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May 26th, 2010

We see people jump on da bandwagon all da time. Some just like be a part of something good and trying to go wit it and then there's da minute few dat kinda kills everything.

You know those people who appear to be part of da "show" but really about something else.

April 15th is not only about taxes being due but it's also a group from da "Tea Party" demonstrating their 1st Amendment right at da State Capitol showing their displeasure of taxes.

Last time I checked da history books - or at least da parts dat I read - da Tea Party was about da insane taxes and it's exhorbant way of bleeding da money out of hard working fed up people.

Dat particular day it was pretty hectic at da Capitol and as I was driving by for some reason I only - fo' realz - ONLY saw TWO signs from da gazillion out there. Of course it was da beginning and end. Da first said,

"Husband unemployed. Reinstate all pay raises and (something else)" then da very last sign there was dis lolo waving a sign dat said "Deport Obama da Muslim".

Heh? Since wen was hiring a (your) husband and calling Obama a Muslim part of taxes or any direct relation to da Tea Party event? Get a life.

Just like the comments left about Obama's sister coming back home. It was never about her journey across da country, which da article clearly was about, but about how President Obama crippled the economy. How was Obama's sister coming back home have anything to do with da economy?

Or like the article about the how a former UH Warrior gets a walk-on try out for a NFL team and people start blasting Coach Mac. People, get wit da program!

Don't even get me started on da breaking news section of our web page? All of a sudden people are criticizing that there are no pictures from a lava at Kalapana..... uh, it's breaking news.... it ain't a "live show" wea camera crews are set up waiting for things to happen.

Wassap Wit ALL of Dat!

I for one am not against opposition or debate..... wen it pertains to da subject at hand but wen it goes totally off on a different tangent, WWD!. I can also see how if bringing up da past to help support a point to da subject mattah is relavant but like da crackah at the Capitol calling Barack Obama a Muslim needing to be deported is just straight up ludicras.

We all do it from time to time and even on dis blog but wat I like about it is dat at da least whoevah goes off says so but gets back on topic. Surah, WWD! is a place to let loose but for da most part Da Hui respects wat we talking about and dat's cool.

So for today, if you gotta let loose (no, not a fut), feel free to do so. Rant, rave, praise, vent..... watevah. No scade 'em go get 'em.


SHOUT OUT:      Late notice but there is a pah-tay tonight at our trusted place, Fort Street Bar & Grill at da Topa Towers (across da street) from Aloha Towers starting at 6pm.

It's an Aloha Oe of sorts because, sadly, Fort Street B&G will be closing it's doors later this week and of course dis is/will probably be da last of da Triad Pah-tays as The Honolulu Advertiser dissolves into history.

I know it's a week night for you MLC'ers but if you can make it, you'll meet some of da oddah bloggers as well as posters too. I'll be honest and say I'm going to try my best to be there but I'll still be at baseball practice and got a couple of things to do right aftah so if I get a chance to head down there, it'll be later.... but if you been to a Triad Pah-tay it usually pau late anyways.

And yeah, Lurkahs can come too.    😛 


Braddah Lance Kwon

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14 Responses to “Your 2 cents? Make It A Dollar!”

  1. opso:

    FIRST! to let loose! sorry....i wen fut. 😳

  2. M:


  3. M:

    Oh yeah, Howzit BL!

    Don't be part of da problem. Be part of the solution!

    See ya all dea tonight at da pah-tay! 🙂

  4. sassy7:

    Ok...BL...dont you think the Tea Party people getting too out of hand. I am all for people standing up...but sometimes like up here...the Tea Parties zero in on people and actually cause them to get voted out. It's sad, because you can no longer "agree to disagree"..some how our country has gotten to the " no respect for each other type of society" As a nation we have some how gotten away from the acceptance of differences, and just focus on the "what i want" "I" being the word. It's sad..and you can still see the discrimmanation against people of color..that's why they still see Obama as a "Muslim" and not an Amercian. It's like the lope's who ask us-"Oh so you came to America to?" WWD!!!! Hawaii is part of America....and this one I love...How did you get your car here? it was driven thru the car tunnel that is connected from Kakaako to LA. Once there I had it trucked up here!!!
    My take is..we need to get a little bit more educated, not just jump in, but understand all that is happening or taking place. Read up on issues, make sure you know your stance or your groups stance then fight for your right. But when you dont' go in there with full understanding..you come out looking the idiot...So KU'E if you must, but do it with understanding and malama for others rights as well.!!!! I pau!!

    kage...you wen try the receipe yet?

  5. opso:

    i stay mad as hell......and i not going take dis anymore! 😡
    i just wanted to say dat. heh 😆

    but den.......just dis morning i stay talkin to my co-worker and den our secreta.....er....."administrative professional" just walks in and butts her beeg okole in da convo and starts talkin bout sumptin totally different! WWD?! and it happens alllllll da time....and with different peeps too! what? no can wait shmall kine?! aigoo..... 🙄

    k-den.....i feel bettah now! 😀

  6. zzzzzz:

    Sorry BL, I can't take it anymore. It's (not its) like fingernails on a chalkboard.


  7. sassy7:

    Triad party....see I have to miss this one too!! my regrets to you all....this is the type of day when I wish I had my own jet plane...I'd be home tonight for that party. It's not like the $100.00 lunches the pilots take up here...the each have their own planes, they choose one to take them to Vegas or Wendover...they chip in for jet fuel-$30.00 each pay for their own lunch buffet $15.00 and then gamble $55.00. All costing them $100.00 bucks for the luncheon..they go from 11:00 to 2:00 p.m...too good...

  8. Ocean Lover:

    You know what PISSES ME OFF? Well.......I'll TELL YOU. 😉

    Dis morning, I come to a 3-way stop and the guy opposite me arrives a second earlier......I wave him through and THE CAR IN BACK OF HIM follows him! One female drivah! I did one of those 2 hands in da air ala "WWD?" and she ignored me. I hope she has the "rheas" all day today.

    Whew! I feel much bettah now.........


  9. Makiki:

    Ok here is my random rant - I have never been able to make it to a Triad party. It seems like every time I end up having to be on the mainland and I think it is a conspiracy by Obama or Lingle or Mufi or Coach Mac(pick one).

    Seriously though - even without the HA doesn't the Triad still exhist? Yeah? Then still can party!

    Alan from Makiki

  10. NKHEA:


  11. TwoFish:

    My 2¢: I think the platform is just that - a platform. It's the soapbox that the person sets up to stand on, then rant or rave about something else while up there.

    Anodda 2¢: Continue to blog, even if that means elsewhere on a public blog. It feels like family, with all the idiosyncracies/quirks/personalities out there, we find common ground in the mindset of the ones around us, and know that if someone differs in opinion, it's not going to come down to a couple of cracks later on.

  12. Michael:

    Can you give me back 15 cents, I have to make a phone call.

  13. EMM386:

    I just wish that people would be more civil in their discussions. If you don't like Coach Mac or whatever, it's fine to say so because you're entitled to an opinion, but there is no need to make the attacks personal or profanity filled. With the anonymity the interweb allows, it seems that in many cases civility has left the building.

  14. Seawalker:

    BL, went to McKinley, which is relatively close to Farrington.

    For us !@#$%^ McKinley people, we march to the beat of our own !@#$%^ drum. So much da(m)n, m.f. issues in the !@#$%^ society today. Those a$$holes, no more nothing better to do. Just like those pr(i)cks who are thinking about doing away with the !@#$%^ blogs. Only a real pu$$y would do something like that. Go(d)amn $ons of a bi(t)ches! F.U.!!!!!!!!

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