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Head Down Walking

May 25th, 2010

We see people walking all da time.

Slowly, quickly, taking it easy, walking with a purpose but no mattah wat - it may just be my keen WWD! observation skills - haven't you notice dat people walk wit their head down?

Wassap Wit Dat!

Riding into work I seen a person with an iPod, head down. Anoddah person semi-looking down but did look up every time she needed to take a drag of her cigarette. And then a person with a bluetooth yapping away looking like a mime.... ok, dat person's head was up.

For da most part, da head will come up wen approaching an intersection or wen you "sense" someone/something nearby but mostly it's staring at da ground in front - or below - you. It's a wondah why so many people have neck problems cause it isn't natural having to hold da heaviest part of you body tilting forward.

I catch myself staring at da ground in front as if I was looking for money and dunno why I do it. Maybe cause I do find money sometimes I continue to do it. Wen Da Wife and I travel my head is nevah looking at da ground cause I'm always looking around. Maybe cause at home it isn't "interesting enough" or maybe cause I see da same ole' same ole' or maybe walking is just.... boring.

Believe it or not I see da head down thing all da time at work too. I bet you most of da people can tell you wea da rip in da carpet is or wea get da big coffee stain or if there's a lump in da ground.

I also noticed dat most times da head down walking thing happens wen you're walking alone AND without sun glasses. Once da shades are on, da head tends to be in it's proper place looking forward as if it was your force field.

So how do you walk? Notice anything different about walking? Try go look around today and see..... at least if you're looking you know you're not looking at da ground.   😉 


Braddah Lance Kwon

28 Responses to “Head Down Walking”

  1. Ocean Lover:

    FIRST! I look DOWN when I walk so I don't step on the DOO DOO on the ground.

  2. Ocean Lover:

    SECOND! If its a long stretch and I've confirmed that there's no DOO DOO on the ground, I'll proudly keep my head "up" with my chin parallel to the ground....arms in unison swaying with the opposite leg....and give a "Good Morning/Afternoon" to each person I see so as to make them think that I'm NUTS and they'll leave me alone. 😉

  3. M:


    Howzit BL !

    I going try see how I walk.

  4. Rosette:

    yes if you walk looking down then you are not force to look anybody that get on your nerves just by staring at them..omg...if you stare at people then they will say hey what you staring at so better off keeping your head down but be aware behind you....with luck you find penny then you wash good luck penny....yes I only look up when I got my sun glasses this way they cannot tell what I am looking at!

  5. Rosette:

    oh sure you look only when nobody around this way they wont get mad if you stare at them ..then next you have staring contest.

  6. opso:

    OL - but you ARE nutz! haha! n/k (not kidding) 😛
    and go try walk wit your arms swaying wit da same side leg. den dey tink you REALLY nutz! 😆

    i usually scan as i walk. down, up, side to side.....side eye 😉
    i look down fo da same reason as OL and also for oddah abnormalities 😀 dat stay on da sidewalk/grass/sand/rocks/etc....or any "suspect" terrain. oh....and fo look fo money too. 😉

    but if nice, clean kine place den i can safely look up for long stretches.

  7. EMM386:

    I tend to look around a lot when I walk. I live close to work (about a mile) so I walk most days instead of taking the bike. After a couple of close calls at intersections, you tend to keep your head on a swivel for unaware drivers. And yes, I always have my sunglasses on.

  8. Rosette:

    sometimes it is fun you stare long enough then one will look away...HA look down look down or you twist your neck sideways really fast...what I do is I look down but I can scan ahead ...then I listen behind and back...

  9. Ocean Lover:

    Last week...............I'm walking to the car with Da Wife and this homeless guy comes (practically) running across the grass to intersect us. I'm thinking "DANGER! DANGER!" and wondered what kind of damage I could do to him if I swung my soft lunch bag at him.

    He babbles something about "I haven't eaten in 25 days" to which my superior reasoning told me "NO WAYS BRAH..........YOU WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO RUN" and he asked me for money. I told him "So solly.........I no moa" and he went to the next guy waiting at the steps smoking a cigarette.

    I think I'm gonna put a ROCK in my lunch bag.


  10. visitor:

    Depends where you're walking. If chance for poop or uneven sidewalk, need to look down. If crowded with people, cars and bicycles need to look around for safety.

    Usually in the safe confines of shopping malls or at the beach, many guys probably viewing at "chest level." Don't know where women's eyes are focused. lol

  11. omilu:

    shouldn't you be looking down to see where you're stepping? i still don't understand how people can sue...and win, for tripping on a sidewalk. it's not like the crack jumped out and tripped you.

  12. snow:

    i look down when i'm walking when i don't want to step on something or do something like... uhhh... fall! outside of my office building, we have those trees with the sticky bean pods... i look down so i won't step on them! other times, i might be looking down if the sidewalk is a little uneven. 😕

  13. KAN:

    I'm built closer to the ground than most, so if I'm looking down, I probably AM looking for kala! 🙂 Sometimes I even find some.

    Nah, but most of the time if I'm looking down, I'm trying to avoid eye contact. Sometimes I'm just lost in thought (or lost in something) in my own world - I've passed friends by on the street sometimes, and I'm sure people think I'm stuck up when I'm just clueless. 🙂

  14. M:

    I notice that while I'm walking I'm scanning. I look down, looking ahead and side to side. I'm looking all around checking out everything.

  15. B:

    I'm always looking for money.

  16. Rodney Lee:

    Like @snow mentioned, it's the bean pods. Such a pain when you step on them. Then you have to do the "step-drag" thing. Even for the dogs.

    Lee Cataluna explains it all: http://bit.ly/c6e06u

  17. Rod's Big Bro:

    Ehhh Braddah Lance,
    It's an Asian thing, to show humility, that is how the older generation walked and I think we followed suit. Or it's because people haven't learned to walk the correct way. It's head up, back straight, shoulders back and chest out, this helps to strength the core, it also pulls in the stomach.

    My "Men's Health" mag, teaches this and that is why people have sore backs, stiff neck, and a slouch when they walk. It also projects an air of authority and the impression of I know where I'm going, by walking properly. The average head weighs 10 lbs. and that is why so many peeps just let in hang down, it's to much work to keep it up.

    It doesn't mean to have a swagger like some of the Moke's do, all they are looking for is someone to bump them and then go "what, got a problem?". For the Ladies it centers the purse strap and distributes the weight evenly front and back.

    Not trying to take all the fun out, but you can also see the money on the ground before anyone else if you are looking forward,lol. I've also learned to acknowledge people walking with heads up, they tend to smile and say hi.

  18. hemajang:

    People tell me I have a tarantaran-swagger walk, arms swinging, bow-legged, wide stance gait...they tell me where I parked the horse. I tend to look ahead, not necessarily straight ahead but I catch myself looking slightly down when deep in thought. I run regularly and have consciously worked on my stride and try to run upright, head still with chin up, arms at waist level swinging straight and legs striding straight, unlike my natural walk. Being efficient without extraneous movement is the goal. Before heading out, I usually warm up in the house going up and down the hallway. Hallway has a full length mirror at one end and make visual checks for form. I always watch runners and their stride. You don't see too many differences in walking style but a lot with runners...get all kinds.

  19. bamboohouse808:

    I walk with my head down probably because I have bad posture. I no mo big body for do the chin up and chest out walk. 🙁 I guess I also look down to see where I'm walking. Gotta check if get doo doo or money down there!! 😀

  20. Ynaku:

    Is dat why I trip on the carpet? I try look up and around but wen I do that I trip so I gotta scan wea I stay walk uddah wise going be like OL and step Dog D00 D00 😆

  21. Seawalker:

    When I'm at work, I cast my gaze downwards to avoid eye-contact with the boss. That tells him I'm busy and to leave me alone. That slave-driver, he's one smart cookie. He knows when we're looking around, that means we're not busy. The only thing is when a hottie walks by, you might miss 'em. Hehehe

  22. NKHEA:

    Me when I stay walkin I stay looking all around, up, down, left, right every which way. Like KAN when you short like us.......you too BL......you gatta walk upright as much as possible or peoples goin tink you one kid 😉 🙂

    OL; like opso said you are one crazy bolo head :mrgreen:

  23. 91boz:

    I always try to look around and be aware of whats going on around me. If someone is approaching me I smile. If he or she looks like trouble I just walk by but no make eye contact.

    I see a lot of elderly seniors crossing the street looking at their feet. They are not aware of whats going on around them and that's why a lot of them get hit by cars. Maybe it's like LBB said aisian humility thing.

  24. Michael:

    Walking with head down seems to say that person is trying be humble.

    Looking face to face may be interpreted as "What?" in your face.

  25. Rod's Big Bro:

    I used to walk with my head down and my Mom said you look like a "Caveman", that kind of did it, plus I think being a "serve and volley" type of tennis player, you kind of look up and ahead.

    That's why people don't like to "serve and volley" they are to worried about looking where they are going and when they look up "POW" right between the eyes,lol.

  26. Ocean Lover:

    @ NKHEA.........you QUEEA, OPSO said "OL - but you ARE nutz!"

    He didn'at say ANYTING bout being one "crazy bolohead". 😥

    I'm SO MISUNDERSTOOD......... 😉


  27. Coconut Willy:

    I try to walk with my head up and shoulders straight with good posture. I already short so slouching not going help da cause.

    If you walk with your head down, you may miss out on da sights!

  28. Koreankanak:

    I look around and smile at whoever looks at me...

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