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Time To Kill

September 16th, 2011

No, not kill someone, but literally as in time - tick tock tick tock - to kill.

A couple days ago I decided to renew my State ID. I know I know, anyone who's ever gotten one know that it's not the documents that's a hassle but the inconvenience of waiting to get just to the counter. The State ID office is notoriouly known for long lines and slow service and yet it seems like at any given moment the entire population on Oahu wants or needs an ID right when you need one.

I've "checked" from the street before and there's always people waiting out the door or on the steps and if you're not there waaaay before the door first opens, chances are you'll be spending the majority of your day just..... waiting.

This time I was already "late" by unofficial State ID standards when I rode up before noon but I decided to chance 'em. As I started to lock up the bike I noticed there weren't much people waiting around so I thought, "cool, I tink I came at da right time". I was about twenty yards from the bottom of the steps when like flies on doo-doo, a dozen people swarmed in and power walked up the stairs.

"Oh great" I thought to myself as I contemplated turning around but then decided to check it out since I was there anyways. As the "flies" hovered around a table of forms, I noticed the line was relatively short. Surprisingly there was only one person waiting just outside the office area so I had to make a move. Being the smart okole that I am, I just grabbed the form from the table and left the flies behind.


Lucky I had one pen in my bag and just filled it out as I waited.... and waited.... and waited. There were about seven people ahead of me and all I heard from everyone else that was sitting around waiting was about how long they've been there and how ridiculous it was yada yada yada. After standing in line for over an hour myself - keep in mind only had about seven people in front of me - I finally made it up to the counter and the clerk looked over my form and then decided to help her co-worker with whatever her co-worker's issue was - several times.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Seriously, I'm all for helping your fellow co-worker and multi-tasking but when you are helping a "customer" that is directly in front of you and you drop everything to help someone else, isn't that just plain rude? Does that mean the co-worker's customer is more important than me? Does the person two windows down have some sort of priority over me? If so, how do I acquire a higher priority? There wasn't even an "excuse me" or an urgency to get back to me and what really should have been about five minutes on the clerks end to finish the paperwork turned out to be over fifteen. No wonder the line moves so slow.

Eventually I get a ticketed number, Number 79. I look up, Number 47.

Holy guacamole Batman! I'm going to be here till next year at this rate!!!

Luckily I had to run to the Social Security office to get a duplicate card so I jump on the bike and head down a couple of blocks. Let me just say this as a quick note. Federal guards really don't like their jobs - at least the four people I had the pleasure of meeting at the Federal Building didn't. They are very short in tone and mannerisms and look like time bombs waiting for a poor clueless soul to explode on - lucky I wasn't the poor sap. Hint: Don't be the clueless one in the Federal Building - you have been warned. 😯

Once I check-in, I'm stoked I'm like the fourth guy in line and nobody was in the office. Sadly, "flies" flew in and it appeared that they were ahead of me. Ugh. After waiting for about an hour there, I get called up to a window, hand over completed paperwork and wait as he looks it over.

No joke, dead serious now.... His co-worker comes up to him asking all these questions and DA EXACT SAME THING IS HAPPENING DAT JUST HAPPENED ABOUT AN HOUR AGO!!! It was like deja vu! The clerk didn't excuse himself from me and even a handful of times STOPPED what he was doing/checking on the computer with my paperwork to talk/help his co-worker!

In both cases, neither asked their fellow employee to wait while they finished up with the customer or asking the customer to bear with them for a moment or two and worse yet, none apologized for their own rudeness! Say all you like about our government employees but where's the decency of just being polite? Did I have a sign on my forehead to treat me like crap? Did I wrong these people in some other life? Regardless that their conversations were work-related, how do the words "customer service" sound?

Silly me, no need sign. It's why God put me on Earth so I can share my misfortunes and you can get a kick out of it. Oops, my bad - I forgot.

Luckily, after all the waiting I done the whole day, when I got back to the State ID office the clicker was on number 71.......

Yeah, only a couple more hours to go.

TIP OF DA DAY: To renew or get a new State ID, save some time and pay the extra $3 to actually setup an appointment! You fill out the paperwork online and show up at your designated time that you picked out (from what I saw, it was about a week and a half to two weeks ahead) and there's even a separate line to stand in! The line was empty both times I was there! If not setting an appointment, be there early before the door opens and have your form printed out at home to avoid filling it out there. CLICK HERE to take you to the State ID site.

Wat Is It About People?

September 14th, 2011

Unemployed and Mr.Mom.

One of those two things I don't mind being. One of those two things almost ended.

If you guessed unemployed, no go Vegas cause you no mo' luck.

As a person, we make choices everyday usually to benefit yourself or someone else. As a new parent, there are a million more choices hovering around and it'll never be about you.

About a month ago I took Da Baby down the road to Daiei/Foodland to pick up groceries for dinner. Being unemployed and trying to make ends meet (we sold Da Wife's car awhile back), it was either da bike or footmobile. While I still have the bike, they don't make a seat for Da Baby to ride in so I buss out my newest ride... a six-wheeled convertible called a stroller.

There are two ways to get to the market from my home: a paved way with a sidewalk which takes longer and an unpaved way over unleveled grass and dirt which is way shorter. Guess which one I took?

Trust me, no go Vegas!

Mr.Mom chose the longer route on paved sidewalk cause it was the safer thing to do for Da Baby. On the way back home, I'm waiting patiently at one of the busiest intersections in lower Pearl City for the light to turn green and once it gives me the walk signal, this is what I see:

The intersection was clear as crystal in all directions and as I'm about to enter the crosswalk, I take a peek back to avoid anyone turning right blindly and this is what I see:

All clear so I enter the crosswalk and not more than about four feet in, this is what I see:

Minus the car directly in front of me in the pic, the car on the left making a left turn came out of nowhere and ripped the turn towards me. All I could do was yank the stroller a bit in that split second and yell some choice words at the car coming towards us which I'm not able to repeat on the blog.

The car obviously saw me because as he passed by, he was pointing at me frantically yelling, "YOUR FAULT! YOUR FAULT!".

Wassup Wit Dat!

Even his passenger, either his wife or mother - they were all makule, had a stoned look on her face as if she was going to die. He ripped the turn going so fast that he was actually halfway into the other lane and luckily no car was approaching or waiting in the lane. I paused in the crosswalk literally fuming and ready to flip the nos switch on my suped up convertible to chase him down when I realized I was still in the crosswalk with Da Baby.

Then I looked back to the intersection to make sure no other cars were coming and this is what I see:

How classic is dis WWD! moment yeah? 😆

Wat is it about people and not being able to obey - respect - laws nowadays? Have you had any close calls? When making a turn, do you look for anyone in the intersection first before stepping on the gas to make the turn? As a pedestrian, do you look look in all directions before you cross or do you just stare at the ground and pray? Or are you one to stink-eye da car to make surah they see you? Did you know dat most accidents involve a left turning vehicle?

Walk safe, drive safe, be safe. If you in a hurry, you should have left early. 😛

I'm more than relieved to see dat Da Baby has made it to Day 366! Yes, she is officially a year old today - Hau'oli La Hanau Da Baby! 😀 Dis pic is one of my favorites although she was only about five months old.

Wat Dat?

September 12th, 2011

Howzit! Howzit! Sorry for the late post but I was working on a new segment for WWD!. It's called..... wait for it..... waaait for it.........

Wat Dat?

Seriously, it's called "Wat Dat?". Wat's "Wat Dat?" you ask? It's exactly wat it is... wat Dat? silly. 😆

Being dat we in da 808, we get ukumillion kine things, quirks and traditions dat make us uniquely Hawai'i. It could be da little things we do, eat or play wen we shmall kid time - or even as adults - dat will always remind us of home and at da same time make some malahini wondah "huh?". It's our chop suey kapakahi blend dat while we may be half way across da world, if two strangers notice da same "Hawai'i" thing and are from Hawai'i, it'll trigger da 808 bond.

"Wat Dat?" is a game of sorts wea I'll post out of focus pictures and you, Da WWD! Hui, will have to guess, wat dat? I no can guarantee going be easy or hard cause some people just good at guessing... or maybe not wearing their glasses. 😆 If all da pictures are guessed properly, da following post will be a mo'olelo about it. Eh, Lurkahs, no be afraid to come join da pah-tay eh?

Of course da pictures will be about au' kine tings Hawai'i but at da same time, no buss' my balls if oddah places oddah 'den Hawai'i get 'em too eh? 😛 There will be a hint but da hints gotta be vauge bumbye you guess 'em too easy yeah?

Once you get da hang of it, send me your ideas, pics or suggestions of how to improve dis new segment cause all da Kwonics and Lanceformers know dat WWD! is as much a part of you as it is of me.... I just not afraid to get ripped by it. 😉 ha ha ha

So hea's da inaugural pics............ have fun!

Do not immerse


Au' kine styles


Respect Your Elders.... Or Just Act Old

September 9th, 2011

With Great Grandma babysitting for a few hours, it gave me a chance to run some errands yesterday: pick up mail, go grocery shopping for dinner and pick up a couple of prescriptions for Da Wife and Baby.

Mail not a problem although the parking lot was a mess (a whole noddah blog on dat) and picking up dinner items at Palama Market was briefly an enlightening moment.

As I was standing in the isle looking for a good bunch of red leaf lettuce, I felt an ever so slight nudge on my duffle bag that I had around my shoulder. I thought I had it blocking part of the narrow isle walkway so I slung it forward and nonchalantly glanced back. A young Polynesian stock boy walked by with an apologetic look and said that five letter word that people hardly hear anymore.... "sorry". I gave da 808 head nod (equivalent of a shaka but no hands, obviously) and all was cool.

Was nice to see some aloha in a youngin'... or maybe I looked like an old man to him already and he was just respecting his elder. Ai-yah... am I an elder? 😯

At Longs it was a different story. If you've picked up or dropped off any prescription there, you know there's an area to stand in line to "ensure privacy" and that line tends to back up at almost any hour of the day. Unfortunately I must have been there during Senior Thursday cause I felt like I could have been any of these peoples grandson.

Ok, ok, so they weren't that old but they had more white hair than me and that's a lot!

The line moved fairly quickly and being next in line with a duffle bag full of mail and groceries, I was looking forward to just picking up the meds and being on my way in a few moments. What immediately caught my eye was "uncle" that popped out of nowhere pacing back and forth. I already knew what he was going to do but I gave him the benefit of the doubt as he didn't make eye contact with anybody standing in line. Other than trying to play dumb as if he was looking down the isles, once there was an opening at the counter, bam, there he was.

Wassup Wit Dat!

He knew very well that there's a line and knew exactly where that line was - how else did he know where to drop off his prescription and even if it was called in, he looked like the type to pick up medication regularly anyways.

The pharmacy tech didn't even bat an eye and started to look for "uncle's" meds. I wanted to say something so bad but bit my tongue and hoping it was just a question he needed to ask. I then turned to the other "uncle" already being helped at the counter wearing a murse. 😆 It was a bad murse at that too and he was arguing about the prescription cost because it was supposed to be the same as usual.

So much for the privacy line huh?

Oops, almost pau now. So before I left the pharmacy:

BL: "Next time no let uncle cut in line eh."
TECH: "Oh. Sorry, I didn't know."

Ok, watevahs.

How do you deal with line cutters? How do you deal with "elders"? How do you deal with rude "elders"? Do you tend to watch what you say or when to say something regardless of the person: Young? Old? Female? Male? Do you use age as an excuse?

Have a grrrreeeeat Feel Good Friday everybodies! Stay safe and a hui hou!

TIP OF DA DAY: Wen standing in line, no just rush in cause da counter/window stay open. Try wait fo' be called cause you nevah know if da person ending their shift or finishing up something that requires more time. We've all seen da dreaded backwards walk of shame wea you go to da counter/window and they say "sorry, closed". Also, if you know you next in line, no look at your phone or look around. You should be looking at da next available counter cause once da bell rings or you hea' "next!", you gotta be on da ball and get there bumbye da people standing in line going get all huhu at you.

Feel Like Sharing?

September 7th, 2011

Since we're going to be "seeing" each oddah often - I hope - shouldn't we get to know each oddah a little better? I mean c'mon, we in da Aloha State and we all know we know somebody who knows somebody dat knows you. If you really tink right down to it, we related! 😯

Back in da hanabatta days, I tink regardless of generation, we all "signed in" a slang book. You know da one get au' kine questions ranging from listing your best friends to your worst school subjects and at least wen I was shmall kid, it was usually in da hard cover black and white composition book. Which reminds me, we used to color da covers in crayon, then color ovah all dat with a black crayon, then use a paper clip we straightened out as a "pen" to graffiti da cover unveiling da colors - anybody do dat? Sorry, shmall kine Uncle Rodney MLC flashback.

Wen you tink about it.... dat was old school original "FaceBook" action going on eh? We kept in touch, found out wat your friends - and people you nevah know - liked and didn't liked, you could even "ignore" friends by not giving 'em da book and even "text" in da last pages. 😆 Da only thing nevah have was a "Delete" button.

Ah, da memories. But alas, we in da Tech age so let's go digital! Answer, answer some, no answer... watevahs, but you nevah know how your answer may connect wit someone else bumbye you might even be related fo' realz! 😆

*** Wat school you wen grad? (For da mainland peeps - in case you reading - we talking high school)
*** Wat's your favorite color?
*** You get pets?
*** Wat's your favorite grindz?
*** Wat's your favorite snack?
*** You evah wen beef? Who wen win?
*** Wat kine shirt you wearing?
*** You know how fo' swim?
*** You like country, city or beach?
*** You addicted to anything?
*** Wat oddah blogs you read? Wat's your favorite? 😉 😉

Da questions kinda general cause we dunno wat kine wackos reading.... well, you gotta be kinda off if you still reading WWD! anyways. 😛 So answer 'em fo' realz or make 'em funny or add your own questions too if you like to keep it going - guarantee I going answer 'em!

Have a little fun today on Hump Day Wednesday!


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