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Wat Dat?

September 12th, 2011
Howzit! Howzit! Sorry for the late post but I was working on a new segment for WWD!. It's called..... wait for it..... waaait for it.........

Wat Dat?

Seriously, it's called "Wat Dat?". Wat's "Wat Dat?" you ask? It's exactly wat it is... wat Dat? silly. 😆

Being dat we in da 808, we get ukumillion kine things, quirks and traditions dat make us uniquely Hawai'i. It could be da little things we do, eat or play wen we shmall kid time - or even as adults - dat will always remind us of home and at da same time make some malahini wondah "huh?". It's our chop suey kapakahi blend dat while we may be half way across da world, if two strangers notice da same "Hawai'i" thing and are from Hawai'i, it'll trigger da 808 bond.

"Wat Dat?" is a game of sorts wea I'll post out of focus pictures and you, Da WWD! Hui, will have to guess, wat dat? I no can guarantee going be easy or hard cause some people just good at guessing... or maybe not wearing their glasses. 😆 If all da pictures are guessed properly, da following post will be a mo'olelo about it. Eh, Lurkahs, no be afraid to come join da pah-tay eh?

Of course da pictures will be about au' kine tings Hawai'i but at da same time, no buss' my balls if oddah places oddah 'den Hawai'i get 'em too eh? 😛 There will be a hint but da hints gotta be vauge bumbye you guess 'em too easy yeah?

Once you get da hang of it, send me your ideas, pics or suggestions of how to improve dis new segment cause all da Kwonics and Lanceformers know dat WWD! is as much a part of you as it is of me.... I just not afraid to get ripped by it. 😉 ha ha ha

So hea's da inaugural pics............ have fun!

Do not immerse


Au' kine styles


26 Responses to “Wat Dat?”

  1. hemajang:

    yeah, wat dat first pickcha? ...rice cooker? Do not immerse in watah.
    #2 is that pokey pokey grass you don't want to step on barefoot.
    #3 is gohan.

  2. KAN:

    Hema - good! I guessed da same tings (yeah, easy to say afta da firs' guy). Pokey-pokey grass is what us guyz in Kane`ohe call "sleeping grass."

  3. rayboyjr:

    😎 Good Afternoon Everyone!!! 😎

    ... hey Braddah Lance ... haha ... I went for an eye exam last Friday, and that's pretty much what everything looked like for me ...

    ... numbah one ... no clue ... though it kinda does look like what hemajang said ... a rice cooker ... maybe I have a different brand ... zor-something ...

    ... numbah too ... ouch!!! ... hemajang correct ... I hate that grass spikes in the lawn ... bad enough when you step on da buggah ... just as irritating when they get stuck on your clothes or shoelaces ... we used to throw it at each other too ... hehe ... rotten kids we were ...

    ... numbah tree ... when hemajang said gohan ... da first thing I thought was ... Dragon Ball Z??? ... hah??? ... you can tell I not Japanese ...

    ... Have a Good One Everyone!!! ...

  4. zzzzzz:

    My grandma used to call #2 kopento. I think the haole name is sand burrs.

    My elementary school teachers would make us pull them when we were bad.

  5. Uncle Rodney:

    Ho you guys. Numba 2 is ku-ku-i.

    * but kinda look like buds too. đŸ˜¯

  6. snow:

    my guesses are the same as hemajang's! maybe wuz too easy?? unless his answers all wrong... lol. i dunno, if not. 😕

  7. Seawalker:

    Honorable picture number 3 is something you find as wrappers on Korean shingo pears.

  8. anklebiters:

    1) rice cooker or one of those hot water heater/dispenser gizmos
    2) I hate those burly pr*cks 😆
    3) Japanese pear protectors LUV EM but too $$$$$ ❗ Even here....

  9. B:

    I tink you guys stay getum. but da third one could be dat foam/plastic wrap stuff sometimes stay on top da big round kine pears? i dunno...no can find my glasses.

  10. hemajang:

    Maybe numbah tree is shave ice or ice shave for da fbi folks, before syrup?

  11. sally:

    I no use rice cooker for almost 20 yrs but still, dat flowah is one giveaway.

    Second pic is ku ku s. No step da kukus cuz going stuck in your feet. And going stuck on your clothes like velcro and den you gotta use your fingers to pull 'um off and going poke your finger. *ouch*

    .....da red kukus is da WORSE!

    And yah, 3rd on is gohan? Could be cottage cheese but gee, we talking Hawaiian Style right?

  12. M:

    Howzit BL!

    #2 is ku kus, dat wat I call dem.

  13. Ynaku:

    Numbah tree look like my Berber Carpet 8)

  14. hawaiiobsessed:

    I thought number 3 was rice. hmm.
    I hate grass burrs. Those are the worst things!

  15. anklebiters:

    Or #3 could be maggots đŸ˜¯ 😆

  16. Keoni Simpkins:


    I thought at first #3 might be shave ice/ice shave, or maybe rice?

  17. Keoni Simpkins:

    Well, that's not the proper text thingie for tossing ones cookies! 😆

  18. anklebiters:

    #2 kinda reminds me of the song Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree..., an Australian nursery rhyme...

  19. anklebiters:


    Close, but no ceegars.... ŲŠ(ÍĄāšĖ¯ÍĄāš)Ûļ

    Let's see if this comes out....

  20. Keoni Simpkins:

    @Ankles For some reason, that looks to me like a monkey on speed! ROFLOL

  21. carokun:

    #1 looks like the tiger hot water dispensers to me.
    #2 is ku ku s
    #3 first i thought it looked like carpet but i guess it could be rice

  22. Kage:

    I think it is all figured out already.

    This is fun.

    @AB- what dat at the end of your post #19? Looks cool, kinda, maybe, I dunno.

  23. Keoni Simpkins:

    @Kage I love that - precise waffling! 😆

  24. bj:

    #1-hot water dispenser
    #2-ku ku's
    #3-looks like the protective cover from shingo pears--

  25. anklebiters:


    I found that while looking for something this morning....not sure what it is ❗


    I wouldn't know...never had speed 😆

  26. ylea:

    #3- looks like rice for cone sushi

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