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You Gotta Be Sh!tt!n' Me!

September 2nd, 2011

Late in the afternoon the other day, I leave the house to run an errand on my motorcycle and as I approach the intersection of Waimano Home Road and Kamehameha Highway, I get a "gut feeling" and roll off the throttle a tad even though I have the right of way green light arrow.

I'm in the left lane of the two right turning lanes with no cars in front of me with a silver Dodge Durango just to the right of me. As we approach the turn with me trailing slightly behind, my 20 years of riding experience tells me to watch out as I start my lean. If you've ever ridden a motorcycle, you know the best part of riding is not only the air in your hair but the leans in the turns - how does one's day of riding almost come to an end just when it began?

Photo courtesy of Google Maps

Wen da frickin' Durango decides to do watevah they like by CROSSING A FRICKIN' SOLID WHITE LINE (exactly where the white truck is in the pic) and literally running me almost to the median. I was already in my lean but luckily had scrubbed enough speed before entering the turn and just far back enough so as not needing to grab a handful of brake causing a slide out. Once I straighten out, I gun my engine to redline for a couple of seconds as the Durango drives away to make sure that the driver "knows" that I was near.

No sorry. No wave. No apology and still oblivious to the world.... but I guess they saw me shaking my head cause before crossing the very next light, they actually slowed down, pulled to the left lane (light is green by the way) and waited for me.

I sped up, rolled along side and flipped up the visor up from my helmet just as the light turned red and the illegally dark tinted window rolled down. A local braddah sits up from the reclined passenger seat and says:

Braddah: "Wat's da problem?" (said in da "Wat, like beef?" voice, frowned eyebrows and stink eye stare down)
BL: "Brah, you guys cross da 6-inch wide SOLID WHITE LINE running me off da road, no even signal and no even say sorry?
Braddah: "Wat... so?"
BL: "Wat? You guys run me off da road and no can even say sorry?"
Braddah: *not really caring dat they've done something wrong/illegal leans back in his seat, stink eye gone*
Sistah (leans ovah wit her phone still glued to her face): "WAT! YOU GOTTA BE SH!TT!N' ME!!" *in dat supa tita moke kine voice*
BL: "Wassup? Wat? No can even say sorry?"

Did I mention they were driving a silver Dodge Durango wit supah pitch black illegal tint, lowered suspension, no recon safety check, bling bling rims, dvd player and license plate numbah B-YATCH.... ok, ok, so das not da plate numbah.... but it should be.

Late last night I came to da realization dat it's not really a mattah of "ainokea" but a mattah of not being able to say a five lettah word.... sorry.

Isn't that one of the first things we teach our keiki: please, thank you, your welcome, share, sorry? We literally force our keiki to learn those concepts to become a better person as they age, so why is that when they/we do age, all those values are out the window? Is it that difficult to say? Does admitting wrong or fault rain down catostrophic consequences? Don't we, adults and keiki alike, appreciate in hearing that five letter word? It may or may not be the easiest to accept at that particular moment but it's the start of something greater and the genuine action of it is probably the toughest thing to do - next to giving birth so I hear. 😛

At times it's hard to tell who's saying it from the heart and who's just saying it to get off but in the end, sorry is one of the most powerful words in the English and Pidgin dictionary so don't take it lightly and say it like you mean it cause you nevah know who needs to hear it da most - you or da oddah person.

Stay safe this Labor Day weekend
But should you mess up for watevah reason
Just be humble, no need grumble
Say you sorry, try not to mumble
Suck it up and admit you wrong
Cause in da end we all should get along

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