I continue to do it. Wen Da Wife and I travel my head is nevah looking at da ground cause I'm always looking around. Maybe cause at home it isn't "interesting enough" or maybe cause I see da same ole' same ole' or maybe walking is just.... boring.

Believe it or not I see da head down thing all da time at work too. I bet you most of da people can tell you wea da rip in da carpet is or wea get da big coffee stain or if there's a lump in da ground.

I also noticed dat most times da head down walking thing happens wen you're walking alone AND without sun glasses. Once da shades are on, da head tends to be in it's proper place looking forward as if it was your force field.

So how do you walk? Notice anything different about walking? Try go look around today and see..... at least if you're looking you know you're not looking at da ground.   😉 


Braddah Lance Kwon

No Can Understand

May 21st, 2010

Really. C'mon. Are you frickin' kidding me?!

Dat was my immediate reaction upon getting home yesterday right before I needed to leave for baseball practice.

My timing is real tight. I book it home from work. Change clothes. Load up da watah cooler so my players have watah. Grab da ice packs so wen my players get boo-boo's they can feel bettah. Da truck is already loaded with equipment so once pau wit da watah and ice, I'm out. If I'm lucky and traffic wasn't too bad going home, I'm at da field right at 4:27pm (practice starts at 4:30pm on da dot).

If you read Monday's post (Love Thy Neighbor) you'd know dat I was cleaning out da garage so wit dat there were a TON of stuff for bulky pickup which happened to be Wednesday wea I live.

We placed it in a very accessible spot and all da while "stacking" items so 1) it wouldn't topple ovah, 2) it wouldn't make da neighborhood look "ugly" and 3) so it would be easy for da workahs to grab and go.

Hmm, make it easy for "them" (bulky pickup workahs)..... keep dat in mind.

I come riding down my street yesterday and I see two regulah walkers going down da street and staring to their left as they continue forward.

Hmm, I wondah wat they looking at.

Hmm, looks to be close to my house.

Hmm, I wondah if my neighbors are doing anything cause they stay renovating.

Hmm, I tink they looking ay MY house.




Well, I didn't say those exact words but it did start wit da acronym WTF! and ended wit my first sentence of da blog.

I couldn't believe it! Really, was it dat hard? It wasn't an "illegal" item.... at least I didn't think so but I could be wrong. But then again I've seen first hand da bulky pickup crew handle more questionable stuff than a table saw! Yup, a table saw is wat you're looking at.

It's an old school table saw from my grandfather-in-law days so it is a bit heavy buuuut...... it was on a dolly! Do you see da dolly in da picture? I guess they just wanted da dolly and heave-ho'd da table saw and wat frickin' gets me is....... THEY JUST LEFT IT AS IS!!!!!!!

They took a big a$$ dining table, a set of wooden chairs, open boxed items (so they would be able to see first if they were "allowed" to take it) and some odds and ends (O&E plug).   😉 

Da table saw was on da back half of da grass (near da stake wit da pink flag) so they could just wheel it back on da walkway making it easier to get it to da truck. Plus we had a few "bulky" items so we tried to make it as easy as possible for da crew. If you look closely at da pics you'd also notice they left a black bag and a few long pieces of aluminum rods.

Honestly, I got nothing against da C&C crew - and I know there were at least more than one workah there cause there was no way one person could have handled da dining table - but c'mon. Take it if you going take it and if not, just leave it da heck alone! Not even a courtesy note was left or a reason for leaving it li'dat, nada. I know da City is strapped for cash but c'mon, you could have torn a piece of cardboard off one of da boxes and left a note if nevah have paper.

Wait, maybe couldn't afford pen.    🙄  

If you going do one job, do it right. If you no like your job, tell me...... cause I'm looking for one and can appreciate having one. I most definitely won't be doing any half-a$$ work either.

Needless to say, I picked it up - by myself - and flipped it back on da grass cause it was blocking part of our driveway (although da pic doesn't look like it).

And I'll bet you I'll get fined latah for leaving it there too.   🙄 


Braddah Lance Kwon

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