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Let The Madness Begin

November 25th, 2011

It is "officially".... Christmas. 😀

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and I'm just guesstimating hea but a lot of leftovahs are in da fridge huh? And for those who dare brave da madness of Black Friday, I hope you prepared yourself and carbed up for the marathon of shopping.

Since time is of the essence today, I'll keep this short. (WWD!)

Who's a Black Friday participant? Did you score your deal or was it gone before you even got through da door? Did you try any online shopping before hitting da pavement? I tried. No luck of course.

As part of Da WWD! Hui (Lurkahs included) it is your obligation, no, duty to inform us of any great deals going on from now throughout this festive season. You are required to inform us via posting the great deal you snagged so that we may rush down and possibly get a deal too oddahwise, you must state dat da item has run out to prevent us from wasting our time and energy wen we could have been snagging a deal elsewea.

Dat is part is part of Da WWD! Hui code and must be honored throughout your time as a Kwonic, Lanceformer and Lurkah status.

Ok, so dat was made up but it sounded good no? 😛

But seriously, please share all your shopping triumphs and failures cause while dis may be da holiday season, it is also da gala of WWD! moments.

Happy Feel Good Friday to Da WWD! Hui!

btw, who da heck is working today besides me?

18 Responses to “Let The Madness Begin”

  1. sally:

    *yawn* Good Morning and Merry Christmas, BL and fellow Kwonics and Lanceformers!

    I just woke up and no, I do NOT do the Black Friday thing. I did, however, this year do the Black Friday online thing. lol Uncle Rodney (thank you so much UR!) tipped me off on Apple Store's sale cuz my Magic Mouse died a couple weeks ago and he knew I needed one. Apple has one sale a year... Black Friday... and I got the mouse for $58 from ref price of $69. Free S/H too!

    Since I was in the "store" I also got a Magic Mouse charger also on sale. My attempt at being green. Save da Planet, l'dat.

  2. sally:

    eh! I was foist! Howz dat for starting da Christmas season?

  3. sally:

    Saw a headline of a new story out of Los Angeles, some crazy woman pepper sprayed her fellow shoppers to prevent them from getting to stuff before her.


  4. sally:

    Oh my, am I the only one not shopping? LOL

    I missed your previous post, BL so let me say to you and daWife and daBaby Happy Thanksgiving! Especially this year, been good eh?

  5. zzzzzz:

    Went to Sam's this morning. There were a lot more workers than usual, but didn't seem like many more shoppers than usual.

  6. carokun:

    Happy Holidays! I'm working. Thankful to be working, tho. 🙂

  7. Toekinam:

    I avoid Black Fridays at the mall! So hectic, I wait for Cyber Mondays or give everyone I know an All Access Pass to the gym for a month! I like to keep it practical =)
    Happy Aloha Friday World!

  8. rayboyjr:

    😎 Happy Feel Good (Not Black) Friday Everyone!!! 😎

    ... hey Braddah Lance ... I'm working today ... and enjoying the emptiness of the office ... let everyone else play bumper cars in the parking lot and bump elbows with each other in the crowded malls ... I can get alot of stuff done at work today ... haha, yeah that's it ... *wink wink* ...

    ... I'm last minute ... I'm a procrastinator ... when it comes to shopping for gifts, I need to be under pressure ... well, at least I don't stress over it until the one day I go shopping ... then I get a full dose of panic and stress ...

    ... shopping triumphs??? ... wat dat??? ... I buy everything regular price baybee!!! ... and yes, I am a sad broke idiot because of it!!! ...

    ... Have a Good One Everyone!!! ...

  9. hawaiiobsessed:

    I have never done Black Friday. Too crazy!! Not too much to buy so no need. Always working BL! The cow doesn't take holidays off and neither do the keikis! :>)

  10. hemajang:

    Took off today but not for black friday. Seattle son visiting so probably spend the afternoon in Haleiwa where they renting one house by Chun's Reef. I did a black friday shopping couple years ago at Office Max Kalihi and was pleasantly surprise it wasn't that crowded and got what I wanted fairly quick. Basically don't want anything in particular so no desire to fight the crowd...may go later at Office Max for a webcam on sale for today and tomorrow. Anyway hope the local retailers do well.

  11. roach:


    I'm retired but I still avoid the Black Friday craziness like the Black Plague!

  12. Coconut Willy:

    Shopping in my underwear, at home, on my computer. (Not really in my underwear)

    I worked last night and passed by Best Buy at 11:45pm. The line was to the Costco gas station. Nuts!

  13. M:

    Howzit BL,
    Today went like this, Walmart at 7:30 this morning, nothing left from the Black Friday ad expect for HP ink cartridge so I bought one. Next was Crazy Shirt outlet at Ward Center, great deals, most tees was 6 bucks. Next was Sports Authority and I got what I wanted there. Went to T&C at the Ward Warehouse and put some stuff on hold. Costco was next and then Longs Drugs. By now it was almost 2 and time to go home, have lunch and get some laundry done. Went to Ala Moana to SUP till sunset, came home to have dinner and out the door to Kahala Mall. That was our day and I'm tried.

  14. Makiki:

    Not exactly a deal but Ala Moana has a FREE stuffed Santa if you bring in $500 in reciepts 😉

  15. Keoni:

    Wow M, that was a long day! I'm exhausted just reading it. 😆

  16. KAN:

    I don't like Black Friday shopping so I don't do it. I don't like crowds, and I don't like rude people, and from what I hear from all the horror stories, Black Friday has both. Sweetie, stepdaughter & I went to the movies & dinner. Good, relaxing family time.

  17. 9thIslandGirl:

    No shopping for me on black friday EVER. I
    hate crowds in general and the crowds are
    over the top at that time. No thanks. I'll
    just stay home and eat leftovers. 🙂

  18. hemajang:

    Went Waikele on Saturday to do some shopping, not bad, wasn't too crowded and highlight of day was meeting up with blog host for his offer of kim chee for donating to Pray for Drew fund. I usually buy my kim chee from Palama or Queen's Market but BL's is definitely a winnah and much better.

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