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Business Cards Or Post Its?

November 19th, 2011

A couple of blogs ago a Lurkah, sunny, had posted a comment dat made da light bulb glow in my coconut shell. Relax, it's a cool one.... and only one part.

S/he said,

BTW, I saw on a website the other night how someone carries a pad of post its that they write sassy remarks about crappy parking on it and stick it to the cars. Someone else has "business cards" that say "You suck at parking" that they leave on offending cars. Made me think of you.

*sniff sniff* Someone thought of me. *sniff sniff*

Seriously, I'm really considering dat and hopefully it'll open their eyes dat because of their sefish careless attitude, anoddah person was unable to do what they just did - park their vehicle.

So das wea Da WWD! Hui comes in. I know get some wise okole peeps and some very creative Kwonics, Lanceformers and Lurkahs so let's hea all your one, two or tree liners, your thoughts you want to say but no like say in person or for those wit class, a polite message to leave those inconsiderate bastards. 😆

Wat "love note" should I leave as a friendly reminder to these lovely drivers? Should da message be on a business card or Post-It?

Hea's some pics to get you in da mood. 😀

At dis First Hawaiian Bank lot, parking is a premium wit only like 15 stalls available and dis buggah took two of 'em!

Dis buggah not only made it difficult for da car on da right to get out but whoevah wanted to park on da left has to tink about possibly getting dinged up if da middle car doesn't reverse out properly

Geez, maybe da sun was too blinding to see da lines

And hea's da winnah........ ok, actually second place

C'mon man, YOU... ARE... IN... A... MINI... COOPER and you can't even park it in da lines? Wassup Wit Dat!

HEA'S DA WINNAH.... sent by email from a Lurkah. 😉 Mahalos!

Not one stall. Not two stalls for dis buggah. But THREE stalls AND hop da curb to do it!

For Those Who Helped

November 17th, 2011

Just wanted to send out quick shout out to those who donated to the Pray For Drew 52 fund.

I really did appreciate all those who donated whatever they could. No matter the amount - some were very generous though - I was truly moved by the gesture all the same. It was awesome to see so many with open hearts giving what they could for a person they've never even met or known and whether it be by tangible or non-tangible means it was touching to witness.

For those who were unable to give, no worries. Times are hard or the cause wasn't yours but the main thing is that you care about something in the world and willing to give to that and that's all that matters.

As promised, I did offer to anyone who donated a free t-shirt or kim chee and that promise will not go unfulfilled. Even if you've donated privately with or without my knowledge, you're good for it. You just gotta ask.

I have kim chee freshly made ready right now and more prepared near Thanksgiving depending on the demand.

If you want the t-shirt you can choose either a chocolate or ash grey color in sizes M, L or XL. Sizes are limited so first come first served. I have custom slogans based on my private line of "kama'aina" you can choose from and that can be selected once I find out what you want.

It's something I promised I'd do for Da WWD! Hui so no shame to claim your prize. Just email me what you want and we can meet up somewhere for delivery. If the t-shirt is chosen, I'll email the details of the slogan and you choose from a half dozen different versions. We can meet up for the delivery of the shirt as well or if you want it mailed, I'll be happy to do that as well but ask that postage be sent back to me after you receive the shirt.

Everything is on the honor system and God is watching so I'm not worried. 😀

Let me know what you guys want and Mahalo Nui Loa for caring and showing true aloha!

I Give Up

November 14th, 2011

It seems like every year Christmas just keeps creeping in earlier and earlier.

If I remember correctly, there were even a few shelves dedicated for things like cards, wrapping paper and lights at select stores back in JULY!

Wassup Wit Dat!

Now they're even playing Christmas music in the stores and for those who've been faithful WWD! readers know how much I looooove celebrating Christmas early. 🙄

I know its to help boost the economy yada yada yada but c'mon man!, why can't we celebrate seasons in their respective seasons? Yup. You read correctly, s-e-a-s-o-n-s.

Halloween is nothing but a day with a few prep days added in for costumes and decorating the house and/or office and stuff. Thanksgiving is just about the same but with the added pressure of gathering ohana and making plans and onolicious grindz and we could say sums up a week or two tops.

Christmas is nearly a month and a half of balls to da wall full blown shmall kine nuts of everything. Why do people insist on having Christmas....... early? Let's get real now. It's always been "Black Friday" was the kickoff and it was actually on a Friday. It surely meant AFTER MIDNIGHT past Thanksgiving signaling the START of the "holiday season". Now look at it. You can't even sit down for Thanksgiving dinner without hitting a "Black Thursday" at K-mart or watevah store wants to make a seasonal worker show up unwillingly.

For nearly 20 years I have boycotted ALL stores - except the essentials for home - by not shopping (buying) at those stores with any kine of Christmas decorations up. If they had Halloween or Thanksgiving type of stuff up then I'd think twice but if it was only Christmas, fo'get about it. I literally used to just walk out. All the girlfriends I've had during those times thought I was nuts but respected it - Da Wife as well - but that only meant they weren't going to buy any Christmas stuff if I was around. 😡 It doesn't mean anything to anybody up the company chain but at least for the time being, my kala stays in my pocket. They know they're going to get my money at one point or another and I'm fine with that.... but not before the stroke of midnight at the end of Thanksgiving.

Don't get me wrong. Christmas is actually my favorite time of the year where people are a little bit nicer, we can score some killah deals, da weather is nippy and parking is frickin' awesome!

Ok, if you're actually reading up until now you know dat da last part is on Santa's wishlist.

Now its gotten to a point wea we're surrounded by Christmas stuff already - with no signs of Thanksgiving - and unless I'm going to stay in the truck or sleep at the park, I'll admit defeat but with my head held high as I'll certainly will not buy any Christmas stuff before the "official" gun sounds. Sadly, unless I stock up for WWIII, there's no way I can boycott any store anymore. 🙁

How do you handle the holiday season? Are you a "seasonal" person or do you start celebrating Christmas early? If the Christmas holiday season is so great, why can't we have it every other month then? And if we can celebrate Christmas early, why can't we celebrate anything else early?

Guess why it's common to eat turkey on both Thanksgiving AND Christmas.............

Cause Christmas felt bad. hee hee hee

Ok, so dat was lame............. but so is celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving.

I tink Da Baby agrees wit Daddy. 😀

SHOUT OUT: And there were some great comments left in da last few blogs dat I'll respond to latah tonight! Mahalos for checking back!

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Seasonal Feelings

November 4th, 2011

In Hawai'i, seasons aren't that much different with really only two exceptions: the days are either shorter or longer and it rains often or very little. We don't showcase a barrage of fall or spring colors (unless you're deep in country areas), we definitely don't have snow besides Mauna Kea and our temperature rarely drops below 70 or exceed 100.

I'm one of those that are affected by the seasons.

I'm a fan of all the seasons even with Hawai'i's not changing so much. I love when the air is cold and crisp but not damp. Overcast or not, depends on the activity at hand but I love the sun warming our skin with bright blue skies in the background. Each day, while similar, presents a mood for the day and the seasons are big part of it.

During the winter time, my body clock gets all jacked. I guess you could say that I'm sensitive to the sun, meaning that in the summer when there's early light before six, I usually wake up without an alarm clock and most times it's before 6am. I get in trouble for staying out late because I lose track of time - being that there's still sunlight - as it "feels" like it can't be later than 6pm but in reality it's almost 8pm.

Now it's the beginning of winter and we've all witnessed first light about 6:30 or even later depending on cloud cover. An alarm clock is a must now and whoevah invented da snooze button should be shot. Sadly, there are/will be times I'll wake up late because of the "darkness" and barely make it to work on time because of it. And doubly sad, it isn't a valid excuse for being late. 😛

My body has issues because I'm a sun person and I love the sun. I love being outside and when I'm already in the house by 6:00pm cause it's "getting dark", that isn't fun. It's almost like being robbed of the day. We've all said things like, "whaaat? It's only 7pm?" and it literally felt it was 9pm or later. Or "whaaaat! Its 7pm?!", as if you were out too late cause you got thrown off by the sun still being out.

I guess that's why Da Wife and I love traveling to da mainland during winter cause we both love that crisp air and especially experiencing different little things like barren trees, frost and "winter clothes" although I still wear shorts no mattah wat da temperature..... even in snow.

I know, I know..... Wassup Wit Dat!

Wat's your favorite season? Are you a sun or moon person? Wat's your favorite part of a season?

Last week as I was leaving da house - yeah I was a little behind - I couldn't help but stop, take a moment and snap dis pic. It calmed me down and set da mood for da rest of da day.

Hope it does da same for you...... Happy Feel Good Friday everybodies!!!!!

Are You One Of These....

November 2nd, 2011

No mattah wea we go or wea we are in Hawai'i get au' kine interesting - weird to some - places, things or people. It's not just about da palm trees or da white sand beaches but we get our fair share of lolo's doing babooze stuff.

Evah since I began blogging, I guess I'm one of those dat carried a camera "just in case". Da Wife looks at me funny kine wen I just take random pictures of any kine and more recently I've been taking pics of those who blatantly disregard parking etiquette, mainly taking up two stalls for just their one. I feel it's getting to be more common with any kine vehicle wen once it was only done wit new or bling-bling vehicles and even then it was done at da far end of da lot. Now it's anywea, anytime.

I'm almost positive EVERYONE dat has looked for a parking spot at one time or anoddah got duped wen you wen spock one opening, try jam 'em there only to see dat some okolehead wen hog cheese TWO stalls! And no even tell me dat da person nevah know or no can tell...... das wat da huge parallel white lines on da pavement is for! And even more so, wen you pulling in you see da parking lines but da clincher is dat you also see 'em wen you step out of your vehicle as well.

C'mon man..... Wassup Wit Dat!

I've had to repark da truck more than a few occcasions cause I was either too close to da line or parked crooked. I've even had to do da walk of shame back into da truck to repark aftah noticing I stay parked wrong.

If you like hog cheese, bettah hope I not in da area cause you bettah believe I get my camera ready. You stay in one public place, I not invading privacy and I not defaming you so it's au' good. Plus, going be fun to see if any WWD! Hui peeps see their friends vehicle or worse, your own. 😯

So part of a new segment at WWD!, we going get "Any Kine Pics" thrown in once in awhile to keep things fresh.... but also fo' show proof cause I know some of you tink I make shtuff up.

I nevah lie............ I just exaggerate for effect. 😆

If you got any pics you'd like to share, send 'em on ovah so we all can enjoy.

Dis is one nice suv but c'mon man........... WWD!

Really? Really?? AND you get one company name on da truck? Das some big cajones.

Maybe dis guy really is da boss but c'mon man...... WWD!

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