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May 20th, 2010

We hea dat word all da time.... but is it just a myth?

"S/he's perfect!" "My new car is perfect!" "Mmmmm. Dis kim chee is perrrrfect!" 

Ok, had to throw dat last one out there.

But really, is there such a thing as perfect? Even in baseball's great 134 year old history there's only been 19 "perfect" games where no hits, runs, walks or errors were allowed. 27 up, 27 down (9 innings times 3 batters per inning for those who dunno wat dat means) with da most recent happening just a little ovah two weeks ago on May 9, 2010 by Oakland A's pitcher Dallas Braden.

It's an amazing feat statistically and physically but was it really perfect? I bet you every single one of those 19 pitchers threw at least one ball dat wasn't a strike..... so isn't dat not "perfect"?

I'm one of those dat says "perfect" but always notices something out of da ordinary, some kine of manini flaw or something out of whack latah on. *It's my OCD action* 

Wassap Wit Dat!

Da Wife and my friends always says I'm silly cause I'm so "picky" but like I've been telling my 11-12 year old players since da beginning of the season every season, "there's no such thing as perfect because once you're 'perfect', you're satisfied - NEVER be satisfied!"

I tell them to work harder and harder, don't settle. Be happy and enjoy a moment but get back and stay hungry cause once you're satisfied wat more do you have forward to look to? Once you hit dat perfect hit or pitched dat perfect pitch, wat then? You gotta be/stay hungry to do it again cause once you've become satisfied, it's no longer "worth it".

Have you achieved perfection in something? Cooking? Eating? Sports? Work? Life? Once satisfied, did you try to get perfect again or did it turn into a lost cause? Have you told anyone dat they were perfect and at da same time in da back of your mind thought of at least one thing dat you didn't like dat made "perfect" not sound so perfect anymore? No lie eh.

Perfection is - and will always be - in da eye of da beholder.

I guess I'll nevah see perfection........ but I certainly won't be satisfied till I do.



SHOUT OUT:     To Uncle Rod (MidLife Crisis blogger), my colleague, my friend - Sorry to hear about your father passing away and you know dat Da WWD! Hui is hea for you watevah you need.

And since you love to play music games and youtube..... hea's one of my ALL TIME greatest songs dat I love and it's from "your" time.   😉  

From Da WWD! Hui to you Uncle Rod.

[youtube HaVXfHZv50Y]



Braddah Lance Kwon

Huh? How Come You Don't Know?

May 18th, 2010

There are some things in life I think that everyone should know how to do and those who don't, I've always wondered how come?

It may seem real simple to some but to oddahs it's foreign.

Take for instance riding a bicycle. Growing up everyone I knew knew how. Their skill level varied wea for some riding from point A to point B was traumatic enough and had oddah kamikaze's like me who would make ramps and jump off of things or go mountain biking and bomb down a hill..... but we knew HOW to ride a bicycle.

Then there were things like skateboards, ice skates, roller skates (for da MLC crowd), inline skates (rollerblades) and now Razors. Yup, did 'em all.

Then there's some silly stuff like tying a water balloon (yeah, there's some skill involved in dat), texting, sewing a button, doing laundry and changing a flat tire dat would seem like you're living in Kahoolawe.

Living on an island with wonderful coastlines we have more than ample opportunity to fish or surf (all kine's) but have you? And you'd definitely tink dat we ALL knew how to swim but I'm still amazed at how many people don't.

Wassap Wit Dat!

As keiki growing up it was all dependent on mostly our parents experiences - but to a bigger extent than you know - it was da company you were surrounded by dat influenced you. Your friends or friends of friends or relatives would would either bust out a new toy or be involved in some oddah activity dat you wasn't and dat peaked your curiosity.

You wanted fo' try.

As adults, it really shouldn't be any different but because we "know" bettah it may hinder your willingness to try.

So wat "don't" you know how to do dat you tink you "should" know how to do? Do you have a unique "skill" you know how to do? Wat should be on a "must know how to do" list? Wat do you know how to do - besides wipe your own okole - dat's been passed down to you? Wat did you teach yourself dat you wanted to learn badly dat you wasn't able to wen you was younger?

I know for one thing I NOT going learn......... changing diapers.    😛 


Braddah Lance Kwon

Love Thy Neighbor

May 17th, 2010

Last night I had to clear out da garage and if you seen my garage you would have just suggested to dynamite it.

I had years and years of accumulated organized chaos lying around from old trophies to, well, old everything. Since it's an open garage there was dust everywhere - along with a few former living things - and it wasn't pretty.

I started at 9am and didn't get done till 10pm.

Ok, ok. I was done at 8:30pm but was taking a "break" across da street.

Our street is decently long - I'd say about a dozen or so homes on each side -and we pretty much "know" each oddah. Aside from not knowing each oddah's names, we know wat kine car they drive/have, wat kine friends visit, wat time they stay home, if they get dogs, keiki etc etc.

Or it could be just my keen observations skills going shmall kine nuts again.  🙄 

Our immediate neighbor we talk story shmall kine wen we stay outside at da same time. It usually goes along da lines of common interests like wat we stay doing to our homes or our dogs. He asks from time to time if I need dis or dat to help out.

Our oddah immediate neighbor they stay around Da Wife's and I age so we end up talking about stuff "our age". I always ask them if they need help with anything cause they always buying new tools and I tell them no need if they only going use 'em one time cause I get tools they can use instead.

Our neighbor across da street, he's one character.

He reminds me exactly of NKHEA and even to da point my neighbor really no can hea, he stay practically deaf. He always comes ovah and asks if I need help with anything wen he sees me working or loading da truck. He always tell me come ovah cause EVERY Sunday get pah-tay his house. He share his beea's, his kau kau but most of all he shares his Aloha.

A rare treat in dis day and age I'd say and he's passed it on to his ohana.

It was about 7:30pm and I still had more than a couple hours of work left. Then his two grandsons come ovah, then anoddah uncle and my uncle. They all came ovah to help no questions asked - nothing in return. They helped clear my garage in a hour and we was pau.

Then it was time to relax.

Wen I go ovah it's feels like how it should/would have been back in da good 'ole days. Got da radio on - no tv unless got a game on - everybody sharing their mo'olelo's, their pupu's and laughing and teasing. Everybody listens and stay geniunely interested in each oddah's conversation. 

Did I mention dat "Uncle" stay turning 90 dis year?!

Da hui at Uncle's house stay about twice my age except for Uncle's grandson's who still stay about 10 years older than me and you really wondah how da heck can practically four generations sit in one garage and wala'au and "understand" each oddah. Even though they are not my "neighbors", they end up being wen they around.

Gotta be da Aloha no?

Uncle did it right and passed it on to his keiki and now to his grand-keiki and it keeps getting passed on through witness of his actions and it'll definitely get passed on through me.

Do you know your neighbors? Do you lend a helping hand to your neighbors? Do you even say hi? Talk story? Know their names? Or is it usually just the casual nod, smile and hurry in da door?

Maybe da world could/would be just a bit bettah if we took da time and love thy neighbor..........

Eh, not dat kine love.     😛 


Braddah Lance Kwon


Wat Would You Be?

May 13th, 2010

If you had to describe yourself as an animal (any living creature dat isn't human), wat would you be?

I've always wondered wat I would be or wat I "might have been" in anoddah life.

I could have been a dog because they are loyal and lovable.   😉  But more importantly, wea else would you see someone else who picks up your doo-doo, feeds you, plays with you, leaves you alone most of da time and always shows you love wen you want it?    😆 

As "men", we always want to be powerful and masculine creatures like a lion, tiger or bear oh my! Sorry, couldn't resist using dat line.   😀 

But not me.

Wat would I be?................ I'd be a tako.

No, not 'yo quiero Taco Bell' taco, a TAKO.

*For all da haole WWD! hui dat dunno wat dat is..... it's an octopus.*

I'm like a tako cause I love to multi-task, I try to blend in (most of da time) and wen faced to fight, I'll fight till no need then pau. Oddahwise I'd rather not fight, just squirt ink at 'cha and swim away.

I ack like I get eight arms in real life and try for do all kine stuffs at one time and wen one of my tentacles get ripped off (break), I still carry on and "repair" myself. I like to think that I'm adaptable to any environment dat I'm in while not disturbing it and of course have da ability to go unnoticed if need be.

And of couse, tako is ono to eat so I'm good for you.   😛   😆 

Wat kine animal are you?


SHOUT OUT:   btw, anyone know a good locksmith who works on motorcycles?



Braddah Lance Kwon

Don't You Hate It Wen........

May 11th, 2010

Woke up dis morning feeling pretty good - even aftah hitting da snooze three times - and did da same ole' same ole' morning routine and as I was about ready to leave.

Jacket on, check.

iTouch on, check.

Helmet on, check.

Gloves on, check.

Key..... um...... (looking in da usually spots)

Bag pocket, negative.

Jacket pocket, negative.

Key chain, negative.

Ignition, negative.

Crap. Wassap Wit Dat! Wea da heck did I leave it?

Don't you hate it wen people ask you "Where did you leave it last?". Uh, if I knew, I wouldn't be looking for it now would I.    🙄 

Trying to retrace my steps I finally figgah'd out dat I left it on da corner of da tailgate of da truck...... again.   🙄   (Click hea to read dat mo'olelo.... but I gotta warn you it's a long one.)

At least I tink I did.

Looking for a single key is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I walked up and down my street looking on da road. Nada. I rummaged through all da accumulated junk in da back seat of da truck. Nada. Of course inside da house. Nada.

Aftah half an hour not turning up a thing, except for a shirt I was looking for da past week and a wrench dat I misplaced, I was now very very late for work. Don't you hate wen dat happens.   🙄 

Now I gotta shell out about a couple hundred to replace da ignition and da "trunk" of da bike and we all know I ain't going to a dealer to buy dat part...... and da hits just keeeeep oooooonnn coming.   🙁 

So if you feel like commenting today, join me in completing da following sentence,

Don't you hate it wen...................


Braddah Lance Kwon

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