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How Do You Grind?

November 28th, 2011

Get your mind out of da gutter.

Now onto da blog.

I'm surah 99.9% of us love to eat - especially during the holiday season - and being da metropolitan of asian-euro-pacific-watevah kine cuisines we have a very diverse range of palettes. Can everyone be satisfied? Surah, but nevah at once.

Just a little background on WWD! Grind Reviews (sorry, have to "default" to dis wit every review).

Da reviews itself are a bit off (obviously). Personally, I appreciate a balance of quantity and quality but in da same token prefer to pay a little more if either da grindz is out of dis world ono or simply, get choke fo' eat. I don't expect outstanding service, just da basic, but one of da most important factors I consider wen going out to eat is da bang for da buck. Wit dat said, you can obviously conclude I'm not a "gourmet" fan but if it's in front of me, garans bombarans I going grind 'em.

So on wit da show.

Let me first start by saying dat I was working on an earlier grindz review then had a WWD! moment, then thought of anoddah grindz review because of it and now da result, a grindz showdown... of sorts.

Which of these three is a deal? Which of these three is tastiest? Which of these three would you choose?

Each of these three is missing something else as well... do you know wat it is?

Stay tuned for da breakdown of each and of course da winnah of da showdown. 😉

btw, anybody do any Cyber-Monday shopping?

19 Responses to “How Do You Grind?”

  1. GA Bows:

    First and morning everyone!

  2. GA Bows:

    Oh.... the last fuud pic looks ono. Would hit da spot about now, even though it's not even 8 am

  3. Keoni:

    Uh, BL, could the missing thing be kim chee?

  4. wafan:

    I miss all the food! If it were up to me I would choose all three. But, if I had to choose just one . . . I would still enjoy all of them!

  5. hemajang:

    Not sure what the deal is, taste is subjective and hard to to tell by looking at the pictures but given choice, I would choose the curry/ramen fo grind, looks rich and ono, only thing missing is some tsukemono. And what's with the bowl of white rice with the salsa-chips-dip-wrap meal?

  6. M:

    Howzit BL!
    Best deal I tink is numba 1
    Da tastiest iz numba tree
    I would pick numba tree to eat.
    Dey all missing da beea.

  7. Keoni:

    Oh yeah, beah! (I not a drinker, so dat nevah enter my mind.)

  8. M:

    I neva eat one burga and fries fo long time, months. Staying away from fast fuuds. Dis yeeah eating moa healthy. Moa greens, moa fruits, less oily fuuds, less meat, no suga, brown rice, whole wheat bread.

  9. roach:


    Numba tree is da winnahs! Da curry alon maks me drull.

  10. 9thIslandGirl:

    Number three!!

  11. Toekinam:

    # 3 looks like the Ezogiku combo meals =) More for the money, worth every bite, yummy!

  12. Fo Real:

    wwd! wuz tryin be good an' decide wat fo eat healty fo lunch...
    hooo man! forget that! I want all of 'em - now!
    cuz - stomach growlin' big time!

  13. JPW:

    3rd one looks the best to me...getting hungry now!!

  14. che:

    I would go with number 3 but could I substitute something else for the curry like fried rice?

  15. Kage:

    #1 looks like a deal.

    #2 looks kinda good. Looks like the burger was a bit dry. Needs kim chee to moisten it and make it a kim chee burger. :mrgreen:

    #3 is the one I would go for no matter the price. 🙂 This one needs kim chee for sure.

  16. M:

    Guud morning BL, Kwonics and Lanceformers. 🙂

  17. GA Bows:

    Pic #1 - missing sour cream
    Pic #2 - a drink
    Pic #3 - shoyu

  18. M:

    Guud morning BL! it's cold!

    I'm missing in those pictures.... 🙂

  19. snow:

    i'd pick number three for everything! and, what is missing? you, to eat it all!

    i got some good deals online on monday... a few gifts from harry and david (fruits) and some other stuff for me!

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